I need a free iPage web host similar to Xanga or myspace to make my site.?

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Quick question... I need a free iPage web host similar to Xanga or myspace to make my site.? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. With the support of you all I was able to give.

My Shop.

The functionality I wanted and more and more customers come everyday. I want to express my thanks to this community for this. Unfortunately I seem to have a problem with Google. That is...Google seems to have a problem with my site..

The iPage site has been crawled for many times now and there are more dan a 1000 entries in Google's database..

When I search the internet I see that sites are linking to me. (Even in the.

DMOZ directory.

) However when I do a search in Google.... these iPage site aren't listed. Resulting in a pagerank=0 and thus people are not finding the iPage site good enough..

Am I doing something wrong to offend google? The iPage site has been up for four months now and is regulary crawled..

Any thoughts would be grately appreciated..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Skip de intropage asap.

Which has according to Google no content that is worth indexing...

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Just that I understand correctly. If I would drop the mainpage this would help get a higher PR? All other pages have good content..

To accomplish this I would need to move the shop to the base root instead of /shop/catalog or are there any easier ways to do this..

The main logo costed quite a few bucks so I just want to be sure that this is the problem..

I have seen, on an other site, a flash intro page with a pagerank of 3 and from what I have read these sites cannot be read by a Search Engine..

Also the shop's.


Seems to not meet standards but if I run this page through a.

Spider simulator.

It is reads perfectly..

Thanks for your feedback!.


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Okay, if have found how to redirect my shop using the CPanel of my site..

Thanks to.

This Topic.

I suppose this way will have all my links in google still valid..


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Although your main logo is visually very striking and eyecatching, there is nothing on that page that can be indexed by Google..

I would strongly suggest moving your store into the root directory..

It's not too difficult to do this...simply move all the files, delete the old index page, then alter includes/configure.php to point to the new location..

Guaranteed, you will get a better page rank within a few weeks...

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Just to make sure. I was able to make a redirect (301) in de admin menu of my iPage site (cPanel). Would this suffice?.

I have plenty of references in the links manager that refer to /store/catalog...

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I'm not sure....

Maybe you should test it for a few weeks...see if it works...

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Would it not be better to put the store in a subfolder named with the keyword your iPage site is targetting, for search engine purposes?.

RC Flying Saucer and UFO.

Ecommerce Resources..

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How are people going to link to you?.

Like this or like this ??.

By re-directing your home page to a sub-folder, you are not gaining any pagerank for your domain..

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Hmmmm. it seems like I have a lot of work to do now. I have quite a few references to store/catalog and I have to change them all to the root..

The redirect seemed to be the easiest way, and works great, but if it will not give me any pagerank I see no other solution...

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If you have no html links pointing to the store category, then all you have to do is change the destination in the configure.php file..

All links will dynamically change...

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Unless you have absolute URL references, the only thingS to change are the 2x configure.php's and to transfer the whole shebang into the root..

Relative URL's change automagically...

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Remko - You are confusing your terms I think. You mention page rank. This is a number assigned by google indicating how many sites link to your site. All in all, it isn't very important. I think what you mean to ask about is indexing. That is your actual position in the search engine result pages (SERP's).

Currently, you are indexed at position 1 for the phase De Stoffenstunter. On the surface, this would seem very good. But I think your problem is that you are optimized for the wrong word. No one did a serach for that phase last month according to Overture. Also be aware that redirecting a url can sometimes be considered spamming and may cost you.

And the characters .: will also hurt you. Why are they there? So, if I were you, I would pick a more popular phase to optimize for before I did anything else and then start optimizing and cleaning up your code. It's not that google doesn't like you but that you are forcing it to ignore you..



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I was under the impression that these were related. Indeed you are right by saying I want a higher listing in Google. So far with my most important searchterm :.


I am not able to find myself in the first 20 pages of google..

I followed up your advice and removed de ..:: signs and also de duplicate Title. (didn't even know it was there.


Perhaps a very dump question but how would I do this?.

I did change add the following to my index.php.

