I wanna go on the Medifast Diet!!?

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Quick question... I wanna go on the Medifast Diet!!? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: W.








It's December!.

The end of a great year and the beginning of an even BETTER one!.


* * *.


With each day we are on the program, our bodies are getting leaner!.

To lose the weight we gear our minds toward eating healthy and moving our bodies more..

Let's end this year with a BANG (and not a whimper)!.


Do you like to get mail? This is a fun way to add more movement to your day (more exercise) in a fun way. Every day when you check your mail, count the pieces of mail you get. The number of pieces you get in the mail each day is equal to the number of minutes of exercise that you will add to your next day!!.

For example, 8 pieces of mail, add 8 more minutes to the amount of exercise you do the following day. If you aren't already exercising then the challenge is to exercise 8 minutes the next day. Those minutes will add up, burn the calories and better yet challenge you to make excercise a part of your daily routine..

I get a LOT of mail, especially this time of year so this can get interesting! LOL.

Catalogs and Christmas cards arrive by the bucket full at my house! LOL.

Each day post how many pieces of mail you got and report in what form of exericse you did to get your additional minutes in. Can't wait to laugh about all that mail you are going to get each day....heeheee and if I have your address....LOOK OUT!.

Here's the link to last month's thread in case you need to.

Ketch up.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Hello PINKs,.

My mail comes in the afternoon so when I get it, I will be laughing as I count the pieces! I get a LOT of catalogs (especially this time of the year) and also Christmas cards should start rolling in! LOL It's gonna be a fun challenge and I know with this time of year also comes more social events/responsibilites so our time might be limited but this IS a challenge so let's all carve out a few more minutes of our days to move our bodies more! Our bodies will thank us on the scale!..

Comment #2

...going back now to calculate the WIW. Sorry again for the delay. One PINK will be crowned today with a sparkly crown! (I love sparkles!).

My Actual Factuals so far:.

8am cappy.

10am blueberry oatmeal (haven't had it for a while and it is perfect for this cool weather)..

Comment #3

PINK Homework:.

1) Share with your PINK sisters a few tricks or ideas that have helped boost your motivation in the past..

2) What is the most fun date you've ever been on? Tell us about it..

3) Are you right handed or left-handed?..

Comment #4


Weigh-in Wednesday (WIW) results.....

Leita 257/-2.

Becki 216/-1.

Our new PINK Queen of the Week is.


Congratulations on being our biggest loser this week and over Thanksgiving weekend! You are doing great! Your results inspire us all!.

I'll PM you the PINK crown and please take a bow and then sit in on this beautiful throne meant for royalty..

PINKs, please congratulate your new PINK queen. We gotta give these ladies some competion! Let's get going for next week! Medifast works! "When you work the plan, it works for you" as the saying goes.) We can do it! AND we'll love the results!..

Comment #5

Love the mail-exercise thing. I will have to get back up to speed next week; I went to the pool on Tuesday, got water in my ears, didn't realize it in time to use SwimEar, and ended up with a painful ear infection that wakes me up at night and makes it hard to go out in the cold. Plus it snowed here, which always makes me more house-bound, as I can't walk much on icy parking lots..

1) Share with your PINK sisters a few tricks or ideas that have helped boost your motivation in the past..

I reread Fat is a Feminist Issue and try on clothing that's just a little bit too small that I want to fit into again (I have sizes 14 to 20 in bins in my basement)..

2) What is the most fun date you've ever been on? Tell us about it..

The most fun date I remember and am willing to tell about was this summer when my husband and I left our kids and the friends we were sharing a house with at the beach, and got dressed up to go downtown with some other friends we were vacationing with to a very fancy restaurant where we had uninterrupted adult conversation for three hours..

3) Are you right handed or left-handed?.

Right-handed. My husband is left-handed but both our kids came out righties...

Comment #6

Good morning PINKs!!!.

My actual factuals:.

8am dutch choc shake.



Echinacea plus....feeling conjestion in chest and sinus...yuck!!.

Hope everyone is having an OP day!! I'm gonna go rest now while it's quiet..


Comment #7

Oh my; I was typing at the same time I got the crown! That will make the end of my week a little more cheerful; wearing a crown doesn't hurt sore ears at all...

Comment #8

Leita, love your new look so slim! I had to blush and LOL when I read your comment about "the fun date you are willing to tell about"..

But the date you did share about sounds awesome. Perfect, actually! Our hubbies should meet. You've met my hubby but the next time I go to Columbus will probably be end of January for the tourney..

Meshka, hope you feel better. Get some rest too to help fight off the germs. I've been using MF's sleep aid and I LOVE it. I just take one when I brush my teeth at night and sleep wonderfully..

I just counted my mail...LOL...12 pieces. I will be doing calestinics. Love the effect on my legs and bum...

Comment #9

Hello PINKs! Yah! A new December Thread!.

Congrats, Leita! Great weightloss results!.

Been a busy week, I am almost done with our christmas decorations, finished getting the advent calendar together, now all I have to do is the kids tree upstairs. That is more watching and supervising than work though! Don't you just love the little traditions you develop when you become a mother. I am a sentimental sap, and just love moments like these! Christmas and the whole month of December are my favorite of all!.

HOpe all is well with everyone!.


Comment #10

Hello Pinks!.

Just a fly by...have been super busy. Lost 2.5 lbs but forgot to post my weigh in on Wednesday. Just so, so busy. Will stop by when I have more time!..

Comment #11

My HW:.

1) Share with your PINK sisters a few tricks or ideas that have helped boost your motivation in the past..

I like to buy something in a smaller size and keep trying it on from time to time to see how much closer it is to fitting properly. I've done that with a few different clothing items over the time of my weight loss. It is sooooooooooooo fun to finally pass the clothes on because they become TOO BIG! woo hoo!!!!.

2) What is the most fun date you've ever been on? Tell us about it.. first date with hubby was a good one. We were in college and he wanted me to make him homemade torillas and fajitas and all the trimmings. I did and then we went to the city park and no one else was there. He held me in his arms under the stars and we danced even though there was no music so he sang the song "The Dance" by Garth Brooks to me. That is the song he is singing to me on the video on MyPage except he can do a much better job than his first karaoke on that video..

3) Are you right handed or left-handed?.

LEFTY of course! (out of five children only one is left handed)..

Comment #12

Becki! I love traditions too! I am soo sentimential! Love making new traditions with my kids. I didn't have family traditions growing up so I make them up now. LOL I also love candles and the smell puts me in a good mood...and my kids too!.

Courtney, GREAT job on your weight loss!! You would have been the new PINK queen! I am sorry you didnt get your WIW posted. What's your official WIW number? I will put it on my spreadsheet. So glad to see you here. How much mail did you get today??..

Comment #13

PINK Homework:.

1) Share with your PINK sisters a few tricks or ideas that have helped boost your motivation in the past..

