I need some tips for a successful Medifast Diet!!!!?

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Quick question: I need some tips for a successful Medifast Diet!!!!? Looking forward for any answer. My other question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY - FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Dont limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve...

Comment #2

Good morning Shams,.

Hope e'one is doing well..

Tough night here..

I was wide awake at 1:00..

Finally started falling back to sleep around 4:00, right around the same time that Sparky's stomach got upset..

$40000000000000000000 dollars, 9900000 prescriptions and 3 vet visits later..

Then I had some insane dizzy/nauseous/drenched in sweat episode around 6:00 that made me need to lay down for 15 minutes before I felt safe to get up again..


Yesterday was fun. Sexy CM and I were not planning to go to the Holiday Luncheon for work and went out for our own holiday lunch.

Two days after I returned to work in May after being out those couple of months from everything with my Mom and my S'Dad and my own surgery, etc., he lost his Mom to cancer as well..

Funny, because he's one of the first people I worked with when I started with my company about 5 years ago. He does not remember me (and swears it's not because I was fat then and now I am not). I remember him - but I was scared of him and thought he was mean and didn't like him..

We've gotten to be pretty close over the summer and these last few months and have done a lot of laughing, crying, and sanity checks together..

And the fact that he's ridiculously sexy is just the small teaspoon of reduced-fat peanut butter on the Medifast brownie..

Anyway...I'm going to wake Joe up in a bit. He'll be heading in to NY today to visit with his Mom & G'ma for a while. I need to straighten up here and get the laundry going and my Dad should be showing up some time around noon today. He's up visiting from FL for the holidays and will spend the weekend here and then go to visit other family, etc..

And if he happens to want to go to Borgata tomorrow...I will have to suck it up and be a good daughter and take him..

That's all I gotz..

Mad love to all...

Comment #3

Morning slores!!.

Playing around on the internet, but really should be using this time of sleeping babes wisely....

Then it will be "aunt erin, I want this, aunt erin, make bailey quit smelling me, aunt erin, bailey is looking at me, aunt erin, i'm hungry, aunt erin, sissy touched me.....

You get the drift......

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!.

What's on tap for the weekend???.

I am going to do some cleaning, finish wrapping presents, the cable guy is coming to install nathan's cable box in the bedroom (he recently got a really nice flat screen and chose it to sit on my dressar.....), and tomorrow I am going to SLEEP like nobody's business!.

My body is just now starting to loosen up, I don't ever remember hurting like this....damn i'm getting old......

Love you hookers!!!!..

Comment #4

Morning sexxies at the hospital waiting for mil to be discharged, then I'll becraking her home. Have Christmas with moms side of the family tonight so we'll see when we made it there. It's been super busy with everything going on but I'll be here lots next week since I'm on vacation and will be home with mil. Luckily I really like her so it's not a big deal...

Comment #5

Went to the old thread and was SERIOUSLY worried there for a minute. then noticed the date and the lightbulb went on.....

Comment #6

Aunt Erin - ..........

Was just thinking of you and the kiddies - have you freaked them out with the shelf elf?..

Comment #7

Lori - so did you have a good lunch? glad you have someone to laugh and cry with.....

Comment #8

Lara - I BOW to you - MIL at my house for a week...I'd be needed for OT at BOTH jobs!!! Love her but wouldn't want to live with her.....

Comment #9

Morning, I am back from the airport. Everyone is gone. Rich and I have a couple of days to get ready to leave for Colorado. It was a great surprise visit for my Mom...

Comment #10

Sandy, glad the visit went well and I'm glad you're getting ready to see your kids and grandkids. Have fun with the little ones Erin. Thank goodness my MIL and I got along great cuz we ended up taking her in to live with us for about 8 yrs and then we had to put her in the adult home (5 or so women) a few minutes from our house. She passed away a couple years ago. Lori, I used to hang with my boss all the time when I worked. We always went out to lunch together and even took a training seminar trip to NC together.

He's been married for well over 20 years and I just chatted with his wife on FB a couple days ago. It's funny, but after more than 10 years I still miss him. Enjoy your time with your dad...

Comment #11

Good to see at least some signs of life here..



Been around? I sent her a PM and was too lazy to go back to look..

