I need help with finding a free iPage web host?

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Got a question... I need help with finding a free iPage web host? Many thanks for any response. My other question... Ok I have this iPage website with a bunch of good pictures of my friend's band. There is another guy I know who has a nice website, but he steals the pictures off of my website! His iPage website is all media and it makes me really mad to see pictures that I took up there without my permission. I emailed him about this once, and thought the problem was solved, until he stole more, then some more after that..

The question is: How do I keep people from stealing my images? I know you can disable right clicking, but if you turn off javascript this is useless, correct? Is there another way? Please help. Thanks..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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You can not protect images which are on the net. If I wanted to take your images I would use 'save as...' in the file menu in windows and the open the temporary offline folder which contains... guess what .. a copy of your image. I can also just look in my 'temporary internet files' folder to find it should you know how to block 'save as...'.

You can not do anything via script or otherwise to protect your files..

I suggest you put a visible copy right notice accross the image, such as (c) 2003

If the theft continues and if the person starts cropping off your copyright notices then I suggest following action plan:.

A) document everything carefully.

That is: make very good notes. when pictures where taken, when they were published uploaded, when you noticed them on the competiting sites, a list with dates of all letters/emails send and all replies received. Your best bet is to show a pattern of theft and continued disregard by the offender. You MUST keep very good notes..

B) make sure your notices to the offender states.

1. you are the copyright holder of the pictures.

2. that you have not given permission to use the pictures.

3. that you want him to remove the pictures in future.

4. that you ask him to stop taking more pictures or you will consider "all options available to you including but not limited to legal action" (use the above excact wording).

5. document, document, document, document..

C) after 8-10 more thefts write to the offender and ask him once and for all to stop taking your pictures. ask him to delete and destroy all existing images which you have written him about already..

D) contact a lawyer and have them write a letter to the offender. You do not need to engage a whole legal team and you may not even have to take it to court. for a modest fee you can have a laywer write a letter. Your documentation here comes into play. If you can show a red thread to the lawyer he can fairly easily write a substantiated claim notice to the offender..

Usually after d) above the offending behaviour ceases....

If not, small claims court is cheap and should give you what you are after....

Just one piece of advice...

Make sure you document any loss you incur as result of the visitor stealing your photos, e.g. royalties (does the band pay you for putting photos on the webpage ? if not, then make a written agreement with them now so you can proove a 'loss of income' which is a strong case in court and which surely should discurrage the offender because it means money straight out of their pockets....

Good luck...

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Just another idea,.

You could have a digital signature which is invisible, it's hidden inside the image, you can also get a copy of the gimp(free) and use the stegano filter which hides whole files within an image. Only drawback is that images can't be saved in jpeg, they can be in tiff however, so when he's pinched a whole load of images, and he thinks you have no claim cos there's no copyright on the images you just release the hidden signature!.


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Thanks for all the feedback. I don't get paid for my friend's band, we're just in highschool, and it's just a place for people to find more about them. I am a little confused on the copyright issue. If you just type "Copyright 2003" for instance, does that copyright everything on your site? I thought you actually had to hire an attorney or do something legal to copyright stuff. I'll email the kid again and let you all know what he says!..

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The moment you create something, it's automatically copyrighted. Everything that you made is copyrighted, including any images and photos that you own, and your HTML code..

You don't need a lawyer to put a copyright notice either...

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Also even if you don't have a copyright notice your work is still copyrighted.

Go here for more about copyrights.


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