I have as well bought a few items of clothing that 'might fit' and will also try them on from time to time to see if they will fit I did that with a blouse that I had bought a couple of years ago and it fits but is a bit snug in the upper arms....I am looking forward to trying it on again around Christmas and I am hoping to be able to wear it!.

2) What is the most fun date you've ever been on? Tell us about it..

The funnest date that I have been on with my hubby was when it was our anniversary and we went to a very fancy resturant with an 8 course meal with wine that complimented each dish and of cousrse that bill was very high, but oh sooooo much fun....we also new our waitress.....she was so awesome and didn't judge us at all. My husband use to work at this resturant when we were 1st made me (and him as well)feel special!.

3) Are you right handed or left-handed?.

I'm right handed, but have 2 brothers that are left handed....all of our kids are righties....wasn't sure at 1st about our daughter(same with the boys as well) she use to use either hand and I thought it was pretty neat until she started pre-school and they encouraged her to use one and not both.(she would just switch it up in the middle of coloring) mom has been able to use either one as well....I wanted to be just like her so I would always try both(it's fun)....I ended up a righty and so did my daughter(my mom is too....LOL)..

Comment #14

Good morning PINKs!!!!.

My actual factuals:.

9:30am vanilla shake.



I sleep really well last night and was able to sleep in this morning. Still congested tho. When I woke up my DS1 asks me if I heard the toilet flush....I was thinking..."WHY" LOL so he tells me that he threw up because his stomach hurt and he has a temp of 104....well my DH tells me his temp was 100.4 NOT 104 thank goodness!! So germs, germs every where...uugghhh!! He's fine right now..

I think that we might go find a Christmas tree today..

I am going out tonight with some girl friends for a girls night. It's my friends b-day on the 12/8 and I said that I would buy her dinner. Never been to the resturant that has picked, but the menu looks reasonable and I'm sure that I can figure a good LG from it..

Ok have a great day ladies!!.


Comment #15

So I forgot to post my mail yesterday and I had 4 pieces of mail and 6 today so I will add an extra 10 minutes to a cardio exercise...a walk around the block this afternoon...

Comment #16

Good morning PINKs!!.

Last night was fun with my friends. It was a nice relaxing visit! Anyways, I was able to choose a yummy LG. Filet on skewrs and a greek spinach salad..

We picked out our christmas tree yesterday and we will decorate it today..

Ok BBL..

Comment #17


Meshka, thanks for being such a dedicated PINK! you rock! your LG sounds soo yum! A friend gave me some dark leaf lettuce thing from her garden...I don't think it was kale but something like that. I love it! Christmas decorating still hasn't happened at my house. LOL Maybe if I get it cleaned today, then I will feel like decorating tomorrow but we always use a fake tree so no rush to find a real one for sale. Even with the holidays looking...we can be OP!.

We had a one day chess tourney. It was just a local school tourney, nothing serious (like the adult tourneys we go to). I was perfectly OP, baby! No stress at those school tourneys. I didn't to check the mail yesterday so I just said 10 pieces. But what to do about today with no mail?? LOL.

((((Team PINK)))) Had church, potluck and then church again and now am going to dejunk DS3 and DS4's room. eek! LOL..

Comment #18

Thanks PL!!!!.

DH did bring home a nice 25 lb salmon and we will cook some tomorrow night....YUM!!!.

Where is everybody else tonight? DH got home a little on the late side so we will decorate tomorrow night..

I just want to say that I am thinking of every PINK tonight and I am hoping that you are all having a great evening!.

Good night ladies!!!! I'll ketchup tomorrow!!!.

Good night!!!..

Comment #19

Good Morning PINKs..

Starting the day with hot Medifast cappy today. It is cold here. Local farmers sy it is going to be a bitter winter. They look at the persimmons for clues to the winter weather. Another old wives tell is how many days it will snow based on the date of the first snow. Lol.

I was told that people go to work two weeks after tuck. It seems early to me too but I will talk to the doc. I want to get to OH to see Leita and a few other PINKs that live there since my boys have a tourney there anyway at the end of January..

Meshka, 25pound salmon! Wow. Must be a good one..enough for LG for the PINKs. LOL.

I am OP baby!..

Comment #20

Meshka, a 25 pound salmon sounds huge! We decorated for Christmas this weekend, too. We have a tree set up in our living room with cat toys hung all over least that's the way the cats see it!.

Getting on here reminds me to go get the mail from Saturday before we get more this afternoon. It snowed enough here that the schools were on 2-hour delay, which means our driveway, which slants down towards the mailbox, is hard for me to negotiate. We should get better about getting our mail, but we mostly put it on a table and I go through it every month to make sure we got all the bills into the drawer to get paid..

My ears are better but not back to normal. I think I'll see if I can swim tomorrow anyway. The cold and low pressure make my knees feel a bit stiff...

Comment #21

Leita, snow?! I had no idea until you mentioned it. We are cold, but not that cold yet. OH gets much more snow than we do. We typically get ice storms in February. Sorry about your ears. No fun at all with that..

How are you all doing on your water? Last night I was soooooooooooooo thirsty but didnt want to go downstairs in the middle of the night to get water so tonight I am going to plan ahead and bring my stainless steel water bottle upstairs for my nightstand. Water REALLY helps with the weight loss. REALLY. So drink up, PINKs!.

I've got some PINK homework to pass out...

LOL Here it is:.

PINK Homework:.

1) How are you at accepting compliments from other women? From men?.

2) What did you do when you skipped school?.

3) Do you watch TV? If so - how much and what programs are your faithfuls..

Comment #22

PINK Homework:.

1) How are you at accepting compliments from other women? From men?.

I just said thank you....same thing from men. Just smile and say thanks!.

2) What did you do when you skipped school?.

Went to a friends house and watched TV, or went to the mall, or went back home and went to bed...(my mom always knew when I skipped...I was very open with her).

3) Do you watch TV? If so - how much and what programs are your faithfuls.

We watch 3 shows.

One Tree Hill - Tuesdays.

Grey's Anatomy - Thursdays.

Private Practice - Thursdays.

The baby is getting really active!!! I have started calling him my Kung Fu baby!!! He moves ALOT...espcically after I eat! I had a weird craving this weekend....grossed DH out!.

I hope all is well with everyone!!!.


Comment #23

Hi Krystin, aka BabyPINK is having a blue PINK baby! Kung Fu baby is good name! LOL I loved that feeling of baby moving inside. very happy for you! LOL at your "margarita" comment on that baby count down ticker. I learned to eat jalapenos for the first time when I was expecting baby #4. Love them now!.

Where are Becki and Courtney today? Linda, how is your OP going? Setae, how are you? PINKs, lets hear how your day is going with your OP and your Actual Factauls. Everyone busy Christmas decorating? shopping? I haven't even begun yet. EEK..

I am hungry!! I need my LG NOW but am saving it for dinner tonight with family. I would much rather eat it mid-afternoon but want to eat with the family so I am waiting. I changed my next order for 4 cases of RTDs (chocolate, of course!). With the free shipping I don't have to worry about how much it weighs to ship..