Dad is here and Joe just got home from NY. We're going to order some food and I'm about to run out to do some errands. Dad DEFINITELY wants to go to Borgata tomorrow - he's looking forward to it a LOT - so...woooohoooo for that. He wants to go early and informed me that he'll be in BBar in front of the television from 1-4 watching the game, so it's gonna be a LONG day and I'm going to have to pace myself and - as most of you know - I'm not so good at that..

Was able to get the pet sitter over here to check on Sparkster and walk him and come back later for his dinner so that's a good thing..


- As I mentioned over there, I'm LOVING the pix of you and Ra on FB. And, yes, lunch was really super nice. He's a good guy and a great friend and really easy to be around and talk to..


- Glad all is well in MILville. Don't forget to take your Valium..


- It's super great to see you and I'm soooooooooooooooo happy that you had this family fun and that your Mom is happy. Happy happy happy makes me happy..


- How you holding up, hooker? Are you 5/1ing? What's going on with you? Sorry if I missed all of that info - I probably did. So, Sexy CM isn't my boss. I mean, while I kinda work for e'one and help whoever w/whatever they need - they really all work for my boss. That makes sense, right? But I totally know what you mean about that one boss you adore. Mine is a guy that I worked with at Motorola and I still email with him at least once a week. Such a great guy and I wish I could have worked with him forever.

Okay, I really need to get moving. I haven't been out all day and have to hit the mac machine and get gas in the car and stop at the pharmacy and blah blah blah..

I'll check back later..

Mad love to all...

Comment #12

Hi hell insanity here. Going out to dinner with husband is my only bright spot..

Comment #13

HI Lori - thanks for the long messages and letting us know what is going on. I feel like I have been flying by but life is good here...

Comment #14

Can you tell me Mom is surprised?.

Family photo -DH,me,Mom, niece and grandniece for Lusaka, Zambia, Africa..

DH, me and Ginger. Merry Christmas...

Comment #15

The seventh week template is on the challenge thread..

Remember to post your results by end of day on Sunday. thank you...

Comment #16




AND LOOK AT GINGER!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Thank you so much for posting those pictures!!!!!.


Comment #17

Yes, I am very sad! I posted this to the wrong thread this AM.

Good Morning All!.

I'm still 100% OP!.


Thank you! Three weeks of vacation! I am so jealous! I hope you feel better soon!.


Hope the revisions are as painless as they can be!.




Hello to all the other Sexy Shams! Have a wonderful Saturday!..

Comment #18

Evening lovelies!.

Sandy - you look TREMENDOUS in those pics. Time for a new Avi prehaps??? Glad Mom got a great surprise and you had a wonderful visit!..

Comment #19

Sandy the pix are terrific. You have a great looking house and family. Sorry to say Lori but I have pretty much blown my diet this week but afraid I'm guilty of that alot. Still working my way up on that horse and I just told DH the same thing with him. Kuddos to all of you that are hanging in there during the holidays. Have fun tomorrow Lori.

Already told hubby right after Christmas I'm heading over to the casino. And who knows, if I have time next week between all his PT appts. I may go then too. Sure wish he could drive himselflol. Have a good night everyone...

Comment #20

WTG on staying OP FlChick. You sure rock the program the right way...

Comment #21

Thanks for the feedback on the pixs. Getting caught up on stuff tonight. Feelings pretty good. We are going to friends for an open house tomorrow. They invited a ton of people so it will be fun to see everyone...

Comment #22

Good Evening Sexy Shams!.


- drink a glass of water and hop back on plan. Someone once said that to me.....and I realized they were right! No need to wait till the next day..

Funny how our minds can work!..

Comment #23

Quick check in. Had a final this morning then caught a nap cuz I am still not feeling well. I went to bed so early last night I didn't even have my L&g. Then hockey tonight. Going to bed now and hoping I feel better soon. I hate feeling sick on my vacation..

Sandy - love the pics. Mom looks so surprised and you look gorgeous!.

Andi - have fun with the party and hope everything goes well with making your famous bars..

Flchick - keep up the good work..

Barb - I am sure the casinos have missed you.

Lori - enjoy your time at the Borgata and with Dad..

Lara - you are so good to take in MIL while she needs the extra help..

Ang - hope the dinner with hubby was great. In the holiday madness it is good to take a moment for yourself..

