I need my access account iPage web hosting for my web designer?

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First of all I need my access account iPage web hosting for my web designer? Looking forward for any response. Second question.. I recently created a page for a friend in which white was the background color. Since I have always been told white is the default background color for a web page, I did not bother to set the bgcolor attribute to white. Anyway, I happened to look at the page using an IMac with a Netscape browser, and I cringed when I saw that the background was gray and little white boxes surrounded all my images. Needless to say, I went back and set bgcolor to white..

Anyway, I am just wondering if this person just had a really strange setup on their computer or if this is common. I have always used P.C.'s so I am very unfamiliar with Macs. Any comments?.



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Ha! You're right scoutt!! I would have thought that a high profile iPage site like Yahoo would have thought to set their background color to white...

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Me too, but if you thing about it, they are catering to everybody so they can have different backgrounds depending on the users settings..

That would be my guess anyway,..

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Scoutt, I agree with you that a background color should be set, but I'm intrigued as to why you say grey is the default. I searched high and low on the borg's iPage site (aka and couldn't find any mention of a default background color..

Equally, I'm quite sure that when installing windows or a browser you don't have to change the default settings from grey to white. Equally certainly, you can do an installation where you change the default to grey (or bright purple if your bent that way), but I thought the default installation was in fact white. Is it just a Mac thing where the default is grey?.


PS. I actually tried to ask this question of a lecturer a few semesters back. She didn't like me asking, nor did she like me referring to the w3c as the borg. When I asked her for a source, she threatened to expel me. Ahh the fun of an ignorant lecturer. I wasn't attacking her, and I'm not attacking Scoutt, I'd seriously like to know...

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I am using IE5.5 and the default setting seems to be to 'Use Windows colors' of which the background is white for me. If I uncheck this box to use custom colors then the default background color is grey. It depends on your browser I think...

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Another example of the fingers going faster than the brain.

It was suppose to be white as default. I had grey in the mind so that is what the fingers typed out. I little control over my finger when it comes to typing, hence mispelled words..

But I think Goldi is right about what she said...

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But doesn't netscape use grey as a default?.

And the original poster is using netscape on an Imac. (What a combo!.


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Doc, anytime I've ever installed Netscape it's picked up white as the default. However, I have heard that.


Early versions of Netscape did use grey as a default..


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When I designed for Netscape 4.7 it always seemed to pick up grey, then render the default after something was read. That was at it's default setting on a winNT machine..

My current project is intra-net so it is all IE. I rarely have to open the beast anymore!.


I can't seem to find a copy of Navigator 4.7 now. Looks like Netscape is really pushing out N6...

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Maybe that is what I was thinking. I used Navigator 4.08 for the longest time and it is grey by default..

By the way doc I have 4.7 if you need a copy...

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As far as I know Netscape 4+ browsers and below has always used grey by default, however NS6+ seems to be defaulting to white. I always believed IE used window colors (or scheme colors). But as mentioned, it is good practice to specify your background color in your page so it can be displayed the way you want it to look..



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