I need to know a little more about Medifast Dieting?

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Quick question: I need to know a little more about Medifast Dieting? Many thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Good morning TLers! Coffee is on!.

Anna thanks for kicking us off this morning. I couldn't get my sorry butt out of bed. Hope things settle out for you and hubby..

No other chopped tofu...

Comment #2

Good morning Anna! So happy that your wait is almost over!!!.

Sorry I've been MIA. Crazy werk!.

Yesterday I worked 12 hours straight with no break whatsoever. Thanks goodness for the ease of 5&1. I had 1 shake, 2 bars, 2 packs of breadsticks and a super easy L&G. Easy Peasy..

Then I was rewarded for my hard work day with a snow storm to drive in and my 30 minute commute took 1 hour & 30 minutes. Yay me!.

Anyhoo, that week is over and I'm ready for the weekend. I'm hosting a dinner party tonight and one tomorrow night, so I'm trying to come up with ideas of things I can fix for guests as well as eat myself. I think I have some ideas for the lean part. Now I just need to figure out some sides to put with it for the sludge eaters..

Also, that silly scale is taunting me. My second number may not be a 5 on Monday like I was so sure it would be. I know my body will catch up and all that stuff. It would just really be good for my mind and all the stress I've had lately if I could see a woosh..

A couple of shout outs....

TKD - I got Just Dance 2 for my son for Christmas and we love it! Such a good workout. He wants the Michael Jackson one next, but I've seen it and I really don't want my 5yo mimicking the crotch grab that MJ made famous. KWIM?.

Baileylove! So glad you made it in. This is really a wonderful group and the more you post the more you will just fit right in...

Comment #3

Good morning! Thank you for the coffee. I need it. I'm up too early..

Down 3 lbs after just 2 days!.

I had a couple hungry times and a killer headache the first day. Yesterday, I didn't really feel any hunger until around dinner time. But, I realized it had been nearly 4 hours since eating so that would make sense. I'll try to pay more attention to that from now on. I'm amazed at how simple this is. If it weren't for the L&G part, it would be much harder.

Well, not true. Usually on Friday nights hubby and I have a couple drinks. He had a couple beers and I had a glass of diet 7-up. I'll get used to it..

Hope everyone has a great weekend!..

Comment #4

Kawi, it might help if you come up with some special concoction you can have while he's having a couple of drinks. I used to like the cold drinks mixed with a Fresca or a diet tonic...

Comment #5

That's an idea, too. I'll give the diet 7-up a chance for a few weeks and take it from there..

I thought when I logged my weight the tickers would update automatically. I had to go in and change the one on my page and my siggy. Oh well...

Comment #6

Good morning TLers. I thought I would stop by, visit and have a cup of coffee with all of you. I don't post here much, but I lurk often. You all are such an inspiration..

I hit goal late last summer, transitioned and hit my ultimate goal during transition and started maintenance 11/02. Out of great fear, I followed a very strict plan through the holidays and into the new year..............but, I started to feel like a "recovered" food addict, not a "recovering" food addict. I won't go into detail, but I'm not recovered and I never will be (up 4.9 lbs.)..

I placed a huge order and I've been back on 5&1 for the past 5 days. I'm putting myself through Medifast bootcamp for the next 6 weeks, and then I'm going to try maintenance again. I was a 100% OP girl for the weight loss phase. I even went through 3 rounds of prednisone packs and 3 1/2 mos. off work without caving to the raging hunger. I was a 100% OP girl for the transition phase, but I felt out of control during transition, so I "restarted" transition a few times.

Yep, I did..

I have identified trigger foods. I have identified trigger emotions. I feel like I've done my homework in those departments. I read and post daily. So, here I am visiting and drinking coffee with the girls that can keep me straight...

Comment #7


If you change your weight you always have to completely remake your ticker. If you want one in your signature that is easier to update, click my ticker it'll take you to the site. Make one there,copy and paste to your signature and then you can just go to it to change your weight and it will update in your signature here automatically. The one on your page you have to use Medifasts for that..



Comment #8

I had a tickerfactory one, but liked this. I may have to go back to it, though. Can we use the tickerfactory ones on our pages, too? Or, just in our siggy?..

Comment #9

Della -.

