I want to start the Medifast Diet.?

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First of all I want to start the Medifast Diet.? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Welcome to the thread for Daily Weighers Clubhouse team. Here's a place you can hold your head up high and jump on that scale as much as you want without judgment !.

To Join:.

Just Reply to this thread and introduce yourself.

We like to name our scales (mine is "Bones") Tell us what yours is..

Post your Daily Weigh and support your fellow DW's.

Have Fun!.


Here is the scale banner code (paste into signature then take out the * from the first IMG.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Yay! It's March 1st! What hopes do you have for this month? Me? I hope to just see the lower 180's this month. I take it a 10th at a time these days!..

Comment #2

Reposting my last post here where it belongs. Thanks tkd!.

***Repost below***.

Happy Reunion Day, Anna! I'm so excited for you! (Today's graphic brought to you to honor Anna and her DH.) Thanks for YOUR service, girl! A military wife is a career unto itself!.

I haven't even made it out of bed yet, so will weigh in and catch up on the shoutouts a bit later. I got called into work, so I need to grab another hour of sleep or I won't make it through the day. I'll be back to report in later! Hugs and Smiles to all!..

Comment #3

I'm glad someone remembered it was March!!!!.

Love the pic.



, My goal for March is to get to 185 that is overweight for me instead of Obese and is also 50 lbs lost... oh and I will get on the exercise train this month...

Comment #4

Anna - I am soooo excited for your husband's return today. Our family thanks him for his service to our country..

I haven't been around in awhile. We've had an unexpected death in the family and a little stress on top of that, so needless to say I was off plan for about a week. I restarted again last Saturday at 199 and today I weighed in at 193.6, so I will keep my ticker where it is at and change it on my official weigh in day which is Monday. I was just happy that I didn't go over 200 again....I NEVER want to see that number again, EVER!!!.

Here's to an OP rest of the week!!..

Comment #5

Hey, DW's!!.

Today is the big day, Anna!! I am so excited for you guys. Can't wait to hear about it.

Thanks for starting the new thread TKD!.

Morning, EMT, Sue and cmc..

CMC-Sorry about you loss and the stress. But good jib on getting back on track and continuing your journey!!.

So I had a major shock on the scale this morning. I'm actually not putting much stock in it cuz it's just too weird. So yesterday was my w-in day and I was at 177.6. Today I weighed in at 174.6. That's 3 pounds in one day. Does not seem right to me.

I drank all my water yesterday and had my l & g. How could I lose 3 pounds in one day. Don;t get me wrong. I would love it but again, am fully expecting to be higher tomorrow.

Ok, ETA: Just looked at my ticker and I was at 176.6. So it was a 2 pound loss. A little more realistic and maybe, just maybe, it is real and I wont be higher tomorrow..

Comment #6

Good morning DWers,.

I've gotten so far behind I"m just as glad it is a new month and I have an excuse to not try to backward shout out from February.. I've been reading though, even if I haven't had time to post..

WideLoad and I have gotten along since I last updated you, and I'm down to 174 from yesterday and today both. This is a good thing! DH had gotten down to 176 so I have gotten below his low weight, woo hoo! I've NEVER weighed less than my husband before. Now, DH did NOT transition well and has put back on some weight. He said he is going back to 5&1 starting next week and then try to transition properly after he gets the weight back off (and I didn't have to nag him into it - which is a big victory itself!).

NSVs have been flowing too. I ran a big bonspiel (that's curling for tournament) over the weekend and saw curling friends who in most cases had not seen me since my second week of Medifast or even from before I started. I wore my new clothing (jeans and tops that were appropriately sized) and even members from our own club were doing double and triple takes (since I'm still curling in the stuff I was wearing 65 pounds ago if it stays up). I had more than one male member of the club come to me as I stood near the bar to say "hey, hi there... Oh! I thought you were a guest and I was going to flirt with you - I'm sorry!" Hehehe. Made my weekend, I can tell you!! Nothing like importing more than 50 friends who haven't seen you in 85 pounds to make a girl feel great!.

Also on the scale victory side of things.. I've been logging my weight at (at least in my downward side of the yo-yo life I had been leading) since mid-2007 and I've always goggled at the "biggest loser" list on the left side of the main page. Well I guess they update that monthly and guess who is on the list??? ME!!!!!!! Check it out!.

- I use the name FLT there :-) I'm just sad my current scale doesn't do body fat percentage so I haven't been able to keep that part of the data current - but I am so excited to see my username on the list of big losers. (obviously not a lot of MFers use it, else we'd have a ton of names above mine). It shows 70 pounds lost because I weighed 20 pounds less than my Medifast start weight when I started logging my weight back in 2007. So excited :-).

I am supposed to be going to clinicals at 1pm today, but I have waved off because I'm trying to shake off the cold that "everyone" has gotten. I would go in if it were not for the fact that we are scheduled to work on the Joint Replacement Unit today - and fresh joint replacements are among the most vulnerable patients in a hospital.. I'm hoping to finish shaking it off so I can go tomorrow. If I didn't know that our chief ice tech didn't come down with Strep Throat after working with me all weekend I'd probably have gone in - but just in case the minor sore throat is the start of strep I just cannot risk my patients (I'm a nursing student). I have a case study to do instead, and if I can't go tomorrow then I will have to do a make up day. I really do NOT want to have to do the make up day, so fingers crossed I feel healthy tomorrow and can go in to the last day of clinicals for this course..

