I would like to find more information on Medifast Diet plan,sites ?

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First question I have is I would like to find more information on Medifast Diet plan,sites ? Many thanks for any answer. My other question... Happy October! New Month. New Oppourtunities To Reach Goal And Beyond...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Good Morning ladies! Hope everyone has a fab OP day....Need to get in touch with some girlies that have run astray and get them motivated to get back here and post...

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So happy it is Friday...and a new month! I love the fall and everything it brings with it!!!.

I came into work early so I can get out of here early. No big plans for the weekend other than hiking on Saturday, but just looking forward to not sitting at a desk for a while!.

Hope you are all enjoying your day!!.


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Christine enjoy your hike. I love the fall also. The leaves are starting to turn here in Virginia!..

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I envy your Fall leaves... We don't get that in Florida. We did get to enjoy the beginnings of the Fall leaves driving along the shores of Lake Ontario last weekend on our way from Rocester to Niagra Falls. It was beautiful..

We may do a theme park this weekend to get some fun and exercise in..


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Ok so I finally got around to photographing the Mermaid Jeans... They are on my page if you want to see them!!..

Comment #6

The Mermaid Jeans are great!! Can't wait to see a picture of you in them!!!!.

This morning I weighed in and I was down 16 pounds! Weee!! Went for a hike out in Malibu and then to the beach. Such a beautiful day!.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!!!..

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Cute jeans Shauna! And congrats Xtine74..

I've been super busy with Homecoming this past week. Definitely wasn't able to stay perfectly OP. Ughh. Oh, well. New week!..

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WOW!! 16 pounds that is awesome..


Glad to see you back. I hope homecoming is fun. Ours is late this year. Halloween weekend. Just dust yourself off and start a new day. You will still be successful at meeting your goal...

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Good Morning Everyone. Yesterday was busy for me I ended up working most of the day..

Mary glad that you are back and posting. Are you doing the medifast for teens? You are allowed more food than the 5 and 1 plan. I can post the info in a link if you do not have it..let me know..

Shauna- Love the jeans...

XTine- Congrats on weight loss.....

Comment #10

Mary..I am going to post the link just in case.....


Comment #11

So I weighed in this morning and my quest for Onederland is over! I have lost 10.3 pounds total for September and 5.75 inches. I am happy with that start. On to October and another goal..

I have two goals for October. The first is to get to "overweight" BMI. That is 191 pounds for me so I need to lose 7 pounds to get there. The second goal is to lose at least 10 pounds for the month to stay on my target for my final goal to wear the mermaid jeans on the last day of school...

Comment #12

OK it did something weird and duplicated my message. Sorry....

I hope everyone is out enjoying the day today!..

Comment #13

Busy weekend! Ready to stay on track this week!..

Comment #14

Good morning ladies!.

I'm seriously trying to get motivated to get back OP. I'll get there eventually....

Congrats on all of your weightloss!!!..

Comment #15

Shauna, those are some great goals! I am sure you you'll reach them!.

Michelle, I was first recommended to Medifast by a doctor, and he didn't seem to have a problem with me going on the teen plan, or the 5-1. I would like to think that the 5-1 would help me lose more weight quicker, but at the same time I am rather active and have a hard time only eating one.


Meal a day, so maybe I should consider it? I don't know. I am going to give the 5-1 plan another shot this week and see how it goes..

How does everyone's weight generally fluctuate on your menstrual cycle?..

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My weight is all over the place. Sometimes I gain sometimes I do not. I just stay off it that week. Like now lol....

Comment #17

Laura- So glad you are can do this...

Sarah- Glad you are here also..xoxo.

Great Goal Shauna..xoxo..

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I lost 3.5 this week even with meunstral cycle, but I didn't feel bloated. When I feel bloated, I see the water retention on the scale too. You just have to hang tight and know it's temporary water weight...

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I am so loving this fall weather. Nice and cool..

Shauna congrats on the weight loss..

I just took 2 tylenol pm..need to sleep tonight , I have not slept more than 4 hours a night in over 4 days..

Anyway..hope everyone has a good night..xoxo..

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I am having so much trouble not grabbing a little snack here and there... I know it adds up. I am going to go through the house tonight and get rid of all of those tempting things..

Michelle, I know how that feels! I hope you get a good night of sleep..

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Mary- look at the weight you are shredding. Just remember that every time you go to put a snack in your mouth, grab a pickle instead...