RTDs are my new fave (except for the cappuccino)..

Love and Hugs to all the PINKs. Gooooooooooooooooo PINKs! Team PINK is stronger together!..

Comment #24

Hi PINKs,.

OP OP OP, baby!.

My Homework:.

PINK Homework:.

1) How are you at accepting compliments from other women? From men?.

I think this is a good question....i had to learn to take a compliment and I am still learning. I am around mostly men (sons/hubby/chess peeps) and they don't compliement much. Women at church do, we usually compliment each other. PINKs are always good for compliments when we show each other progress pics along the way! woo hoo!!.

Krystin has it right that just a thank you and a smile is good but I always seem to downplay any compliements...still working on that..

2) What did you do when you skipped school?.

I didn't skip school except for Senior Skip day. LOL My friend and I drove to my dad's house in San Antonio (a few hours away) and I got my first speeding ticket on the way. My friend thought it was funny. I did not. I told my dad when I got there but was terrified to tell my mom. My dad then took my friend and I out to eat on the Riverwalk.

3) Do you watch TV? If so - how much and what programs are your faithfuls.

I don't watch TV but I buy the DVDs of the series I like to watch....24 was a fave and then Bones and now I like "The Big Bang Theory" It's geeky funny. House is good too..

PINKs, please report in and tell how your day went. OP? easy? struggling? let us know. that's what we are here for....accountability and support...

Comment #25

Good evening PINKs!.

Sorry for being MIA today. It's a monday and just plain busy..

PL and LeitaJ the salmon was good, my husband tryed cooking it a different way tonight and it turned out ok. We cooked scallops as well and he tryed cooking the salmon like Mahi Mahi and that's what it tasted like...LOL No more of that! If you ladies all lived next to me I would share with you....LOL He dropped the rest of the fish off to be smoked. We like to give that as Christmas presents to the family..

I got 4 pieces of mail to day....4 more minutes added to exercise..

I will do my homework tomorrow!.

My shippment arrived today and I ordered a case of RTD's - I thought that they would be perfect for the busy season..

Our tree is now in the house and we will decorate tomorrow. DH has to get up at 3:45 am for work....yuck!!.

Still congested, my DS1 is feeling better....I think that he had a 24 hour stomach bug, all the lil tikes in the day care have colds now too....uuggh!! It's that time of year..

We've had snow on the west coast areas, but not in our town....very cold weather in the 30's and icy roads. Colder at my families home it's been 22 in the mornings..

Ok just wanted to stop by real fast and share some stuff for the evening. Didn't track my actual factuals very well today, but looking forward to digging into my new shipment in the am...YAY!!!.

Goodnight ladies!..

Comment #26

It's already so cold here I'm spending part of my day cleaning out a big cage and making a place for it in the housewe have an elderly gentleman rabbit who doesn't need to be outside when the temperature goes below 20 degrees. We used to keep him in the garage when it got really cold, but he's never liked it, so we're going to try the house..

I have been longing for chocolate. Partly it's because of the holiday goodies, and partly it's just...a longing. I did my usual thing and had some so the craving wouldn't get worse and I'd overindulge, and that worked for now, but the longing is not going away..

1) How are you at accepting compliments from other women? From men?.

I used to be awkward, but I've gotten a lot better; I do what Krystin says, just smile and say thanks..

2) What did you do when you skipped school?.

I never skipped physically, but I read books and ignored what was going on in school from K-12. I was forbidden to use the school library in elementary school because of it. After that I hid it better. My parents have always used me as an example of a kid who hated school until college..

3) Do you watch TV? If so - how much and what programs are your faithfuls.

We've watched Glee on Tuesday night for the past four weeks with a group of the kids' friends. Usually we watch on DVDwe're watching last year's Castle and How I Met Your Mother...

Comment #27

Hi PINKs,.

Meshka, I am just learning how to eat/enjoy fish. Salmon was the first one I tried. Mahi Mahi, I've never had..

Leita, is it TOM time for you? I crave chocolate once a month (other times I just WANT it, LOL but right before TOM, I CRAVE it. ) What I do is mix a little bit of PB2 with my Medifast pudding and it makes a chocoalte/peanut butter dish. yum. That solves my cravings. PB2 is not a Medifast product so it is not officially on the program but I only have about a teaspoon once a month..

I am swollen up like a big cow. My first surgery was scheduled for during TOM time so I am glad this time, it should be clear of that...yay! Who needs double whammy of pain/discomfort/nusiance? LOL.

My sweet only DD is getting all worked up about Christmas. She is sending out Christmas cards and making gifts/wrapping them in her room. She reminds me so much of myself at that age. I looked at her last night and besides being lighter hair/eyes than I am, she could of been me at that age. She is 10. She reads non-stop like I did too.

LOL I've reproduced! LOL.

(which also means I need to help her with her eating habits/portion control....she's not naturally just doesn't run in our family.).

(((Team PINK)))) Love you all lots...

Comment #28

PL, thanks for the idea for the chocolate craving; I'll try it. I hate to say it because I know you love them, but the brownies don't give me much chocolate satisfaction. I like the chocolate crunch bars best for that. Today I tried one of those caramel nut maintenance bars..

I don't know if it's the time of the month or not; I've been on the pill since I was 18 until this month, and I just stopped taking it. The hormone swinging may well be part of the craving, and I hadn't thought of it..

Mahi Mahi is one of the most delicious mild, white fish. It's dolphin, but not the mammalnot a porpoise, I mean. Very popular in Hawaii but now it's flash frozen and flown almost anywhere...

Comment #29

Hello PINKs!!!.

So hope evrybody is having a great OP day!! I am.

Easy day so far....down 2 lil tikes and 2 part timers in the morning and one this afternoon. Love these kind of days..

My actual factuals:.

8am RTD - dutch choc.


10am chai latte.

Infused water bottle.

1pm parm cheese puffs.


Today is my grammy's birthday and she turned 84 years old.....called her and she is having a wonderful day. She's been sick lately and she is starting to feel better....stomach issues and no appetite.....glad she is doing well today..


Comment #30

My actual factuals:.

8am RTD - dutch choc.


10am chai latte.

Infused water bottle.

1pm parm cheese puffs.


3:30pm D. choc RTD.


Oh I ended up getting another call from my afternoon part timers momma and she went to pick him up from pre-school so I was off of work at 1:30pm today and was able to enjoy taking my time picking the kids up from school, felt nice. So do I go to the gym or stay home tonight....hmmmm. I think that I better go, but I'm still draggin from this cold virus.....probably will stay home and get those lights out and decorations for the tree..

I got 4 more pieces of mail today so another 4 minutes added to exercise....that will have to be tomorrow evening..

Oh....last week we signed my DS1 up for basketball so that should be fun. Everybody keeps giving me the thumbs up for an inside sport....funny really....I guess some people prefer inside sports rather than out side sports....I like them no matter where they are...LOL.