I hope I got everyone. I am off to bed. Will post on the challenge but don't think there was much change for me and the. With the not eating a couple of my meals this week, I didn't stay op.!!..

Comment #24

Good Morning.

Kori & Lori!.


Hope you are much better soon!.

Status update: I'm 100% OP!.

Have a great Sunday Sharmrocks!.

Love to all!..

Comment #25

Morning slores!.

Lori- have a super time with dad!! hit it big, will ya?.

Kori- you better get some rest girl, you have a bf to take care of next week (i think it's next week...). hope you are feeling better soon!.

Hope ang had a great night at dinner with the hubby, much needed, i'm sure!.

Sandy- great pics, I agree with andi- new avi is a must. you look amazing!!!!!.

Afm-had a great time with the girls! they are so much fun! elf on the shelf didn't visit, sis didn't bring it, man would they have been surprised though!.

My house is clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's see how long that lasts, nathan comes home today.....

We have a cable box in the bedroom, my presents are wrapped, laundry is done. I was so productive yesterday! it feels great!.

Last night went to dinner with an old friend I haven't seen in a while and we saw "the fighter". it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marky mark isn't too bad to look at either......

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #26

My friend sent me this and I wanted to share it with my "sham" friends:.

Where did the year go? Suddenly it is December ......again - and we realize that with giant strides we started in January and within a blink of an eye, 2010 is on it's back!.

A big "Thank You" to each and everyone of you, for any impact you had on my life this year. Especially for all the e-mails I received.......without you, I'm sure that 2010 would have been extremely boring..

From my side I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas Season filled with Loving Wishes and Beautiful Thoughts..

May 2011 mark the beginning of a Tidal Wave of Love, Happiness and Bright Futures..

And to those who need someone special, may you find that true love..

To those who need money, may your finances overflow.

To those who need caring, may you find a good heart.

To those who need friends, I am still here for you ..

Thanks for being my friend!!.



Comment #27

Erin - I just gasped and then laughed out loud....Sexy CM is Marky Mark...

Comment #28

Pretty chill morning..

Waiting on Dad to shower and get dressed and then we out..


Comment #29

Good morning all...dinner was really good...hard not to like steak..


AFM, my only plans today are no plans...neither one of the older girls are coming home until 7ish so me, hubby and baby are hanging out...

Presents are wrapped and refrigerator got cleaned out too..

Comment #30

I just typed a long message and hit a key and it went away...

Comment #31

I will try again but.....

Barb - thanks for the lovely note..

Lori - I hope you win big..

Angela - I hope it is a nice quiet day..

I am going to get the house organized from my visitors and then we are going to go to an open house..

It was a slow week for me. I think too many meals out; more salt that if at home. I am going to focus on my water this week - thanks Andi, except for the two days in the car driving to Colorado..

Ok, off to post on the challenge thread..

Happy Sunday Sexy Shamrocks...

Comment #32

Power outage at host's house so no hubbie holiday work party. He literally called to let us know as I was cleaning the pan to cook the bars in - YEAH! didn't have to deal with that - but may for him to take to work... we'll see if he asks...

Comment #33

Erin - you can come to my house and be that productive any time you want to! I so want to see "the fighter". I love me some Marky Mark. My BF teases me about since we saw the Shooter with him in it together. What can I say, he is a hottie!.

Enjoy your nieces! I am going to have mine frost cupcakes this afternoon and help me bake some more bread...

Comment #34

That worked out well for you. Sucks that there is no party though...

Comment #35

Going to take a nap and then bake some more stuff. Then I am going to Knotts Berry Farm with my nieces for girl scouts and seeing Snoopy on ice tomorrow. So will check in when I can...

Comment #36

Kori - enjoy Snoopy.

Andi and Kori - thanks for challenge posting..

I have added two special things for the last two weeks of our challenge..

I will not be able to post my weight next week as no scale in hotel in Colorado. I will post all the other stuff...

Comment #37

Just driving by. Hope you have a great time in CO, Sandy!.

I am making the diet pumpkin pie (crustless) but am shaking it up a bit by making individual ones in a muffin tin. Will let you know how it works out..

I of course have not rested all fricking day. I did, however, clean the bathrooms, cleaned out the rabbit cage, did more laundry and am now baking....sigh...