You are close to that Halloween Goal..

Good Morning Ladies...Hope everyone has a great day. Still did not sleep that well. I am working today from home. I think that I am too grouchy to go into the office lol...

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Your instinct is right... get rid of the temptations. Something that helps me when I HAVE to chew on something is gum or if I NEED chrunchiness celery works for me. Celery was blah at first without dressing, but now really enjoy the flavor...

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Good Morning everyone. Hope everyone has a great day. I will be back later to check in..xoxo..

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Just checking in,.

With the weather getting cooler, I am having a hard time drinking all my water... Maybe it's time to switch to hot (herbal decaf) tea?..

Comment #25

Ohh that's a great idea Shauna. I definitely can't drink over 60 oz of tea a day but it should help.....

Comment #26

Good Morning ladies. Had a bad day yesterday. One thing I realized is that I am still an emotional eater. I guess it is back to OA meetings for me. I feel like I am destined to be a big butt the rest of my life, but I refuse to accept that. I need this program and I know it works.

Like a dummy I left the program and gained all the weight back. I want to be a size 6-8 by July...I need to stay focused. We are so worth it ladies....Love all of you...Lets Have a Great OP Day.....

Comment #27

What the h3ll....My post keeps going away and then coming back..this board is crazy sometimes.....

Comment #28

My total cal intake for the day will be 828..and 83 carbs..fat I think will be at 19. I am determined... Have a great day all...xoxo..

Comment #29

Hello ladies!.

I should be happy since today is day 2 of being (successfully) OP. However I am suffering from a headache (from the diet I guess), cramps (TOM) and a sinus infection. So I'm feeling pretty miserable but it does feel good to be back on the right path of my goal to someday be skinny again.

I hope everyone is doing well and having a good day!..

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I hope your day is a better one...keep your chin up..

You sound like me in this post.

I am a major emotional eater and quite honestly don't know how to change it. Last year at this time I was almost in onderland and got to cocky, went off plan w/such confidence that I could just hop right back on the wagon...not. Never did AND gained it all back and more. When I was losing the weight last year, I just changed my addiction from food to shopping...which gets me in just as much trouble..

One day I'll get all this figured out though...i hope..

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Ok, this site is seriously starting to annoy me... same problem as you michelle. the post isn't there then it is......

Comment #32

Laura, Glad to see you back and in the saddle again. Stick with it. You can do it..

Michelle, sorry you had a bad day. Hope tomorrow and the weekend are better for you...

Comment #33

Hey Girls! Sorry to hear you are feeling discouraged. I know how hard this is..

There is no reason you can't be in OA and do this...if it helps you. I just started going based on a recommendation from a friend, and I find the meetings and support of a sponsor make this plan just that much easier. Get support from anywhere you can!!.

It is finally sunny again. Went to Knotts Scary Farm last night and had so much fun screaming and riding rides for 6 hours. Looking forward to going home and resting tonight..

Hope you are all doing well! I know you guys can do have to believe it too!.

I appreciate you guys!.


Comment #34

Today has been good so far. I have been busy all day but have remained OP. Laura so glad that you are back. Xtine- I used to go to OA meetings when I was younger and skinny thats back when I Binge ate. So I have found where they have meetings in the area and onlina and am def..going to start going again. Glad you had a fun time last night..

Shauna hope that you had a good day. Mary- Hope you are well and that goes for you too Sarah..xoxo..

Comment #35

Good Morning. Lets make this a great day....

My intake for the day will be...




Have a lovely Friday all...xoxo..

Comment #36

Good morning ladies! Feeling a bit better today. Cramps are subsiding, no far, still stuffy nosed though. I have not lost an ounce which almost stumbled me today. But then I thought about how food may comfort my emotions at that moment but then I feel even worse in the long run. So here I am...staying OP....

I get so tired of posting my emotions/feeling here and then erasing them. I don't know why I do that...oh well. I guess I should write in a journal but then why one reads it? I guess is that what blogs are for?.

BTW, what does OA mean? I'm sure i'll smack myself in the head, thinking dummy when you tell me. But for now I guess I've got a brain $art (not sure if that word offends's a regular word here in my house w/my son and dh)..

Comment #37

Hi Laura it means Overeaters Anonamous....

Well I am off to take a shower and then I have to go into the office.....

Comment #38

I finally got my new food. Eating on plan seems so much easier now. Good luck today everyone!..

