I weigh 120 pounds how many points can I eat on the Medifast Diet?

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First of all I weigh 120 pounds how many points can I eat on the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Hi, I'm Shawn, and I was involved here at the Medifast Forums in 2009. Back then we had a thread and a group that was posting regularly about exercise, tips and tricks and generally sharing ideas with each other. I would love to start doing this again!.

About me:.

I'm not someone who really considers myself an 'Athlete' per se, but I do work out regularly and I'm always looking for way to increase my fitness level. I was doing triathlons and shorter foot races but as I stopped doing Medifast (and started gaining weight) I got discouraged because I couldn't keep my speeds up. Coming in slower then the year before was NOT fun for me so I stopped training and of course then the weight gain REALLY sped up..

In total, I've gained back about 25 lbs of the 50 I lost..

Since ultra cardio wasn't working for me I went back to my first love - weight lifting. That has been the thing that's brought me out of my slump and got me back in the mindset that has be wanting/needing to lose weight again..

I weight train days a week right now, and I am even starting to get the urge to do a little running. With being back on Medifast and my weight SURE to start heading back down again, I could see myself back into the the whole triathlon scene. I'm excited about the prospect and about 2011!.

So, my fitness goals for December:.

1) Continue weight lifting, and not give up this sport that I love for ANYTHING ever again. (I gave up weight lifting to do heavy duty triathlon training).

2) Get my bench press back to 155lbs (just got my squat to back over 200! yay!).

3) Pick a 5k race and start a running program to train for it..

So - anyone else want to join in?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Hi - joining in spirit is fine too.

So, I got one of my goals all set, I signed up for a 5K race in Feb. The fun part is, it's a relay and my husband and I are going to do it together!.

Should be loads of fun..

I'm starting by just walking for the next week, and then I'll begin a 10 week couch to 5K program called PodRunner intervals. I plan to build into this slowly..

As for my resistance training. Hit the gym this morning and did shoulders and triceps. Felt GREAT. It's going to be a good week of training...

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Awesome JOB.. Plan Plan......

Signing up is the greatest Motivator that you can do.

Long term goals/Events always helps continue the motivation...

Onward and downward !!!!..

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Hey! I think I found a group! I'm a former body builder (never competed thoughcouldn't get my fat% below 18) and love to workout! I currently walk/run 3-4 miles per day (I have started a "walk 100 miles in Nov and Dec" thread on the 31-99 board. I'm planning on picking the weights back up again around 180. Right now I just love my extended cardio sessions. Fitness is super important to me, especially since having back issues for most of the year and being pretty unhealthy earlier this year. When you're a naturally active person and it's taken away from you, you realize what a gift it is to have it back...

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I'd love to join. About 13 years ago I was a powerlifter, but don't think I'll go back to because of the bulk even though I love the high of lifting heavy. I'm turning 40 in February and think toning is more what I'm looking for and I simply don't have the time to invest in the training with a family (two daughters 11 & 12). I do workout every day in some form or other. I actually like switching it up. It has done wonders for my weight loss too (the switching it up) and the best part is I see the muscle now that the "fat" is gone and the definition is back too.

I'm never going to be a size 8, but I can be a fit 10. And you guys probably get the whole scale vs muscle too. It is such a mind game isn't it. I mean for me to weight 150 is normal body weight. I'd love to weight 130, but it just isn't possible if I want to have muscle..

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Hey guys! If I can do double-duty with two groups, I'd love to be a part of this. I'm pretty into working out, despite how heavy I presently am. I work out with CrossFit 2x week, soon to be upped to 3x week, and on my "days off" I often treadmill. Anyone heard of CrossFit? It's pretty hardcore and I love it...

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My cousin just opened up his own Crossfit Gym in Chicago. We don't have any around here. I heard it is very intense and a huge commitment. Good for you...

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Hey Momma....I know what you mean about seeing muscle! It's so darn exciting after living for years with the fat layer!!! I have the most beautiful triceps cuts happening...and I haven't even been lifting seriously! Imagine what they could become with a little training. I'm to the point now where every pound lost should reveal new treasures. I track my body fat % every week, it's really nice to see the workouts paying off with primarily fat loss while retaining LBM. I've been quite the treadmill bunny lately (100 miles a month)...y'all are going to inspire me to get back in to more cross training. After I hit my December 100 mile goal, that's what I'm going to do...

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So glad to see a group forming here - and so many female weight lifters too! woo hoo!.

