I need some info on the Medifast Diet for a class?

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Quick question... I need some info on the Medifast Diet for a class? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... Welcome.



A new year is a.


New start!.


This year can be about discovering.

What it takes to create health in your life!.


So welcome,.



Is YOUR year!!.

Here is the link to last month's thread if you need to catch up:..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Hi PINKs,.

I called this month's thread "Give it all you've got!" ...DEDICATION is our new middle name!.

We all know Medifast works....we've done it, we've seen it, we felt it! Medifast works!.

Now is the time to put all our fears aside and take on the new year with gusto! We will give it all we've got to STAY OP. "Protect your program" will be on our hearts and minds as we go about our day. Tempations WILL arise (even on an hourly basis!! LOL) but we will endure!! We will FIND A WAY to stay OP and report back to our fellow PINKs about our victories against the BLTs and the sludge that tries to stand between us and goal!.

We can do it! Together we are stronger than one!.

Goooooo Team PINK!!!.

2011!!! Yay!!..

Comment #2

Happy New Year PINKs!!!!.

I spent the day yesterday and today just chillaxin with the family. We've watched movie after movie for 2 days now. We used up all the rest of our poppers from DS2 b-day present from grandpa. It had sooooo many poppers and snaps n bangs in that package that we have been using them since June....LOL great present!!!.

The boys have some friends a couple houses down and they always shoot off major fireworks....the kind that might be a no-no....we love it!!! LOL.

I feel good about 2011....I've started a bucket list and have started a couple of those things this week. I too can't wait to see what I can accomplish this year! I just said the other day that I wanted to create my bucket list and start the new year off bright and fresh!!! I am feeling very positive!!!.

So PL, just was wondering like a couple other PINKs....who is the new queen?..

Comment #3

TADA!!!! Here I am! Meshka, your chillaxin sounds great. I have done almost nothing today except nap & clean out my closet (one trash bag full of too big clothes!) I was recovering from a NYE party that went till 3:20a or so. (I was only there from 1:20a-3:20a though) Got to wear my prom dress (very classy black & white) that is one of my FAVES that hasn't fit in SIX YEARS!!! My mom brought it up with all my old opera dresses & I TOTALLY expected it not to fit! Boy was I surprised! It especially looked great with my big snow boots.

Since there's only 3 more days left till a new Pink Queen of the Week, I think we should ALL be Queens this week!..

Comment #4

Hello PINKs,.

Good Morning! WHO is queen? eek....MY apologies!!! eek!! ugh! LOL BRB with that......

BTW, I had a dream last night that I had a FLAT tummy!!!! I've had that flap thing since my first child was born by tuck is scheduled for Jan 17!!! woo hoo!!! Nervous...but excited..

(((Team PINK))) Love and Hugs all around!..

Comment #5

I am playing "ketchup" now.....

Sorry about the scale, Amelie. Did you find another one you want instead?.

And the family drama, Becki. Weve have never combined families for holidays, ok, maybe once but it was ok. Becki, I wanted a PINK bike just like that but hubby found me a blue one that HE liked the tires on better. LOL Still it has a basket so I got over it. Lol Here's a picture of mine:.

..and that reminds me I need to repost directions on how to post a picture too..

Amelie, there are two things that have changed a lot during my weight loss is my faceit changes all the time and the other is my bra size!! LOL.

I LOVE the Medifast Essential 1 Cappuccino the best!!! Whenever I need an extra boost to stay OP, I have them back to back for my 8am and my 10am meal..

Meshka, loved that your weight loss got noticed..

Btw, I have a funny hail story. My son inherited a car from his grandparents who bought it from a car dealers hail damage sale. His car is white and has sooooo much hail damage on it that I call his car the golf ball. He laughs at that. LOL It is true! It looks like a golf ball with all those little white dents everywhere on it!..

Comment #6

Old PINK homework, I am turing in late..

(sorry, with out of town company and out of town travel...I've fallen behind.).

PINK homework:.

1) what was the hardest part of being OP this holiday season?.

Hardest part...trying to make at least one dish request by each person...I spent DAYS in the kitchen trying to get it all made..

2) what was the easiest part?.

Avoiding the sweets...they don't usually give me too much trouble. And I burnt my homemade rolls (which the bread usually tempts me the most. LOL) so it wasn't so tempting burnt! LOL.

3) what new tradition did you start this year?.

This is the first Christmas that I can remember that we invited single people to instead of family. We had three single men join us for Christmas dinner that otherwise would of been alone...

Comment #7

...and the.



Amelie 225.6/-3.

Becki 205.

Meshka 171.




I think those are the only numbers I have...(PM me if I am wrong and I will correct it.).

Our new PINK queen of the week.....

Is.....hold for it......


Here is your throne, fit for a queen,.



Queen that is!!.

Congrats to you!!.

What a great way to start the new year~ as royalty!!!.

I am PMing you the PINK crown now. It is yours to wear and sparkle with until next WIW!.

Humbling bowing to our new queen!!!..

Comment #8

Yah!!!! Great job Amelie! To actually loose during the holidays! What an inspiration! You desserve the crown! Watch it Though! With the resolution to staying OP, I am on your tail! I really really love that pink sparkley crown! insert wink and a hug, here!.

Congrats, Keep up the good work!.

BBL! HUGS to all pinks!..

Comment #9

Oh! And wow, what a great NSV to be able to fit into your prom dress! I don't think I will ever make that accomplishment, mine was like a size 8. Haven't seen that size since high school. I will be happy with a size 12! I bet you looked really cute. Post some pics, so we can see ya!..

Comment #10

PL: love your new ride! It is super cute! I love riding bikes, it is my favorite thing to do with the fam, Now I can do it in ultra femanine style with my pink ride.....My DH thinks I am crazy for wanting to decorate the cute wicker basket, but I think it would be so cute to put some ribbon and daisies on the front of it. Tiffy agrees with me!..

Comment #11

Here is a pick, if you have not seen it. I am trying to figure out how to upload pics. HOpe this works!..

Comment #12

Happy New Year PINKS!.

DH and I had a great Christmas, and a very very quiet New Year. We went over to his aunts house for a few hours, but headed home around 8 and just chilled on the house!.

Here is a belly pic!!!.

Still no weight gain....just maintaining...even tho I feel like a huge blimp! Its all baby Bryan!!! Dustin got to feel him kick in the last few weeks. My little man moves all the time...which of course I love!!!!..

Comment #13

Becca- you have a good chance of winning it back this week! I don't know if I've finally hit a plateau or if my body's doing weird things because of my weird sleeping...but I haven't lost anything yet this week! Been totally OP though. My body will just lose when it wants to.

I've been sleeping weird ever since NYE, taking, like, 4 hour naps right in the middle of my day & then I have to fit all my food in before I sleep again...So I think the lack of daily movement & weird sleep is probably affecting my metabolism. Oh wellI'll keep on keepin' on!..

Comment #14

Morning, PINKs..

It's a day off for hubby but I got up with the kids so he could sleep in. Lots of housework to do today and I guess that is some kind of exercise. LOL But I am actually CRAVING my treadmill. I want to work up a sweat. I don't like to sweat unless it is on purpose. LOL.

Also need to give myself a manicure as my nails have taken a beating with all this holiday cooking/cleaning going on..

Krystin, you are going to name the PINK baby, Bryan? I can't wait to meet him. If you are maintaining weight then really you are losing it to break even after baby is born. Baby and stuff is suppose to weigh 20-25 pounds with all the liquids/etc. Your doctor is happy with your weight progress. Eating lots of veggies?.

Becca, PINK really is my favorite color. I love feminine things!!.

Amelie, just keep on keeping on and the weight will start to fall again. OP is all you can do. your body will take care of the rest...

Comment #15

Becca, the PINK bike is PERECT! LOVE it..

To post pics:.

How to post a picture.

First you have to 'resize' the picture to be smaller. I do that with Microsoft Office Picture Manager and then "edit" then "resize" then I choose "web small" as a predetermined size. Then "save" under a new name. Then go to Team PINK and click "go advanced" so I can click the "paperclip" button at the top of the page. Then it willl let me browse for my picture. I chose my picture.

Then click "preview" to make sure the pic showed up like I want it to, then click "submit" and it's on Team PINK....I know that sounds like a lot of steps and there might be other/faster ways of doing it but if I resize several pics at once, it's not that much trouble once you get used to it...

