I put my girlfriend on Nutrisystem for Christmas, when will she start losing weight?

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My 1st question is: I put my girlfriend on Nutrisystem for Christmas, when will she start losing weight? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... I met another short term goal of losing an amount of weight equal to what my son weighs by the time of the Tulsa Kickoff Classic. That's the good news. The bad news is that my sleeping schedule was all screwed up. I was up all day Thursday trying to make sure I had everything packed (including my Nutrisystem meals).

Physically, I did not get much exercise.

I was mentlaly exhausted. With my sleep patterns (or lack of sleep, more accurately) I felt hungry and did not do a good job of spacing out my meals. In short I went way off plan. I got right back on Sunday when I returned home and I've dropped the 1.5 pounds that I gained (the weight didn't bother me as much as m y lack of ability to figure out a way to stay on plan). The food did not derail me into giving up on my long term goals, I will only take a handful of these trips per year.

Oh yeah, the kids wrestled great and all wanted to go to Hooters as their reward. I'm always willing to sacrifice for the sake of the kids...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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It's nice to see that being a parent for a wrestler is just as unhealthy as being a wrestler. I attribute at least some of my yo-yo weight tendency to the whole football to wrestling and back to football dance that I did every year. Don't get me wrong, it is a great sport and I loved doing it. It just set up such darn unhealthy habits...

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Mountaineer, did you bring along some of the free foods like celery and cukes to nibble on all day. That may help you to space out the meals a little better and postpone your stomach asking for it's next meal..

I have been consistently loosing weight but I keep having to fight a hunger reflex and have been compensating with large half to one pound salads at lunch or dinner when the urge hits. I have also been using the 100 calorie popcorn packages at night as a carb when I get those nasty munchies. You may want to pop a bag or two and take them with you, make sure you only eat one kernel at a time though so you can satisfy the time delay between stomach and brain. The popcorn is not as healthy as a legume portion but it helps satisfy my urge..

Just my 2 cents...

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That is actually part of the solution in January. We drove because the moms/wives wanted to go this time and it was significantly less expensive to rent a couple of 15 person vans and make the trek. The Mom's won't go to the one in January so it will be affordable for the kids and coaches to fly. I should be able to stay on plan a little better flying. I'll take my zesty herb/nacho chips snacks to tide me over while everyone else is eating peanuts. I like the idea of the popcorn.

Michael, Hooters was the 7&8 year old kids' idea. Proud moment in a father's life..

Exfootball61: There have been several studies regarding former wrestlers and obesity (ok, I have not actually read the studies but have read the purported results from various wrestling message boards). Many of the guys who starved to make weight are now obese and suffering from serious health issues. The yo-yo is still as bad as ever. This was the first national caliber tournament of the year and many of the kids were still in football shape. It is amazing to watch the crazy things that parents/coaches/kids do at the national caliber tournaments to cut an extra pound. The trash bags and sauna suits you and I ran in back in the day were dangerous but they have been replaced with far more dangerous (and more effective) methods...

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Letsgomountaineers a long weekend and a 1 1/2 pound gain that you have already dropped? Sounds like you did pretty good considering the circumstances. I find if I go off plan 1 meal (and not eat healthy) I can put on 3-5 lbs of water retention. 100% on plan for one to two days will take all that back off. I never realized how much water retention can change your weight...

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Sounds like you did fantastic! Just not sure trying to stay awake driving makes any sense - I've read too many stores of teams and church groups caught in roll overs..

In any case as you know this is a lifestyle change that we want to maintain. Don't think of this as two phases - but at most an adjustment we make when we reach goal. As I'm nearing goal, I'm focused on BF% including increasing strength and muscle mass. My strength training is limited to the Perfect Push up and Pull Ups on the Iron Gym and I'm only doing them every other day so I believe I'm OK on calories. I'm adding some protein and using that more for snacks and deserts and the alternatives..

When you get in one of the situations like you were in - the key is to stay sensible (i.e. don't starting downing chicken wings and brews) and eat as healthy as you can. And above all else - getting back on the wagon before it matters..

Thanks for all your great posts, your insight, your "tell it like it is", and your "calls em as you see em" attitude!..

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Life happens, there will always be situations in your life that won't allow you to eat exactly what you want when you want to..

The decisions you make based on the choices available to you and how quickly you return to your normal routine is what determines if your lifestyle has changed...

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As a former high school wrestler I don't remember many wrestlers who also played football. Our heavy weight guy played center, but the rest of us were considered too small. Usually the basketball/football crowd were all big guys. The wrestlers either played baseball or just did the wrestling thing..

Coach would weigh us in early and if we didn't make weight, we usually had enough time to drop at least 3 lbs (running with 2-3 pair of sweats on) before the final weigh in. I guess every team did that and we were all overweight by the next day when we actually competed..

The bad thing about that was that we learned we could always drop a few pounds quickly, making us think that we could recover from eating anything the next day. As we got older we kept eating anything we wanted, but the pressure to drop back down to "fighting" weight wasn't there. Delusional...

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