Tkd - thanks for starting the new thread, and CONGRATS on having only 2-digits to go! Also, have a safe trip..

Jodi - I'm keeping your niece in my thoughts - how scary!! I hope they find something easily diagnosed and easily treated, both..

EMT - Congrats on the pants!!.

Anna - Enjoy your reunion! I'm looking forward to hearing how excited and surprised DH is :-).

Hi everyone else that I've been missing! I'm looking forward to staying much more up to date now that most of my obligations are in the books.. just school going on now, and I can handle that :-).

Cheers to all,..

Comment #7

Thanks to you all.. I'm off to change clothes and start my drive to Raleigh.

See you Friday!..

Comment #8

Anna - I am soooo excited for you. Wish there was a way to snap a pic of DH's expression when he sees the new you!.

Off to a business lunch (first since MF) so I will get back on later.....

Comment #9 I know it's after 2pm but I'm finally able to sit down at the computer for a few minutes..

Epstein had me down 1 pound even today! 188.4! I'll believe it if I see it tomorrow too! But I am of the 'camp' that if I see it, I record the ticker has moved! WooHoo!.


~Hope all went well at your business lunch..


~Hope you feel better soon. I had to laugh outload at the "importing...friends" comment. IKDY, just struck me as very funny!.




~I'm looking for 185...and starting the C25K! My Goal for BOTH of the Spring Challenges ending 03/18/11. I just might make it!.


~Enjoy the movies as a customer! What are you going to see?.


~ Cherish your time with your DH! We will ALL be waiting to hear @ his reaction! (and how many "double takes" it takes!.


To everyone I missed....SORRY! I always leave people out, but NEVER on purpose! (just a short attention span sometimes.) Hugs and Smiles!..

Comment #10

Happy March everyone!.

My friend and I went to see "Just go with it". It was funny. My friends husband went with us. Bummer! We usually go alone and have fun but he decided to call out sick..

Anna- safe drive..

Got to run. Kids are doing homework and the tutor is due soon. Have a great Night...

Comment #11

Well I am back again today..

New thread.

I am still playing with the same 3 or 4 lbs. SO my new order comes in a week or so, maybe a change up in the foods will help OR I just am hitting a stubborn spot. I don't call it a plateau only because the last plateau I was on with WW lasted a year. I seriously doubt this little bump will last a year..

I am going to bed soon. I was up so early today and am just tired from the week. I took hubby to the dr and it is just heartburn/acid reflux but because of the vomitting I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything else. Yeah my week has been fun so far!.

Sick hubby, bronchitis, and my TOM all in the same few days. And I wonder why I haven't climbed into a vat of chocolate and ate my way out yet. OH I know..the chocolate DOESN'T make the feelings go away. I will still have a sick hubby, bronchitis and TOM. Only thing it does is put a band aid on for 3 seconds..

I finally have a better relationship with food...finally...

Comment #12

I am heading to San Antonio on Thursday for a long weekend away with my DH but now I HAVE to bring my computer so I can see how everything went with Anna and her DH reunion!! This thread is better than an episode of Grey's Anatomy!!.

Jodi - I am so sorry about your niece, I'll put in an extra prayer and light a candle for her recovery..

Nice WHOOSH EMT!!!!.

Diane - I just saw your 90lb gone posting and holy mackerel, you were good looking before but WOW you are gorgeous now! You are a wonderful inspiration!!.

Sue - does all the working out do anything for the skin sag? I'm starting to get pretty depressed about all the extra skin and I do walk/job on the treadmill but do you think P90X or anything else would help with the extra skin???.

I was down to 185 this am!!! I almost kissed echelle!! My next goal is to get to 183 which will be something like 20% of my body weight gone!!.

Hope you all have a great night!!!..

Comment #13

I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. I have been putting off paying bills, housework etc. far too long! A little more each day is getting done. I made a binder to put bills and house info in. I'm also cleaning out the house again. After last weeks mess of not knowing the job situation I need to refocus and just get it done..

Katie- good for you! hope the dh is feeling better soon..

Lisa- have fun with the dh in CA..

Off to work on the house and then to bed...

Comment #14

Good evening ladies! I started back in July and lost over 33 pounds and was a member of this wonderful thread. Well, needless to say, I fell off the wagon and gained some back. Well I started again Sunday and definately realize I need to start weighing myself again. I'd love to join this thread again! I hope everyone had a GREAT day and I'll see you all tomorrow!!!..

Comment #15

Morning Dw's.

Up early this am! Dude was down for the WI day today!..

Comment #16

Morning DWs!.

Official weigh in today (week 3). Buddy has me down 2 more pounds while on TOM!!! Let's hope the office's scale is as sweet!..

Comment #17

Good morning DWers,.

I'm sick, darn it - and not surprised that WL has bounced up 0.6 pounds in response to a terrible broken night's sleep. Gotta get cracking on my make-up assignment for calling out of clinicals yesterday, and may have to wave off today too. Grrr, bummer!.

EMT - I'm glad I could give you a laugh yesterday :-).

Mia - Good for you getting organized! I need to find the energy to deal with our messy house and disorganization too, but I don't think it is going to be this year, LOL. I love to hear about other folks making strides though!.