Comment #39

Hope everyone is having a great OP day! I got all my water in (Yeah!) That's been my struggle the last 3 days...

Comment #40

Laura, I am glad that you're feeling better. I feel the same way about needing to write in a journal. I have a blog but sometimes I just find that I have no time for it..

Shauna, good-job. Forcing yourself to drink that much H2O can be extremely difficult. Keep it up!..

Comment #41

Good Morning....

Shauna the water does help with flushing the fat out. I have been having a hard time with the water also..

Mary thank you for stopping by my page. I worry about you when I do not see you post. I think it's the momma in me. My daughter is 17 and my son is 16. Speaking of my son. I have to get ready to leave to drive for 2 hours to pick up his girlfriend and then 2 hours back here so she can stay the weekend.

The homecoming parade and dance are next weekend. I will be back later today to post again and check in..xoxo..

Comment #42

Good morning Michelle. I got up early today too. I wasn't real happy about it, but what can you do. at least I will get an early start to enjoying the weekend..

Enjoy shooping...

Comment #43

Good morning or almost afternoon! I am struggling to stay OP today. This is not going to be easy. Dh as usual is not helping. Just gotta stay strong.....

Comment #44

Morning Girls!.

Hope everyone is doing well! I had my weigh in this morning and I was down 3.5 pounds. So happy since it is my TOM and I assumed I would stay the same. It is so great to know that this plan works. It makes it so much easier to stick to when you know you will get results..

Stay positive and go slowly in the direction of your new life!.

Talk to you soon!.


Comment #45

Laura... Sipping hot tea gives me strength to stay the course because you get flavor. Also chewing a very strong mint gum helps me if I am missing "chewing action". You can do it girl! Show DH you are stronger than he gives you credit for..

Christine... way to go!! My weigh in is tomorrow and I can't wait to see this weeks progress...

Comment #46

Aww thanks Michelle. Hahah. I have just been busier than normal this past week. I was sick for a few days and then I had the SAT today so studied alot for that..

I had a breast cancer awareness volleyball tournament today. I went to put on my shorts (which are suppose to be really tight and short), and realized that my shorts were pretty much falling off me. I had to tie them up with a hairtie. Guess that is a good sign. Hah...

Comment #47

Yeah Mary! what a great non scale victory... WooHoo..

Comment #48

So I just weighed in.... down 2.2 pound for a total of 12.5 pounds lost in 4 weeks. I am happy. If I can maintain 2-3 pounds per week loss through the end of 2010 I will be ecstatic...

Comment #49

Shauna- Congrats on the weight loss!.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!..

Comment #50

Good morning ladies! I'm ashamed to say I fell off the wagon again but I'm actually not beating myself up about it. I'm just going to get back up and try again..

Congrats on all your weightloss! It's really great to see how much you all are losing. I'm so happy you all are doing so well. Maybe if I hang around enough your success will be contagious and I'll start staying OP and losing too.LOL.

Shauna, good idea about the tea. I absolutely looooove iced tea. I have never been much of a hot tea drinker...usually just drink coffee. But I have had hot tea a time or two and always think how nice it tastes and wonder why I don't drink it more often. It will be a good alternative since I am getting tired...well not tired but a little bored w/my coffee.

I hope you all have a lovely OP day!..

Comment #51

Good Morning ladies. Hope everyone has a fab OP day today. I will be back later. xoxo..

Comment #52

Got to sleep in today! I am going to a training and I am looking forward to collaborating with other teachers. Yesterday was a disaster. I forgot my food and only had 2 Medifast meals in my classroom. Didn't get water or food until 5pm.

So I only ended up with 3 Medifast meals + L&G and 1 water for the day. Today I have all my stuff packed and in the car so I don;t walk out without valuable stuff...

Comment #53

Wow, 6ish in the morning doesn't sound like sleeping in to me.

Sorry about your disastrous day...good for you staying strong and not eating off plan. Hope you have a nice time w/your fellow teachers...

Comment #54


Yeah, no kidding!... I am not a morning person by nature either. My job has made me one out of necessity. I am usually in my classroom at 6am for my planning period. I have to work a 9 hour day (of course I work a lot longer than that at home grading papers and lesson planning, but I am required to be on campus on duty 9 hours a day)..

