I want to know a site which provides free iPage web hosting with php support?

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First question I have is I want to know a site which provides free iPage web hosting with php support? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... Hi,.

I've started making a iPage website on advanced web design techniques. I was wondering if I could get some impressions on it?.

Thanks !!.

Here's the URL:.

Advanced Web Content..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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You'll find that some things that W3C suggests aren't in the best interest of website-marketing..

For instance, ALT tags for EVERY image (especially when you have a lot of images in your page) will dramatically drop your listings in search engines. Most search engines see this as spamming if you repeat your keyphrases in more than a few ALT tags. And, unfortunately, if you use words other than your keyphrases, you're diluting your optimization..

I find that the best thing to do is use ALT tags only for important images (like buttons, logos, and key photos)..


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A lot of people use ALT="logo" or ALT="header" or ALT="*" or ALT="" on unimportant images. Check out the error list above..

>> You'll find that some things that W3C suggests aren't in the best interest of website-marketing. <<.

Correct. They are in the interests of the majority of web users, whatever type of sytem they use, even speaking and braille browsers...

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Your welcome! I have been known to place threads in the wrong area before!.

I would say try and get as much of your HTML up to standards as you can, but if you really feel that something that you do is needed but isnt up to "standards" then do it however you feel...

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In terms of design I think that your title and links below it are a bit too simple...maybe make a logo/gif image for your title, be creative. the menu to the left is decent...easy to navigate and gives your page some consistency, but it contrasts with the rest of your page and makes everything else look really plain....does that make sense? also (this is just a personal choice) get rid of the times new roman font...or not, whatever. good job..

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Thanks for the feedback!.

Regarding the Graphics, I agree... I haven't spent much time developing graphics for it... been too busy writing content..

Regarding the Times New Roman... if you had been reading the content <wink> you would have read that Times New Roman is a preferable font for marketing purposes, because it increases the readership of the content by as much as 20% over, say arial..

The reason for this is that serif fonts (the ones with the little extensions - "serifs" - at the ends) are easier for the eye to distinguish, and thus easier to read than sans-serif fonts (the ones without the serifs), such as arial. Even though arial may be "prettier" or "cleaner", less people will read it. This is something well known in the advertising industry, but not well known at all in web design..

Additionally, in terms of search engine optimization, times new roman is a better font for this reason: 12 pt (size=3) times new roman is approximately the same size as 10pt (size=2) arial. Search engines place a higher weight on content written in font size=3. Text in font size=2 is often disregarded as spam, and may even hurt your rankings!.

Arial size=3 is too big, and looks goofy. It only looks sleek and clean at size=2. Times New Roman size=3 looks elegant, especially when split into columns and using drop caps..

Take a look at this email ad I made recently for an example:.


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The enter page is pointless. It just wastes people's time. If you want to make it worthwhile, then fill it up somehow..

Navigation links - Make the whole pill shaped sections clickable. Right now, you only have a small square clickable, and that causes for frustration..

You definetly need some pictures. It's much easier to learn web design with visuals because web design itself is visual. Right now you have boring text..

Your banner needs major work. Text doesn't cut it. No color doesn't cut it. No logo doesn't cut it. And finally, no tagline doesn't cut it..

A iPage website definetly needs more than one color. It will build liveliness and contrast. I will explode like that emoticon if I see only one color..

Disclaimer : Those are just my suggestions, not intended to hurt anyone...

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No offense taken. Those are all wonderful suggestions, and ones I plan to implement..

Like I've stated a few times... it's a work in progress..

Thanks for the feedback..

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Interesting info on the fonts...i didnt know search engines regard anything less then size 3 as spam...why would they do that anyways?..

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Ever heard the expression "Be wary of the fine print" ??.

Some fonts in size=2 are difficult to read, for instance:.

This is Times New Roman in font size=2.

Since Times New Roman is your default font for most Windows* based browsers, search engines assume that you're putting in a bunch of fine-print text not meant to be read by people visiting your site, much like low-contrast text (i.e. light/light or dark/dark text and BG) is considered spam..

Obviously, the bigger the text, the more importance it's given. Headers (h1, h2, h3, etc.) are ever-important for keyphrases, since they are given the most weight in a page..

And on and on... the ever-elusive formula for optimization... we could go on for hours in a conversation about this....

But then, that's why I'm making my iPage site !!!..

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