Comment #16

It's back to school and work at my house this morning, and back to trying to be OP for me. I tend to slip into making some L&G choices at lunch AND supper when everyone's home. And even though I mostly resisted the many chocolate offerings at Christmas, it was harder at New Year's. Sweets are always my weakness. But the holidays are over, and I'm three "meals" into being OP today; that's progress...

Comment #17

You are doing wonderfully, Leita! OP for you! Daily routine really does help with being OP. So glad things are returning to normal for you. My hubby goes back to work tomorrow and then life can resume as normal around here. (as normal as it gets! lol)..

Comment #18

PL - Yes, I eat as many veggies as I can. I eat a lot of salad..

We are naming him Bryan Avery Merrell..

Comment #19

Hello PINKs!!.

My actual factuals:.

8am coffee with hot coco.

11am oatmeal.


1pm cream of chicken soup with crackers.


Today is a great OP day for me...back to school today for kids and I had trouble getting them out the door. My DS2 and my DD didn't want to go and they were being difficult so we were tardy...grr!.

The sun is shinning and that makes for a beautiful day!!!.

DS1 has b-ball practice today..

Gotta go for now....BBL..

Comment #20

Today's been a good day OP for me! Hubby & I are looking into doing a bootcamp workout together & this is the first time I've been truly excited about doing something like this!! I feel like I can at least keep up at my own level now!! I'm excited!! (AND it should be MUCH easier to do 20lbs lighter!) I feel like my water bloat is going away, and my energy is back up (although that may be the Medicrack talking.

) AND I had that moment today...where you look in the mirror and you're like 'WOW!!! My face IS skinnier!!' YAY God for giving me the ability to stick to this!!..

Comment #21


Meshka, you are back to routine too. That's great! Mine starts back tomorrow. Hubby had today off because NY fell on a weekend. LOL OP is the way to be!!.

Amelie, what a positive thing the workouts will be for you and your hubby!! gooo girl!.

Krystin, beautiful baby boy name. PINK should be his nickname..

Christina will be back here on PINK soon. Let's hug her when she gets back OP after her illness and recoup time..

(((Team PINK))).

Together we are stronger!!..

Comment #22

Good morning Pinks,.

My name is Regina. I am married with one DD and DS. I have been struggling with my weight for a long time and with Medifast I am realizing that this is a daily journey. I look forward to meeting the other pinks and being a member of your group. I have been doing this alone and would definitely love some accountability partners..

Thanks for the invitation PL...

Comment #23

1. what was the hardest part of being OP this holiday season?.

I actually did really good during the holiday but on the 2nd and 3rd I let poor planning get the best of me..

2. what was the easiest part?.

The fact that I did not go anywhere made it very easy. We had a nice Christmas day at home with the children playing games and NYE was spent at church and that day I did absolutely nothing..

3. what new tradition did you start this year?.

Today I am starting the children on a healthy eating plan. My DS is on 13 and has a weight problem. Anyone with children in this situation? Any advice on how you are handling this would be greatly appreciated..

I will read the December blog to catch up with everyone..

Congrats Amelie!!!..

Comment #24

Welcome Regina! I'm a relatively new PINK too! (I've been around for a month or so...) I don't have any kids...I'm hoping to get healthy habits to teach to future kids though.

Actually, I'm looking forward to everyone re-introduing themselves, 'cause I couldn't remember it all first time around!.

I live in the Midwest, am a surgery scheduler with an Opera major & a cosmetology license and I love bunnies! (and purple...shhhhh.....



Comment #25

Thanks Amelie. I live in Richmond Texas, I'm a medical transcriptionist. I love bunnies too. I have a grandbunny (my daughter's bunny). His name is Mickey. That's the only pet we have right now. DS would love a dog, but he can't keep his room clean...

Comment #26

Welcome, Regina. I'll have to see if I can post a picture of our bunny, Snowbell, who is 8 and spending the winter in our dining room..

I was lucky and smart enough to raise kids without eating issues. I know part of it was luck, but part was being conscious about never making food a reward or an issue. My daughter (now 17) has always been slim. One time she was sharing a creme brulee with me and two other friends at a restaurant, and when it was passed to her she ate all but one bite. "Aren't you going to finish that?" they asked. "No, I'm full," she said.

My son will be 15 at the end of March, and since he's growing very fast it's hard to tell whether he will ever have any issues with food, but he's interested in healthy eating, so that's good..

As a fat kid raised by a weight-obsessed mother, I'll just say what Camryn Manheim said in the title of one of her booksyour son doesn't need you to tell him he has a weight problem. He knows. It would have worked better for me if my parents had offered me lots of healthy food, instead of pretending that fat kids never got hungry...

Comment #27

Hey Regina,.

Welcome! Richmond Tx? You are a hoop skip and jump away from Courtney and I .....We live in Katy! We will have to get together!.

Here is to a great OP day. I fell off hard during the holidays. First Thanksgiving, Then Christmast, then New Years. I gained 6 lbs, and have managed to reloose 3 of those lbs. I ripped myself to shredds for getting off program each time, so I have been dealing with major mental trips these last 4 weeks..

I have learned, it is truely better to stay OP, mentally and physically. It is those BLT's! They are toxic..

Just my reflection on the holidays! It was wonderful, but I am glad it is over. Now I can get back to a lifestyle and journey that makes me feel good!.

Hope everyone is having a great day! OP that is!.

!!!!!!!HUGs PINKs!!!!!!..

Comment #28

Good Morning, PINKs!.

Welcome Regina!!.

So glad you are here on PINK. Together we are stronger!.

Good Morning, PINKs! Good Morning! >>>PL is sining happily<<<.

It was one of those days when a BLT stared me in the face and I had to make a it when no one was looking or stay 100% OP! I chose to stay OP!! OP for me! All the way, baby!!!.

I gotta read up but first want to ask you all to do introductions for our new PINK..

I will start.....

I am PL, mom to five, homeschool mom and health coach. Live in the midwest, have two dogs (one an adopted stray beagle that never left and the other a registered yellow lab). TEN cats, all fixed so we don't get more cats and only one is a declawed house cat. (Now you all know more than you wanted to about my pets. lol) My children all play tournament chess. The older two, sometimes three play in adult tourneys across the country and whenever I am near where a PINK lives, I like to meet up with them to take them out for Lean and Green..

It is fun to meet each other IRL. I started this PINK team about three years ago have seen a lot of PINKs lose a LOT of weight. It is exciting! The most successful PINKs are the ones that post daily. The daily contact and accountability is what has kept me on track and it will for you too. Together we are stronger!! More of my introduction....well, I am a wanna be knitter, crotcher, and quilter. LOL I am jack of all trades, master of none.

I love museums and sightseeing to touristy places and just travel in general (which goes well with our chess tournaments everywhere). I am also love photography (also goes well with travel) LOL That's me in a nut shell...

Comment #29

Regina and Leita, I have five kids, two which are naturally thin and two that are naturally plump and one that could go either way but eats healthy. I don't push food and have never required them to eat all on their plate. But I think they see that I like LARGE portions and so they have picked up on that? My two thin kids can stop in the middle of something and not finish eating it. The middle two kids eat waaaay too much carby stuff. I have been working on their food choices AND their portion size. It is not easy but our general household policy is to eat heatlhy (more veggies, less carbs) the difficult part also comes in that it is easier and cheaper to feed a big family with fattening casseroles.

Seems like we have a lot of PINKs in TX...Krystin is in TX too....who else?.

Becki, I hear ya on the's like a flood gate...let them start and they will drown you! LOL. Just busy yourself when you get the urge. come to PINK and post..we will talk some sense into you...

Comment #30

Hi lovely Pink's,.

I am the oldest lady on the Pink's post (I think) 67 yrs. old next month. I live in Pa. I was a caregiver for the past 12 yrs. for an older brother, who passed away Jan. 2010.

I love dogs, I have a Westie named Shaelynn. I owned a small grocery store until 1996, but sold it to have total knee replacements. I have been on Medifast since 2007, reached my goal in 2008. Had some problems with the BLT's , but I will not give up, I love MF. Love, Linda..

Comment #31

Good morning PINKs!!!.

Welcome Regina!!! Looking forward to getting to know you....have a wonderful OP day!!!.

My actual factuals:.

8am cappy in my coffee.


Pl, yes it's back to routine for me and it feels great!.

Becki, I understand the BLT's over the holidays back OP for us!!.

Amelie, bootcamp sounds great!!! You go girl!!!.

Leita, Hello and glad you had a great holiday!!!.


Comment #32

I LOVE that we have so many bunny people!!! I have one (Cadbury by name)at one time we decided to let Cadbury have babies and then we had...13? WHEW!! They really DO breed like rabbits!.