Comment #31

QUick flyby to say Hi. Co-hosting a baby shower for my friend at my house on Sunday and I am crazy getting the house ready for a house full of women!.

STaying OP though!..

Comment #32

Hi PINKs,.

Meshka, Happy Birthday to your Grammy (love that name). Good job on your Actual Factuals. I am so proud of you. Your new avatar is sooo pretty. Lookin good, girlfriend..

Becki, I love babies and think every baby deserves a baby shower. Kudos to you for bein OP. It will be a fun day for you! I have a local friend that is due anyday now before Christmas. Can't wait to hold it..

PINKs, I know this season is busy, but let's stick it out together. We can do it and be glad we did...

Comment #33

My actual factuals:.

8am RTD - dutch choc.


10am chai latte.

Infused water bottle.

1pm parm cheese puffs.


3:30pm D. choc RTD.


6:30pm LG chicken in broth and a salad.


Thanks PL with the avatar compliment....that's when I had my hair done this last time and was trying to show it off....LOL.

My Grammy is so wonderful! I will have to post some pic of my grammy and papa from Thanksgiving and my mom sent me some pics today of her with some roses, a new jacket and her b-day cute!.

We put the lights on our tree tonight and the decorations will go on tomorrow....DH didn't get home until 7pm-ish....we usually do it in stages anyways, just not enough time to do it all in one evening with homework and such..

Ok, I'm gonna go back to bed now....couldn't sleep and I was so tired this evening (before dinner) I guess that I have to much on my mind! Sleep well PINKs! Oh man...I'll have to do my homework tomorrow....totally forgot about it..


Comment #34

It's only 10 degrees here this morningvery cold for this time of year. I'm trying to put together a dressy outfit for Saturday night, when we're invited to a dinner with the "senior staff" of the college at the president's house. Since the skirts I wore for the last few years were only fitted around the elastic waist, they mostly just fit better now, but the tops I got to hide the bulk around my middle are too bigthis is a good problem to have for shopping, because I can buy regular-size tops now..

Here's my weigh-in Wednesday from the east coast, to remind you all to turn yours inremember I stole the crown from someone who forgot to report her loss last week! Mine is the same as last week, so I give you no competition..

WIW: 257.


Comment #35

Hi PINKs,.

Leita, you are shrinking! time to shop! Regular sizes were my goal too! yeah! Your tops will be a victory to shop for. I'm emailing you over the fancy dinner so we can talk menu...i know you are pro MFer but I am curious what you will be up against..

Hi Becki, glad you reported your WIW! The weeks are flying by! Can you believe it?!.

I have severe TOM issues right now...and am so glad my tuck was rescheduled for later (not during TOM time)...but now I am thinking maybe I am long past due for a hysterecomy? I can barely function for two days out of the month. The second day is always the worst. But that would mess up my tuck? I don't want to reschedule though..

...just rambling..

Meshka, I have not put up one single decoration yet. Will do that asap but hubby has been too busy to get out of attic so I will send DS1 in there to find (not easy) where all the Christmas stuff is. Please do post pics. the more the merrier..

Here's my Actual Factuals:.

8am RTD.

10am Cinnamon Pretzels.

12noon not yet (something chocolate).

I got 12 pieces of mail today! No fair that Meshka only got 4! LOL.

Where's Courtney? Linda, how are you today? PINKs, come on out to play!.

Krystin, painting the baby room/decorating? lets see pics along the way!..

Comment #36



Queen of the Week Crown Rules.

~ New MFers joining team.


During their first week of Medifast are not up for the crown until they are in their second week or more on MF. (Because typically the first week is the greatest loss and we wanted to make it fair to all the.


Who have been losing for a while now.).



Works best if you post your weight on the first Wednesday you join team.


As your "baseline" weight and then the following week you will be up for the crown the following Wednesday..

~ Some people have other weigh in days that they would like to keep but still be eligible for the crown on Wednesdays. That is fine as long as you repost your weekly weigh ON Wednesday. (For example, you weigh Sunday but don't report until Wed. each week, as along as it is comparing a full seven day week.)Although it is more simple to just change to make your official weigh-in day on Wednesday..

~We actually post our weights and do not take it from our tickers (sometimes we get behind on our tickers). So please post something like this:.

WIW: 217.4.

Height: 5'4".

So anything you can do to make your weight stand out easier would be very helpful like adding large font, add color, and maybe even space it apart from everything else to make it stand out..

Thanks!! We are getting more fit each week! go.



Comment #37

WIW 172.


I too have had TOM issues this past week....LOL..

Comment #38

The decor set (the Turtle Reef) is so colorful, we have decided not to paint his room! My friend is painting wodden letters to hang above his bed (it will be his name). Then the set we are getting has wall art. We think that will enough going on on the walls that painting them will just make it too much!!!.

We are starting to clean out his room this weekend, and Sunday we are going to order his furniture!!! We can't wait!.

I have a huge to do list for things that need to get done before he gets are a few:.

Clean out his room/closet (it has been our guest room/over flow room), and set his room up!.

Clean up and set up new guest room (BIL moved out last week).

Go through all the stuff in the gameroom, and throw out anything we dont NEED and rearrange the room.

Clean out our closet.

Touch up the paint on the walls throughout the house.

Clean out a cabinet for his stuff...bottles and such (I will be breastfeeding, but we will have to have bottles for when I go back to work).

So far that is my list, I am sure I will add more and more to it! We have about 4 1/2 months! I want his room completely ready by the end of march (incase he comes early)..

Here is a link again to what we have chosen so far!!.


Http:// ID=77448&SO=0&Ne=5+18+904+949+833&N=4294940794&Nao =0&PSO=0&CmCatId=70676|77448.



Oh I have also picked out the carseat/stroller travel system, and his pack and play..

Comment #39

My actual factuals:.

8am RTD.


10am hot coco w/coffee.

Infused water bottle..

Comment #40

Krystin, beautiful furniture! baby beds have come a long way!! Makes me feel OLD. thanks! LOL LOVE your selections though! How are you doing on your weight? Adding a healthy weight gain for baby? Is your doc pleased? btw, I am list maker too!!.

Meshka, good job on your actuals factuals. I am eating my hubby's Medifast pretzels. But my fave is the RTDs adn cappy..

Courtney, thanks for emailing your WIW..

Sharon, waiting for your WIW too..

....dreading the mail coming today! LOL..

Comment #41

My actual factuals:.

8am RTD.


10am hot coco w/coffee.

Infused water bottle.

12pm PB crunch bar.

3pm cinn pretzels.

3 pieces of mail and 1 invitation to a holiday party next weekend....that was in my DD cubby when we arrived to school this 4 total...

Comment #42

....still a little more time to get your WIW reported in if you haven't already. Even if you don't have a loss, it's better to report your current weight this week so next week you'll be able to boast a loss!.

Come on, PINKs! We can do it! Medifast works!..

Comment #43

Team PINK's WIW:.

Becki 214/-2.

