I need some good Medifast recipes for some chicken breast!?

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First off, I need some good Medifast recipes for some chicken breast!? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... I am having the first meeting with my surgeon tomorrow in Newark. I have already gotten cleared from my insurance, gotten a doctor recommendation, and gone to a seminar. Tomorrow is the consultation and where I guess I'm going to schedule the.


And find out what other steps I have to take before the.



I wanted to know what exactly I should expect from this point on in the journey..


Over the forums it seems like there are several things that the seminar left out, such as the fact pre-op you have to go on a.

Liquid diet.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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How long did your process take? They seem to be promising me that I can get the.


In about 4 weeks since I have doctors recommendations and have had a whole bunch of blood tests because of a tumor I have on my kidney. I really.


I can get it soon... I really want to change my life as soon as possible...

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I didnt do a pre op.

Liquid diet.

, every insurance is different so just soak in all the info yoiu can at your seminar and then we will all be glad to fill in as needed..

I did have to loose 10% of my weight before I qualified for.


, I am with Kaiser...

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I have Bc/Bs they req all of that info as well as the dr,,, I'm in South jersey and no dr down here will do the.


Unless you attend new beginnings program ... this was a year long journey but I know ppl who had it done in 6 mos..

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I'm with Medicaid because unfortunatley following my college graduation nothing was hiring and I'm unemployed. However, they seemed to be much more lax with things and I only need a recommendation from a doctor and the surgeon who will be preforming the bypass...

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My journey from start to finish (.


On Nov 2nd) took 11 months. It seems like some people get pushed through in only a few weeks and some people wait months to years..

I had, psych eval, 7 monthly nutrition classes, 8 psychologist visits, and then after my insurnance approved, just the pre-op physical, 2 more classes, visit with surgeon and off to.



I did.

Liquid diet.

For one week before.


And 2 weeks after.


Today is my first day of puree and I can't wait to have something more solid!.

Good luck on your journey! You picked a great place for advice and help!..

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Thanks so much everyone for your helpful answers and support. I'm so excited to see my surgeon tomorrow even though I know my.


Will be awhile from now. I'm just so excited to start this process and get my life back..

I was.


About the complications and has anyone had problems with the hair loss?..

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My program required that I lose a % of my body weight, attend a WLS support group regularly, see a nutritionist, psychologist,.


Coach, and a lifestyle coach multiple times. The 2 weeks before I was on a pre-op Medifast diet that was primarily protein drinks, NF dairy products, and vegetables to shrink my liver (which is very important for a successful.


.) This.


Completely rearranges your guts, but it doesn't do a thing about your head... and it's how we think, what we believe that got us obese in the first place. For me, the months before.


Where an opportunity to work on my "brain fat", knowing that if I didn't change long established habits and how I related both to Medifast food & myself, I would sabotage my pouch. (Take a look at the stats, if your head doesn't change your body changes will be temporary.) Use this pre-op time to get as healthy as you can, and begin to explore your relationship with food. Best of luck to you!..

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I hardly ever eat though... I never.

Lose weight.


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Well, I learned a long time ago and totally ignored it, of course. That you have to eat to lose..

Anyway, I had my.


On 11/3/2010.I have Anthem BCBS and had to do a three month program with a bariatric center. It went pretty quickly. Only downer was it was 2 hours away from home. I go for my 2 week check up Thursday, so I will know how much I have lost. Good luck with your journey!..

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