Lisa - welcome back!!.

Kccross - Awesome weigh-in! I'll have my fingers crossed that the office scale feels the same way :-).

Okay - back to school crud for me. Have a great day everyone,..

Comment #18

Morning all!!! Checking in witj you guys @ 206 this morning. This is my second week and things are going a little bit slower than last week but as long as I'm losing I guess thats all that matters right? started at 215 now 206 in 8 days. Got to change my ticker. How are all of you doing?..

Comment #19

Hi Pamela - we must have been posting at the same time!.

Welcome to the Daily Weighers! I've been away for a week and may have missed your first posts. Congratulations on your great start :-).


Comment #20

Good Morning to ALL! Running off to work, shout outs will have to wait! ((HUGS)).

Epstein down another (-0.6) this morning to 187.8! You may be asking why -0.6 is significant? Well, I'VE LOST 75 POUNDS!!!! as of this morning!..

Comment #21

Trickster was back to 156.8 this morning. I am finding I tend to lose toward the end of the week, so hopefully I have a whoosh coming soon..

No news on my niece yet. They are doing an MRI and EEG (brain wave study) today, along with a cardiac evaluation. She was really confused yesterday, slow speech, and some other neurologic signs. Please continue to remember her in your prayers..

Make it a great day!..

Comment #22

Congratulations on 75lb gone forever! You are doing an amazing job!..

Comment #23

Mia-I'm jealous. I wish I was organized and motivated to clean the house. I have time just not the motivation.

Lisa-Welcome back. I am on my second round of MF. I lost and met my goal in 2005 but then got pregnant and gained all plus some back. I should have done a modified trasition but instead used being pregnant as an excuse to eat anything and everything in sight. I'm back now though and that is what is important.

Hey kc!! Good luck with the work scale..

Ethelfleda- Hope you are feeling better. Being sick stinks..

Pamela- You are doing great!! Remember that the first week is usually the biggest loss and it pretty much kinda even out after that. Don't look at my stats for proof. I started a week earlier than I had planned. I knew I had three plans that involved eating so I was going to start the next week. But I got excited and decided to start anyway. So my first week was not my highest.

Knizek- have fun on your travels and be safe!.

Jodi-Any word on your neice? That must have been so scary. I hope she is ok and they figure what is going on..

Dory has me down to 174 even today!! So the two pounds stayed away and I lost another.

.6 yesterday!! I am kickin ars right now!! My best friend is coming into town this weekend and she is already talking about ordering pizza and hoagey's from Larosas(cincinnati pizza place). I told her I already decided to stay OP and she said she would get it when she was at her Grandma's. I'm feeling strong right now but I don't want to sabotage myself later. It helps that she had done Medifast before..

Anyway, off to start the day. Good luck and drink lots of water!!!..

Comment #24

Morning all, no scale here in the hotel and it's kind of hard for me. I'll be back to it tomorrow or Friday.

On our way out to the mall and movies..

Comment #25

Anna, So excited for you..

Jody, I am praying for your niece.

I am back down to 143.9 this morning so I hope that is the end of the excercise weight gain. We leave tomorrow or Friday & we will be gone a week but I am packing all Medifast food & I will just have to be careful eating my L&G out...

Comment #26

Good Morning Daily Weighers,.

I'll have to get my daily weighing fix through you all this week because I'm in LA with no scale. I could go to the scale in the hotel gym, but I've decided to just trust the program while I'm out of town and hope for a nice whoosh when I get home..

I'm in downtown Los Angeles in a place they call LA Live, which is about a six block area that is like a mini Times Square. My hotel is right in the middle of it. Nice. Lots of stuff within walking distance, including the Grammy Museum. I only hope I'll have time to go there! The conference will keep me very busy. I'm going on a site visit this afternoon to a couple of locations where the schools are feeding the kids healthy meals and making the time for physical activity, and getting the communities involved.

Our state is only just beginning our efforts to combat childhood obesity. Yes, this is the great hypocrisy of my life - I work in preventive health and have not been the picture of health. But I am getting there, and will be there!.

EMT - WOOOO HOOOOO 75 whopping pounds is FANTABULOUS!!!.

Congratulations to all our losers today!!.

Pamela - welcome. You will never again lose like you lost the first week, so please give up that hope right away. Over the next few weeks you'll get a feel for what an average weight loss is for you and you'll manage your expectations to that..

OMG - looks like Anna checked in!! She didn't say anything about his reaction. I'm sure he was thrilled..

Mia - it sounds like you're making some great strides in ALL areas of your life. Good for you!!.

Okay onward to face the day!..

Comment #27


That is actually something that I am hoping to get into once I get to my goal weight. Not that I couldn't do it now but that is a personal goal. I want to teach the kidfit classes at the gym or the county so that the kids can see that exercise is FUN but since our area is SO hit by low income I want to do it for free for these kids. I don't need the money. I get taxed to the hilt with my full time job. I feel horrible for some of these kids that are so overweight at 9 or 10.

They never learned how to do any play besides sitting in front of the TV. I know that money is an issue with many of these families..

I feel that deep down inside I want to help people improve their health BUT..I need to make myself the role model first before telling others how to do it...

Comment #28

Hi Everyone!!.