I've been hitting the gym regularly this week. Just getting some walking in, and some weight lifting. I'll be SO GLAD when I can see some muscle definition again - I miss being proud of my reflection.

I start my couch to 5K plan next week, so it'll be interesting doing 2 workouts a day (some days).

I certainly understand the muscle vs scale issue - One of my favorite illustrations of this EVER was one of my 'heros' Shannon Hartnett. She's one of the top five strongest women in the world and is a world champion in the Scottish Highland Heavy games..

Shannon Hartnett.


Part Time Mom.

, on Flickr.

She's in awesome shape - teeny tiny waist - to look at her here you would never imagine she weighed 180lbs - would you?.

So - anyone have any goals for the next few weeks (besides surviving the holidays?).

How about in the coming year?.

I want to get back into (short) triathlons.

And I think I want to complete the 100 pushup and 20 pullup programs...

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LibrayGoddess - I've heard of Crossfit though I've never done it. I'm just not much of an endurance athlete. I know a LOT of people love Crossfit. I'm a huge fan of Rob Wolf, who used to be big in the Crossfit community. - have you heard of him?..

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Smasty - 100 miles in Dec - that's awesome. Good to have your next goal ready when you achieve this one..

Congrats on seeing some of the results of your hard work - every bit pays off!..

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@ Shawn, thanks for starting this. And Shannon Hartnet is exactly what I meant about scale vs muscle. It's the tone and muscle I want. You can be slim and flabby. YUK..

@ Sue, I never thought about logging my miles per month. I do during the day..

Have you guys thought about wearing ankle weights when you're not working out? I do and it has really increased my muscle in my quads (hams have always been an issue). I thought it would make my legs stronger for running, but thats a big no. My husband, who is why I was a powerlifter, thinks they will cause muscle strain and/or stress fracture and I have to admit one of my ankles is bothering me but that could be the running and NO I'm not telling him. You know, that running is very harmful to the body. Anyways, I think I'm going to increase the 3 lb to 5 lb ankle weights because I don't feel the resistence anymore. Just a thought. I'm curious what you all think about the ankle weights...

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Momma - from what I've heard, wearing ankle weights while your walking can be hard on your hips, knees, and other joints. It's not just the added weight but the fact that where the weight is alters your gait. Small changes in your gate can sometimes cause a lot of issues when it's altered long term. - Just my .02.

As for running - I know it can be hard on your body, but I do what I can to minimize the impact by making sure I wear good shoes and try not to run on concrete. I also make sure I mix up my cardio so that running isn't the only thing I do. Running is not my favorite thing to do, but I know it's good for heart health and not many things burn calories so quickly - so I do it..

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I wanna play, too! Though I am more of a cardio fiend than a weight lifting-type. For the record, I am a "Shortie" (5 ft/100 lbs), so think of a gymnast physique. Smaller, a more muscle, and semi-lithe (if there is such a thing). I love getting sweatyso running, zumba, and spin classes are what I do. I work out 3-5 times a week and am always walking/running our Dd (Dear doggolden retriever) around our neighborhood..

Thank you for starting this thread. I was devastated when I began Medifast in March 2010 and was told NO EXERCISE for at least 3 weeks. As soon as the 3 weeks were over (and the resultant orthostatic hypertension etc) I was back to spinning at a less vigorous rate. Now that I am in T & M, I am pretty much back to speed with my exercises..

I agree that establishing little goals for ourselves is a great motivator. With the holidays nearly upon us, my goal will be to maintain within my range (98-102) and to socialize more than eat. By that I mean, despite my having reached goal weight, my mind is still sometimes stuck in my pre-MF mindset. So I struggle with going to a party and nibbling throughout the night; pre-MF that was my "normal." But what Medifast has taught me is that all those LBT add up! Instead, I shall attend parties and sip my 1 Diet Coke, then sparkling water. When I am hungry, I will allow myuself one reasonable plate with reasonable portion sizes (think small for us Shorties !) and then the eating portion of the event is.


One more thing, a few of you were chatting about starting to see muscles underneath the fat layer? I have to share that I am excited that I now have delicate wrists with ulnar bones and an anatomical snuff box. (NO MORE LITTLE SAUSAGE CASING ARMS!) I am also starting to see my lateral rectus abdominal muscles. If anyone can appreciate this, I know that all of you know EXACTLY what this means, though I still HATE SIT-UPS! And what's up with the yoga thing?.