Courtney 181/-.5.

Leita 257.

Meshka 172.

Our New.



Of the Week is.



A sparkly.



For you to wear.

This week!.



You are doing a great job and it shows!.

Please take a bow!.

Your carriage awaits you!..

Comment #44

Good evening PINKs!!!!.

Hope every PINK is well, sleeping well tonight....I know I will. No windy storm tonight for me!.

This weekend will be a busy one for me.....we have our kids Christmas program Fri. night and then again on Sun. afternoon, along with DS1 basketball team assignment on Sat. morning and DD has a b-day party to go to on Sat. afternoon, then a truckers parade on Sat. evening and my mother in laws b-day on Sun. Busy for sure!!! What is everyone else doing this weekend?..

Comment #45

PINK Homework:.

1) How are you at accepting compliments from other women? From men?.

Well, I think that I just say thank you and move the conversation forward....I am too trying to accept the compliment with out being put on the spot. I have always been a bit on the shy side I guess..

2) What did you do when you skipped school?.

When I was in high school my mom usually always new when I skipped school....we were always open about that as well. Then I started to take advantage of it and wrote my own notes and signed my mothers name....then it caught up with me and she didn't like it so much....I wasn't just staying home anymore and started to do things that she did not approve of like going to hang out with my friends and not for any good reason, then I was going to have to be kicked out for a semester and make up work. Then I was put in my place....I needed to go everyday to graduate from high school...that was kind of embarrasing! So then I realized I had to be a better student!.

3) Do you watch TV? If so - how much and what programs are your faithfuls.

I use to watch tv all the time before I had kids, now not so much. I use the tv for background noise. I try to watch some shows like survivor, super nanny, chef ramsey, grey's anantomy and cops....not much really...

Comment #46

Congrats, Becki!.

I have to confess that I'm having trouble finding the mail to count it. It's usually my son's job to bring it in, and it's getting dumped on the table where last month's mail is, put into the catalog bins, and carried off by the children (college mail). I'm going to estimate that we get eight pieces a day and add that to my exercise plan..

You see why I've never had success on diets where you have to count!..

Comment #47

Hey y'all! Thank you so much! I really love that crown! (insert wink and mrs. america wave) ..

Been a busy week for me, sorry I haven't posted in a while! I did want to report though, I found a great recipe in the forum for cc pancakes. Try it if you haven't already. I have always gotten so frustrated with the pancakes because they never cook right. Doing this changed it up a bit and I actually like it better! Less clean up too, which is always a plus..

Chocolate chip pancake muffin..

Combine 2 oz of water with your pancake mix in a cup.

Mix until smooth.

Microwave for 90 seconds..

Then I add the syrup..

Pretty yummy, and simple!.

BBL with my homework!..

Comment #48

Good morning PINKs!!!.

I was pleasently surprized this morning when I got up and stepped on my trusty ol scale and showed me a 1 lb loss and now I've hit my 30 lb gone forever mark!!! YAY!!! Jumping for joy!!! I will now use my spa gift certificate for a little pampering!.

It's a good day!!.

Actual factuals:.

8am RTD.


Comment #49

Its hard to tell. I would say I have gained around 5-8lbs. I dont know for sure, b/c I flucuate a lot. Somedays my scale loves me and shows me that I have only gained 3 other days it says 10. So I just keep it in the middle around 5-8. Dr is pleased....she said she has seem some ladies gain a lot more by now.

She said no more than 30 is ok. I am aiming for around 20 total gain. We will see. I eat healthy 99% of the time...I cave to some of my preggy cravings....generally wierd ones. We were walking every night, but it's starting to get cold, and I have had broncitis for 3 weeks.

Baby is super active, and last night I drank some orange juice right before bed....BIG mistake....#1 he was bouncing all over the place....#2 I had to get up 3 times to pee last I didn't sleep well. Then woke up early b/c my back was hurting..

I can't wait til his furniture gets here...I think at that point it will all really start feeling real! I have 3 or 4 outfits at the house, but still hasn't really clicked they are for him. But I am sure once that furniture gets into his will feel real!!!..

Comment #50

Hi PINKs,.

Mucho congrats to Becki for your crown! Muffins sound good. Yum..

Thanks for shring the recipe with your PINK sisters..

Leita, LOL, I am having to guard the mail at my house too. LOL. I tell them I have to count it before they dig in. LOL. Help me think of a non-counting challenge for next month. Lol.

Meshka!!! 30 pound mark!!! Just awesome! What a differfence it makes ! Congrats to you! HIGH FIVE!!.

Krystin, all sounds good about your doc's expectations for you. OJ BEFORE sleep not good idea. LOL. Too funny! What's the due date again? I will have to make it down there to Dallas when baby is still "fresh"..

I am OP, baby! Its cold but not that many inches of snow do you have Leita? We might get our first bit this weekend. My kids arfe hoping anyway..

((Team PINK)) we can do this...nothing is gonna stop us! We are on our way to goal!..

Comment #51

Actual factuals:.

8am RTD.


11am RTD.

Infused water bottle.

I got 5 pieces of mail today..

Down about 3 kids today and yesterday 2 kids's the end of the college semester and next week they have finals so those 3 kids are outta here for about a month....well one is moving back to Texas it's not working out for her here. Anyways in about a week I will have one of my lil girls start back with her new baby sister....a 2 1/2 month old....can't wait! That's gonna be fun and I'll get my baby fix again....LOL..

Comment #52

Actual factuals:.

8am RTD.


11am RTD.

Infused water bottle.

2pm cinn pretzels.


Ok, I've gotta finish my board meeting minutes....almost done....our meeting is a week early this month because of Christmas. So I'll check back in tonight...

Comment #53

Good evening Ladies.

I finished my board meeting minutes now I can relax and just prepare for my kids Christmas program tomorrow night. Not sure if my DD will be in it tho....this evening she ended up with fever, sure hope she doesn't vomit like my DS1 did last weekend with his fever. She fell alseep on the couch and now she's in her bed back to sleep. Poor lil girl..

Yes, Becki's avatar is very pretty!.

PL, 18 pieces of mail....oh my goodness! That's a ton of mail!! LOL..

Comment #54

I like the new photo too, Becki..

Yesterday I was putting the vitamins and supplements in my week's worth container (each day is labeled). These are the supplements recommended in the Medifast book and PL recommended them to me, too: a multi-vitamin, a B vitamin, Co Q-10 and Omega 3 fish oil. For next week, though, I stopped putting in two of them because when I had my consultation about the thing on my eyelid, the doctor told me to stop taking the Omega-3 fish oil and the Co Q-10, as they have anticoagulant properties. It's not a danger for me, since this is cosmetic surgery, but she did say it would help keep the bruising down. Then I was thinking about PL's tuck, and decided it's a good reminder for all of usdon't take those two for a week before any kind of surgery..

