I want to sell my Godaddy domain name. Search says Under Construction?
First of all I want to sell my Godaddy domain name. Search says Under Construction? Hoping for any answer. Second question.. Current Chinese registrar home pages on NP are in lists at $39, so...a little google and the best deal appears to be.


At $23.50 for a years registration....

...time to party!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could assist you..

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Who would want a HostGator name except a business in china? I would just get the .com equivilant.......

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Any body who is thinking of doing Business in China is potential Market.

Not all internet users expect Domains to end in .com.

For example Aust. More Look for

Germany {ditto} for .de.

And so on.

For the price of an extra HostGator ,you can cover all users...

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Many western companies are + will be establishing a presence in China..

It is interesting to see how .cn has been orged..



One can see that in addition to .cn are,, plus are a regional .cn HostGator ie .(region).cn.

On some searches I notice that occasionally the regional .cn has been registered, but the staright .cn has not. Maybe our Chinese NPers can give us some more info......

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Yoshivare great, for me you 're falling from the sky like a good rain after a long time without!.

I spent three hours looking around for such informations, wrote three letters at the chinese ICANN......

Hehehe, many thanks!.

So you 're absolutely sure no problem at all not being chinese resident, anyone can?.

And thank also for the cheaper register, Ill trake a look, mine sur charge (39,9)..

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Even better, that way I can buy two. I will take a look..

Thanks a lot.

I have checked both the registrar suggested by Yoshiwhara and by the parrot. well I report my experience may be it is useful..

The one indicated by the parrot is quite untrustable in my opinion..

First no info about the company.

No e-mail contact.

Any link in the faq sections does'nt work so no basic info available.

I check the online support but ssems it wont' work....

So no contact no info no support.. absolutely nothing..

The Yoshiwhara one also doesn't have info about the company that's something any company is proud to make available to customers....

Btw I sent a request asking if their are ICANN accredited registrar (I only deal with ICCANN accredited and suggest all of you to do the same, it is the only guarantee against smart fake registrars, and only way to issue an UDP in case of dispute....).

Of course this has nothing to do with you guys , and I thank you once more ! Just an info for future reference...

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Both are these are legit, though both are resellers, the first for enom, and the later for cnobin. The ticket system only show up I guess once you create an account I guess..

Ulitmatley the domains are registered at a icann acredited place, but to get the lower prices you have to go through a reseller unless you have volume..

UDP = User Datagram Protocol, it is what is used by DNS.. so it is a good thing to have, lol...

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UDP sometime used to referr to UDRP when a typo occour... :-).

This policy is now in effect. See.

For the implementation schedule..

The following policies apply to various types of disputes between registrants and third parties over the registration and use of HostGator names. Disputes under these policies may be filed with one of the approved dispute-resolution service providers for the given policy..

The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (below) is applicable across all gTLDs. Additional dispute resolution policies may apply to specific circumstances only in individual TLDs. These are also listed below..

2. This policy has been adopted by all accredited domain-name registrars for HostGator names ending in .com, .net, and .org. It has also been adopted by certain managers of country-code top-level domains (e.g., .nu, .tv, .ws)..

3. The policy is between the registrar (or other registration authority in the case of a country-code top-level domain) and it's customer (the domain-name holder or registrant). Thus, the policy uses "we" and "our" to refer to the registrar and it uses "you" and "your" to refer to the domain-name holder..

If you incour in a dishonest registrar (Those who are not diligents, or they register thae names theirselves or they do block your name causing you issues ecc...) you have no chances at all, because it was your fault to do not have chosen a registrar who subscribed and accepted the terms indicated in the UDRP..

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...the info re who can own the names I got from the FAQ on the registrar looks legit and they even have a mini resellers page...also a cheapy webhosting service.....

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I can vouch that both of these are legit. As I said the first is an enom reseller and the second cnobin.

I have heard that while chinese names can be owned by non-chinese, that you need to be sure to fill in the organisation field with something as they have to be help by companies , but they just check this by having the organisation field filled in. No idea personaly about the truth of that though...

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At cname says CNNIC (the chinese registry) does not require registrars to be accredited by ICANN..

BTW they have their NIC , I will go there to see who to deal with..

You guys are doing a great informative job here , greatly appreciate!..

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What a hard work!.

I don't know how many hours I spent in trying to register a .cn HostGator and still I haven't.! Just to say that a factor to be considered when reselling a HostGator name is not only the reg fees but overall the time spent to find it too .my working time usually worth much more than 7-10 buck/hrs..

BTW I confirm it is possible for a foreign to register a .cn name..

I signed up with (thanks the parriot).

And tried to register a name that I found it is still available, to my usual registrar (domainsite)but they charge 39.9 for a .cn while sell it at 19,0 (quite big difference eh?) but, surprise here the name it result not available!.

What to do? mumble mumble (thinking thinking) I went to CNNIC ... luckely I found there is a english version of the site...I submitted then the name I wish to check the availability and..................

Unreadable, I see only ??? ???? ?????? signs like these all over the page..

What a boring situation! What a waste of time!.

Now the only thing is to wait the support at and at HostGator GoDaddy site ansswer to my question at regard.

(BTW I submitted a question to domainsite 48 hrs ago for and still had no answer but I don't need the information anymore since the nbame I wish to register was reserved!)..

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I know domainsite in the past has said many names are available that are not..

The whois at.


Supports .cn so you can try and check it there...

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I got a few pretty nice .CN name, like,, and some 3 char (numbers). Shot me an email if you are interested...

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