Our day is 7:00-3:00, but we are required to work an hour before or after school as our planning period because we are on block schedule and have no off duty hour during the day. I work mine in the AM so I can pick my own daughter up from school...

Comment #55

Good morning ladies!.

You guys are probably tired of hearing me say (as tired as I am saying it) I am restarting I have been trying to do some sole searching and finding this strength I know I have to stay OP and just say NO to all those temptations especially when I'm stressing. I know I can do this...I am a very strong disciplined person so why I haven't been able to do this is just crazy. I've let my unhappiness of my marriage and the stress of alot of guilt I feel about my son (sending him to school knowing how unhappy he is...feeling so guilty...wishing I could take his stress and unhappiness away) just get out of control and it has consumed me. I've actually been considering doing counceling not just for me but for the family. I just don't think i'll get lucky enough to find someone local who is experienced w/children w/autism..

Anyway, I'm ready to get my life in order and be this strong woman I know I can be..

Hope everyone has a wonderful OP day!.

BTW, has anyone seen previews to the What's eating you (I think is what it's called) tv show on E. I don't ever watch that channel, matter of fact I blocked it out. But I am thinking of watching it. The today show had on two woman from the show and I could so relate w/them on their eating issues. I think it premiers tonight or sometime this week.?..

Comment #56


Is your son in public school? If so, you can speak to the guidance counselor at his school about community resources. The guidance counselor at the school I used to teach at had a large 3 ring binder with every resource available in the entire county to provide as a resource to parents. These are resources the district tells her about and it's her (or his I guess) job to get that information out to parents..

Maybe the guidance counselor can even spend some time with your son trying to help hi work through his negative feelings about school...

Comment #57

Good morning ladies. I am so busy today. I will try to get back later and check in on everyone..xoxo..

Comment #58

Shauna, his guidance counceler is an older nice woman but she does nothing to help me...ever. I think she might be shy or something because she like avoids me and doesn't even smile when I smile at her. I'm a shy person too so I find it hard to click w/shy people..

With my research I at least figured out he was intitled to an IEP but seriously I feel they aren't doing what they can. But I'm kinda scared to push for more because he's stressed can he deal w/more? So I just kinda feel stuck....

I did find an organization that helps you w/resources but it's an hour away. I did visit their a few times and made a few calls but really felt I got nowhere. They seem to be more into the severly autistic children which my son is not...oh and yes, he's in public school. They've talked about putting him in a "special ed" class where the class is smaller but we all pretty much came to an agreement it wouldn't be best for him..

So in the mean time I just feel like I suck as a mom since I can't seem to do much for him and there's where that mommy guilt eats me alive..

Anyway, I am OP today and I feel pretty strong and good about it. I am very determined this time. I am just S-I-C-K of being overweight..

I watched that show I told you all about and it wasn't what I was hoping for...yet. It had anorexic people on it which is sooooo not my problem. I wish I could go that way but I love food to much LOL..

Comment #59

I watched the show last night too. Hopefully future episodes will deal with other things. Based on the previews it seems like it will..

Hope everyone is doing well. Not too much new here. Very much looking forward to the weekend!!.


Comment #60

Hello everyone..

I have been busy but just wanted to stop in and check on my fav girls...


This is the only thread that I post on or read anymore. Hope everyone is well. I am STILL OP and worth it....

Comment #61

Hi Michelle,.

I'm glad you are on a roll. You only have 4 more pounds to lose to reach your goal. That is great progress...

Comment #62

Morning girls! Hope you are all well!.

This morning was weigh in and I am down 3.5 pounds! I am thrilled!.

I hope you are all in high spirits and ready for an OP weekend!.

Thank you all for your support and happy to be on this journey with you!.


Comment #63

Good job Christine!.

How has everyone been this week?? I am about 1lb away from breaking down into the 170's. 170 is no longer obese. It's weird. I physically feel no where near being out of that category. Weird. How strictly does everyone follow the allotted condiments? I often find myself not really counting the condiments and not really worrying about it, but maybe I should be more strict. Hmmm...

Comment #64

I really only use 2 condiments regularly... cinnamon powder and ranch dressing. Unless I have starbucks. Then cinnamon, splenda, milk...

Comment #65

Congrats Christine! Mary you are moving right along...

I will write more tomorrow. I somehow messed my back up last night while I was asleep. It hurts to walk and to sit up for periods at a time. exercise for me strictly medifast until I am better. xoxo..