But look at you! You saw the problem, and you're doing something about it RIGHT NOW. You didn't gain back 50 pounds, and you didn't pretend that there wasn't a problem until it was a big problem. You learned something. So you get rid of the pounds, you make a new plan, and do it again..

You haven't failed until you quit trying...

Comment #10

Thanks Corbie, I'm really not feeling like a failure, and I'm really not panicking about the 4.9 lbs. (I refuse to call it 5). I have beat alcohol problems, because I can be totally abstinent. Food addiction is harder to deal with. I know I have the drive, determination and "will power" to do this, but it is that sneaky thought that I can somehow "live" like everyone else..

I obviously know "sludge" brought to the office by co-workers to share with the morning cup of coffee is off limits for me forever. That shouldn't be a problem, because I really don't even think about that "sludge". What I miss is being a part of "something", even if it is having that cup of coffee with my co-workers and eating _________..

I've blogged in the past about my childhood and the onset of the bingeing and the reasons I think they started. It ALL has to do with being alone or isolated. I have found alternative ways to deal with, but the mentality will always be with me. I not only indulged a couple of times with the co-workers, I stopped on my way to work and hauled the crap in myself. That was the day I knew, really knew, I was screwed..

When I gave up alcohol, I completely cut off all the peeps I drank with. This is different. How do you "cut off" your co-workers and the camaraderie you share in an office? How do you "cut off" your friends and events? You can't "cut off" your family and all family get togethers. I have to suck it up, put on my grown up girl panties, and deal with my addiction. I can't have a little sludge. 1 is too many and a 1,000 isn't enough!!!.

Thanks for letting me hang with ya'll a little today...

Comment #11

The answer is that you don't cut them off. You learn new ways to do it. You learn to share your healthy habits with them - you bring in things that you CAN eat to share with them..

This really is like alcohol in some ways. No, you can't stop eating - but you CAN change your definition of "food". You can recognize that sludge isn't "food" for you, and then you make new traditions that include real food, that you CAN eat..

It will also help to take a real look around you and realize that you aren't alone. I'll bet that your friends and coworkers have many of the same struggles with sludge that you do. You can be a leader. You can help them..

I took in cookies yesterday to work. No sugar. I wouldn't call them "healthy", I guess, but they were well less than half of the calories of a normal chocolate cookie. 3 dozen, and they were all gone by noon. It's turning into a competition, in fact - who can make the healthiest, best tasting treats? We have carry ins with themes, and I always bring the healthiest option possible - and it's always commented on. People ask my advice on food now, and we share recipes - because we all have the same issues and struggles.

It's a mental adjustment, I think. Stop seeing yourself as excluded and start leading...

Comment #12

Della there's no reason you can't drink coffee while they eat their sludge and still talk, etc...

Comment #13

Morning TL'ers!.

Only a few more days Anna!.

Della - Glad you decided to jump in here. Wow! I'm so proud of you for stopping the trend in it's tracks. Like Steph said, the fact that you're doing something about it RIGHT NOW is real commitment. We'll be happy to cheer you on every step of the way..

Kawi - Great job on getting through your first few days and first few pounds. Although I am a daily weigher, I only update my ticker on my official weigh in day. Everyone is different, but I just wouldn't want to change my ticker and then have an "up" day, and feel like I was chasing the ticker the rest of the week. I certainly wouldn't want to change my ticker up. So that's my two cents on the ticker thing for what it's worth. Everyone is dfferent..

Chickie - I don't blame you about the MJ moves. That will come soon enough. Now if only Just Dance 2 would allow players to be in separate locations and dance together. I have several friends that would totally do that with me if it were an option. Heck, maybe it is. I haven't even checked.

I just want to dance and dance and dance. That's a good thing..

Supposed to be up to 70 something today, but it is looking gray out there. Will believe it when I see it. Was hoping to get out and walk at the park today..

Later Babies!..

Comment #14

Morning TL;ers.

On to my second cup of joe for the day..

Have a great day all...

Comment #15


Anna...are you ignoring me? Is your homemade meatball recipe a family secret?.

Just kidding. I know you got a lot on your mind!.

Kawi - yay for the 3 gone, never to return..

Chickie - welcome back! Thank god you can relax on the weekend by hosting 2 dinner parties..

