I would like to hear from those who have tried the Nutrisystem Diet?

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Question I have... I would like to hear from those who have tried the Nutrisystem Diet? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... 1.5 pounds left to goal! It has been a long time (20 years) since I was in the 2teens. After close to 5 weeks of sitting between 221 and 223, which was killing me, I finally broke through the barrier. Started at size 40 pants (though I wore 38's below my true waistline).

All of my 38's are too large, so I am hopeful!.

I am going to finish all of my food a switch over to Maintance with the goal of continuing to try to shave some pounds. High school weight here I come!.

Current weight = 219.5 pounds.

College weight = 218 pounds.

High school weight = 210 pounds.

I want to thank all of you for encouraging, spitting in my face when I needed it, and TEACHING me what I needed to do to make this happen. I am not leaving and am trying to get my older brother to step it up. He has seen my success and wants to lose weight now! "Man up".


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Great job Robert. You have done an outstanding job!!.

I know you will continue to have success...

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Personally, I think you suck! That was way too fast. I think you should lower your goal. I admit my motivation is selfish but I get tired of the guys I respect hitting goal and disappearing. Hope you stick around..

Oh yea, Congrats...

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Congrats Robert, You are in the Red Zone now. Push it over the goal line...

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Good job, big guy...and now the big is solid!..

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The other guys were telling me this was a moderation free zone. Or are you sort of our corrupted moderator?..

Comment #6

HAHAHA Somebody lied to you. If anything they watch this forum like a hot zone. Granted the Men's Room does tend to ride that line at times but we are men. Men will be boys and the Mods know this..

They used to send an e-mail warning you to reread the Terms of Use. They seem to have stopped this practice cause all it did was make things worse. They will still delete negative posts and any posts that do cross that line which is somewhat like a strike zone, it changes, just a little, with each umpire but their word is still final..

I myself got BANNED for 2 weeks last year cause I had a hard time figuring out the strike zone. I struck out, got suspended from the game for 2 weeks and learned my lesson, mostly. I still have a post or 2 disappear from time to time but at least they stopped with the e-mails which made things worse..

I am convinced that red lights and sirens go off on the MOD floor of Nutrisystem Central every time I hit the submit button..

All in all, I suggest you read all those stickies and behave accordingly..

PS. One more thing; The MODs don't like to be the subject of posts either so, read fast before this one vanishes..

My avatar from last year......

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Thanks guys. Just finished my daily alottment of water and going for more! Cheers!..

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Damon, you know there would be a major revolt if they every tried to get rid of you permanently. Just sayin'...

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Damon, at least we now know why you are such a post hog! You want to keep all those MOD's on their toes! I am sure they appreciate the work!..

Comment #10

Yep. Gettin' ready to step back from a manager role and just fly...

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I've been banned all over the internet. Am a total drama queen/instigator. Don't want to get banned here, since I want to lose weight...

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He's a great distraction...there too busy watching him to pay any attention to the rest of us!.

Keep up the great work Damon...

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