Comment #38

Sandyhave a terrific trip and be safe (same with you Kori). I've baked all day too and am pretty tired. Of course, I haven't eaten yet today either which I know is not a good thing. Have steak and gr. beans for dinner so that sounds good. Hope everyone has a good night.

First time since Oct., 07. Pitiful but I'm really glad they won. Gotta root for the home state...

Comment #39

Someone sent me this from youtube, awesome light display:.


Comment #40

Hey ladies!.

Worked this morning. Now relaxing, surfing the internet while DD watches Barbie. DH is annoying me, banished him to the basement. Found a blog by blondierae that I really like... going to go read some more of it... BBL : )..

Comment #41

True - was looking forward to meeting all the peeps he talks about - have only met his boss and I'm not certain she remembered - it was during his interview - I was waiting in a spot I THOUGHT was out fo the way and it wasn't.

Anyhow - soon. but not with drooling 7-layer bars!..

Comment #42


But if I were their neighbor - I would move south for the holidays - WOW! between the lights and the cars driving by to see..... just WOW!..

Comment #43

Barb - loved the light link. thanks Agree with Andi -glad not my neighbors...

Comment #44

Thanks Sandy! And also, thank you for all your hard work on the challenge. If I miss you before you leave, have a wonderful time in Colorado..

Comment #45

Hope you get some rest. But, sometimes it is easier to do all those chores without the kids thereto mess everything up right behind you, ya know? Enjoy your pumpkin pies..

Comment #46

Hey Jill! Love that you can banish DH to the basement. We don't have that luxury in California. So my mom and sisters and I are upstairs while my dad is downstairs...

Comment #47

Nap was blissful! Now downstairs to eat some OP chicken soup on this rainy day. Then baking bread. Some of the nieces and nephews are here for dinner then we will decorate cupcakes after..

Probably won't be back on tonight..

Mucho love hookers..

Comment #48

Was Andrea going away or something?.

I'm sorry I can't remember - but I can't..



It was an okay day..

Too damn long..

Didn't win money.. was just okay..

I'm feeling wicked pudgy..

Shocking, I know..

What else?.

Dad is leaving tomorrow afternoon to meet some friends for lunch and then go to his sister's house for a couple of nights..

Joe's new car is in and he's picking it up tomorrow morning..

He's super excited..

I kinda wanna go to bed now..


I took a pix of me and Dad. I'll try to send from phone to email so I can post..



Comment #49

The damn picture won't send from my phone..

I hate that...

Comment #50

I'm alive!! Sorry been MIA, just really busy with everything going on here. I'm going to go catch up to see what you hookers have been up to...

Comment #51

Wow Sandy- I can tell a NIG differnce between those pix and your avi! WTG- keep up the Super Job!..

Comment #52

Capt- Love your pix with dad-he's too cute..

Sandy- forgot what day it was, I'll post tomorrow though it won't be good..

AFM- did some laundry, took dd to vball, did some baking and way tired now. Have to stay after MIL as she is not taking care of herself as she's afraid she might have to ask for help. Tomorrow I'm gonna have to stay on top of her and make sure she drinks lots of water and eats. OK gotta hit the bed- well couch. MIL is in our bed and I but a baby monitor in there so if she needs me at night I can hear her. The bad thing is that she snores, so I am sleeping on the couch so that hubbie can sleep without hearing that all night. NIghty Night...

Comment #53

Lori - love the pic. You both look so happy..

Lara - hope you get some sleep. Posting tomorrow would be great...

Comment #54

Lori - I agree with Lara - he's TOO CUTE!..

Comment #55

And on that note - Rest Well Sexy Shamrocks!..

Comment #56

Afternoon Shammies-.

Andrea- YUCK!!! I don't heart pink eye. Glad your getting to the doc today. Glad your back with us, though I've been MIA lately too. Did get some good sleep last night- YEAH!.

Morning Capt, Ang, Andi and Erin. Have to take kiddos to the dentist and run to the bank. Tomorrow is hubbie and my anniversary (yes I have bday, anniversary and Christmas all in one week- not smart planning-lol) and I need to get him something. I want to get him a Coach wallet but the outlets are about 1.5 hours away- should I do a mad run tonight?..

Comment #57

Hope you get warm Ang- once I'm freezing there is no hope of warmth for me...

