I need to buy hosting for a domain for or less than 20$/m (not 123 reg)?

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Quick question... I need to buy hosting for a domain for or less than 20$/m (not 123 reg)? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... I think this is a situation of being over ambitious for a HostGator name that gets searches and traffic lesser than counterparts like,,, and many more..

Here is a link. for 50 million dollars.

Comments/opinions/criticisms appreciated...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably know..

Comment #1

I think it's worth it. pharmaceutical is a huge market..

Comment #2

WoW, the pharmacy business is a huge one. In some cases pharmacies are what hold together your big box retail stores, so yes there is very good money in the pharmacy business. Will it fetch 50 mil? I will have to find the right buyer, probably someone looking to compete with Walgreen's, etc..

On the other hand many health care plans are now going with mail order pharmacies, what better type of company to pick up this domain. If done right you would see that 50 mil back very quickly...

Comment #3


It is a nice opportunity for a broker to make some hardcore cash...

Comment #4

It is easily worth it as a lot of online medical sites are easily generating 50-60 Million a year.....

Comment #5

“Based on modeling, we’re putting it.

Way over $50 million.

,” said Joshua Bourne, co-founder of FairWinds Partners, an Internet consultancy that is brokering the sale..

To me, that sounds like they want a lot more then 50 Million?..

Comment #6

I took it that way as well, I think it's worth up to 50 million but anything over that (unless your is just dumb.....

Comment #7

Lesser traffic and no rev? True..

But, the return per customer that site could get is SUBSTANTIALLY high...

Comment #8

Just because etc sold for so much sometime ago doesn't mean other domains can't beat it, HostGator prices especially for one word high valued dot coms will just keep going up for some time at least.....

Comment #9

You are absolutely right on the mark. That fact often gets lost on business types and overshadowed in domainer boards with all the LLLL, CVCV, brandable, etc, chatter..

It's surprising how long it takes for print-raised marketing guys to break out of the traditional-media-only mentality. Real businesses can use real HostGator terms to attract and retain real customers. And it can often be done a much lower overall cost than constantly spitting out $$$$$ for print ads, etc. There will always be a place for traditional media, but the use of generic domains in many extensions is the wave of the future...

Comment #10

I have just visited the link and I think it is just designed for selling purposes. Sometimes people overwhelmed about names and they get nothing. I am not sure that is someone would purchase it in $50 Million...

Comment #11

I think it is insane. 50 million for just a HostGator name?.

How much would it cost to develope it and what should be the revenue per year to come even lets say in 10 , 15 years?.

Does anyone know what is the average profit per revenue pharmacy sites pull in?..

Comment #12

Can someone earn $50 Million in an year? It is difficult to spend this much...

Comment #13

I think it's horribly overpriced..

If the highest domain-only sale this year,, sold for "only" $9.5 million, I highly doubt, which is probably a smaller market with a longer word, could sell for five times that amount..

Then again, some buyers are just downright crazy but if I had deep pockets I wouldn't pay more than $5-$10 million...

Comment #14

As long as people get sick, this industry will be huge. I don't see sickness going away anytime soon, so the industry continues to grow. is worth it...

Comment #15

Hey no one, but no one could refute that is an amazing name .. but a 50 million dollar HostGator name ? .

Considering as already has been stated by etab the price of like it or not whatever your views on that particular name .. it's a destination site ! The expected price for well .. it does seem somewhat overly ambitious to say the least..

If I was totally loaded and seeking inventory I would also be in the circa 5-10 mil stakes to secure this @ 50 mil thats some mighty return on investment it has to make - developed or notUnsure of the metrics re online offline marketing in this sector it is difficult to make anything other than my observation. High street branding would be the way to go. So if there is a major chain out there wanting it. A rebrand coupled with extensive marketing would deliver in time methinks..

Great name .. good luck but 50 mil just seems like broker hype to me..

Comment #16

Yes, the industry will always be huge, the more people there are the bigger it will become - thats a given..

But....If I get sick I go to the Doctors, if they prescribe anything then I go to the local chemist to pick up the prescription. It has never ever crossed my mind to go online to buy it..