That was a lot of fun...a lot of poop...but a lot of fun.

There's nothing like bittie baby bunnie feet..

Comment #33

Time for a little PINK Homework.....

PINK Homework:.

1) List 2 things on your own instead list for head hunger. Include any diversions or activities that would help you postpone eating for a while. Post copies of your list in places where you can see it such as your daily calendar or mirror..

2) Do you like to pamper yourself with: scented powers, lotions or sprays?.

3) What super-power would you most like to have, and why?..

Comment #34

Hi PINKs,.

It's a good PINK day already!.

Linda, thanks for the re-intro. It will help all our PINKs to get to know each other. Owning a grocery store would be sooo fun! My DS1 wants to own a restaurant ....he has great ideas but I see him more in industrial type setting than a restaurant, but I could be wrong. He is in his first year of college so has a little time yet to decide. How is your knee doing since the replacement? We have a few PINKs with knee trouble..

Meshka! I drank my water too (Had to wash my two stainless steel bottles and get them ready to go again). WATER makes a difference!!! AND it's free! LOL.

Amelie, we had a bunny once. My DS1 won it at an egg hunt. It was sweet but didn't live long like Leita's bunny has..

My Actual Factauls: (what I have eaten today).

8am Medifast cappy! LOVE IT!.

10am RTD.

12noon cappy again! (i like to get two a day for the boost).




Team PINK, we are ready! OP we will be!..

Comment #35

1) List 2 things on your own instead list for head hunger. Include any diversions or activities that would help you postpone eating for a while. Post copies of your list in places where you can see it such as your daily calendar or mirror..


-Take a bath.

2) Do you like to pamper yourself with: scented powers, lotions or sprays?.

LOL! Scented Powers!! Lemon X-ray vision!! LOL!.

Okay okay....I'm a TOTAL hair girl!! So I love pampering myself with new shampoo, conditioner, hair bobbles....I DO also love body butter....facials....MASSAGES....

3) What super-power would you most like to have, and why?.

I think super speed...That way I could get all the house stuff done REALLY fast! Or Super Handiness.

I'd love to have the skills & time to buy a fixer-upper & save a bundle remodeling it!..

Comment #36

My actual factuals:.

8am cappy in my coffee.


10:30am scrambled eggs.


I too had a couple of when I was in grammer school for 4-H and he was a french lop, black and white in color and his name was Butterball....he was a pretty big bunny. Then I had to give it away when my family decided to make a big move from California to Washington. Then I bought abother bunny when I was 18 and kept it at my in laws until I got a place and then me and DH potty trained it and had it in our apartment. It ended up at the neighbors house a couple of times and they brought him back. LOL..

Comment #37

Wow, pinks are obviously bunny people!.

My short intro is that I have four cats, besides the bunny, and two kids. I work at a college as the Director of the Writing Center and have taught first-year college writing classes for the past 27 years. This must be why I like homework!.

1) List 2 things on your own instead list for head hunger. Include any diversions or activities that would help you postpone eating for a while. Post copies of your list in places where you can see it such as your daily calendar or mirror..

1. working (usually writing something because I can lose track of time).

2. running errandsI usually work in buying myself some flowers or some of that sugarless dessert gum.

2) Do you like to pamper yourself with: scented powers, lotions or sprays?.

I have a very sensitive nose, so don't buy or like many of the strongly scented things available today; there are entire mall stores I don't even like to walk past. But a couple of years ago we went to France and visited a perfume factorywhich wasn't highly scented inside, by the wayand I bought a very small bottle of very good French perfume. I put a little of it on the base of my neck only during the cold months, because when there are insects outside, scents seem to attract them even more, and I'm already a mosquito magnet..

3) What super-power would you most like to have, and why? I'd like to be able to fly. Why? It just sounds the most fun. I'm in the superpower wishing business only for the sensual experience (lol)...

Comment #38

8am cappy in my coffee.


10:30am scrambled eggs.



1:15pm maryland crab soup with crackers.

I am OP so far and it feels great!!! Having a very nice day....hope you all are too!!.

I've been married for 18 years, we have 3 kids....DS1 who's 9yrs; DS2 who's 7 1/2 yrs and DD who's 4 1/2 yrs. We sponsor a child from Kenya and she is 12 yrs. I've been running my own in home day care for 10 years now. We live in Northern Cali. We currently have 1 Robo Hamster and 3 gold fish. I want to adopt a Lab that is 5yrs, but I don't think my hubby is going to go for it...still working on it!! LOL My grammy is from Russia.

Ok BBL ladies..

Comment #39

I am a 37 year old Realtor/stay at home mom to DS Dylan 7 years old and DS Joshua 8 years old. I am home when they are. Love the flexability! Been married 11 years come Febuary. I love to ride bikes and spend time with my family. I am a total girlie girl, and I love pink! (who knew?) I have been with Medifast since the end of October 2010 and have lost a total of 40 lbs since Sept 1 2010 (WW before MF). I am looking forward to what 2011 has in store and am prayin daily that 2011 is a better year! (2010's been tough ) insert wink here!.

As for PINK homework:.

1) List 2 things on your own instead list for head hunger. Include any diversions or activities that would help you postpone eating for a while. Post copies of your list in places where you can see it such as your daily calendar or mirror..

1. getting on the forums here in Medifast land.

2. chores (since I always have a ton to do!).

2) Do you like to pamper yourself with: scented powers, lotions or sprays?.

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes again!!!! I used to smoke about a year ago. When I quit, that was my ammunition. I bought myself pretty smelling stuff as incentive to not smoke! There is nothing that makes you feel more girlie girl than to smell pretty!.

3) What super-power would you most like to have, and why?.

Invisible on demand, why? you know, the whole fly on the wall thing!!!!.



PINK HOmework:..

Comment #40

Hello, PINKS!.

I am back! Let me re-introduce myself to those of you that are new (and say hello to those who have been here a while).

My name is Lynn, I am 56 years old, married to the same guy for almost 35 of those years, have 2 wonderful (young adult) children, live in upstate NY,work full time as a medical technologist, am a potter by hobby, love to read, cook, garden, listen to classic rock, hate cold weather....I am a Double Pink, because in addition to posting here, I am part of a group of long-time friends called the Pink Sistahs that get together several times a year for Pink Roadtrips to go to rock concerts all over the US and occasionally Canada. Oh yeah...the Pointe of View is the name of our boat which calls Pointe au Baril, Ontario home port.(we have a summer home there) Hence my "handle" here..

But the really really important thing is that I started Medifast last February at 218 pounds and wearing size 24 slacks. I am currently 140 pounds and wear a size 8. (Okay, Okay, I was down to 133 or 134, but the holidays were tough. I am back OP, though) I will NEVER weigh that much again. Medifast (and to give credit where credit is due) have been amazing. These Pink Women have been a lifeline to me.

I have missed being here but I AM BACK!!!.

Welcome to all the newbies here. You have found a great place to be...

Comment #41

Hi Lynn, Meshka, Aunt Linda, Amelie, PL and all the Pinks!.

I am back too!!.

I am a 46 y/o mom of 1 teen girl, married to my soulmate for 15+ years. I have always been overweight. I have tried everything. Medifast is the only thing that works for me! It is hard tho. I need PL and the Pinks!.

I work at a Nuclear Power Plant and in my debt are a pack of food pushers.

I want to love me more than food finally..

I need to lose over 60#'s before back major surgery to fix problems that have me in excruciating pain 24/7/365..

Welcome new PINKS! Many hugs and wishes for success in 2011! GOAL here we come!!..

Comment #42

Watching biggest loser. OMG... 2 new trainers in addition to bob and jillian!!!.

Wow! There's a bomb shell... :-o..

Comment #43

Wow! It appears there are some PINKs hiding in the woodwork! Glad to know all of you!.

I had a bit of an NSV that I wantd to report! Today was the last day before kiddos go back to school. So in my fashion I have always tried to make "day befores" special for my boys. Today I had scheduled a park day with our little circle of friends. (We like to pack picnic lunches and then spend the entire afternoon hanging with the friends and wearing our little men out). When we woke up this morning it was drizzling, so we all decided to take the kids to chuckie cheeses and then if it cleared up, then we would go to the park. I am so proud to report, that this is the first time that I chose a one trip salad bar and ice tea over loaded pizza and root beer! I sat nose to nose, eye to eye with a large yummy hot pizza, AND, I can say that I enjoyed my salad and tea! Then the day cleared up outside so we took the kids to the park and they played, and played.