Della - welcome and you can do it!.

Tkd - 70s? Jealous. It's snowing here in MN..

Steph - as always, your words of wisdom and advice are appreciated and applicable..

To anyone I missed, hello!..

Comment #16

I don't plan on weighing daily so I'll update my ticker when I do. I will only post my losses in my siggy once a week, though..

Have an awesome day!..

Comment #17

Connor, sorry I forgot who asked.

I will pm it it you..

Comment #18

OK, this is really strange! My face feels all warm. Not to the touch, just a warm sensation. Wish it would go away. I wonder if this has to do with Medifast and my body changing from it?..

Comment #19

Good morning everyone. Life is soon to return to normal. The show is almost over. Last night's show went well. One tonight and one tomorrow. Then I have my life back.

Della, good to see you. I know where you have been. I was so very strict in transition and maintenance. Then I went to Maine for my scaleless summer. I did well. I only gained 3 pounds.

Steph is right, this means so much now, that we can get it right off by cleaning up our habits. I will always struggle with food. There are things I will never keep in the house again. Oh, I'm not going to deny myself from things, but I am going to contol them. At least now, when I got up a pound or two, I know that I can go back down easily..

Comment #20

I typically post on the Reruns board, and they are an amazing group of women. We have bonded over the past year and I truly love each one of them as if we were face to face friends. I will continue to read and interact there daily, but I would like to hang out with ya'll for the next few weeks. I think I need the "tough love" approach for this part of my journey. Would that be a problem?.

I'm calling this phase of my journey the 6 week Medifast bootcamp. I may weigh during that time, and I may not, because it doesn't really matter what the scale says at this point. I have to do this to "reset" my mind. I've come too far to "undo" the hard work, and I don't just mean weight gain. I'm talking about the way I view food, social settings and my interactions with food, people, loneliness, isolation, stress, etc. If I'm going to be a recovering food junkie, I will have to treat myself as such; therefore, I am on day 6 of my 42 day bootcamp experience.

I felt so much better when I was running regularly..

During Week 4 of transition, one should have added back all of the food groups, which I did, but I really never seemed to master putting them all together. This time, I will journal until my hand falls off to determine what satisfies me without triggering. I know p-nut butter is dangerous for me..

I also know that my work bff has to be included in my future plans. I love her. We have worked together for 10 years. She is a size 6-8, and just "cuts back" when she gains a few pounds. She is the type of person who can eat a doughnut for breakfast, nibble at lunch and eat candy all afternoon and maintain her weight. Food doesn't mean anything to her.

When I am "on the powder", she doesn't offer me anything and is very considerate of the places we eat lunch. But, when she found out I was in "maintenance", I think it meant something different to her than to me. She started bringing me a doughnut in the morning and offering me a candy from her special candy treasure box in the afternoon. She is not a saboteur. She truly believes that now that I'm "small" (her words) that I can eat like her.

I go back to the breakroom and have a couple more, then lunch, then her offered candy, then some from the candy dish in the reception area, then I start bringing in the doughnuts and buying candy and..........................the rest is history. I don't want her to think she is responsible for my poor choices, but I have to let her know that I would prefer she not offer me anything, ever.........

I have had 2 Medifast meals today, and I have the glove compartment of my car stocked with bars for emergencies while I'm out. I'm hoping DD and I can do some thrift store shopping today and eat a healthy l&g somewhere. Tonight will be some other delish Medifast meal, etc. I am in the army now and I will continue to repeat bootcamp until I get it right...

Comment #21

Morning Peeps..

Sitting in a local coffee shop because I have no internet at home. Stewpid moden isn't working and they can't get a tech out until 5-7 pm tonight. grrrrrrr. So this may be the only post from me today. Went closet shopping and came out with a pair of 12's I haven't been able to wear in a while. One of the things I love most about having less to lose this time is that the sizes drop so much faster than in the beginning.

Anna - Just a few more days hon. SO excited for you..

Morning to all...

Comment #22

Della, I still write every little thing that goes into my mouth down. I need that to be accountable. It has really kept me honest. I have learned, if I don't write it down, I am only cheating myself and my plan. No cheating here!.

Morning De!..

Comment #23

Hey Guys,.

