If I sign up to iPage web hosting can you move my files automatically from Geocities?

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First question I got is If I sign up to iPage web hosting can you move my files automatically from Geocities? Thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Hey haw where can I find realy good help to developing php sites maybe in dansih. haw do I install php-4.2.3. and is frontpage compitipel whit php. is it posipole to code php sites ind frontpage??..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Two editors.


Editor Context.


Crimson Editor is a FREEWARE. You are free to download and use it...

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Thx for the links. I have hert that dreamweaver can edit php is that true?? an is there someone who can tel me about phpamdmin?? I realy whant to instal php first..

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Dreamweaver can edit php yes. It now has one of the most powerful code editors available and is an extremley good wysiwyg..

Dreamweaver can code with php, html, mysql, asp, cgi, perl. For coding purposes, you cant go past Dreamweaver Ultra Dev..

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JollyFactory, DW sucks, it is not the most powerful editor around. if you want ot get serious about php then you need teh Zend Studio. it is an IDE and it is the best for the money. I won't use DW or front page for editing php as long as I live. they insert there own special code and makes things worse. it may be a good editor but there are others around that beat it, and that are less expensive (free)...

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I need to sya that there most be wysiwyg on the program. and if o got DW do I then need to instal php 4.2.3 ??..

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I am not sure if DW runs php, but just edits it. I don't use DW for anything so I cannot comment on how it handles php, but my guess is that it's jsut an editor when it come to php, so you would not have to install php...

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I haw DW ultra dev. but the ting is that I can't se the page as wysiwyg!!! it's only many codes. and yes I now that php is like html whit codes but. the wysiwyg in DW don't work or is it. haw do I use pre maket themes on DW whit wysiwyg. I haw download'et a theme from phpthemes but when I think I am opening it there is only codes no wysiwyg.


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It seems like you are confusing PHP with a visual language like HTML. PHP is a back-end scripting language only. There is nothing to "display visually" with it, because all there is to it is computer code. It is often used with HTML to interface with it, and to jazz up it's output, however PHP itself will never appear as anything other than text instructions. It's not something that you can just fiddle within dreamweaver and understand. Try searchign google for some starter php lessons, and follow the most simple lessons first.

If you are using a virtual host, it is unlikely that you will be able to install PHP on it yourself, so you will need to find a host that already allows you to run PHP scripts...

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Hey Scoutt! Yeh thats true for frontpage when I started using it.. it kept adding useless 'forced spacer' code but for the time I've used DW, I have never experienced this in PHP and in it's WYSIWYG editor..

Hey!! I actually found a program with a shareware trial on it that lets you code php ON your system and then lets you test the PHP code ON your system without the need for an online server... yes! I was amazed too as this diminished the need for coding php, uploading it and testing it from my browser..


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Jolly, there are a lot of programs like that. one good one is the one IDE that Zend puts out. very expensive but worth the money..

BUT, they all need the interpreter, that is, they need php.


And by the way, you can run php without a server just like perl. so you didn't find anything fancy.

Plus that program doesn't support mysql which is the basis for php. I mean what else would you do with php if you didn't have mysql to work with...

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But I am 100% sure that there was some guys that say that thy use DW and thy had maked many php pages in wysiwyg..

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They probably created the HTML templates in DW and then inputted the php custom tags seperately (or thorugh DW, just as you would insert javascript). That way you would not have to worry about layout, only php programming....

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Oh well lol.

Just wondering.. where can I get this IDE from Zend that you've mentioned?..

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And Zend is the company that actually makes the php.exe file...

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Hello I think that I am muche more into it now. but I need to now one VERY importan thing how du I install php 4.2.3 ??..

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You go to.

And download teh most current php install for windows. it should be a zip file..

Then unzip it into the root directory, C:\php.

That easy..

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If I whant to see the page I have maket haw do I do that??..

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If you want to see the page that you made that has php code in it, then you will have to setup apache or another server on your machine. there is no way around it unless you uploaded it to your host...

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I already got apache on my computer but haw do it work??..

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I haw looked at some iPage site and I found this..

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Well it all depends on how you have it setup. it is setup as localhost?..

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Is it easy to make phpbb forums?? I want to make one but is it easy??..

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No, it is prety hard and you have to be really experienced in php to do it...

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Then I'm totaly out. but that is a thing you already no..

Is there som places where there is some god guys whu buildt phpbb or vbulltin forums??..

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Not really. it doesn't take a special way to do it, it is just how you program in php...

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Thanks for the link scoutt.. I'm going to get my trial version right now..

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Alright if you sut pick a very easy to go forum for me what whuldt you pick. but there most be some features..

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VBulliten forum is the best of them all. there is no easy forum. if you code one yourself it is not easy, if you just install a pre-built one it is pretty painless...

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Okat thanks but where can I find a very good pre buildt forum..

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Well you said you wanted a good one.

Here is a list of many forums..


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May I ask whise of them there are pre bulidet..

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All of them. jus tlike vBulliten, you have to install any of them. some are free but others cost money..

I have no idea which ones are free, you have to look...

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What about.


It seams very easy to install and look realy good..

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Couldn't tell you. I don't go around installing or use different forum packages. you would just have to see. most of them have one setup already so just check it out...

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Alright when you say pre bulidtet what do you mean. ass faar as I no is phpbb forum hard to set op...

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I don't believe so, again I don't go around setting these all up..

Now when I say prebuilt I mean it is already to go and run, all you have to do is install it. a non-rebuilt is one that you have to code all yourself...

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Sorry that I haven't replied for a while. Go get phpmyadmin from.


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The links on my page are free.


As far as I know.. invision board seems the easiest to install, use and manage and comes with many many features...

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Thanks I vil try to use X-forum is a good free host to forums..

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Hey at last I have set up a phpbb2 forum. it was easy. and I'm happy now. I have alsow learn to use WS_FTP the next step no is to make real php pages..

But thanks to all of you guys who help't me I realy aprisiate it thanks..

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Now I only got one last thing I wnat to now. all the pre bulidet thmes of php sites on the internet. do thy work lige this..

1: you instal the theme on the server.

2: you oppen the iPage site whit your browser tybe ind your admin pas.

3: start makeing the site.

Is that the way pre bulidet thems ind php works??..

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Themes in phpBB2 can get kinda tricky sometimes, and if you have any problems, it's probably in the theme info file, and probably has to do with the naming of the theme..

Basically: upload it, click on admin, click on install new theme, and it should be in the dropdown box. if not, check the themeinfo.cfg (i think that's what they call it anyway) for errors. then click install and you should be done..

If you run into any serious problems, you can go to for help...

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