I need Medifast recipes for a nice vegetarian light meal?

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First question I have is I need Medifast recipes for a nice vegetarian light meal? Hoping for any answer. Another question... Hi, I am 19 days out from.


And on Stage 4. But, for the last few days the smell and tastes of Medifast food make me feel sick. I couldn't even stomach Cream of Wheat w/protein powder this morning. Is this just temporary?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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That phase didn't hit me, I still haven't been nauseated, and can eat anything...

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Just called my surgeon's office and the nurse said this happens to about 50% of patients. She said to try to find atleast one Medifast food that I can take. And to watch out for becoming dehydrated-I don't even want water at this point..

So far I don't mind saltines. And I am trying decaf tea...

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Don't hold that against yourself, I'm a year out and there are times when I smell Medifast food I just want to lose it. I still only eat on schedule not because I like the shit. I feel best about an hour after eating right up until I have to eat again..

I still eat to fast and now just getting the amount correct..

Slow and not much is my policy!.


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I was nauseous for the first few weeks all the time. My doc finally gave me a prescription and that helped...

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It probably isn't abnormal. I have bouts of minor nausea and stomach discomfort but nothing too bad. I'm not a doctor but I think your body is just adjusting to things..


You feel better soon!..

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Sorry to say that some of us live with feeling nauseated at the sight/smell of, sipping too quickly, eating too quickly, eating, drinking - - you name it!.

Others breeze by and never feel nauseated!.

I'm a tad over six months out and spent the first 5 months completely nauseated 24/7. To the point where I really didn't even eat or drink (couldn't tolerate protein shakes until 4.5 months out) almost anything until recently. It all changed around the 6 month mark and still I get overwhelmingly nauseated over things that haven't bothered me in forever!.

I had someone email me who apparently had been watching me on the board and she told me that she was pretty much the same way I was but it lasted for her ~ 7-8 months and then she one day felt soo much better..

I cannot begin to express to you how receiving that email changed my life for the better! I was feeling sooo hopeless and nauseated all of the time to the point where it was affecting me emotionally and physically because I just stopped eating... I would rather not eat if it were going to make me ill..

I still have those days but, only 2 or 3 a week... So I see it's all coming around now :).

Hang in there, find something that works for you and stick with it! For me it was all about greek yogurt... and protein shakes..

Feel free to email me anytime and hang in there, it will get better!.


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I feel less sick at the thought/smell of foods today. I am having an instant breakfast w/unflavored protein powder. I am plugging my nose for each sip. But, it's much better today..

Hopefully, I will get closer to the 60oz of protein and 64oz of liquids today!..

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The smell of Medifast food has never bothered me, but I was nauseous the first six weeks. To combat this, my nut told me to drink hot liquid. I started on hot decaf tea in different flavors and it worked like a charm! Now I'm hooked on it, especially now that the cold weather has set in...

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