Have a great Friday everyonoe!..

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Yeah, I was afraid he was right about the ankle weights, but I burn mad calories. I work out every day and do find running to be a great calorie burn too, but I run on the concrete so I try not to do it more than four times a week. I live five minutes to the beach, but it is just too darn cold right now for me with the wind chill to run their. I've heard it is much better than the road. I have a workout crew that I walk and do the bands with which has really strengthened my core and stamina. I also do a tape just to switch it up.

My husband and I have a complete gym in our basement with heavy bags, kick bags, free weights, machines, just don't have the time. It is certainly a juggling act. Well off to spend time with the fam before bed. Have to meet the workout crew at 8am. I'm their motivator..

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Hey there! I'm still too fat for muscles, lol..

Mommagirls, I'm in Virginia..

Sam, CrossFit isn't endurance. It's more maximizing your workout in a shorter amount of time. Here is an example (from Tuesday's workout) -.

Warmups - 5 min. row w/ 15 second sprints at 2, 3 and 4 minutes, ROM, 20 walking lunges, 10 push-ups, and 10 good mornings.

Additional "assignment" - pick a lift and work towards improving your 1 rep max weight. I picked front squats and did 1-2 reps of 55*75*85*95*100 pounds so my new max is 100 pounds..

WoD (Workout of the Day) - AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) for 12 minutes - 7 burpees, 7 wall balls, 7 box jumps (modified to 8 step-ups for me) - 5 rounds + 2 burpees..

One of my instructors weighs around 150 and you would never think she did, because she is so lean, but she is all muscle..

Yesterday and today I teadmilled. Tomorrow morning is CrossFit again..

Hope everyone is doing well!! My main goal right now is to switch to CrossFit 3x week...

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Hey you guys...I'm really sick! I came down w/ a bug yesterday, so just a quick post here today before I crawl back onto the couch. I think I will take a day off of working out today and rest..

BTW...I've heard the same thing about not wearing ankle weights while walking/running...that they can cause stretching of ligaments around the knee and knee pain. it would be good to do some research..

See y'all tomorrow!.


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Feel better, Sue!!.

Today's CrossFit workout -.

WarmUp - 800m row, range of motion exercises, 1 x 10 each of good mornings, air squats, ring pulls, push-ups..

Jump rope, trying to beat your max double under. I'm still a jump rope newbie and am not at double-unders yet so I just jump roped regular-style. Today I got to 35 jumps before I missed, which is an improvement from my average of about 20. I'm not a very good jump roper yet!.

WoD - 5 rounds of 8 each - Power cleans, step-ups and Abmat situps. I did 55# on my Power cleans. If you are wondering what they are -.


My time was 11:34..

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!..

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Hello all, I would love to join this group. My only activity for now is walking. Last month I had a private coaching lesson with a race walker to get the most out of my walking. I'm open for suggestions on ways to train without access to a gym..

Start MF:.


Start Weight:.


Current Weight:.




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@ Sue, I hope you feel better. It's really cold her on Cape Cod, but I've managed to stay germ free. Fingers crossed..

@ Carolyn, your workouts sound amazing. How long does it take? I wish there was one around here..

@ Msfatfree2011 (love the username), I have a gym in my basement and don't need a gym membership but I have no time to do both cardio and lifting right now so I do what I call Express Workout with a group of friends from work or by myself. I have a band and we walk for about an hour in a some what private parking lot in town. We do lunges, leg lifts, side kicks, we use the bands for our upper body like pulling the bad down behind your neck and stretching your arms outward. Great for the shoulders and tris and not too bad for the bis either. I keep it as tight as possible and bend from side to side while walking. This is awesome for your core and your obliques (or muffin top).

This works my shoulders, tris, and chest. When you do it at waist level it works the core too. I got some of these ideas from doing Leslie Sansone's Walking tape and made them my own. Her workouts are great if you don't have a lot of time or the weather is bad. It's even better with friends...

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Hello athletes! I swore I was never going to do medifast again, but I have had a very challenging 2010. I didn't qualify for the boston marathon because of injuries..

Am just now getting back into running..

Fortunately, I am only 6 pounds from my all time medifast low, which I actually never sustained very long..

Am doing a 6/1 program but adding fruits and vegetables. I spent a lot of time looking over old data, and the thing that is abundantly clear to me is that I don't do well on 80-100 grams of carbs that is standard for the medifast plan. adding carbs from fruits and vegetables seems to make it tolerable for me, even though I realized I am not in the "fat burning" state that is recommended..

