I want to start iPage web hosting business , what should I do ?

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My first question is I want to start iPage web hosting business , what should I do ? Hoping for any comment. My other question... New here. This looked like an intelligent, well run forum. So here goes....

Okay, I have a table layout with cut-up images. There seems to be white space when you use IE (I'm on 5.5), but not in NN (4.79 and 6.2). I have my <td> and <img> and </td> on the same lines..

Also, sometimes when you refresh, it goes away. It's making me bonkers!.

It's at.

This place.


Thanks in advance for any help!.

Oh, if you see one verticle white line towards the bottom, that's actually supposed to be there. If you don't see the extra lines, hit refresh. This is so weird...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Okay, I took a screenshot out of HomeSite:.


The white line in the middle is not supposed to be there. (the bottom one is a design feature. our designer really likes little one pixel lines.).

IT said it'll be back tomorrow..

I swear I checked and double checked the image sizes. I always draw it out, too. I guess we'll have a look see tomorrow. Thanks!..

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Is the seat in the same table as the car? looks like it is pulling it down, I mean the car image is a little bit bigger than the rigth table. but we can wait until tomorrow...

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Okay, here we go. Here's the menu div:.

#Menu {.

Width: 159px;.

Padding: 0px;.

Margin: 0px;.

Border-top: 1px #cc0000 solid;.




And the rest you can view source. I'm really starting to think it's an IE thing. I checked in Mozilla, and as I said, I've checked in two versions of Netscape. There are no extra lines in those browsers!.

I also went to Apple's iPage site and noticed that in IE, they get lines in their tables occasionaly. Another weird thing is that when you try to highlight the images(just like you would text), the lines go away..

I have to go get my flat tire fixed now. This is not my week. Heh..

I just want to say that you've been very patient and helpful. Thanks!..

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Ooops, ps:.

I checked all of the image sizes in PhotoShop. They are exactly the same heights across the rows and the row heights are specified in the <td> tags..

There, all done!..

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Well penny I could honestly say why fix it if there is nothing wrong with it.

I didn't see any line when I went to it. I will look the code over again but I don't see it. must be a mac thing..

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I'm on a pc at work!.

I think I'll stop worrying about it..

Thanks again for all of your help and time spent on this!..

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You know what? That's.

Kind of.

Similar to the problem I'm having in. (.



Maybe it's an IE 5.5 thing???? *shrugs*..

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Ive got IE 6.0 and it looks good to me. I didn't see any of the symptoms you mentioned...

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