If I join Nutrisystem or somethin' like it, and I.........?

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First question I have is If I join Nutrisystem or somethin' like it, and I.........? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Well, where to start. Maintenance was going pretty good for several months, even did pretty good getting back on track after a vacation full of too much bad food..

Then I crashed my motorcycle. No major injuries and not a single scratch, but I was pretty sore for a while which lead to laying around and eating really crappy stuff..

Then I went thru over a month of being sick off and on. When I'm sick I've always eaten whatever I feel like, which isn't good either. Over the last few weeks since being sick those eating habits have stayed with me, can't get back on track on my own..

I've been noticing my pants getting more snug the last several weeks, then last night I was getting work done on my tattoo sleeve and looked at myself in a full wall mirror while sitting in the chair I realized how bloated looking I am. I was disgusted with myself..

So I just placed an order and got the auto delivery fired up. I haven't weighed myself lately, need to get batteries for my scale, but my guess is around 220-225.

After a low of 189 this spring and maintaining in the mid 190's all summer..

As soon as I get my BBB I'll become the neurotic nutri-nazi you old timers either love or loathe, depending if you get my twisted sarcastic humor. (I guess this could be a disclaimer for new people who don't know me.).

Well, I better get to cleaning, as my little corner of the nutri-world has been vacant for quite awhile. I also need to read some of these threads to see what I've missed and throw my unsolicited opinion around...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Thanks Gordon..

Doesn't look like many people from my era are around here any more...

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Welcome back to Nutrisystem, and good luck on your weight loss journey!..

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Maintenance is a b*tch, take it from someone who knows. I'm struggling every day. Welcome back!..

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Yeah. A lotta guys come and go. Either hit goal and move on, or give up and move on. I'm hanging around because.

A) Selfishly know that w/out this reality check, I'd lose it and.

B) In case I can be of any help to newbies like so many here helped me..

C) It's fun..


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I'm still here too. We were losing weight at the same time..

I'm still maintaining, seems to be more of an effort to maintain than it was to lose weight. Losing is easy, maintaining is hard...

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Welcome back. Maintenance has me kinda scared too, I was going to try to make do with the remaining Nutrisystem food I had, but just went ahead and allowed my next full BBB autoshipment to process...

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So how did you do it? I am in a similar situation; I am working on losing atleast 142 lbs. What is/was your secret(s) to sucess?..

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First 4 to 6 months, follow the plan 100%, never stray. When my loss started to slow down, pick 1 day week to eat regular food. The extra calories speeds up your metabolism, so when you get back on plan 100% the next day your body will continue to burn at the higher rate. I never had any extended time periods with no loss using this method..

Oh yeah, drink all the water you can handle, then drink 1 more glass...

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Thanks for the advice. I will do try that. So far so good. 4 weeks in and down 24.5 lbs..

So you were able to lose about 2-3 lbs a week? That is my goal...

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Yeah that's about where I was for the average by the end...

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Hey welcome back badlionsfan, many people who lose gain it ALL back; you caught yourself soon enough to be back on track in a few months. I lost 100 a couple years ago and gained 3/4 of it back. NOW I'm really dedicated and it's paying off; I'm planning on going lower than the first time. Good Luck!..

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I want to get under my previous low also, around 175 is where I think I should be...

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Welcome back...I guess.

I totally agree that maintenance is harder than the process of losing weight. When you are losing you can focus on a goal and seeing the scale move (or not move) provides the feedback you need (assuming you are really trying)..

On maintenance it is much harder since the goal is to not see movement of the scale, which is almost impossible..

For my maintenance, I am trying to put a "guardrail" at 185. If I get to or above that number, I will go back on Nutrisystem 100%. After 4 months, I haven't had to do that..

I really do think it helps to continue to access these boards. I don't post as much as I like since I am pretty busy, but I do try and read them at least two or three times a week..

You know what to do, just do it!.


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Hey bad welcome back. Too bad about the bike...

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I wrecked my bike too. I was 7 years old, man I loved that Huffy...

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I am going to need some hard core maintainer checking on to make sure I stay on the true path once I get to goal. I want something that requires me to post here at least weekly and an electric shock to the balls if I don't. The boards can keep me honest (after I get to goal)...

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I'm still here too. Like you, I let my old eating habits creep back in after reaching goal (to the tune of 45 #.

). I re-ordered but I'm having trouble getting back on track. At least I haven't gained any more. Just need to get myself psyched up again. I've got all the knowledge, just need to jumpstart the motivation..

Hangin' in there...

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I have got to have a goal. Since weight loss is no longer my goal and maintaining isn't particularly glamorous or inspiring and doesn't generate much interest or conversation in others I am using my running to keep myself on track..

I will begin my next 12 week training plan for a half marathon in February very shortly. In the meantime, I need to keep working because I don't want to lose the level of fitness that I earned through hard work (and allowed me to set a PR)..

Unfortunately, I haven't had much success convincing myself that beating my PR is not important for this race. Dang! Looks like I've got my work cut out for me...

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