I am going to a Christmas party with my family this evening. It's scheduled for 4-7 and I have to go, but in past years I've occupied myself with the sweets they offer because there are a lot of people there I don't know (although the party is given by some of our best friends; that's why we have to go). Wish me luck. My plan is to have L&G for lunch today, even though usually I save it for supper, and to have a bar or RTD on the way there...

Comment #55

Hi PINKs,.

Today is a new day! One day closer to goal and I am PUMPED!.

I love being makes me feel good mentally and physically!!.

Leita, the doc told me about the Omega 3s too and the blood thinning not good for surgery. I will be careful about that. Surgery is set for Jan 17 and my pre OP is Jan 10. I am sooo excited! Trying to work out details now about kids (and grandma caring for them). My bed is upstairs but might move downstairs for a few weeks while I recover. not sure...lots of details to work out.

We'll all be rooting for you tonight..

Make sure you stay hydrated (the world is a better place all around when you get your water in). And don't short change yourself on your protein...measure it! Is it a dress up party?.

I am OP, baby! The holidays are NOT going to keep me from my goals!.

((((Team PINK))) Together we are stronger!.

Brb with homework..

Comment #56

Meshka, hope your daughter is feeling better...and the play goes well. cute pics requested!! I told you I was dreading checking the mail! LOL I get a TON of catalogs, especially, this time of year..

My head is feeling a bit dizzy, congested today too....hope I am NOT getting sick. I do not have time for sick. LOL but I feel cloudy. know what I mean?..

Comment #57

Team PINK's Homework:.

1) What upcoming events are you preparing for? What's your plan to insure you are going to be OP?.

2) Please share a favorite Christmas tradition, either now or when you were a kid..

3) What's your favorite color?..

Comment #58

OMGoodness! Thank you so much for your kindness on my avatar picture. I am horrible at "self portraits"!.

Team PINK's Homework:.

1) What upcoming events are you preparing for? What's your plan to insure you are going to be OP?.

I am co-hosting a baby shower for a friend of mine this Sunday. Luckily Courtney is one of the host's too. We plan to hold each other accountable and I think she is making something special for us that is OP. She is a really good cook! It is going to be hard though! All the food is going to be so yummy. Alot of my favorites! We will have a veggie tray, though! Wish me luck!.

2) Please share a favorite Christmas tradition, either now or when you were a kid..

I have a lot of favorite Christmas traditions with my family! We do an advent calendar every year with the kids. Behind each door is a little gift, a message about christain values centered around Christmas, and a little scripture that we look up in the bible. My kids look forward to it every night and it makes for great family time and memories. Another one is: My main Christmas tree is down stairs in our family room. I decorate that one (the whole perfectionist thing). The second tree is upstairs, and that one is the kids.

We put that tree up together and It is something that just warms my heart to watch my boys joyfully preparing the perfect Christmas tree. AAAHHH memories! I try to savor all the little things because they are growing up so darn fast!!!! (tears welling up).

3) What's your favorite color?.

Ha! LOL! PINK! All shades! It is my "signature color"!.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!.


Comment #59

OMG! I just noticed how big those letters are! I still can't get used to the format of composing messages, and the text for colors, and font sizes, etc. I am such a dorK!.


HOpe all that pink doesn't hurt your eyes!..

Comment #60

Okay!! I'm jumping in...I have NO idea what's going on & I've never been on a team before, but HI!!!.

1) What upcoming events are you preparing for? What's your plan to insure you are going to be OP?.

-Well, cookie baking. I have resolved to try to give plates to all my neighbors on my block. So far, 8 plates down. My plan for this is KNOWING they are meant for someone else, and wrapping them into plates with saran wrap so they're ready to go. (I'm even going to make Medifast cocoa truffles for my neighbor who's doing MF!!).

-ChristmasI KNOW I'm going to miss eggnog so I have a Medifast recipe all lined up for it. I also bought some ChocoMint SS to make into Mint shakes so I can enjoy "Mint M&M's".

2) Please share a favorite Christmas tradition, either now or when you were a kid..

-Oh gosh. Music with the family. I'm a soprano, my mom's an alto, and hubby's a tenor. Dad plays guitar.

ALSO-listening to Garrison Keilor while looking at Christmas lights!.

3) What's your favorite color?.

Purple....Is that illegal? Can I still be on the.



Today so far...1 super ultra amazing grilled cheese sandwich using a COB soup packet..

Time for Lunch!..

Comment #61

LOL Becki, the font is big but it is PINK and that trumps everything. LOL.

I am glad you like PINK. Keep something PINK on your desk to remind you to be OP. My laptop is PINK, my cell phone is PINK, etc....

Thanks for sharing your Christmas traditions....I am getting in the mood for Christmas!.

We only do one tree but this year I bought a second smaller one at a resale for $5. fun!..

Comment #62

LOL, Amelie, ...I don't know.....


Is a thorn in my side! LOL.

Just kidding...we've had other "closet Purple lovers" on.



I am PMing you...

Comment #63

Oh Amelia, forgot to say my hubby is tenor too. Me...well, it's best I don't sing. LOL..

Comment #64

Emailing you Becki about the shower. Two PINKs at the same baby'll keep each other strong!.

Keep thinking of your are regal!..

Comment #65

Ok! Per our Brave Leader's instructions, I have been given a banner (which for some reason sometimes works and sometimes doesn't....) AND I'm here introducing myself!.

Hi! I'm Amelie. I live in the Midwest. I am (insert a flattering age here) years old, and...I'm married (was running out of thoughts there)(5 years btw). Been overweight all my adult life, don't even KNOW what I truly look like. It's my 4th week on Medifast and I'm definitely learning more every week, and having grace with myself. (I usually expect myself to do perfectly on something new which can be REALLY discouraging.

BUT I'm reminding myself learning is OKAY. Like Week 2? WAAAAAY too many condiments! Oops! Oh well. Now I know!).

Um....Weird/Interesting things about me.

1) I went to school for Opera. I'm not one of those 'light' opera voices either. We're talking full blown Girl-with-Horns-Dying-On-Stage voice..

2) YES I have a Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker! (It matches my waffle iron....).

3)I have crocheted a ninja and survived to tell the tale.

4)My hubby loves it when I wear PINK!.

Hi everybody!!..

Comment #66

**GASP** I love the Pink Crown Queen of the week!!! ok ok. My WIW baseline would be.


Comment #67

Welcome Amelie!!!.

So glad your here and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better...

Comment #68

My actual factuals:.

8:30am RTD.

11:15am cappy in my coffee.


So my DD still has a fever and no other symptoms so we will see if she will be in her Christmas performance tonight, if she doesn't make it tonight then she can always be in it on Sun. afternoon..

Off to do chores so BBL..

Comment #69

Hi Amelie! Welcome to team PINK. This team is great!!!!!! I crochet, too! Would love to know about the crochet ninja! Do tell! Glad your here!..

Comment #70

Team PINK's Homework:.

1) What upcoming events are you preparing for? What's your plan to insure you are going to be OP?.