So we took the kids to the best ice cream place in town (piccomolo). I made the conscience choice to not partake in the amazing ice cream and instead enjoy the smiles on my boys face and sat in victory knowing that I was successful! I was strong, and I was OP, despite all the many temptations in one day!.

In all it was a wonderful day, and my kids enjoyed their mommy having the energy to play putt/putt (our city park has a free putt/putt course) with them rather than sitting on the side lines watching all the fun!.

Happy days!..

Comment #44

>>PL is jumping up and down!! THEY'RE BACK>>>>> yay!!! PINKs come home!!..

Comment #45

I am going to come back and HUG all the new and returning PINKS but first I HAVE to tell you this story....eeek, it is kinda gross but incredible!!.

Here goes:.

Last night my hubby brought in a single brown egg from our hen house in the backyard. I thought it was kinda strange as it is kinda cold/late in the year and the hens have not been laying much so it has been a whlie since my youngest son brought in any eggs. Anyway, hubby put the single brown eggs in same carton as the white store bought eggs. This morning I made breakfast for the kids (out of a different carton) and then after breakfast I set a few eggs in a pan to boil to make egg salad later. I put all the eggs that were left in the carton in the pan, including the one brown egg. Then I turned the gas stove to hot and left the room for a minute.

(We used to have a rooster but it has been a few weeks.) I ran into the kitchen with a few kids following me. SURE ENOUGH, we all heard the chirpping!!!! I immediately took the pan off the stove and drained the hot water. Then DS3 took the egg back out to the hen house. UGH EEK. My knees felt weak after that. LOL We were all kinda grossed out by it.


Comment #46

Awwwwwwwwwwww, you PINKs, are awesome! The intros are great!! LOVE you all!! AND some MIA PINKs are back! WELCOME HOME LYNN AND SHARON!!.

You both just need to "stay put" as we say here. LOL (that means "don't leave again.") LOL.

Sooo glad you are back to OP!.

I know I THINK BETTER, FEEL better (and certainly LOOK better) when I am OP!.

Becki, your NSV of the OP day out WAS PERFECT!!! Mar-veh-lous!! yeah!! I know the panick attack feeling you must of had being face to face with the P word (that's what we call Pizza here on PINK as it is a dirty word/trigger food for some. LOL) and ice cream (IC)..

HIGH FIVE, PINK sister!!..

Comment #47

Oh my goodness....that's really weird!!! How would you have know!!! Hope your ok and it survives....if it does...boy it's a tough lil chick!!..

Comment #48

I forgot to add a couple of things about me....I was in a bit of a rush this afternoon..

Anyways, I am 40yrs old, I'm also an Ambassador for Childcare Worldwide, love working out when I have the time, Love to watch my kids play's Basketball right now for DS1 and he's playing for 2 teams...1 is for his school and the other is through the city league. Silly story there as to why....LOL We are a christian family and my children attend a private school. My favorite color is green!!.

Had to post a little more....LOL..

Comment #49

So I can't sleep!!.

Sunday night I had a hard time falling alseep, but eventually did and I felt fine Monday morning....lots of energy and accomplished many things..

So then last night I tossed and turned all night....I might have slept about 2 hours. I felt great today tho! Lots of energy! Accomplished many things. So now I'm feeling the same way and decided to check out what's going on here and welcome back all MIA PINKs!!! We've missed you!!!.

I might have to check into that Medifast sleep aid and maybe order it with my next order. This happens to me every once in awhile and then after a couple of days of not sleeping that great I sleep really well....I must have to much on my mind. Hmmm..

Comment #50

I'm not a PINK but just had to say, "Welcome to my world." I haunt the boards at night too! I just don't sleep! (for about 5-6 days, then I crash....HARD!) See ya around! (in the middle of the night!) Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #51

Good morning PINKS.

Thanks everyone for introducing yourselves..


WOW!! I hope the baby chick makes it. I can only image the stories he will tell the other chicks..


: Great NSV!!!! I can image how hard that was but you did it. YAY..


Sorry to hear about your sleep problems. I noticed that a lot of MFers are experiencing a lot of energy and sleeplessness..


Comment #52

1) List 2 things on your own instead list for head hunger. Include any diversions or activities that would help you postpone eating for a while. Post copies of your list in places where you can see it such as your daily calendar or mirror..

1. Gum. I love extra key lime dessert delights. YUMO..

2. I talk to myself. I know this sounds crazy but Ill say you will be able to eat in 2 hours. Then Ill try to busy myself with something..

2) Do you like to pamper yourself with: scented powers, lotions or sprays?.

I love Mariah Careys Luscious Pink. The scent is not long lasting but I enjoy it. Plus the bottle is pink with a butterfly on top. I love this because Pink is my favorite color (go figure) and I feel as if I am going through a metamorphosis..

3) What super-power would you most like to have, and why?.

I would love to fly. In the past I wanted to be able to fly so that I could run away from issues and life in general. But now when this journey is over I would love to soar like an eagle...

Comment #53

Good morning, everyone. Nice to be back...I have missed you guys. More shout-outs tonight, but I wanted to check in this morning. PL, I am really interested in the story of the chick...keep us updated..

Hugs, Pink Women!..

Comment #54

WIW: 250.


I'm happy enough to be at the same weight after the last two weeks!..

Comment #55

Ironically, I, also, cannot sleep. Mine's because I'm SOOOOOO body sore I literally feel like I can't move though. My legs have been seizing up in the night & waking me up....called in sick today, and am only moving my fingers while lying here on the couch..

Normally I'd say I'm sleeping enough for all of you, as I slept normal 8hr days WITH 5 hr naps on Saturday AND Sunday...I think it kinda messed up my metabolism though AND THEN there's the whole I ate 2 rutabagas because they were labeled as turnips debacle....AAAA!! Kicked out of ketosis for imposter rutabagas! SO I only lost .6 lbs this week. BUT I hit my 20 lbs lost mark!!.

Becki-YAY!!! You really were strongand you can do it again! Congratulations that's a GREAT NSV!!!.

Meshka-sorry you can't sleep but glad you have energy! My DH is a non-sleeper/crasher as well.

PL-OMG!!!!! I told your story to my DH!!!!! I want to know if the little guy made it!!! Ironically you probably helped warm him upthe best thing to do after being in the fridge! When we first had baby bunnies, we didn't know it! I walked downstairs and thought there were MICE on our cold cement floor for a second! We had to hold them in our hands to warm them up for a good long while......and they ALL made it! (AND they were the most lovey bunnies...I miss them....).

NEW/RETRO PINKS!!-I'm so excited to see & meet you all! Hi!!!! If you guys missed my intro(or you want me to expand...), lemme know & I'll rewrite it.

I'll probably be checking in a LOT today as I'm staying RIGHT HERE..

WIW:225.0 Height:5'5"..

Comment #56


A quick fly by to say... I am OP Baby!!.

WIW: 299.8/5'6".

Have a blessed OP day GF's!! Gotta run to a meeting...............

Comment #57

WIW: 205 lbs.


I have been the same weight for like 2 WIW's now. After last weekends slip I was up 6 lbs, but some how managed to loose it by today. So I am thrilled to be at 205. Hopefully next week I will be in ONE-DERLAND! wish me luck, and here is to staying OP this entire week..

I have a girls weekend in Galveston planned for this weekend. I am really excited to see all my peeps (about 20 girls I haven't seen or visited with in forever). I am really anxious though, because they are all really good cooks! And they are all the queens of yummy snacks. We always stay up late playing games and eating and drinking and being merry, then during the day we catch up on our crafting projects (kid and husband free for an entire weekend). I am going to take my Medifast meals and stick to being OP, it's just that most of them don't know that I am on Medifast and I am kindof private that way. It is just going to feel kindof weird, that's all!.

Anyhow, Have a wonderful OP day!.

HUGs to all the PINK peeps!..

Comment #58

Good Morning, are all ahead of me! yay!! Anxious to get on the scale is a good sign!!.



Queen of the Week Crown Rules.

~ New MFers joining team.


During their first week of Medifast are not up for the crown until they are in their second week or more on MF. (Because typically the first week is the greatest loss and we wanted to make it fair to all the.


Who have been losing for a while now.).



Works best if you post your weight on the first Wednesday you join team.


As your "baseline" weight and then the following week you will be up for the crown the following Wednesday..