Comment #66

Christina... Yeah 3.5 more pounds gone. That is fabulous..

Michelle... Sorry you hurt your back. I did that once. My sacrum popped in the middle of the night. It popped really loud so that it woke me up and it hurt too. I got worse for two days and then went to see a chiropractor and she fixed me up..

Mary... Sometimes it takes a while for our head and body image to catch up to what the truth of our weight loss is. You'll get there. I'm excited for you to be making such great progress...

Comment #67

Hey Mary-.

I do not really count my condiments. I don't go crazy and eat whatever I want. But I use splenda, spices and the Walden Farm syrups and I use more than the allotted three servings. I haven't noticed it affecting weight loss, and even if it did I would keep doing it. It helps me add variety, and keeps me from getting bored which I think keeps me from giving up..

Congrats on approaching the 170's! I can't wait for that!!.


Comment #68

Lost 1.1 pounds this week. I think it might be time for me to add in some exercise to my routine to keep my loss momentum going strong...

Comment #69

Congrats on your loss! I need to start exercising as well! I was really good about walking or hiking at least 3 times a week, but then I got busy with life and pushed it to the back burner. Time to push it forward again!.

Wishing you all a happy Monday tomorrow!..

Comment #70

Good Monday morning ladies!!!.

Congrats on the all are very inspiring to me..

I did slip up a lil this weekend but still managed to lose a total so far (almost a week of being OP now) 8 lbs. I'm real excited about that. It kinda makes me realize when I do slip that I can get right back OP and still manage to lose and that I don't have to throw all i've done away and start binging..

It's been about five hours later...i'll be surprised if it'll let me post this. My sis called as I was typing the above to tell me she had a mole biopsied and came back as melanoma so I got a little sidetracked and forgot about this post til now..

So I hope everyone is having a nice monday afternoon!..

Comment #71

Good Morning everyone! Congrats on all the weight loss. I have been very busy. I am still OP. Hope everyone has a great day and I will try to post late in the afternoon..

Laura- glad that you are back..xoxo..

Comment #72

Hello all,.

I have been out of commission the past 2 days with the flu..

I was not able to eat or drink anything yesterday, but today I sipped a mug of chicken stock with an egg and a cup of green tea. I am hoping to be back to normal eating (and work) tomorrow..

Laura, sorry about your sister's bad news. If it was caught early, melanoma has over 90% recovery. I used to work at Moffitt Cancer Center and the biggest lesson I took away was don't ignore your skin (especially if you live in Florida or spent your college summers life guarding like I did)...

Comment #73

Good Morning Friends.

We just got our computer up and running!!! I have missed my computer so much and I can't go on Medifast at work. I am back and missed you all!.

I will catch up later...just want to let you know where I disappeared to!..

Comment #74

Shauna- Hope that you feel better soon..

Sarah- Glad that you are back..

Xtine and Mary hope that ya'll are well..

Laura- Hope your sister will be ok, sending thoughts and prayers for her..

Busy day today..It is my 38th birthday...


Comment #75

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!.

Isn't it funny how we hate birthday's now? Even when I first got in my early 20's I couldn't wait til the next one so I could really be considered an adult. My 36th birthday was last month and it actually was a little easier than 35 was. We should look at it this way though...we'll have a few years still to say we're in our thirties...

Comment #76

Shauna, so sorry you've been feeling bad. Hope you feel better. Was it a stomach thing? My whole family got it this past week and I managed to not get it...until yesterday. You know no matter how much sanitizing and hand washing you do, there's just no way to avoid it when your whole family gets it. But it was just a 24 hour thing and as horrible I felt yesterday I feel so wonderful today...just a little weak. I managed to lose 2 pounds but I'm sure it's just dehydration and no food in me..

BTW, thanks for your encouragement about my sis. When I heard melanoma it seriously scared me to tears. I just hope she's caught in time. I do know she's had it for at least 6 months or more because I kept urging her to go get it checked out. The only reason she got it checked out was because her husband had his checked which turned out to be cancer but the less deadly one (can't think of the name)..

I need to get mine checked out since we both lived in FL our whole life and sunbathed the whole time growing up..

Sarah...good to see you...miss you. Glad your puter is fixed..

Christine & Mary...hope all is well..

Michelle...enjoy your day!...any big plans?..