All the Christmas family stuff. Ummm...I am yeah...(sorry PL).

2) Please share a favorite Christmas tradition, either now or when you were a kid..

Ever since Dustin and I got married, we started collecting christmas ornaments each year. 1 for us, and 1 for Ruby Sue, and next year the Baby will start getting his..

3) What's your favorite color?.


Comment #71

Et tu, Brute? >>>PL adverts eyes! LOL<<<.

Welcome Amelie, thanks for the intro. I can crotchet flowers and a chain and yep, that's it. LOL I am also a wanna be knitter.! Would love to hear you some time. Are you on youtube? My DD might fight you for the Hello Kitty appliances. She is a die-hard and has a live kitty named "Hello Kitty" to prove it..

Meshka, my Actual Factuals are soo easy today....LOL.

8am RTD.

10am RTD.

12noon RTD.

2pm RTD.

4pm guess the RTD nearby already! LOL.

6pm will be shredded chicken from the crockpot on a bed of lettuce and some spray dressing. I am trying to be sooo good before my tuck. I have a month to prepare!.

Krystin, MODERATION for you, dear PINK. I know you are prego and can't lose but you certainly can GAIN so be careful..

I know I've told you before but I used my first pregnancy to "eat for two" and I ended up being TWICE my former size! LOL ((hugging you)) Let's see some prego. pics of you...

Comment #72

...all is quiet here.....Goodnight PINKs, see you tomorrow..

(((Team PINK))).

Sweet OP dreams!..

Comment #73

Hi PINKs,.

Lazy day for me here when I should be cleaning.....I was trying to talk myself into Christmas shopping online, LOL, and am too lazy for even that today! LOL.

MF is sooo easy when we let it be.....

8am RTD.

10am RTD.

12noon RTD.

2pm bar.

4pm puffs.

6pm LG.

...gotta work on going through my catalogs....that's how I Christmas shop for the most part. My DS2 has requested one of those pillows....what are they called? something for his neck/back? shaped like a circle?.

(((Team PINK))))..

Comment #74

Hi All! Thought I'd check in, seeing as I feel SO tired and HUNGRY today!!! It's one of those fighting days, but I'm gonna make it. Maybe exercising will help......

Oh...does anyone know how you count turkey pepperoni as your lean? I think I may have gone over on that today, but I am going to learn from it!.

Off to dance!..

Comment #75

Hi Amelie, Turkey pepperoni is probably not a good choice for your lean. I don't think I've ever had it as that...I stick to chicken most of the, if I really want to drop on the scale and beef from time to time. Have you had eggbeaters? makes a HUGE OP portion!.

As for me.......ya snooze, ya lose!! UGH. I just had a Lego taken out of my shopping online cart before I finished ordering !! LOL I got busy answering other incoming emails! LOL it's backordered until Dec 23...

Comment #76

I'll keep that in mind about the Turkey I said, I keep learning!.

Did some of my Zumba songs and I feel much more peppy now. I ordered the Flavor Infusers in my new order (yet to come...) and I hear they probably would've zipped me up too! That'll be interesting....

PL - I HAVE heard of that pillow...I've actually seen it in a few stores too! I gotta admit, I've been wanting to try it. If you get it for DH you'll have to tell us how he likes it!..

Comment #77

Amelie, what flavor infuser did you order? Our PINK sister, Becki, here on PINK suggests the Strawberry Lemonade mixed in diet 7up for a like of Sonic Limeaid taste. it's good that way. The pillow is for my DS2 (son aged 15) LOL He has back issues. And since we travel all the time for chess tournaments (nationwide) he is thinking the pillow would be good to sleep in the car. My hubby has requested a travel mug. HOW easy is that!.


Comment #78

Amelie, tell us what Zumba video you are doing? sounds fun. pumps you up?..

Comment #79

Actually, it's just a CD with all the songs from my Zumba class on it which I remember most of the choreography to. If I forget, I just Salsa or make up my own! BUT I DID put the original Zumba DVD's and the Zumba Wii game on my Christmas list!!..

Comment #80

Zumba Wii game? Now that could be fun! I will have to look into that one! That would be cheaper than the pink beach comber bicycle I am wanting for Christmas! (with a front wicker basket on the front for my chihuahua, tiffy) That silly dog loves bike rides! ;0).

Just a fly by! Been CRAZY BUSY, getting ready for this baby shower! My house is sparkling! I am really tired, but it will be worth it. I have to admit though, I will be glad when it is over so I can sit back and relax!.

Talk soon!.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!..

Comment #81

Yes, I know! I do very well at keeping myself from getting too out of hand!! I dont eat for two! I dont eat anymore than I use to really. I eat 3 meals, and 2 snacks a day..

I dont have much of a preggy tummy soon as I feel like I look pregnant and not just fat, I will post some pics!..

Comment #82

Krystin, you are prego. take pics! lol.

I heard from Leita today about her dinner occassion....hope she posts here too..

Here is part of my homework from yesterday....

Our family Christmas tradition I like to make one homemade kind per year and then add one ornament per kid per tree is FULL (with five kids) I plan to box them up and give them their own when they get married. Another Christmas tradition we have is to cut snowflakes out of white copy paper, spray lightly with spray starch (like for ironing shirts) , iron smooth and then hang up around the house. Sometimes dangling down from the ceiling, taped to the windows and doorways. They stay through the end of January even after the rest of the Christmas ornaments come down..

(((Team PINK))) goodnight, see you tomorrow...

Comment #83

Amelie, I thought the infusers had a bitter taste at first, but I think it was the cold meds I was taking at the time. Now I love them. I've built up a caffeine tolerance to where some days I have two of them (three's the limit in one day). This morning I'm having a strawberry bar with a strawberry lemonade infuser..

I don't know if anyone else is like this, but I can't drink an infuser without having access to a bathroom; sometimes I have to take that into account if I'm driving somewhere or attending an event where bathrooms aren't easily available..

My dinner party last night was an elaborate affair given by my husband's boss. There were five courses, each with accompanying wines. I skipped the appetizer but had a bit of the appetizer wineit helps me to have something in my hands. Then I had a bit of each course, which was easy because it was mostly veggies and meat. I did have a bite of the dessert because it was a greek honey pie with apricot and ouzo sorbet, which I'd never tried before. Then I rearranged the rest on the plate because I hate it when someone asks why I'm not eating..

The fun part was that I bought myself a new pair of shoes and wore a dress I hadn't worn for years. The shoes have wedge heels, so I can walk in them but they made my legs look nice with the dress. This is a big NSV for me. Before Medifast my ankles were puffy and so unattractive there was no point in wearing pretty shoes. They're better now, although as I continue to lose I hope they'll swell even less. Some of that is because of my knees; they still tend to swell a little at the end of the day, and when your knee swells your ankle goes with it..

Also I wore sheer black pantyhose. This is an NSV because, since I'm very nearly six feet tall and most of that is leg, I'd gotten to where I couldn't wear even the biggest size pantyhose. It's nice to have pretty shoes and sheer hosiery again...