I've been kinda frustrated trying to learn how to get just the right carbohydrate mix of Medifast products so I can figure out my L&G and stay within 80 to 85 grams of carbohydrates each day. I'm not doing badly but I know I can do better if I have the right tools. So, to that end, I have taken the Medifast Product Quick Guide with all the nutritional values and copied it into an Excel spreadsheet so I could sort it by Carbs, Fats, whatever..

If anyone wants a copy, just PM me and I'll be happy to share...

Comment #24

What are the Medifast snacks that can be ordered? I went in to order more bars. I like them way more then I thought I would so I'm ordering more. I only ordered 3 boxes with my original order and I'm finding that I eat one or two a day. Anyway, I saw soy crisps and crackers under snacks. I don't see snacks in the "plan"...

Comment #25


, what are you eating for your veggies? I rarely even make it to 80 carbs (which is fine with me) and I eat a lot of bars which are on the higher end of the carbs for the Medifast meals..

I don't like a ton of veggies so I typically have green beans roasted or salad and sometimes just tomatoes..


You are allowed one snack per day, personally the Medifast snacks have too many carbs for my liking, I stick to pickles or sugar free jello or broth...

Comment #26

Kawi here's the link to the snack list.


Comment #27

Well duh, how did I manage to miss that? Ha!.

Thanks. I love pickles. I'll add jello to my grocery list...

Comment #28

Goodmorning everyone.....

Just sitting here eating my Oatmeal (which I used to hate, then love, then hate, now love again) WTH?.

I just wanted to say "HI" to Chickie....and "thanks" for the push to get my ever shrinking butt over here. You were right about this being a great group of people..

Freya-all I can say is WOW! Talk about a great example of how to do this program. You're my hero....

Anna-I have been reading about you and your hubby, and I am sooo excited for you..

Have a great day all!..

Comment #29

Hello all!.

No chopped tofu-just wanted to say 'hi'...

Comment #30

Good afternoon, TLers. Guzzling my water and catching up with all the happs..

Low key weekend for me but we do have with a nice evening planned with DS and DBIL - dinner and a concert. Anyone familiar with Susan Werner? Fabulous singer/songrwriter. Plays guitar, piano...fabulous voice, great wit. The venue is very small & intimate so it's like having her in your living room. Great fun!.

Penny has inspired me so I'm going to make myself some earrings to go with my concert outfit..

No chopped tofu for me - have a fabulous OP Saturday!!..

Comment #31

Good morning/afternoon all!.

I'm at work and have managed to spill my coffee, my water and drop my bar on the floor. Oh I love the mornings..

Ok off to serve the public. ugh..

Comment #32

Anna - Veggies vary from day to day, green beans, okra, zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, romaine, stuff like that. And I know some of these are higher carb veggies. I think the issue is that I have half and half and splenda in my coffee every morning. That adds 3 carbs right off the bat. But I love my coffee in the morning, and I only have it in the morning. Not an all day coffee drinker.

Also, I tend to eat the higher carb Medifast items. Have a pancake, brownie, and puffs pretty much every day. Usually add in a bar and some soup - though I've eaten a lot of chili on the cold weather days, and of course chili is the higher carb of the soups..

AND, I have tended to eat a lot of the meatless options for my L&G. I'm not vegetarian, but for whatever reason, I've gravitated to the eggbeaters, cottage cheese, boca burgers, etc. They're easy I guess and I like them..

I could always use some veggie suggestions - or any others you guys have. I'm generally around 85 to 90 carbs a day but have had a few days near the 100 mark. So I just want to be more mindful than I have been. I know as I get smaller, the weight will slow down, so I want to be prepared to maximize my success. Maybe I won't care if it is slow once I'm in the 100's but right now, fast is important to me...

Comment #33

I always forget about the meatless options b/c meat is my favorite part of the day..

Comment #34

Is this the norm? This morning my face had a really warm sensation, still does but not as bad. Now I'm feeling a little out of it and nauseated. Not horribly, just enough to not like it...

Comment #35

I didn't really have anything but a headache when I started no awful horrible feeling but hopefully someone else will know...

Comment #36

Kawi: if you aren't in peri-meonpause, are you coming down with the flu?.