Comment #77

No plans at all. I have this phobia about going out and seeing people that I used to know. I am embarrased that I have allowed myself to get like this. I told my husband no dinner out just lets stay at home. I am working from home today and cleaning. That is the extinct of my day...

Comment #78

Awww, I hope dh at least cooks dinner or something for you. I do know what you mean though. I thought I was the only one who stayed away from places I might see that knew me when I was thin. My most dreaded moment would be is to see one of my old boyfriends from school. I just hope (one in particular) hasn't seen me when I didn't see him..

All the more we need to stick to this though. What kind of life is it if we can't enjoy life and friends?..

Comment #79

Michelle... Happy birthday. You are going to absolutely LOVE your 40th birthday when you are hot and skinny. The last time I did Medifast was during my 39th year and I have to say that 40 was a really easy birthday for me. I felt good, I looked good, and I was building a 2nd career as a teacher. Now I just want to get back to where I was..

Laura... carcinoma was probably the other cancer. Did you know... By law all health insurance companies in Florida are required to let you see a dermatologist for a yearly check up without "permission" needed from your primary care physician? Take advantage of that. I too spent my whole life in the Florida sun without sunscreen... and with baby oil in my teens.

And then life guarded in college. Had several of those really bad all over burns that increase your melanoma risk too. I wear minimum SPF 30 and reapply like crazy now when we are out in the sun. If we only knew then....

If you or your family needs questions answered you can look up Cancer Answers at Moffitt Cancer Center. It is a free community outreach program staffed with nurses that are trained to answer questions..

To answer your question... It was a stomach thing... not fun. Fever and body aches and throwing up the first day, just dirt tired and queazy the 2nd day...

Comment #80

Good morning ladies!!!.

I'm still chugging along. Feeling really great. Those two pounds I figured I lost due to the stomach bug actually stayed off...woohoo! Down 10 pounds!.

Trying to keep from looking at the big picture and stay focus on just 10 pounds at a time. This is about where I start feeling good and then start getting overwhelmed by how much more I have to go and screw up..

By just thinking 10 pounds at a time and NOT looking at the big picture...I feel maybe I can keep my determination and keep losing..

Hope everyone is having a great Friday and wishing you all a happy OP weekend!..

Comment #81

Michelle, I hope you had a nice day. Celebrating on plan is difficult but I think it's helping me find the non-food enjoyments. I had my last home yesterday which is always a huge celebration for the seniors. It's custom to have tons of candy and cookies throughout the day given to you by coaches and parents. I just asked for balloons and flowers instead. And rather than going out for dinner with everyone we all went and played pool instead.

Laura, I hope your sister gets well. She's in my prayers...

Comment #82

Mary... I am proud of you for advocating for yourself to set yourself up for success..

Laura... I have my ticker set to my current mini goal instead of the whole number of pounds I want to lose. I get to see the ticker move faster and the closer it gets to the other end, the more motivated I am to make sure it gets there..

Then when I set my new mini goal, I keep the start weight the same to remind myself of how far I have come and how much closer I am to my new mini goal at the other end of the ticker...

Comment #83

Good Morning Trying to clean before the holidays. I am inundated with stuff and trying to get rid of hard..

Have a great day everyone!!..

Comment #84

Afternoon! Glad to see everyone is doing well!.

Things are good here. We have had a week of rain and today it was finally sunny again!.

I had my weigh in this morning. Only down a pound and a half, but I hit my first mini-goal!.

I am staying in tonight and relaxing as I am exhausted! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!.


Comment #85

Yeah Christine... It looks great to have that first box checked off. Keep up the great work!..

Comment #86

Thanks! You too! Can't wait to see you in those mermaid jeans!!..

Comment #87

I am doing a victory lap today! I lost 3.7 pounds this week..

As of my weigh in this morning, I am NO LONGER OBESE!!! ...and I am speaking my future that I will never be in that category again because I have a success plan to help me stay where I need to be for life...

Comment #88

That's so exciting! In about 9 lbs I'll be at 170 and be in the overweight BMI with you. :P..

Comment #89

Good afternoon everyone. Way to go on the weight loss Shauna and Christine. I have been busy focusing on finding my groove on Medifast and getting where I need to be in my zone. Hope everyone has a great Sunday..xoxo..

Comment #90

Good Morning....Michelle trying to find that zone again too! Shauna and Christine WOO HOO on your weight loss. Mary you will be there before you know it!.

Monday new week, new day, new start for me!..

Comment #91

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.