Comment #84

LeitaOh my your legs must've looked great!! Congrats on doing so well at dinner AND getting to wear your dress!! That just sounds great!.

Thanks also for the 'bathroom' tip about the infusers because I definitely have my mother's 2 hour bladder.

So I'll remember that!!.

Since I had so much fun reading PL's family traditions, I'll write some more.

My mom and I have one- every year I give her a different glass blown bird for her tree (eventually she wants a tree full of them!!) It's a challenge every year to find one that looks like a real bird with a real tail feather. I think we're up to....20 or so? I LOVE it!.

OH! Another one...the Daddy Wrapped Present.

This started one year when I received a present with wrapping paper that looked as if it had been RIPPED off the roll in a hurry and simply wrapped around the gift. No tape. You could even SEE the present. LOL!! Of course, it was from my Dad. So NOW I get one EVERY year that's "uniquely" wrapped by Dad! He gets really creative with it too! The other year he made me a hot glue gun STATUE of a bunny on my gift!! (..trying to rival my mom who glue guns ALL her presents.


(sigh) What fun to look forward to!..

Comment #85

Oh and I'm snowed in today so if I post more than normal.....that's why..

Comment #86

Hi PINKs,.

Gotta read up but wanted to wave Hi first!.

I am OP, baby!.

....also am happy to procrastinate from cleaning my room...LOL.

(((Team PINK)))..

Comment #87

Hello PINKs!!!.

Sorry for being MIA this weekend, but it was a busy one for us!.

First my DD had a fever so Fri. I was closed and we just snuggled and stayed in doors. So we picked DS1 and DS2 up from school and then we had to get ready for their Christmas program....DD did not perform in it this time.....the performance was super good!!! I just loved it!!! It was called "The Best Christmas Present Ever!" My DS1 was a narrator and had some speaking parts and DS2 was singing with other students. Wonderfully performed!!!.

So Sat. morning my DS1 had B-Ball assignments so he could be picked for a team. (we got a call tonight about his 1st practice that is this wed. evening).

Then on Sat. DD was feeling better and she went to her best friends b-day party and the rest of us went to the mall so that my DH could get a hair cute and then we went to lunch. So we go to pick up DD and the party was still going and it had been the normal 2 hour time frame for a I'm looking for DD and can't see her anywhere and then I notice this huge snake and other reptiles like a trantula, scorpian, lizards, a pacman frog and a very large the mom then tells me to go and get the boys, they hadn't had cake yet or even opened I get DS1, DS2 and DH and we found DD upstairs playing in her friends then she comes down and holds all the Joe was in the house!! He comes to the fairs around here...didn't have a it was fun tho..

So then we go back home for awhile and then have to go over to my mother in laws house for the annual truckers parade and it happens to be her birthday on Sunday (tomorrow) and this has been our tradition....we spend that evening with her and watch the trucks with Christmas lights and trailers with themes all lite up. I have some pics to share..

So then today was the 2nd Christmas performance that we had to attend because my DS1 had those important parts....I would say that only half the kids showed up so it was not as well performed as Friday wasn't mandatory, but was also for the community to come and watch....I personally think that it should have been mandatory if the community was allowed to come and watch. That's my opinion anyway. The 1st performance was AWESOME!!! Today was good, but the kids weren't as loud and it was hard to hear them sing so beautifully..

Then I had to go and do my weekly shopping and finish laundry..

So it has been busy!!.

I'll ketchup this week. I have an old family starting back tomorrow with a new addition....she is about 2 1/2 months old and big sis is 3 1/2 years old....I started watching big sis when she was about 6 months old....I can't wait to see her, she's been gone since the beginning of Aug. so I'm sure she's grown tons!!! I also have the other 3 boys leaving at the end of the week because of finals this some transitions taking place..

Ok, enough rambling from back tomorrow ladies!!!..

Comment #88

Well PINKs, I am so ashamed to report that I crashed and burned the program at the baby shower. AND; let me assure you it was not pretty! I am disappointed in myself, but I am standing up, putting my 'big girl panties' back on, and am back OP, with a carb overload headache to boot. Lots of lessons I learned this weekend, but really I am trying really hard not to beat myself up over it. IT is the nature of the beast I suppose. THe funny thing about it, I really enjoyed the yummy treats that I put in my mouth , but afterward, when everyone was gone, I felt so sick to my stomach! ANd this morning woke up with that aweful headache you get when you are first starting. I almost felt like I was hung over from too much alcohol, but didn't drink.

I did get rid of all the leftovers. What was left, I sent to work with my hubby so that I wouldn't be tempted today!.

HOpe everyone had a better OP weekend than me! But I do have to mention that the baby shower was a great success. The mommy-to-be enjoyed every bit of it, she had a great turnout (house full of wonderful women), got lots of great baby stuff, and mommy stuff too. So all in all, it was a success!.

For the record; our PINK sister Courtney looks SMOKIN'! She has lost 33 lbs and looks amazing! Keep up the good work Court! (insert a wink here).


Comment #89

Daily check-in! Hi all! I had a very calm weekend, as snow pretty much stopped all plans...woke up early on Sunday, saw church was cancelled and went back to bed! Although Saturday was probably THE hardest time I've ever had so far saying NO to food. We went over to a friend's house to hang out with a group, and he said to bring snacks, but neglected to mention he was making food! Had I known, I COULD've planned my l&g (plenty of good compliant on plan foods) BUT I had already eaten. However it SMELLED so good, and EVERYONE was meeting & talking in the kitchen that I knew I had to remove myself to the livingroom and find something else to do. So there I sat in the living room while the party was going on next door. I cannot TELL you how many times I insisted to people I was not hungry, no I had eaten (one person was even like 'Well you can eat more' )....Oh geez. I've never had to REFUSE food that many times!!! But I did. *whew!* Yes, THAT's right! I WANT THAT PINK CROWN!!! WATCH OUT BECCA!!!..

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I went to the dr this morning...and according to her and her scale, I haven't gained any weight. She said a pound or two. So it was offical from the DR!!!! YAY for me!.

Got some cute pics of the baby!.

Profile Pic.

Boy Pic.

Leg & Foot Pic..

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Love those pics!!! The profile pic is super cool!! YAY for you weight gain is awesome!!..

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Hey PINKs!!!.

Hope everyone is having a great OP day!!!.

My actual factuals:.

8am RTD.


11am hot coco.


What a lazy lil girls couldn't come over to play today because of a fever that one of them I have 2 easy kids and my DD stayed home from school today....she's still a bit drained. So that means we don't have to really go anywhere till the boys are out of school..


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Hi PINKs,.

I gotta read up but just saw the most precious baby pics! Krystin! How sweet! Happy Baby! (it brought back memories for me too.) I have a pic of my DD sucking her thumb in utero. She sucked her thumb for 5-6 years before we got her to stop! LOL.

(((Team PINK)).

....gonna read up now then post some homework...

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