I want to create a host for my server in 123 reg....?

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Got a question... I want to create a host for my server in 123 reg....? Thanks for any response. My 2nd question... Just saw this....


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could help you..

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It's and as far as I know. This includes the company as a whole, not just the HostGator names...

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It is the sale of a business, not just a domain, but the sale will provide a lot of publicity for domains. However, the business of creating a web directory is not rocket science. Two or three other bidders dropped out above $300 million. Anyone want to save a hundred million or two building and promoting a new directory?..

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No comment .. I'm just happy for HostGator business..

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It's ok to speculate (Dot Mobi and All Domaining).


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Well I think all generic .com domains can expect an increase in their valuations with these kinds of sales..

Hopefully our domains too..

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Fundraiser! Love your sig..

The name alone isn't worth that much, the directory is probably one of the factor...

Comment #7

They actually have their own custom PPC engine, and it is a solid 2nd tier search engine in it's own right...

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I think it was a great buy!.

Wish I had $..

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Certaintly is a huge sale and I think it's quite fair for both buyer & seller really. I think the seller got a great price for the HostGator & business but if the new owner's have a good plan of how to build the site it could well be worth every penny, especially in today's booming internet market...

Comment #11

And I can`t sell a name for 10K.

I want to cry..

Comment #12

I think good news in general for a strong internet market. The more domains and even online businesses continue to sell, the stronger the market will become for both domains and online ventures...

Comment #13

Revenues were estimated at 15 mil with 24 year multiple plus it had the inherit value of and Id say it was a good transaction for both sides considering the buyer deals in the directory business...

Comment #14

Did I read that right, it went for a 24 year multiple?!?!?..

Comment #15

This is a great sale. I look forward to reading some articles in the future on how R.H. Donnelley have made this purchase work for them, and how it has helped them to define the web component of their directory business. Hopefully both buyer and seller have done well...

Comment #16

Not quite. According to Yahoo, that was for the last financial year, and has a projected $50M revenue in the next year..

- Vince..

Comment #17

That a Great sale.

I know the seller who sold it for $7M probably kicking himself in the you know what for not holding on the HostGator for a couple more yrs..

Comment #18

Don't get your facts mixed up people. They bought a company, not a domain..

It's like saying Google bought the HostGator for $3 billion and they threw in a little ad agency for free...

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