~ Some people have other weigh in days that they would like to keep but still be eligible for the crown on Wednesdays. That is fine as long as you repost your weekly weigh ON Wednesday. (For example, you weigh Sunday but don't report until Wed. each week, as along as it is comparing a full seven day week.)Although it is more simple to just change to make your official weigh-in day on Wednesday..

~We actually post our weights and do not take it from our tickers (sometimes we get behind on our tickers). So please post something like this:.

WIW: 217.4.

Height: 5'4".

So anything you can do to make your weight stand out easier would be very helpful like adding large font, add color, and maybe even space it apart from everything else to make it stand out..

Thanks!! We are getting more fit each week! go.



Comment #59

Meshka, Amelie, I LOVE the Medifast sleep aid. I am out and need to reorder for myself too. Although last night I intended to post more and then was OUT LIKE a LIGHT. LOL I slept well until 4am when I woke up and hubby and I started discussioning his job more. He wants to apply for a job out of state and I am NOT in favor of it. PINK prayers please, for wisdom on the matter..

Leita and Becki!!! woo hoo!!! Back to your lowest weight is a GREAT did NOT let one slip up turn into another year of being got right back OP and have continuted on. THAT, my PINK sisters, is the secret of success..


Becki, I didn't tell people I was doing Medifast for a LONG time...maybe didn't even confess to a diet until 40 pounds gone and then didn't even tell them what it was maybe until 80 pounds gone! LOL I don't remember exactly but I was kind of private about it in the beginning too. If anyone asks you can say a "doctor recommmend program" (as it is John Hopkins approved and recommended by 30,000+ physicians, LOL) Or you can say "high protein, low carb" or you can just tell them "MF"..

(and when they are thrilled with your weight loss.... please send them my way!).

Can't wait to hear what their response is to your weight loss so far. AND 20!!! friends wow! you are going to have a GREAT girl weekend!!!!.

Morning Lynn and Sharon , glad you checked in this morning. I will be looking for good monring posts from you and then check ins before bed...even if just a fly-by. Hugging you both..

Regina, thanks for turning in your homework. You made me realize I haven't turned in my own homework and will do that now. They are so fun to read! It is interesting to see what super-powers you all came up with!!..

Comment #60

My own PINK homework:.

1) List 2 things on your own instead list for head hunger. Include any diversions or activities that would help you postpone eating for a while. Post copies of your list in places where you can see it such as your daily calendar or mirror..

1. diet soda (yes, I am addicted, but am curtailing it from time to time.).

2. reading up on the PINKs (just knowing others are on this journey with me helps...misery loves company as the saying goes. HA HA).

2) Do you like to pamper yourself with: scented powers, lotions or sprays?.

I didn't used to but now I am starting to appreciate smells more. I never used to pamper myself in anyway (kids always came first but now that they are older, I am trying to give myself more attention but it doesn't come naturally to me).

3) What super-power would you most like to have, and why?.

Ooooh...this is a hard many to choose from. How about a SUPER fast metabolism so I can eat more!!! ROFLOL heeee heeee......just kidding.... I want to twinkle my nose and have my house clean like in that old TV sitcom. (or was it snapping fingers? I forget.).

Anyway, instantly clean house would be nice then I would have time for so much more. ~smile~..

Comment #61


Sorry youre not feeling well. Congrats on 20 lbs. That is awesome..


Praying that you make Onederland this week. Your weekend with the girls sound fun and scary at the same time. Hope you have great weather..


: I did not think about that. Wouldnt it be nice to be like Bewitch and wiggle your nose. My house would be sparkling. Love that..

What type of exercises is everyone doing? I started walking last month but since it has gotten cold I stopped. I think I will start back tomorrow. The weather seems to be getting better. It just really cold in the morning and later on it warms up, but I find that if I do it in the morning at least it is out of the way..

Everyone have a great day...

Comment #62

Good Morning PINKs!!!!.

I am tired this morning....I feel asleep about 12:45am and then woke up about 3am because of a bad dream. I can't remember what it was about. I fell back to sleep right away I did get about 6 hours...I need more coffee...LOL.

My actual factuals:.

7:30am chai latte in my coffee.

10am oatmeal.



Comment #63

Hi PINKs,.

Regina, treadmill is my exercise of choice but am not in a habit right now. I, too, need to develop my habit again. Also would help if my treadmill was downstairs. I love stretching though. Always feel good after a good stretch!!.

Meshka, an east coast PINK. Sorry about the bad dream but glad you don't remember it. I am feeling tired about now since I woke up at 4am and ending up discussing hubby's potential job transfer with him. I am not in favor of it but the increased salary would be much appreciated so he is going to apply for it and see if he gets it. eek. I don't like change!! LOL And if I move, I would rather it be NORTH to snow instead of south.

Hubby can't stand snow..

Just had a very YUMMY Medifast brownie!! LOVE THOSE THINGS, really satisfies my need for chocolate..

Let me Actual Factuals for today have been:.

8am cappy.

10am cappy.

12noon LG.

2pm ??.

4pm brownie.


DID I forget my 2pm meal???!! I've been so busy...I can't remember!!..

Comment #64

Whoo Hoo... NSV today... 4 miles in 17 mins on my Recumbabum Bike. Way outta shape and legs are on fire but I decided that I am going to ressurrect my goal to ride 100 miles. I think last year I made it to 68 ridden..

Gotta go... daughter has church!.

Night PINKs!! <3..

Comment #65


I was so bizzyat work today I missed my aft Medifast too.

Think I need to ressurrect my alarms again..

Comment #66

I also wanted to share with all the PINKS that I think I am going to do a 10 pound reward charm bracelet. I wanted to share it with you in case any of you would like to pamper yourself in a similar way. <3.


10 lb rewards charm bracelet to remind me of my journey and success..

1st charm-Heart.

-to remind me to be kind-hearted to myself thru the journey.


- Being ok with losing slow and steady and knowing that I will win this.

3rd-Sand dollar.

-The money I save not having weight related health issues.


-To appreciate the changes.

5th-painters pallet.

-creating a new me.


- gaining knowledge and insight.


-having direction and focus.


-a bright healthy future.


-I need it sitting on my shoulder to keep me accountable (I think she will be PINK).


-the freedom of being 100lbs less.

11th-bouquet of flowers.

-growth and life.

12th-A little girl.

-the inner child that is no longer so sad..


-The diamond in the rough, hidden for so long!.


My last charm My bracelet is complete!.

Hugging all of you!..

Comment #67

My PINK homework:.

1) List 2 things on your own instead list for head hunger. Include any diversions or activities that would help you postpone eating for a while. Post copies of your list in places where you can see it such as your daily calendar or mirror..

1. Playing games with DD & hubby... or walking mall with them..

2. PINKs for sure!!! I agree with PL, having someone I am accountable to and I can be there for and with... makes me SMILE.

2) Do you like to pamper yourself with: scented powers, lotions or sprays?.

I really don't pamper myself. I need to get better at that. I used to use food to comfort, pamper, heal my soul but I know I need to stop that because I really am not healing my soul; I am hurting it more. I am much like PL in that kid & hubby always came first. Even friends in need come first but, I am trying to give myself more attention. It doesn't come naturally to me either..

3) What super-power would you most like to have, and why?.

I would love to have a super-power to take other people's hurts away.To always have the right thing to say at the right time. To be able to beam them to a place where they know they are loved and no longer hurt from whatever they are going thru. Wow! I would do it for someone else, but won't do it for myself or let someone else do it for me. I give, give, give and have a VERY hard time taking. I need to work on that too..

So much to do... so little time... Tah PINKS!..

Comment #68

Hello, Pinks!.


I love the charm bracelet idea! I wish I had thought of it when I started this whole thing!.


Those sleepless nights are killers when you have to be up with kids the next day. I have found that some nights just nothing will put me to sleep, so I get up and sit at the computer and pay bills or read a book or even clean my kitchen!.


I am mostly a walker. I walk before work, during coffee break, at lunch and after work. I have to say, it is tough in the winter as here in upstate NY it can be brutally cold and I am NOT a cold weather afficionado. In the summer I do a lot of swimming, but winters.....well, if I walk at the mall after work, I tend to spend a lot of money...LOL!.


Congrats! Onderland is just around the corner! What a great way to start the new year!.


Hope you are feeling better soon..


How is the egg/chick doing? Inquiring minds need to know!.

My NSV today....I finally broke down and got new winter boots because my old "wide calf" boots were WAY too big for me...even with my jeans tucked in. I was able to buy just normal, regular boots...for the first time in ages. (OK, not a spectacular NSV, I know. But it sure felt good!).

