I need help with At&t iPage web hosting!?

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First off, I need help with At&t iPage web hosting!? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Can anyone explain to me the purpose of placing a link, "Back To Top", repeatly throughout a web page?.

For example, on the.

New Features.

Part of.

There is a list of every version of Winamp, describing the the updates in version 2.xx and 2.xy. After each description is a link which will take you back to the top of the webpage..

Do not the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys work on, say, pretty much every keyboard? Or even better, the HOME and END keys. Are there really that many users who don't know how to use the scroll bars on the right? And, I might add, keys and scrollbars work much faster, since it will never have to reload the page (maybe just a Netscape issue, too lazy to check). I think there are.


Versions of itsybitsy Mac keyboards, deprived of Function (F1 to F12) and Page (Up/Down/Sideways.

) keys, but there's still scroll bars..

I think it's redundant, a waste of code / web page file size / and is a waste of time to bother copying and pasting <a href="#top">Back To Top</a>, even if automatically inserted...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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I would have to agree with Mark in that people are just too lazy to push the buttons. Also if you have a really long page were there is many long sections it would help keep the whole thing organized. Having a table of contents at the top and after every long section having a link back to the table of contents. This would work good for a FAQ page but for most purposes it would be pretty useless and unnecessary...

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Alot of people don't know or care that the keyboard has a page up/down button. The more they can do with the mouse the better..

Personally, I prefer 'ALT+left arrow' and 'ALT+right arrow' for BACK and FORWARD...

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I personally don't like using the keyboard unless I am filling out forms. I like the mouse..

I think the 'back to top' thing was used a lot in the past as developers tended to try to put mass amounts of content in each page. Now, we are realizing that more is not always better..

Better menu systems, more concise information, and improvements in web technologie make the 'back to top' methods seem crude..

I still see them on FAQ pages though. I'd rather have a database driven FAQ, but if your stuck with 1 page to statically display lots of stuff.... well, ok then...

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I have an example! I have some pages with computer tips and on the top I list the tips so that when the person clicks on the tip they want to read, they go right to it. Then, after each tip, I have a "Back to the Top" link so they don't have to scroll way back up to the top if the tip was near the bottom or even in the middle..

Seems we all concur, many people are lazy and one tries to accomodate everyone! Of course, there is always a critic here and there, too....

, no matter how hard you try to please...

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I find scoutts explanation the most agreeable..

When I think of the analogy, programs have.


Dit >.


Opy.. You can press ALT, E, C... Or you can press CTRL + C... Or you can click Edit, then Copy... Or you can Right-Click on the thing and choose Copy from the popout menu... And that makes perfect sense to me.


To (these old) key combinations. You should still be able to make the.

Program work without a mouse.


These are kinds of backwards compatible features for.


Well, I cannot picture any users crying because they lack a Back To Top link.. Have Any Of You.


Heard A User Say That? I believe, the programmers are being just a wee bit over cautious. We don't need it. Let it rest in peace..


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