Della: thanks for sharing your Boot Camp journey and thoughts with us..

Anna: saw the great photos of you today. Thank you for your determination and success..

You two are going to have such fun..

I am exhausted today. Was ablt to get out for a haircut yesterday and can't move at all today. Happy in bed with my computer and finishing my oatmeal through a straw, which I dearly love..

Steph and Barb: Thanks for being here and communicating the essentials and the nitty-gritty of Medifast so very well..

Love to all chopped tofu today. 100%.


Comment #37

I had the complete hysterectomy when I was 33 (41 now) so it's not that..

I just ate some lean from my L&G and feel a bit better. I'll have to keep an eye on that. I ate a lemon crunch bar around 9:30 and about an hour after that I started to feel strange. I think my blood sugar was wacked out...

Comment #38

Afternoon all. I had my first cheating dream last night. I ate a piece of pizza and woke up and thought I'd actually cheated and was so ticked at myself. I don't even LIKE pizza..

This week has been hard and I'm not sure why. I've stuck to plan 100% but just haven't ben enjoying myself. I guess the honeymoon is over. Thank goodness I have this great thread to read and keep me motivated - that and knowing I'd have to come confess to y'all and I know I'd get my hiney kicked..

I hope everyone has a great weekend!..

Comment #39

OMG! I just realized something! Or two somethings! One, I am at the weight I was in 2009 after 6 months of dieting and exercising like a maniac (killing myself for 2 hours at the gym 6 days per week and eating salad. Lots of salad.).

And two...I am only 8 lbs away from my first goal! 220! The lowest I will have weighed in YEARS. Probably a DECADE..

The strange thing is...I don't feel that I look less fat. Huh. That kinda blows, but oh well. My avatar pic is me at 228..

Kawi...MF does do strange things to your body and how it works until it adjusts. Maybe look to see what you ate...allergies or flu? Probably just random Medifast weirdness...

Comment #40

I'm going to share this little NSV with my Medifast family - this is one I can't celebrate too loudly at home. So husband and I were out last weekend at a neighborhood bar with some interesting acquaintances we met in various interesting places around town. Pretty large, eclectic group. So we're having a good time, enjoying the company, and it starts getting a little late, so we're getting ready to leave. I get up, and I swear this guy (good looking, YOUNG guy in leather) SPRINTS from the other side of the room to hold my jacket for me. He gets between me and Jim with his back to Jim and stands very close, chatting me up...

It made me laugh. I mean, he was drunk and a little silly. But still, he was hitting on me. Jim was amused, but I didn't want to make too big a deal out of it with him, you know? But it was a nice little NSV for me, getting hit on by a 20-something kid. Course, I did look pretty good, I'll admit - knit dress, spikey heeled boots, even a little makeup... shoulda had Jim take a picture, I guess. All this running has been good for the legs!..

Comment #41

Go Corbie!!! Love it.

TKD - I absolutely live on spaghetti squash mixed with spinach, diced tomatoes, and broccoli. I flavor that with some minced garlic. mmmm. Green beans are a fantastic and easy green with most lean choices. Asparagus is simple and tasty. I throw together a salad of spinach and romaine lettuce with cucumbers, bell peppers, and tomato when I get bored of those above.

Kawi- I hope you feel better soon. Really pay attention to which foods are causing what, but I hope it go aways soon!.

Jan - Food porn is the worst. Especially when you don't even like that type of sludge!! I'm at the stage where food is now fuel and it's so terribly unexciting..

Connor- Girl, didn't you just have a 5lb whoosh?? I'm sure, whether you see it or not, there is a difference in your body!.

Anna- I'm so excited for you now that your husband is almost here. Hugs for you both!.


Beth- How did your haircut turn out?.

Hello to anyone and everyone I missed..

Comment #42

You know you are on Medifast when you have cheating dreams and you wake up with a smile on your face because your mouth tastes sweet and you know all is right with the world, it was only a dream!..

Comment #43

Hi all!.

Feeling a little better today, I think it's all stress related. The good news is some of it is coming to an end so things are looking up!.

Resting the rest of the day, work has been killing me and I need to take the rest of today to do NOTHING at all. I'll be on and off the board between naps.

Have a great OP day everyone!.