Hope everyone has an OP day tomorrow! Hugs to all......

Comment #69

Lynn: buying new boots is a great NSV! I can't wait until regular boots fit these big calves of mine! I bet it was fun shopping for them! ;0).

Meshka: sleepless nights really do bite; I sleep like a rock, but my husband always has issues with sleep. He found that melatonin helped out quite a bit and it is natural and non-habit forming. You ought to try it out!.

Amelie: get to feeling better.

PL: Give us an update on the chegg, that has to be the most intriquing story I have ever heard. Unbelievable!.

Regina: thanks for the prayers, I need all I can get!.

Today was my dad's birthday, so we took him out for dinner. Of course, he wanted mexican food. I was so proud, I sat thru the whole dinner without chips and salsa, no tortillas, no margaritas. I ate fajita chicken and asked for a plate with no beans and rice and just lettuce and pico de gallo. I squeezed a little lemon on it and I stayed OP!!!!! AND it was delicious! Yah me!.

Goodnight PINKs! sweet dreams!..

Comment #70

Hi PINKs,.'s beddy bye time but wanted to check in and see how everyone did today..

Leita, you busy back at school?.

Sharon, your kind and generous heart is already SHINING through. Hugging you, friend. AND whoo hoooo on that bike ride!! You got a lot of miles in!! HIGH FIVE! Did you come up with all those charm ideas? LOVE it! You can probably find all those online at my FAVORITE jewelry store (all the TX PINKs say it with me...."James Avery".) LOL.

I think this link might work....608 available!.


Lynn, I love boots! I have a new black pair this winter and I am wearing them to keep my legs warm and look good at the same time..

Yay for yours! I had DS check on the egg today but nothing hatched..

Becki, You rock on the Mexican food today!! You go, girl! I often order the "pollo con queso" without the queso. LOL It's just a big grilled chicken breast with lettuce on the side instead of the rice and beans. Onederland will be your reward soon!!!!!.

I have to admit to being a little bit hungry tonight but am going to drink water and go to bed. I know the scale will reward me in the morning. I am training myself to not be scared of the hunger feeling. Sometimes I don't have it at all and sometimes I do. But when the 5/1 is done for the day, so am I..

Goodnight Sweet PINKS.

Love and hugs to all..

...see you tomorrow!!!..

Comment #71

I almost forgot to say that I LOVE SHARON's new avatar!! It's you! It's really you! yay to see your face makes me happy!! yay!!!!!!.

....the PINK Queen of the Week results are in........

Comment #72

WIW results....

Amelie 225/-.6.

Becki 205.

Leita 250.





Regina 265.2.

Sharon 299.8/-4.2!!!.

And our NEW PINK QUEEN of the WEEK is....







For your weight loss.

This week through the holidays!!.

The rest of the.


Are back on track.


Ready to rumble.

For the crown next week!..

Comment #73

Sharon, Congrats!!!! Please tell your family to treat you like royalty this week!! yay!! I will PM you the PINK crown now..

Sooooo happy for you!!..

Comment #74


Biking is great...I need to get back to my spinn class and the gym for sure!!!! It makes a huge difference for me with weight loss and just over all stress. The charm bracelet sounds awesome and very rewarding indeed! I have one too, maybe I should start adding to it...

Comment #75

My actual factuals:.

7:30am chai latte in my coffee.

10am oatmeal.



Infused water bottle.

1:15pm chicken noodle soup with crackers.

Water, water....I drank lots of water today!!! :").

I too missed a couple of Medifast meals, but I did have some carrots, mini orange, yellow and red bell peppers with smoked salmon today. I have found out that I love those mini bell peppers....never was a fan of the green ones and I will eat a small portion it they are offered. My mom use to always make those stuffed green bell peppers and I just hated them when I was a kid....I thought about those today...LOL eek!! Then I made some home made stroganoff with rib eye steak because we need to use our meat in the freezer and I must admit it was yummy!!! I made some rice and noodles for the kids and my kids really don't like me to make anything new and they are very reluctant to try it...I had to request that they taste a little bit of meat and the sour cream sauce...guess what? They loved it and actually ate a bowl full. YEAH!!! My DH loved it!! He loves that kind of food..

Thanks PL, Lynn, Becki and all other encouraging PINKs about the sleep suggestions. I have tryed the meletonin years ago and haven't had to for a long time. I have some natural sleep drops that I haven't used for awhile (can't remember what they are called, but they are handy....maybe I should try them again...LOL) I thought about getting up to do house chores, but then I might wake the family. If I lived alone then I would just do it. Reading is a good idea too, I've thought about it recently as well. I will more than likely sleep well tonight.

This week has been a challenge for me and my DS2....he has been pushing my buttons. It's been with school. He just doesn't want to go or do his school work or homework. So tonight we had to have a talk with him. He was much more willing after daddy talked with him. I talked with his teacher today after school and she told me that he has been raising his hand in class and asking questions like: "why do we have these packets every Tuesday?" and then he raises his hand and says to the teacher: "I don't want to do this cursive!" She says that he is very polite about it and the question was a good one and she asked the class to think about it and they would discuss they did.

He wants to be home with me. I thinking about sending him to the resource center for an hour after school so he can complete his homework. Then we will both be happy campers..

Pl, where would you guys be moving too?.

So I am off to bed know....good night PINKs!!! Light out!!!..

Comment #76

Good morning PINKS!!!.


4 miles in 17 minutes way to go. That is awesome. I love the charm bracelet idea. I think I will do that too..

Congrats Queen Sharon (bowing to your highness)..

Pointof view:.

That is an awesome NSV. Buying anything in a smaller size is great news! Walking is my exercise of choice too. One of the things I would love to do when I reach goal is learn how to swim. Yes it's true I never learned..


I admire your will power. Pizza and Mexican food. You will be in onderland in no time..


I told my DD about the egg and she could not believe it. When I get hungry I too drink water and chewing gum helps as well. Thats right I remember from reading your blogs you were walking two miles a day on your treadmill..


Dinner sounds great. So glad everyone loved it. I hope you rested well last night. Your issues with DS2 sound so familiar. I dont know what grade he is in but could it be that the work is not challenging enough for him. He might need to be in a more advanced class.


Hope today is a better day for you..

Everyone have a great day!!!..

Comment #77

Congratulations, Sharon!.

Regina, a lot of us have a tendency to say we'll do something when we reach or get near to our weight loss goalbut you could learn swimming along the way. Our YMCA has classes for older ladies, and there's one at the college, too. Get out there with folks who have 20-30 years on you and you won't be so self-conscious!.

PL, busy with the irritating administrative side of workstudents don't come back for another couple of weeks. But I was on yesterdaythere's just a lot of action here!.

I'm off to the city an hour away today to run some errands. I'm been waiting for my Medifast shipment, which was scheduled to ship on the 31st. Looks like it didn't actually start off until Jan. 4. So of course it will come today while I'm away. I think I'll go a little earlier so I can get home and have my current favorite, a s'mores bar, for my 4 pm..

I read some of the posts about getting gas from the bars and tried having fewer some days to see if that made a difference, but I couldn't tell any. I'm about the bars like PL is about the RTDs some daysthat's all I have until the L&G. Could it be the water? I was given the mental image of water "activating" the bars and puffs, and that's stayed with me, so I can't eat one without drinking a lot of water too...

Comment #78

I have really been suffering with that gas issue Leita, (embarrassing subject, insert wink here). I read all the forums and I cut the bars out completely; Ha, nope, noway, didn't help. I think there is just something in the mix that doesn't agree with my chemistry. That is ok. I am not going to let it ruin my weight loss. The biggest thing for me is the gas cramps.


Congrats to Sharon; our new Pink Queen! There is something about that silly little crown! I love that thing!.

Well here is an update for you: I don't know if you all remember this but around Thanksgiving I asked for prayers for a job opportunity that had come up. I was trying to get hired on with a new home builder here in Katy (pays really well and they treat their sales counselors really well). Any how, I guess God has different plans for me, because despite my very impressive, full of awesomeness,(wink,wink,wink) resume, they never called me on it. And I know someone who works directly for the owners son, and they put my awesome resume in his hands. I guess they were not as impressed with my experience as I had hoped they would be. So we have given it ample time and I have decided to move on.

Talk about rejection (tear in my eye). So I have really been struggling with God, trying to figure out what it is he wants for me. Maybe he is speaking loud and clear, I just don't want to hear what he is saying. Story of my life (I am always arguing with God, wink). Anyway, I interviewed with another brokerage here in Katy yesterday, and I was really impressed with thier set up and the office is literally a mile away from my house.