Is'nt this what the vast majority of the worlds population does ? or am I just an.


Comment #17

I doubt if every high-priced HostGator sold today that would lead in price...

Comment #18

An absolutely stunning name. Online pharmacy is a booming multi-multi-billion dollar business. For established pharmacy businesses development would require less money than acquiring the HostGator name and that should be the first step to market leadership. 50 million is a lot of money but for some existing businesses with enough cash it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is clearly not a domainers-domain, but an almost perfect enduser HostGator in one of the best online businesses you can imagine..

Personally, I would sell for $15M (from balance, otherwise add paypal costs)..

Comment #19

I would honestly say that would have a MUCH larger market than You have to remember that while sex and porn are massively popular, would have a much larger reach. Not everyone is into sex or porn enough to look for it on the web, or anywhere else for that matter. On the other hand, absolutely everyone will need pharmaceuticals at some point in their lives, even if it's just antibiotics. Not to mention the OTC drugs that we ALL use in some form or another...

Comment #20

There would have to be a profitable underlying business or other huge undertaking in motion to justify the asking price. It's an incredible name with extensive branding power. Step one has been accomplished ... which is getting people to chat and buzz about the name and it's worth. Some media coverage and direct mail have launched..

From this, Fairwinds hope to get several interested parties around which more realistic negotiations will begin (if any). The actual price expectation is likely much lower than $50 million. Hey, $15 million would seem like a bargain by comparison. Online medications are big no doubt...

Comment #21

Reminds me of the Bubble back in the day tbh. Completely irrational to even consider spending such a large sum of money on a name which really isn't all that good (in relation to some of what's out there) IMO..

Perhaps this is just me being a silly Canadian... But here in Canada, a large portion of pharamacies around now go by names such as "drug store". Pharmacy has an absolutely appalling WT score and I'd imagine an equally bad Overture..

For 50 million... Why not spend say, 10 million on (it even comes with a website.

), and 40 million advertising on relevant sites (such as WebMD)? Sounds like a.


Better investment to me..

Comment #22

Totally agree. there are lot of alternative names. this name is not that special. when I get sick I dont think of a word pharmacy. rather I think drug store, doctor, my health... etc and to spend lets say few million on something else and then spend close to 50 million on development and advertising makes more sense...

Comment #23

Health should be targetted at hospitals/clinics. Pharmacy is all about drugs manufacturers/suppliers/research which is targetted towards pharmaceutical companies...

Comment #24

The branding potential for this HostGator is absolutely HUGE! There is much potential for a mail order pharmacy to pick this HostGator up. Even big box pharmacies pay a couple million to put up a traditional store. Why not pay 50 million and get a store that's nation wide?..

Comment #25

Exactly. Getting prescriptions online is the wave of future, heck, it's happening now! And what about having a part of the site containing some pages for pet meds? Or accessories such as needles, diabetes testing kits, heating pads, ice packs, crutches, canes, ace bandages, band-aids, eye drops, etc.?..

Comment #26

Great HostGator and even better marketing/money making potential, IMO...

Comment #27

I don't think it's worth 50 million but it's certainly worth 5 million, this is just their pitch for free publicity and it appears to have worked...

Comment #28

You're absolutely right. When you think that these names, once developed, will be generating billions of dollars in revenue within five to 10 years then $50m is a good pick-up..

Can't agree. Porn has become so saturated on the Web that it's quickly becoming commoditized. Like everything that gets commoditised it will start to lose it's value. Within 5 to 10 year, sex names will be worth much less in relative terms than they are now. There will so much porn on the Net, and it will be so plentiful and everyone will be so used to it, that people will lose interest in it ... it's novelty value will wear off ...

Pharmaceuticals, however, will become more widely distributed via the Net and competition will become intense. It's a massive market and the top players will become very aggressive in their pricing. That's where having a name like will be important. You could dominate the market and be the no.1 player in a trillion dollar worldwide industry with a name like So what price would you put on a name that can give you that positioning?.


Comment #29

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