If I move iPage web host, can I take my dedicated IP address with me?

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Got a quick question: If I move iPage web host, can I take my dedicated IP address with me? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... I have tried many ftp's for up loading my iPage site and for the last year I have been using this one..

Never had a problem till now..

The problem is, is that our PC crashed a few wks ago and I can not seem to upload any gifs to my site. I have tried 3 diff. FTP's sence then, I have re-installed several times and still cant up-load any gigs.(buttons, etc)I have it on Binary for the gifs.


Not only that I use Dreamweaver and That wont let me open any gifs either while I am editing. This is so weird..

I dont know much about properties on our system, but we have windows 2000, road runner for our connection. Our Road runner was just installed a few weeks ago as well. We have TONS of memerory so Its not that. Please and suggestions welcome, My iPage site is looking pretty bad with no buttons on the top of the page. Thanks!!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Trying to configure the properies did not work, I am just at a lose here. Welcomming all suggestions!!!!!.


I fugure it's got to be something in my PC becuse the FTP works in ASC111 mode, just not binary mode...

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Sounds like a registry problem. Can you open gif files at all on your computer? Like with an image editing or paint program? can you upload jpg images?..

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I can upload them but cant open them, and your right about about the registry, becuz when the PC crashed, that was a HUGE problem,(we think thats why we crashed to began with, something got in the registry) do you know how to fix that? oh what to do! where do I start, What do I look for....I havent a clue!!! So many questions....LOL Can anyone help Please?..

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Ifit is a registry problem the best bet it to refomrat. if you have restarted a fee times and nothing appeared to change then the backup is corrupt as well. you don't have any other options but to reformat. you can try regclean at.

And see if that fixes it, but I doubt it...

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You can try this, if it does not work you probably need to reinstall windows from scratch..

To restore the registry.

Click Start, and then click Shut Down..

Click Restart in MS-DOS mode, and then click Yes..

At the MS-DOS prompt, type.

Scanreg /restore.

Restart your computer..


Following this procedure will restore your registry to it's state when you last successfully started your computer...

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Thanks for the suggestions, we have reinstalled windows when it crashed. This all happened in within 7 days.

1st we had a virus, then the system crashed, then we installed road runner. Our PC has been starting up just fine everyday so I dont think what you said would work. The up loading and opening gifs have been a problem sence that one bad week. That was about 20 days ago. I think it is some sort of registry problem, and I know nothing about. But I am going to the iPage site listed ubove to see if they have anything there to help me out.

To be honest I dont really even know what registry is or where it is. I just surf and build sites and dont pay much attention to the Controlling stuff. I know now I have alot to learn. By the way I find this board great and will add it to my "web tools page" so others like myself can learn as well. Thanks very much for the input!..

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Try this, email me one of your gif images to.

And I will look at it and see if it has been corrupted in some manner...

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Can you not go to a imaging program and open it?.

Try this:.


And in the middle, there is some patches for the registry that restores jpg and gif thumbnail preview and viewing issues that is sometimes lost in the registry ......

Also you can try this before you do the above:.


Type in this (bolded part):.

Regsvr32 /i shdoc401.dll.

Click ok, wait until another popup message appears ok with that....

Then again, start>run.

Type this in:.

Regsvr32 /i thumbvw.dll.

If that dont work, try the above registry patches. sometimes the 2nd command line you run (regsvr32 /i thumbvw.dll) comes up with an error. try rebooting, then trying those steps again....if again it dont work, try the registry patches ......

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Thankyou so much, Thats right, I can go in my documents and open things there, but I cant open any graphics in dreamweaver or upload them to my site. I sure hope what you said works. I will have my husband try that when he gets home. Because we have 8 kids going on the computer and with all the problems he has had to fix, he said he will do any configuring, changing etc. He doesnt want us to mess things up anymore then they are. lol I dont blame him...

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Also try going into windows explorer and check to see if you can preview it in the side pane ....

I had the same problem just not a week ago with jpeg files....couldnt preview, couldnt view in internet explorer, and all ...tried the registry patches a couple times, and it worked ... you might have to implement them twice, as sometimes, the first ones didnt work completely (like it worked, but then gif files didnt work or none worked at all, descriptions I did it again, and it worked) .....

Hehe, I know what he means .... with a computer being used by many different people, it's hard to fix cuz you know know what a particular person was doing, and what was leading up to whatever my parents alot of times mess this comp up and I end up fixing it...been a pain...a month ago, I was fixing the comp all the time for a month straight before I got the comp working again...still got problems, but it works for the most part ... hehe, everytime this comp gets shut down incorrectly, and you reboot, it brings the windows startup screen up, then beeps 8 times, then when it displays the "windows hasn't been shut down correctly yadda yadda yadda", it has like a half screen of characters and all..push a button to start the scandisk and it beeps 4 more times, with more characters popping up ... it's weird cuz I have no viruses, was a clean reboot a month ago, and all ... think something to do with the proprietary crap that computer companies did in the early days ....

Good sites to go to for computer questions (where I got the answer for this problem) is and the microsoft newsgroups ... hehe.

Hope this works out for you ......

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Thanks for the other sites, I went to the registry iPage site that was given to me earler and no one really replyed. If it doesnt work I will try the sites you gave me..

I am not a computer wiz at all. I like to surf and build my sites. And when then when my programs arent working thats when I care about the rest of the puter. lol Like now! I had made some nice buttons for my freebiedirectory site, but sense I couldnt load them I had to just stick the text there, It looks ulgy. Thanks for your reply and help!!..

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