I am excited, but a little apprehensive at the same time. I am going from a flexible, easy going brokerage to a high energy, very involved, busy brokerage. The difference is going to be night and day. From the office atmosphere, to the people, to the business plan........It is going to be an adventure. I am definately going to be out of my comfort zone.

Lots of changes planned for 2011, and I am feeeling hopeful!.

Here is to a great OP day, PINKS!.

See ya tonight!..

Comment #79

Good Morning, PINKs!.

So much is going on here in PINKdom! I love that!.

First let me curtesy humbly to our.


Queen Sharon (momtolissa).


I see your new avatar too! Yay! PL always likes to see her PINK sisters' face when she is talking to them. Thanks for changing your avatar. I almost forgot that you read my blogs. What an adventure Medifast has been for me! I haven't blogged in forever but some of them are still fresh in my the time I blogged about fitting into a restaurant booth and a public bathroom stall. Medifast works!.


, sorry your food is shipping out later than expected. I guess they were closed for the holidays? I don't really pay attention to any gas I might get. I guess I do get it from time to time but don't assoicate with the MF. Water is important for your weight loss and your skin so don't give up the water..


Regina made a good point that maybe he is just bored and needs more of a challenge. Getting him to stay after school might help solve the problem though so he will have incentive to get the work done in class. Does he like to read for pleasure? When I was in school I carried a book with me to every class and when I finished my work early, I just read. I must of been a teacher's dream. LOL Not all kids like to read for fun though. Maybe think of a reward system for him on days he gets his work done without complaining? How did you sleep last night? I was awake from 3:30-6am.


My thoughts have been with you on your job search. And I laughed when I read your posts because I have often told my kids that you can't argue with God (or at least you can't win! LOL).

If I could, I would be the first to tell Him what to do. LOL.

Prayers for you that you find where you need to be and settle in. BTW, when I was in high school I worked a few summers for a commerical real estate company: Cushman and Wakefield. I still remember when they had me call another real estate company to ask for another realtor by the name "Herman Munster"!!!!! I could NOT do it with a straight face and kept laughing and hanging up!!!!!!! LOL.


Let's see you wearing your pretty new PINK sparkly crown!!!.

>>>PL loves sparkley<<<.


I've heard of you talk about your username being the name of your boat but you've never shown us a pic of your boat. I would like to "meet" Pointe of View". Gotta pic?.

How are you doing this morning?.


How are you feeling?.

A fellow MFer sent me a baby pic of her new son ....seems like babies are popping up everywhere! LOL.


Where are you today? Back at school? (She's the school nurse.).


>>PL puts hands on hips<<< I am waiting for your "come back post". LOVE you lots! Now please jump in here and gab with us. ~smile and hugs~..

Comment #80

PINK Homework:.

1) Can you think of any other ideas to distract yourself when.


Hunger strikes? Please list a few ideas. What soothes your heart/soul? Calms your spirit beyond comforting with food?.

2) What is your familys greatest achievement? Go ahead and brag!.

3) Do you have something PINK on your desk or in your home to remind you of your teammies and your commitment to MF? If so, what is it? Got pic?..

Comment #81

Good morning PINKs!!!.

My actual factuals:.

8am chai latte in my coffee.

Pl, I fell asleep about the same time as last night and I woke up once and then right back to I sleep better and feel pretty good today. Sorry you wake up in the early am hours..

Becki, I to get lots of gas and I think it's the Medifast because it happens often. This is a little embarrasing because now my kids will say things like "who farted; I smell fart; mom did you fart?" LOL.

Regina, My DS is in the 2nd grade and he is in a combined 1st/2nd grade class. He does have the same teacher as last year and he could be bored. He is very smart and he knows his work....I noticed he trys to play the "IDK" game with me and I'm not sure why? His teacher said that at the beginning of the year he was getting all his work done and now he just doesn't want to do it. Next year he will be in a 3rd/4th grade combined class and he will have a different teacher, but will have her for 2 years as well. I also think it's the day care setting her at home after school as well. Both my boys try to use that as a way to get out of homework.

Anyways, his attitude this morning was totally different and he did not pull the usual "I don't want to go to school, I'm tired, I'm cold" and so on to get his way. A little daddy encouragement goes a long ways and the thought of having to stay after school was not a pleasent one for him. So we shall see..

Ok have to tend to the tired baby now....BBL..

Comment #82

My actual factuals:.

8am chai latte in my coffee.


10am scrambled eggs.


Comment #83

Still at home todayI think my muscles just decided to quit on me for a coupla daysit's better today though. Trying hard not to overdo it.

Woke up probably every 2 hrs last night, so slept till 10 or so. I'm gonna try some gentle walking & stretching later..

Congrats Sharon!..

Comment #84

Hey there PINKs, I have been MFing since sept 22, 2010 and down 50 pounds(happy face) but I am not overly comp savy. Not done to much with the boards mostly just blogging.

How do I become a team PINK pinkie? Looks like you guys have some accountablitiy to each other about what you are eating each day....anything else or do I just stop by as I am feeling alittle pink? Medifast ROCKS! ~Allison~(aka childrenrgifts)..

Comment #85

OMGosh!!!!!!! (in a totally excited voice and tone!!!!!!!) I found the BEST Medifast recipe EVER!!!!!!!.

Tomato Bread or bagel:.

1 packet Tomato Soup.

1 packet Scrambled Eggs.

1/4 tsp Garlic Powder( I used garlic salt).

1/2 tsp Dried Basil (I used italian seasoning).

1 tsp baking powder.

4 tablespoons water.

Most do it in the oven, but I did it in a sandwich maker. It was SOOOOOOOOOgood!!!!! It takes up 2 Medifast meals, so if you split the batter in half, when baking, you enjoy it twice! I totally needed something to help the eggs and tomato soup. Delish!.

I sprayed the grill pan down with pam and sprinkled a little parmesian cheese in it before putting the batter on the grill. You have got to try it! YOu can also use Cream of chicken or the brocoli soup for different variations with different seasoning. Try it and tell me what you think!!!!.

Just wanted to share!..

Comment #86

Hi PINKs,.

Amelie is here, glad you are feeling a little better..

Welcome Allison! I will PM you the PINK banner so you look more official..

Thanks for your introduction but please add to it, the more we know about you the better..

Becki, sooo happy that you like the bagels! I think it is amazing all the Medifast recipes that people come up with. Sounds YUM. I gotta check my stash and see if I have the eggs. I know I have the tomato soup...

Comment #87

My actual factuals:.

8am chai latte in my coffee.


10am scrambled eggs.



1pm cream of chicken soup with crackers.

Infused water bottle.

PL, I had forgot about doing the award system with my DS2. We did that before and it does thanks for the reminder!!.

Becki, thanks for sharing that recipe, I will also have to try sounds YUMMY!!!.

Allison, so glad your here and I look forward to getting to know you on this journey..

Amelie, hope your not so sore tomorrow!.

I will ketchup on my homework later..

Comment #88

Welcome Allison!!!!!!!! WooHoo a new PINK-ster!!.

Hi Lynn.

: WOW look at you!! You must feel fantastic! Congrats on your NSV!.


Hope you were able to get some rest dear girl! I love to my recumbabum bike. I cant sit on a regular one yet. I do find it helps. Youre right, helps with stress too..

Oh, yes!! Make up your 8 charms and run with it baby. I wish I could take credit but I saw someone else post it awhile ago. I just added more charms as I have more to lose than she does. Re: DS2, we had to do the SAME thing with our DD. She gave us such a ration when we tried to help her with her homework. Her teachers all came up with a plan and for 3 years now she has an after school schedule and stays after to finish her homework with a different teacher each day.

She wants me to home school her ROFLMBO!!! I cant get her to take a shower let alone teach her Algebra, Biology, etc. Good luck with the situation. Definitely better to give yourself a break and let the teachers do their jobs. I felt like a bad Mom at first but now realize it is what is best for her. We have such an awesome school district so I am ok handing that over and they are great about keeping me in the loop, etc.


Nice to meet you!! Please post your charm bracelet for us to see too if you do it! Thanks for the congrats. WOW, look at your losses. You are melting like Frosty. FAST. LOL!!.