Wow...some great losses this morning!! I'm spot on to my ticker this morning, tomorrow is my official for the week, so we'll see what I can squeeze out in a day..

Exercise for saggy skin? Well...exercise tightens up a lot of stuff...I swear my butt has lost 15 years of sag, I have a 2-pack emerging, legs and arms are looking good...but usually saggy skin just needs time. I've heard up to a year...if it ain't gone in a year, it ain't going by nature. Tightening and building muscle is the best shot you have, along with water intake and nutrition. Go for it!..

Comment #29

Good morning, DW's!!! Looks like everyone had a great weigh-ins..

Keely...thanks for the welcome back and support. It REALLY helps!!.

Lisa...have a safe, yet fun trip to San Antonio this weekend with your DH.

Pamela....great loss...Onederland is just around the corner.

EMT....A HUGE WOOT WOOT to you for your 75 pound loss!!! AWESOME!.

As for me, BlackJack had me at 192.8 this morning, so I am down another .8...yay!! I expect things to start slowing down now that I am almost one week into recommitting to the plan...

Comment #30

Woot Woot! Right back at ya! 0.8 is nothing to sneeze at!..

Comment #31

It's slow here today!.

Hey EMT! Look at what your scale has done in a few days! Yay Epstein (but you'll always be Einstein to me!)...

Comment #32

You have lost weight so fast. Good for you. I hope I can lose weight fast to. Did you do anything special i.e. lots of exercise, to lose wt. so fast?..

Comment #33

Thanks for all the welcome back wishes! It's nice to be back. I'm down 2 today. Oh, how I love the first week..

I just got home from meetings and eating dinner so I promise to do shout outs tomorrow night! It may take a while before I remember everyone's name this time around- there are so many here! It's great!..

Comment #34

Good Morning Friends!!!.

It's -20 here this morning. My plane takes off at 9:30 and I cannot wait to feel that Texas sun..

Echelle says 184.4 this morning but I'm not holding any hope that I'll continue to lose while I'm on my weekend getaway. Not that I plan on eating off plan but I do plan on eating at the high end of the lean and green! However we are staying right on the riverwalk so I should get lots of exercise in!!.


You are doing so great these last few weeks!! I'm so proud of you!!! Keep it up sister!!.



And congrats on your first week loss!!.

Wishing you a loss on your weigh in day.


Well that is all I can see in advanced mode for prior posts!! Hope everyone else is keeping warm and staying on plan!!..

Comment #35

Hi all.. Back on plan... the sludge got me last week....I'm down 2.6 official weigh in monday.. I am committed to staying 100% OP.. I just wish my brain would remember that.

Have to drive son to school then getting on elliptical.. will check in later and try to do some shout outs.




Comment #36

Still playing with the numbers. BEING patient....

It is just so hard some days when stuck in a little rut. I am trying SO hard to keep the right attitude. I can feel my pants being roomy but I want to see the number on the scale to..

Before I would have just called this goal and started transistion but I really want to drop 30 more lbs. I have plenty of more fat to lose around my hips, stomach and legs. It isn't like I am solid muscle..

OH well..keep swimming and treading water.....

Comment #37

Morning DW'ers!.

Doing okay out here in LA without the scale. Just trusting the program and the fact that I had to send the pants I wore on Tuesday to the laundry because after one day they were practically falling off of me..

Cindy - When trying to get your brain to remember the importance of 100%, a friend of mine always asks folks when they go off plan - "did it help?" So far, the answer is always, "no." Other friends have said, 'the only way to learn to get through life's events without food, is to get through life's events without food." I swear I keep that in my head as a mantra. Glad you're back to 100%..

Katie - after having lost 50lbs, why is it so hard when you're "stuck?" Is this something new? If not, how have you handled it in the past and what makes it so much harder now? Maybe if you're feeling the progress is too slow, you might want to put the scale away for a couple of weeks and see how that goes..

Always before, if I wasn't weighing every day I was cheating (on other programs, not MF). While I don't love being away from my scale - because I like getting frequent feedback - I really am trusting the program and feel really good this week..

Morning everyone!! Looking forward to Anna's return tomorrow. I want details of the reunion. Well not EVERY detail, but you know.


Comment #38

Hey hey hey! I get the whoosh birdie!! Down 1.4 overnight to a NEW LOW! Today is my official for the week. I lost 1" on my bod...but 3% on body fat, down to 22.6% My BMI is exactly 25.0. One more 1/10th of a pound (or 1/100th!) and I'll be "NORMAL". Great day! I haven't read anyone else yet...lemme grab a cup of coffee and I'll be back. After waiting 40 days for finally came, maybe that's what loosened things up a little. It's been a long time!..

Comment #39

My inner brat just comes out that is all. This time I am quieting my inner brat and telling her to be paitent and it will come..

OH in the past the way I have handled it is eat like crud for three weeks, get all depressed, and start again and have to restart the process again and be stuck again. SO the inner brat is being told to shush because doing that doesn't accomplish anything. I just need to ride it out and work through it. Once I get through this bout of bronchitis crud I can go back to the gym. My job is starting to let up schedule wise so I can exercise..

My jeans only fit when I wash & dry them on high heat so the inches are coming off. My coworker informed me today that I need to return my clothes to the bag lady. Which is his way saying that I look better in things that fit...