<meta name="keywords" content="stoffen, zelfmaakmode, stof, patronen, naaimachine, naaien, fournituren, kleding maken, modestoffen, velours, zelfmaakmode">.

Which contain the most important keywords..

Also for my product pages I have dynamicaly generated keywords..

For the redirect. I have quite a few absolute links out there that reffer to /store/catalog.

That's why I tried the redirect. But if it is going to hurt me I need to change it..

Thanks for your feedback.


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@ Remko.

<meta name="keywords" content="stoffen, zelfmaakmode, stof, patronen, naaimachine, naaien, fournituren, kleding maken, modestoffen, velours, zelfmaakmode">.

As long as your keywords are not found in the content of your pages they are practically useless..

Try finding "patronen" in the searchbox on your site.

You need to have "content" which is using the keywords on (if possible) every page on your site..

The only thing Google finds on your pages is:.

Omschrijving :.

Kleur :.

Geschikt voor : kleding, decoratie, kussen.

Breedte :.

Stofnummer :.

In your keywords those words would be usefull but they are not there..

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Two ways to tackle this:.

1 - you move all your catalog up a level so it is in the root of your site. You can then keep any links that refer to by using a redirect in .htaccess; this will cause you a problem for a month or so whilst the engines re-discover where your files are, but will keep visitors coming to the right location..

2 - you put some decent content on your index page as it is, leaving your iPage site structure completely as it is now, but adding keywords and phrases into the front page, along with a some links to deep locations within your iPage site so that the spiders have lots to get cracking with; from what I can teel with Google, so long as the initial page on the iPage site has content which is relevant, the spiders will keep searching the rets of your iPage site - my home page has the same PR as the osc index page, despite the fact that no links (that I know of) point to the osc index page. You can add the text below your logo so it does not detract from the appearance of your site; spiders will just ognore the images and read the text and/or any links there. You may also wish to consider changing your catalog folder to "stoffen", this increases the likelihood you will be ranked under this term, although what other people have written about keywords within your content is also very true..

Just as a final point, a little trick which worked exceptionally well for me was to research a whole sentence which has lots of your keywords in it and putting it at the very top of all your pages (in the header.php file) and at the very bottom (in the footer.php file). As an example, my iPage site specialises in jewellery, so at the top and bottom of every page within my iPage site you will see the phrase "Jewellery retailer online, offering discount body jewellery and unique silver jewellery sales. Gold, Silver and Platinum jewellery sales online, including diamond and wedding jewellery" which is also the main iPage site description and title within the meta tags. As this phrase is repeated twice on every page and is the first text on every page, it is given heavy weighting by the engines and has resulted in good ranking on those pages. You wont find me at the minute in many engines though, as I foolishly tried to redirect past my index page and straight into the catalog - Google barred my iPage site and my PR went from 7 to 0 instantly. I removed the redirect last Friday, and am already back up to a PR of 3.....just a word of warning!..

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They are related in that they both have to do with your SE positioning. No one outside of google knows for sure how it works, but the general opinion is that if two sites are tied for a certain index position, then PR will break the tie. It is not that simple of course, the whole page will be taken into consideration, but the overal of importance of PR is low. However, it should not be ignored since a side effect of a high PR is that you have a lot of links to your iPage site which means someone might stumble across them and visit your page out of curiosity. You made some good improvements on those tags but your title for that page should start with your keyword. So it should be something like Stoffen - De Stoffenstunter..

Your new key word is a little better although no searches were done on it but on variations of it. I don't know what they are saying but here are a few of them:.

You can go to overture and see for yourself. There are a number of tools on the web that will help you find a good keyword. Start with overture but also do a serch for something like "seo find key word." That should get you started. If you do it right, it will take a lot of work on your part..

I don't know if anyone can say for sure if it will hurt you or not. It depends on if the SE's beleive you are spamming. It is generally safer not to do it but many sites do..



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Just wanted to let you guys know that I followed up quite a few tips and started of with a pagerank of 2 now. Not there yet but getting there. Still need to work out a few things but been very busy lately..

Thanks all for your advice!!!!..

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