Good for you on the Mexican Dinner victory! Not sure I could have been that strong; esp with Guacamole so close by! So sorry to hear about the job you hoped for. I know how you feel. God MUST have something better in mind for you GF! When he closes one door, he opens another with a brighter future. God and I have gone a few rounds too LOL (winking back at you.) I was a Real Estate Secretary/Branch Admin. Let me know how you like Keller Williams. They just moved into town here a couple of years ago and I would love to get back in to that kind of work but there are not too many players anymore.

Where are you located?.

Bagel Bread recipe. Yum! I have to try that if you use 2 packets of COT instead of 1 egg and place it in thin rounds on parchment in the nuker and cook it until it gets dry then turn over/peel it off the parchment and cook until crispy you get COT Crackers I love them with laughing cow and for something crunchy at the movies. I use COB instead too. YUM!!.

Hi Leita!!.

I like to drink a lot of water with bars too reminds me of that thing FullBar LOL Except those are a nutrition nightmare. 170 cals and 30g Carbs =:-o No thanks! Ill keep my Medifast Fruit and Nut Bars with a gallon of water LOL..


Prayers going up for you to feeling better soon. Love your Cappuccinos! My favorite MF!!.


How are you doing GF!!! I miss you..


OMGosh!! Curtsey-ing so not necessary! I am so excited to see my name above a throne that is not the potty LOL. TYSM!! LOL You are SO sweet..

How is the egg/chick doing; anymore to report? I would have freaked..

Thanks for the charm link; beautiful!! I might go there for some. Charm Bracelet idea: I wish I could take credit, but I saw someone else post it. I just added more as I have more to lose than she does..

And you made me laugh with the Herman Munster story. HaHaHaHa no way I could do that will a straight face either..

HUGGING ALL PINK PEEPS!!! I have the entire house to myself DH and DD went to church to play volleyball. I miht go to bed early. So tired been hard getting back into the swing of things at work after 10 days off..


Comment #89

Hello PINKS!!!.

I just got back from an evening out with my daughter, one of our next door neighbors, and my son's ex-girlfriend...dinner at the local sushi bar. No guys allowed, just the girls. I was the oldest there by a good 30 years, but it was fun. I had the miso soup, several types of sushi including tuna, yellowfin, white tuna, salmon, octopus, and eel with cucumber rolls and (just a little) white rice. The rice isn't OP, I know, but I have to say I enjoyed the fish and veggies with just a bit of rice and had a great evening. No sake, just tea and water with lemon, but still a great evening.


Welcome to the world of Pinks. We do have some accountability to each other, but it is really just big-time support. These women are a good reason to check in daily..


I had forgotten about melatonin. We give that to our dog to calm her down before/during thunder storms. I also use chamomille tea. Celestial Seasonings has a SleepyTime tea that helps me sometimes.....


I, too, bow to the Queen! Congrats!.


I will have to dig up some photos of the Pointe of View. It is really just the boat equivalent of the family mini-van or stationwagon. It is a 26 ft to seat 13, will pull a water skiier or a tube, has a small bathroom/changing room in the back (I got tired of being the only woman on a fishing trip...without a bathroom.) We can have it partially covered by canvass for shade, fully covered, or totally enclosed for rough weather running. It is not elegant, but definately a family boat. We got it about 5 years ago, and have never regretted it. The kids can take it out by themselves, load it up with their friends, it is great for picnics, fishing, or just poking.


I love your picture! Such a smile! I agree with is nice to see faces when writing..

To everyone else that I have isn't intentional. I just have to finish the laundry and pack for tomorrow!.


Comment #90

Hi PINKs....

...I am exhausted!! been in the kitchen all day....just when I thought I was finished, I decided to empty the fridge of all the leftovers before they start growing penicillin. lol.

I think we used every dish in the house today...and they all stacked up in the sink because no one unloaded the dishwasher (if we don't run it 2-3 times a day, it gets scary! lol).

Totalllllllllly excited to see Sharon posting so much! yay! and LOL at the recumbabum ticker name you have..

Lynn, so glad you are here too...brave women to eat with DS's ex-GF. LOL A sushi sounds fun to say but I can't bring myself to eat it..

I do eat seaweed though..

Your boat sounds awesome...good analogy to compare it to the family staionwagon...or minivan, just throw them all in there and go..

I may peek in later to see what other PINKs pop in...but I am fading fast...still have more work to do but sleep might win out. LOL.

Love and Hugs to the PINKs..

Btw, I don't see a lot of peeps turning in their PINK homework today.....

Comment #91

Good evening Ladies!!!.

Thanks Sharon for the encouragement with my DS2. He had a really good day at school today. When we came home I found this piece of binder paper all folded up on the counter. So I open it and it was his spelling pre-test....he only missed 3 out of 12 words and the teacher wrote "WOW" on it. I was very pleased! So we worked on spelling with a tiny struggle because daddy was at a mens fellowship tonight....but he finished and I hope that he gets 100% I know he can do it!!! He completed his math homework with out a problem when daddy was home. We are heading in the right direction so far, but I will also use the resource center as needed.

Oh and your recumbabumb bike sounds great....a friend of mine uses one in spinn class..

Lynn, I have that tea DS2 and my DD love to have sleepy tea at night with me, but we haven't done that for a long time. So I better bring it out of the cupboard. Thanks for the reminder!! Oh and sushi is one of my favorite foods to eat!!!!.

PL, sushi is not always raw or even fish....there's lots of veggies as well. My mom will not eat it either. Great job in that kitchen! That's funny about the penicillin! Me and my DH were discussing that they other night about our sour cream lid and the date to use by says 1-10-11. He was not sure about it and I said "what's wrong? It's just penicillin!!" LOL.

Regina, you know....I was thinking this evening about my DS2 and he has said to me in a very whinny voice "this is so boring" about his homework. I think that it does bore him!!..

Comment #92

Meshka, I sympathize about having a kid bored with school. Am I remembering right that your son is in third grade? That seems to be a particularly hard year for some boys. My son finally had to skip that grade because he was not only bored, but getting sarcastic and cynical about it, too. Skipping to fourth grade made everything better and he's been fine since, with the help of various gifted programs. He's in tenth grade now..

1) Can you think of any other ideas to distract yourself when Heart Hunger strikes? Please list a few ideas. What soothes your heart/soul? Calms your spirit beyond comforting with food?.

Flowers. I consider buying even cut flowers money well spent this time of year. If I'm feeling particularly poor I go to the store and just smell them (yep, I stop to smell the roses)..

2) What is your familys greatest achievement? Go ahead and brag!.

That my teenagers actually like doing things with us. We went to France a couple of summers ago instead of paying for them to go to Europe with school groups, and we're going to England this summer..

3) Do you have something PINK on your desk or in your home to remind you of your teammies and your commitment to MF? If so, what is it? Got pic?.

Pink is not a color I choose for anything but roses, usually, but I bought a pink shirt this week when I went out shopping. It's not like anything I usually wear, but I really like it. Maybe I can get one of the kids to photograph me in it this spring...

Comment #93

Good Morning PINKs..

Today is a happy new day. I am OP, baby!..

Comment #94

Good morning PINKsters!! A quick fly by to say....


Will try to post later but after work I am going to see a friend of mine's very gifted son's orchestra pieces being played by the Eastman and Hochstein Orchestras!! He wants to write music scores and orchestra pieces. He is SO talented. Can't wait!.

Hugs to everyone! <3..

Comment #95

Back at work & feeling fine! (and drinking my Raspberry cappy as I write this.

) I think my body just overloaded on toxins and decided to shut down or something...still been OP and this morning the scale showed my lowest weight in.......6 years! I'm three pounds away from being the weight I was at my brother's wedding 7 years ago. OH! AND I tried on my 'skinny' gray dress I've been trying to get back in for forever and it fit! It needs about 5 more lbs to look fantabulous, but HEY!!!!.

And Sharon, I am TOTALLY a hugger too! So ((HUG!!!)).

Go piiink oh yeeaaah.....

Comment #96

Good morning!!!!.

I am sooooo glad it's FRIDAY!!! I slept sooo good last night and could have kept sleeping for sure. My DS1 has his 1st basketball game in the morning....should be lots of fun!!.

Leita, my DS2 is in the second grade..

Today I am OP baby!!!.

My actual factuals:.

8am hot coco in my coffee.



Amelie, glad your feeling better!.

Sharon, that sounds like a fun night. One of my sister in laws went to college in Boston and her major was music and she worked for the BSO - Boston Symphony Orchestra. She has an awesome voice. My DH mom and 2 other sisters have amazing voices as well. Enjoy!!!.

Ok I better get going I have a very tired 3 month old to put to sleep..


Comment #97

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.