So I ordered 4 weeks of products, and will do my modified plan. yesterday turned out to be around 1500 calories, and it really feels right!.

My goal is to see how 144 feelsI will be racing a 5k on january 29th, which is my comeback race from my injury. hoping to go 24 minutes..

I want to see how easy or difficult it is to maintain in the low 140's..

I am thrilled to be running again!..

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Hey everyone!.

Wow, I'd love to join this group - seems right up my alley. I started really focusing on exercise in July when I realized that the 5&1 plan wasn't doing for me what it was doing for others. I switched up my food plan to a 3&2 (on doctor's orders) and got into weight training. I also made a mental leap from caring about the scale to caring about how clothes fit - in short, moved from focusing on weight to focusing on shape and ability which was the best thing for me..

When I started Medifast I had two big goals - learn to surf and climb Mt. Fuji and watch the sunrise from the top. Both of these were impossible this past January. I am thrilled to say I met the goal of surfing in November when I went to Hawaii, and Fuji is coming up this summer. Riding that wave and staying on the board - nothing has ever felt like that. I also recently met another fitness goal - do a guy's push up! I've never been able to do that in my life!.

My fitness goals for 2011 are:.

A) Do 20 guys push-ups in a row before the end of the year..

B) Do a proper pull-up/chin up before the end of the year..

C) Climb the Half Dome in Yosemite, including the 400 ft. vertical ascent to the top on the cable suspension track. See here for more info:.


D) Run a half-marathon with my friend Kevin..

E) Surf bigger waves - continue learning to surf better and tackle some fierce water..

F) Climb Mt. Fuji and be on top for the sunrise...

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Athletes? How is everything going? I love Hinata's post about 2011. I got my "No Nonsense" magazine in the mail from Beverly International (body building supplement company) and the siren call of the weights is singing to me! I haven't seriously lifted in years...there's just no better feeling in the world than building muscle and strength. So...I'm going to launch myself into it! I've started taking CLA again...I saw some incredible results from it when training in the past, fat would just melt off my abs every week (it's not a fat burner, it's an EFA). It should be really fun to see the combination of heavy weight lifting with Medifast 5/1. I use a good body fat scale, but I'll start using calipers too and see what happens w/ body fat..

So....the new year is upon us!.


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Heya Sue!.

Glad to read your post. I never knew about the CLA - sounds very interesting and I am going to look into that. Everything else is going ok - I am still sore from Wednesday's strength training session with my new trainer. He had me doing "sumo deadlift high pulls". Holy moly - that just about did me in! This was in tandem with other forms of strength training in intervals - my legs and arms were half numb and half on fire afterward. This is the first time I have ever done many of these exercises, so it is all very new and exciting to me.


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Had a great 70 minute run today, followed by 70 minute elliptical. feels great to be back running!.

Am eating unlimited fruits/veges and also fueled with hammer nutritition during the run. am using Medifast meals as meal replacements but I am not sticking to the 80-100 gram carb thing. feeling great and losing weight!..

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Hi Guys!.

Hinatathat sounds like a great workout! I'm so glad to chat w/ you a little here, your posts are awesome! Congrats on looking away from the scale number and towards "muscle health", is a good way to put it I guess. Also, I replied on a thread somewhere that I had done about 10 parachute jumps in my 20's. Static line. I was prepping for my first free fall when I decided I had got it out of my system. That was just before tandems became available..

Fengshwaycongrats on your success! I'm intrigued w/ your program. As a former raw vegan foodistI'm missing more fruit and veg on this program (I know, Medifast is as far from raw vegan as one can get I think-but it's working!)..

I had a goal of walking 100 miles this month, but got a bad injury on 12/24 (was knocked down by 2 labsI'm still recovering) I'm ending the month with only 81.5 miles. Such a bummer...I was on track for at least 110 miles if that hadn't happened. I got a little over 2.5 in today. That is my last sustained cardio session...starting tomorrow I'm shifting over to HIIT and weights! Yay!..

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Moving the treadmill from the garage to the spare bedroom... hoping to follow your example.


; 100 miles by March 1. Glad to find other MF'ers interested in exercise!..

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Awesome to see you here lodgemom! Sounds like a great plan to be on - you are so lucky to have a treadmill at home! You got this one in the bag - 100 miles by March 1st is completely doable...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.