Comment #44

Steph - that is so sweet. And for me, it would be nice that it happened with your DH nearby, only because I've had issues with guys coming onto me when I was thinner and just didn't know how to handle it unless I completely sexualized it right along with them. I would sometimes not feel safe. This one sounds fun, safe, and just affirming..

Steph in AZ - you know, I've never tried spaghetti squash more than one time years ago. I didn't like it then, but figure I didn't cook it right. How do you prepare it? Just can't do asparagus. Threw up on it (and Freya's favorite "b" word too) when I was in kindergarten. The smell of either one sets off my gag reflex so bad I can hardly sit at the same table with someone eating it..

Just finished 30 mins of Just Dance2. Man that is so much fun. Some of the songs or characters you follow are downright silly but that attracts me to it all the more. Happy..

Comment #45

Oh Kawi - I just know you may feel somewhat out of sorts for a few days to a couple of weeks. It varies for everyone. In my experience, limited though it may be, the Medifast food won't hurt you. Look for other reasons first. And if anything concerns you too much, get in touch with your health care professional. If this is just the "out of sorts" stuff that comes along with the first few days, you'll be right as rain before you know it...

Comment #46

I tried some smooth move tea for the first time today. I just realized this morning that may be one of my problems on the scale. I'm not even sure I remember the last time I dropped the kids off at the pool..

So far, nothing. I wonder how long it takes to work and I wonder if I should just stick to one cup until I see what happens..

Hmmm, decisions, decisions...

Comment #47

Wrong Yiayia - she's YaYaGirl - not sure what her real name is, but I'll ditto what you said, anyway..

So I'm all decked out & waiting for DS & DBIL to arrive, then off we go to dinner. It's a favorite eating place - been going there for over 30 years, and they LOTS of OP choices - they specialize in seafood, so I'm in heaven..

It's been snowing off & on here today. So glad DH is an experienced snow & ice driver. He was the super-hero last weekend taking us to the airport 4 times, 3 of which were in a major storm. Hoping not to have Penny's experience!.


- Wondering how your evening with your friend went. One of my girlfriends was just here and I was reminded of last year. We hadn't seen each other in a few weeks, maybe a month to 6 weeks. She was just getting out again after her bariatric surgery. I was in the part of my journey where I was just melting away and finally starting to look skinny...well not fat anyway. She couldn't say enough about how I was looking and commented that she wish she had known about Medifast before her surgery - she never would have had it.

Gotta run - have a great Saturday night everyone!!..

Comment #48

Tkd- Cut it in half lengthwise. Scoop out seeds (like a pumpkin). I brush olive oil on the cut sides and then pepper it. Put it cut side down on a cookie sheet. Put it in the oven for 30-40 mins at 425. My oven runs hot so it's only about 30 min, but you should be able to easily cut through the skin when it's done.

I really like it a lot. If you like squash, you should like this..

Chickie- Um, hope things "go" well for you soon. I am lucky, I haven't had that problem. Too much soy = alarming regularity...

Comment #49

Opps my bad.

Enjoy your dinner Jan!.

And yes, I wonder how Alucas' evening went!..

Comment #50

Stick to one cup. The directions (which I ignored the first time) say to steep it like 10 minutes, drink it the night before, and expect results in like 10-12 hours. I steeped it like 20 minutes, got results slightly more quickly (read: in the middle of the night), and have religiously followed the instructions ever since..

Read the directions. Really...

Comment #51

I had a complete hysterectomy at 24, and I haven't been on HRT for the past 5 years. BUT, when I started MF, the soy caused me to start having mini hot flashes. Once body adjusted to the increased soy intake, the flashes subsided. That wasn't the only side effect of the increased soy, so I know it changed by hormone levels...

Comment #52

Corbie - RAWR! I love it..

Did anyone try my water challenge this weekend? How are you doing if you did?..

Comment #53

DON'T DRINK ANOTHER CUP. I drank it one evening, and it was the next afternoon when it "worked". I didn't have cramps, but it sure cleaned out the pipes...

Comment #54

Oh good Lord! We gotta keep praying, for that man of your for sure..

Oh and yes it is exciting...

Comment #55

I love this..

We are never too old or too married, and yet not want to feel attractive. I'm so happy for you and stuff like that is good for a marriage, IMO. After years we tend to take each other for granted..