Comment #58

Good afternoon shams,.

Lori, love pix of you and Dadsorry the money fairy didn't fill your pockets with gold. Hope the eye infections clear up for all you guys. Had to take DH to PT again and then killed myself trying to pour ice melt out of a 50# bag into a bucket. It's very icy outside all our doors do I'm trying to melt it down. I got it done though. Going to go get the last of my baking done and then relax.

Having alot of problems of no sleep with the kids this week and has to have a tooth pulled on top of that. I haven't been there for over a week cuz of all the running with hubby. I need some free days. Oh well, tis the season to be jollyright!!..

Comment #59

Hi e'one..

Joe wants a wallet, too..

The one he's retiring is a Coach...I don't know what to get him now..

Lara - 3 hours is a mad trek for a wallet. Do you have a Coach store closer?.

I really need to pooh..

I'm constipated and it's making me angry..

Barb - You need a mini vaca - STAT..

I don't feel like working today...

Comment #60

HI Shammies,.

I am done with my Board meeting and getting started on today's chores. Need to start packing..

Hope everyone stays warm and OP..


Comment #61

Week 7 ROCKSTAR Challenge results.

We gained 5.4 pounds this week, earned 77 stars and went 23.75 miles. We have earned 864 stars so far and have gone 347.62 miles. It was a slow week in Shammieland but we are hanging in there and are going to get through this holiday season...

Comment #62

Andi and Andrea are the ROCKSTARs for this week..

They each lost 1.5 pounds..

Andi and Sandy earned their 3rd.

25 mile star..

Kori has gone 99.7 miles so far on the Challenge..


We have two more weeks to go and we are all going to win...

Comment #63

Capt- we do have a store closer but know it's cheaper at the outlet- just being cheap azz! Had the pooh problem earlier but am feeling better know other than that dam Jack came to visit..

WTg all you Rockstars on the challenge!..

Comment #64

I had the same pooh problem but I am feeling better as well..

I am feeling on top of my chores. Might even have time to practice piano today or read a book. I have the book for January book club..

My Mom is still talking about her surprise visit. I am glad it turned out so great. Best present for me to see her so happy...

Comment #65

Hey lara... I'm thinkin that with the price of gas, might not be worth it drive so far just to save some money. guess it all evens out..

Got sent home early from work with pink eye. feel like my eyes are continually burning like when you chop onions..

Lori... good luck in the pooh dept..

Ang... warm wishes to you... ha ha, get it.

Barb... you do need more time. I feel the same this week..

Tonight is baking cookies for party tomm... tomm is BF bday, follwed by cupcake making on Wed for little ds birthday on thursday... oy vey. I need a day off but have tons of work to do at work too... ugh...

Comment #66

Hey sandy... thats so great for your mom. enjoy your free time today. I'm headed to orthodontist soon... yipee!..

Comment #67

Andrea - what did they say about your eye...

Comment #68

Lara, print out a pic of the wallet and give it to him for your anniv. and then order from the outlet online if that's an option. Maybe that will work this time since you have so much going on. Anniversaries are for compromise (remind himlol)...

Comment #69

Oh I have pink eye, or the lovely conjunctivitis.... I'm so proud!..

Comment #70

Can't remember if I already wrote this - Joe picked up his car this morning and is super excited about it. He loves it and says it's way more beautiful in person. I'm a little giddy to get home and see it...

Comment #71

Lori - new cars are so much fun. Did he get a big bow?..

Comment #72

Lori let us know what you think about the car when you see it..

Andrea- Have fun baking- been doing a lot of that the last couple of days..

Barb- May have to do that. I'm not driving anywhere tonight..

OK gotta go, youngest DD just brought me a build a bear kit that she wants to make...

Comment #73

Hope everyone has a good nightsee ya tomorrow afternoon. Running to do in the am...

Comment #74

The car is actually a 2008. Only 30K miles on it..

It's really nice..

Believe it or not, I'm not such a big car person..

I'm a Mustang Convertible kinda girl..

But it's comfy inside and it has ALL the bells and whistles..

He still needs to do some more work with the title and getting plates, etc., so no driving it yet..

Hope everyone is doing well...

Comment #75

Hello my name is Jill and I am a condiment addict......

Comment #76

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.