Comment #40

Tkd thanks for the mantra.. I will try it but most important need to live by it.




Comment #41

Hi dw's,.

I am feeling better about myself today I am back to daily weighing because the scale is starting to move again altho slowly. Even though the excercise slowed me down I know it is essential in the long run so I am sticking with it. A tip I picked up from another site from Dr Oz adding lemon juice to your water can increase your metabolism it is worth a try I think. One more day then I am away for a few days I have packed all my Medifast I have just the one meal out a day to be challenged with..

Looking forward to hearing from Anna about her husband's reaction to her weight loss. My husband is being very supportive with this plan & my whole family are so pleased I am finally back into regular excercise..


Comment #42

Tyke...definitely stick with the exercise! It definitely slows things down, but it's so much a part of the new health that we're all seeking. Have fun on your trip!.

CMC...congrats on the loss yesterday!.

Hazel-Lisa...good to see you!.

Lisa...hope you are having fun on your trip! Gosh...everyone is tripping!.

Cindy...the weekend is fast approaching...they can be hard enough, let alone getting back on track for one. Have a plan and stick to it. No debate. You can do thisbe the adult when the brat wants food..

I can't wait to hear from Anna too about the reunion!.'re doing just fine. Focus on 1/2 pound at a time, and just know that you are strengthening two amazing muscles...patience and persistence. Too many people get to where you are, see a slow down, lose patience, quit, leave, and gain it all back. You just have to transition your mind to a much slower pace..

TKD...hope you are having fun too! Are you getting to the beach? I agree...daily weighing is just so important for me. Even if I know I'm not going to like what I see, it's a committment I've made forever now...accountability, whatever the result...

Comment #43


Woot woot on your whoosh!!!!!!.

I will have time to catch up with everyone tomorrow!.

I weighed myself when I got home mid day, and I was down .8 to 190.6, I can't wait to see tomorrow morning. It was really hard to not have a scale...

Comment #44

Good morning, DW's!!!.

Lisa...-20????? Good Grief!!! It is sooooo beautiful here in Southern California...we are suppose to be 66 today..

Sue....Awesome job on the Whoosh!! Keep it going!!!.

Anna...your new decade is quickly approaching!! Great job on your loss....we can't wait to hear of your reunion with your DH!!.

BlackJack had me down .4 today to 192.4. I'll take it....I figured I would start slowing down about now anyway. I haven't been to the bathroom in two days, so I'm sure when that happens I'll be down at least another

I took my boys to their baseball practice last night and someone actually commented on how good I look. This is the first person to notice (or actually be brave enough to say anything to me) besides my hubby. So that was a little exciting!!.

Have a great day all!!!..

Comment #45

Einstein (.

Had me the same this morning. Just got home from work and am going for C25K run (woohoo!) Will be back this evening for shoutouts. Hugs and Smiles to all!.

~Mary Lynn..

Comment #46

Breathing time...

I had to take a minute to come and catch my breath for a minute. Busy day as always. Thankfully I do have my CWS day tomorrow. I was in today at 7 and felt behind. I try to come in at 6 so I get quite a bit of work done before the masses come in...

Comment #47

Good morning dw'ers....

Cats had me up at 5am this morning no change on jumpy but he was probably still asleep too... Of course I already folded laundry made lunches and unloaded the dishwasher....

Now I have a few minutes to catchup while I have my coffee and ds is in the shower before school..

Anna approaching a new decade how exciting...

Cmc.. always great when people start noticing your weight loss.. nice job.

Sue.. thanks for the advice I'm being tough and holding strong.. I hate brats so I wont cave.

Tkd.. hope you had fun at the beach.. It's I the 30's here so I'd be happy to just see 60.. 1st 60 degree day I'm running outside.. can't wait.

Big hugs to everyone I missed I'll check back later this morning to see how everyone is doing...


Comment #48

Good Morning lovlies! Back to the normal grind today..

I am at 190.4, it's almost TOM for me so I'll take it. I'm happy I lost while I was gone, I stayed OP so I should have but being away from home you never know. The 180s are quickly approaching!!!!.

I also weigh less than my dh for the first time in 2 years. He was working out hard (4 hours a day) while he was gone and lost about 10 lbs, he looks fabulous. He's around 205 now, as long as I keep getting lower I'm good on weighing less than him 190 is his weight that he'd love to stick too..

My dh was surprised, I think more so that I did not eat Candy for 3 mos, that's a pretty big accomplishment for me..


I think you should come do all that at my house.


I'm so excited for you starting C25K.


Isn't it great when people start to notice and say something.


I'm so glad you got your whoosh for weigh in day.

I should be able to keep caught up now...

Comment #49

Good morning DWers,.

Trickster had me at 156.0 this morning..

I wanted to give an update on my niece. The CT, MRI, and EEG failed to reveal anything, but she had some abnormality on her heart scan, so she was discharged from the hospital last evening and has an appointment with the cardiologist today. What a way to spend her 19th birthday. I am still concerned because it really doesn't explain her severe headaches over the past couple of weeks or memory issues. I'll let you know what we find out..

Anna - I am so thrilled for you and your husband!.

Make it a great day, everyone!..

Comment #50

Oh Jodi, how trying, I will keep her in my prayers...