Hubs needs to keep up his A game, ya know! wink wink...

Comment #56

I think my blood sugar was just out of wack for some reason. I have PCOS and insulin resistance so it happens from time to time. I'm feeling OK now...

Comment #57

I'm not too happy with hubby right now. Last night I had a diet 7-up while he had a couple beers. It's a Friday night thing, but I passed on the beer. Today he went to the grocery store and he brings home 2 bottles of wine. I asked him what they were for. He says "well we haven't had any in a while so I thought you'd like it"..


Comment #58

I'm the most fortunate of women - Jim doesn't have any game besides his A game!..

Comment #59

Chopped tofu checking in. Finally got my internet back...

Comment #60

I'm seriously ******** right now. I love my husband and all but I want to hurt him. If you read earlier, he bought some wine home from the grocery store. He "thought" I'd like it since we haven't had it in awhile. Ummm, last night I had pop while you had beer so I would want wine WHY? I kindly explained how I felt it was really rude of him to do that. So, about 30 minutes ago he pulls out the bottle of wine and proceeds to pour TWO glasses of wine.

I told him where he could shove the cork and now I'm laying in bed posting from my nook. I am livid. I told him he had a couple couches to choose from...not sure he got the hint...

Comment #61

Ok, so I made 4.4 oz of meatballs from organic ground italian turkey sausage. There was no nutritional value on the package and it's not on the Other Foods list here on MF.. has it at 44 calories per oz. Medifast has "ground turkey" at 67 calories per oz. Which is correct? Is ground turkey the same as "ground italian turkey sausage"?.

It makes a 100 calorie difference.....

Comment #62

Not sure which is right, but sausage in general has more fat/calories...the "italian" part is just seasoning and herbs...

Comment #63

Thanks Kawi. Hm...I guess to be on the "safe" side I'll go with "ground turkey" from MFs "Other Foods"..

In the end, my meatballs and shirataki was delicious!..

Comment #64

Good idea going with the higher calorie stuff. Better safe then sorry..

Man, it's hard to "type" on a nook...

Comment #65

LOL! I love that you banished hubby to a couch. At least he has his pick of which one. I would have picked the more violent option of cracking a wine bottle open across his noggin. And then be like, "Wow, you're right. It DOES smell good. Thanks!"..

Comment #66

I couldn't crack it over his head...the kids were around. I told them mommy had a bad headache and was tired. Two of them are hanging out with me now watching Netflix. The oldest is in her room. Hubby, is talking to his dad on the phone...

Comment #67

Hello ladies! I'm still here, and I'm on plan, I promise! Today was one of those not bad, really pretty good, but full of mildly annoying people days. My patient was a complete sweetheart but his daughters were horrific. A word of wisdom, please: If I tell you that the cardiothoracic surgeon is probably not going to consult a dermatologist to see your dad while he's in the hospital, recovering from his heart bypass surgery, to check on the scab that's "been on his hand for three weeks," I'm not trying to insult you. Really, I'm not. It's just that I happen to know that 1) we don't even HAVE a dermatologist with privileges at our new heart and vascular hospital, and 2) it's nicer than saying what I know, which is that the doctor isn't gonna give a flying crap about a scab..

Wheeeee now I feel better. Back to sunshine and rainbows from this nurse...

Comment #68

Well, Johnsonville makes a ground Italian turkey sausage:.

Serving Size: 2 oz. cooked portion (56g).

Servings per Container: 6.

Total Calories: 170.

Calories from Fat: 120.

Total Fat: 13g (21%).

Saturated Fat: 4.5g (23%).

Trans Fat: 0g.

Total Cholesterol: 40mg (13%).

Sodium: 480mg (18%).

Total Carbohydrates: 1g (0%).

Dietary Fiber: 0g (0%).

Sugars: 1g.

Total Protein: 10g.

Iron: (2%).

Vitamin A: (2%).

Vitamin C: (0%).

Calcium: (2%).

Percentages based upon a 2,000 calorie diet..

Comment #69

This wasn't in sausage form though. It was like ground beef form. Does that make a difference?..

Comment #70

Don't think so...the only difference is it wasn't in a casing...

Comment #71

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.