Comment #51

Well, Epstein had me up just a bit this I'm ticker chasing! I expected it! A couple good WHooSH days in a row, ToM due next week, and I started exercising HARD! No worries, I feel great! It's my pattern! I think I need to dig out that "roller-coaster" graphic for myself! It's still dark here,not even 7 am. I'm not usually up this early on my only day off this week! (so back to bed til the coffee's done!) I'll check in later! Hugs and Smiles to all!..

Comment #52

Hi Girlies!.

I'm the same this morning. I expect a quiet day...working on taxes. No workmen today, so it almost seems like a vacation day!.

Good morning EMT! You had a fab week, so no worries. Love your einstein gif!. were missed! So many people were so excited about your hubby coming home. So when is he off to the left coast? You did so well staying OP while being with him. Did you confiscate the p90x discs?.

Good morning Cindy...what did the cats want at 5am?.

Hi Katie.

CMC...compliments are sure nice!.

Hi Ethel, Mia, Lisa, Lisa H....everyone I missed!. must be terribly frustrating to not be able to pin down a diagnosis. It sure does sound like a brain thing. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love your psychedelic (sp?) ticker...

Comment #53

Morning All.

Just a quick hello. Will chat with you all later..

Have a great day...

Comment #54

Hi Ladies,.

THE scale moved in a downward motion today...I am down .6.

I am going to keep working at this because that .6 could go pfft by real WI day on Sunday...

Comment #55


That's great!.


And MIA good morning/afternoon.


He heads out a week from today; he's starting his projects right now...

Comment #56

Hi Everyone,.

I guess I'm ticker-chasing for once because I'm still working my way out of this cold and don't feel like updating my ticker (normally I change it when I weigh, up or down). I'm up 2 pounds over the last 2 days, but a great deal of it is "snot-weight" I think.. I'm coughing and blowing and trying to get it out. I'm sure the cold medications aren't helping, nor is my tendency to drink diet soda instead of water when I'm feeling poorly. I might have my first gain week, but it will come back off as soon as I can get back into a normal sleep cycle (coughing when I lie down sucks)..

I just have my final exam on Wednesday, and a few minor projects due before I can sit for the exam - so at least my school load is light this weekend so I can concentrate on getting healthy again. This is my first cold since I started nursing school, so I really was due!.

Jodi - I'm continuing to keep your niece in my thoughts..

Anna/Cali - so glad you got to see DH again!! I hope you both had a ton of fun with your couple of nights away. I know it is always a little weird when the spouse comes home from a deployment. You get into a routine in the house and that extra body is both nice, but a little awkward as everyone adjusts..

I've got a massage scheduled tonight - might have to do it seated so I can breath but I'm GOING!.

Cheers to all,..

Comment #57


I hope you feel better. Enjoy your massage..

Comment #58 sorry to hear you're sick! I guess I have to be really careful again when I go out to the store, there is a ton of icky stuff going around! I always gain, as well, when I'm sick. Anyway, you take care! Get better soon!.

Katie...nice job on the loss!..

Comment #59

I have been fighting a nasty cold also. I live on the soup during the sickness..

I am feeling somewhat human but still cough a lot. Also my nose runs...

Comment #60

I'm right there with you Katie and Ethel...I've been sick (just a cold) for a week now. I'm just dealing with being congested now, but it stinks!!.

BlackJack had me down .2 today, so I weighed in at 192.2....I'll take it!!!.

My boys have baseball games tomorrow, so I'll be at the fields from 9am until 3pm...ugh!! But at least it will be easy to stay OP. Hope we get a win in!!.

Have a great weekend everyone!.


Comment #61

I'm sorry I haven't been getting back with shoutouts. Work (in both the paid and vollie worlds) is absolutely insane right now! I do read all your posts and have every intention of getting back to the just hasn't happened. I'll never catch up, but hope to start being more a part of things again soon. To those fighting the "cruddies," please take care of yourselves and feel better soon. Hugs & Smiles..

Comment #62

Hi, my name is Andrea and today is my first day! Yay!.

I don't have a name for my scale yet, but what a great idea. I'll have to think of one!.

I weighed in this morning at 182 and would like to get somewhere between 130 and 120 and at 5'2" I think that is pretty manageable! I can't wait to see what the scale says tomorrow!..

Comment #63

I hope you all feel better!!!!.

Welcome Andrea...

I am going to wait to get on Phrog for a bit, it's early..

Comment #64

Good morning all jumpy has me down 2lbs... tom arrived yesterdy and I've been 100% OP... so good to see it move in the right direction....

Anna hope you hit a new decade today.


Comment #65

Still 190.4, I saw 189. something yesterday afternoon but I think the salt on my steak did me in.

Also it's time for my TOM to start so I'm not holding my breath. It'll happen...

Comment #66

Hi, guys, I'd love to join! My name is Ella, I'm a registered nurse, husband to one goofy Brit and mom to seven!.

I guess I would have to name my scale Churchill... as in never, ever, ever, ever give up! (I'd name it Winston, but that's our dog.).

I haven't weighed yet today, because I'm a night-shift nurse so I'm counting down the next 2-1/2 hours until I get to go to bed! I'll post a weight when I get up!..

Comment #67

Goof morning everyone! (I miss-typed "good" and liked it!).

Same here for me. 1 pound for me = new decades for everyone else! P90X kenpo that workout! DH wants to take me to Del Friscos for dinner tonight...steak and mushrooms, yum! If the old doggie will let us go. We are susceptible to her pleading looks for us not to leave..

Don't worry about shout outs EMT (et. al.)! It gets tough to keep track of! Sometimes shoutouts become so overwhelming that it keeps people away...we never want that to happen here. If people can swing it, great, if that that's totally fine!.

Cali...oh, so close to the 180's! I'm sure it will happen much faster than the 190's. P90X when DH leaves town? It will be awesome to have you join us! In one month I went from 30% to 22.6% body fat due to p90x..

Welcome Ella! Great scale name!!!.

Cindy! Way to go...great inspiration for staying on track this weekend!.

Welcome Andrea!.

CMC...yep, we celebrate every 10th! Good job!!!.

Katie, Ethel...hope you guys feel better!..

Comment #68

Good morning, everyone!!.

Welcome Ella and Andrea!.

I have to make this short and sweet as we are getting ready to hit the ball fields pretty soon. BlackJack had me down .08, so I am at 191.4....woo hoo!!! I can't wait to hit 189...that's what I weighed when I got pregnant with my 3rd child about 2 1/2 years ago!! I'm SOOOO close!!.

Have a great OP weekend, everyone!! Will touch base later....


Comment #69

Sue... I've been reading through the P90X thread with great interest... how have you found your weights have gone since you upped the exercise? I'm hating not doing a ton of exercise, it helps my mood and makes me feel more focused...

Comment #70

Good morning DWers,.

Trickster had me at 154.4 this morning, which was -2.8 for the week! I'll take it! :-).

Have a wonderful, OP weekend!..

Comment #71

Morning Dw's.

Just a quick hello, again this am. I have to run some supplies to the scouts and then some errands..

Dude is chasing the ticker today. My fault.

Hope everyone feels better soon! Have a great day!..

Comment #72

Welcome Ella !!! Love your scale name..


, we may start up Monday, my dh lost 15 lbs while he was gone and wants to go down another 10-15, I just told him he has to weigh more than I do LOL. He was busy wrestling, boxing, kick boxing, and doing mixed martial arts 4 hours a day while he was gone..




Good morning!.


You and I are aiming for the same thing!.


I missed your 2 lbs, YAY!!! I started TOM today so hopefully by official weigh in I'll be down 2, or next week..

Comment #73

Hi DW'ers!.

I just got back from my trip at midnight last night and wasn't going to weigh since I'm full of poo and water, but "Live" was right there when I got up to pee this morning and I couldn't resist. I was 237.7 so down 1.2 from when I left Tuesday morning - and that's even before I get some serious bathroom time in. VERY happy with that, and changed my ticker today because I couldn't stand to see the 242.6 any longer..

Ella - Good to see you here!! Love Churchill!! Very clever..

Anna - so you're gonna do P90X? Or something else?.

Cindy - Way to go on the 2lbs!!!!.

Cathy and Anna - very happy to see you both bordering on the 180's. I always feel so great at 180, but that's also the weight where I have - time and time again - stopped losing, and started regaining all my weight back plus more. For me breaking through beyond the 180's is going to be a huge milestone. And I have no doubt I will, given all the support here..


EMT - I have to tell you how much I enjoy all your pics for this thread. It just feels like such a celebration. Even the goodnight one!.

Sue - how's our workout queen?? Sounds like you're making tremendous progress. I agree, one pound for you is like a new decade for everyone else, but look how close you are to goal!.

Welcome Andrea. My scale's name is "Live" which is evil spelled backwards. It was evil when I was gaining, and it is helping me achieve my goal of living now that I'm losing weight..

Have a wonderful OP day!!..

Comment #74

Howdy ladies...Miss B got skipped this AM. I was up half the night coughing and was drinking water through the night to try to keep the cough at bay. I got some new cough syrup that is sugar free today SO I am going to take that. This cough is just hanging on...

My cleaning lady is here today so I am attached to my computer while she cleans. The dogs are at my feet helping with holding down the rug. That is an important job after all!!.

I put some new pictures on my page yesterday from my lesson. I had a kind of scarey moment yesterday in a lesson that made my instructor and mother gasp. We were coming up the fence and took it nicely. Well on the landing my helmet went over my eyes, and I paniced. Fell forward on his neck, lost my stirrup and almost came off. Because my right leg hooked around his side, I didn't come off.

I puleld myself together, started breathing like a normal person and did it again. My mom got a picture of us taking a really good jump. The first few pictures that I didn't post was me wearing my coat. IT was so cold. The coat is so bulky that it makes me look huge, but it is WARM...

Comment #75

I'd love to join this group! I always feel sneaky when I weigh in almost daily! lol But it's nice to know that I'm not alone. If I know I've had a not so great day, I usually skip my morning weigh in until I've been OP for a full as not to feel discouraged.. It's a little concerning how the slightest thing causes the scale to go up! But, on the other goes back down rather quickly..

HELP!! I don't know what to name my scale! LOL Maybe I should just name it grasshopper.....that kind of makes sense, although that's my screename on here! lol Any suggestions???? I just completed my first month and I'm down a total of 10.2 Weekends are the most difficult for me..

Question: What range should I be keeping my protein grams to? is it 90-100? carbs should be around 80 ish?..

Comment #76




Epstein had me down .4 this morning to 187.4. I am getting so close to my next goal, tho' 1/2 of it has already been met. I completed Week 1 of C25K!.

Watch me go!.

I'm off to work, 11th straight day @ the paid job, then of course, I'm on call for the rest of the weekend @ my vollie gig! Hopefully I'll have time to catch up with all y'all this afternoon! Hugs & Smiles.

Cindy and cmnash get the birdie today (I thought there was a 3rd, but didn't see it when I went back, if I'm missing somebody....this birdie's for you too!).

Attachment 27921.

**EDIT** I left for work this morning and this post was still unsent on my computer when I got home! this was this morning's post. Standby for my afternoon post, after I get some lunch. ((HUGS))..

Comment #77


Scale names are very personal, but the first thing I thought of was "Caine." (from the hold KungFu tv show) He always called his student Grasshopper....and the scale does teach us things. Just a thought. Now I'm really going to fix some lunch. Hugs & Smiles..

Comment #78

Welcome GRasshoppper... I keep my carbs under 85 most days, there are days I don't make it to 80.. some people do better with a few more.. as long as you stay under 100 you will stay in ketosis..

As for protein I don't really pay attention I'm usually in the 100-125 range..

Comment #79

Hello DWers,.

I'm just making a fly by.. still sick, up another 0.6 pounds (that's 2.6 above ticker - boo - looks like a gain week for me if I don't get some mega whooshes). The cough is still hanging on, and I'm still tired - but I'm feeling better today at least..

Welcome to Ella, Andrea and Grasshopper!.

Katie - sorry you are also still sick - boo cough!.

Hello to everyone else!.


Comment #80

Hi! Thanks for the input..

EMT - - That's so funny - - that's where the name grasshopper came from. My friends named me that when I used to be into martial it stuck. I like your idea - - Caine!!! I'll think on it and touch back in tomorrow after I get on "Grasshopper" or "Caine" and see what he tells me! lol.

Have a great Saturday all!..

Comment #81

Thanks for the nice welcome from everyone. I hopped on my scale (still no name) and it said 179 which is 3# in one day. I am assuming that it is water weight but who cares! loved finally making it to the 170's. I haven't been there since I was pg with my first almost 5 years ago! Pretty tired today, luckily hubby is helping with the boys so I can take a nap after I have my midday snack!..

Comment #82

Among the MANY things Medifast is teaching me, my favorite (other than the weight loss) has been the Value of the NAP! I've learned to love naps! I've learned to LISTEN to my body. Eat when it's TRUE hunger....Sleep when tired, etc... It's a good lesson to learn. I have to admit, my first week on Medifast I probably spent more time asleep than awake. I wasn't hungry, headachy or grumpy....I just slept! Hugs & Smiles..

Comment #83

Hi Ella...I saw your question about weight loss with weight loss by pounds is VERY very slow....but body fat% is plummeting. In one month I went from 30% to 22.6% body fat, but only lost less than 4 pounds in that month. I honestly think that 5/1 is not appropriate for p90X...just not enough cals, but everyone has to figure it out for herself. I do 4/2 with high carb and higher cals (I spent 6 weeks tweaking very slowly to find my sweet spotenough fuel for workouts but still have a huge cal deficit for losses). That being said...I'm finding the program is amazing...the infomercials don't lie! And it's highly modify-ablesomething you can start with slow and grow into over the weeks...

Comment #84

Thanks, Sue! I'm a Turbo Jam girl myself, but didn't want to screw up my weight loss... last night at work I just walked everytime I had down time... up and down the halls. (Thank heavens they're finally carpeted!).

And Churchill's pronouncement this evening when I woke up was a 2.2 lb LOSS!!! WOO HOO!! DD#1 (18) told me to keep it up we'd be the two hottest chicks in town and DD#4 (5) said, "Mommy, you're shrinking!!".

Only 0.1 lbs from my first goal!!! OMG!!!!.

Hi to everyone... I see a lot of familiar faces on here!!!.

The only "bad" news from yesterday was I saw my brother (which is a yay!) but I was trying to keep it a secret from my mom while she's out of town. He's a guy... maybe he won't mention it. I want to shock her when she comes home in April/May! (She's a snowbird)...

Comment #85

Hey ella, in regards to my last message...I keep forgetting that I do an extra hour of cardio every day with the p90x...without that extra, then 5/1 is more doable (or 4/2 OP)..

Turbo jam looks fun. I was just looking at "Insanity" today....ay yi yi. Turbo fire looks interesting. As you've probably read on the p90x board...we are getting bored with some of the discs...

Comment #86

Smasty...I plan on doing P90X when I complete the 5-1. Once I start transistion and eat more calories that is when I will do more exercise than just walking. I move quite a bit more on the weekends than during the week anyhow...

Comment #87

Another OP day pays off.. down .8 from yesterday.....

Question... do you guys change your ticker daily or wait till your official weigh in day. I change mine with each loss... Is that crazy? Just curious what everyone else does.


Comment #88

I change it with every loss... heck... I worked for it, I'm claiming it!..

Comment #89

Thanks ella.. that is exactly how I feel...


Comment #90

Me too! But only down! If I get a bump up for some reason....I keep the ticker the same and "ticker chase." (Chase down the ticker #) Hugs & Smiles..

Comment #91

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.