If Nutrisystem food has partially hydrogenated oils, does that mean its bad for you?

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Quick question... If Nutrisystem food has partially hydrogenated oils, does that mean it's bad for you? Thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Alright amigos, the gauntlet has been thrown down and it's up to us to prove how hardcore we can be when it comes to following our program..

We have initiated a men vs. women 100% challenge in response to all the smack talking being done in the mental toughness thread. We need some more men to join us in kicking some glitterized tail. For the next month starting Monday we're going to track 100% days, mostly for gender bragging rights, but we're negotiating some additional stakes to make it interesting right now. Please join us in delivering a world class beat down, and keeping yourself accountable to losing or maintaining. That's right, maintainers can join too.

Girls thread in the "Challenge Room" for more details, or to weigh in with some more ideas for how the challenge should work. We can really use your support, right now it's just Poly and I, and while that's plenty to beat the ladies back I'd hate for you to miss out on the fun!.

So, let's do this, no excuses, no quarter!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Perfect! Actually he's looking so studly they might just throw the competition if he's the stakes...

Comment #2

I think we're all pretty much dating Poly, anyway. Isn't seeing someone with their shirt off considered second base, or something?..

Comment #3

Figured he could cover the VD challenge as well. (Thats Valentines day)..

Comment #4

If thats the case I think my doctor owes me flowers..

Comment #5

And mine owes me dinner, an expensive one!.

Now stop hijacking my thread and go join my challenge!..

Comment #6

Don't say that, he's getting a big head as it is...

Comment #7

I wouldn't know anything about his head, but he does think pretty highly of himself...

Comment #8

What do we have now? 3 men against 10 women?..

Comment #9

Really that's more than enough, I'm just looking for more company...

Comment #10

It might be a good idea for the challenge starter to pick a starting date and stick to it. Perhaps give people the weekend to sign up and then start the challenge on Monday...

Comment #11

Here are the official rules we're sticking with from Bill. People have until Monday to join in!.

This is going to be a smackdown of epic proportions! You ladies are in big trouble now..

Okay, so here are some proposed rules:.

First, we'll track total number of 100% days averaged across the entire X or Y chromosome contingent. 100% is defined by a day of either exactly following the Nutrisystem program and completing your exercise scheduled for the day, or exactly following your maintenance plan and completing your exercise scheduled for the day. Whether you want to include exercise or not is up to the individual, if it's in your plan then you're not 100% without it. If it's not in your plan then obviously you can be 100% without it. Totally honor system here, if you have to fudge 100% to win a challenge on the Nutrisystem discussion board then you have bigger issues..

So it will look something like this,.


XXX 5 days.

XXX 6 days.


XXX 4 days.

XXX 7 days.

Each day each participant should just copy the list into their post and enter their results for the previous day..

I further propose that the losing team has to sport something to the following effect in their signature for a month - "The men proved that they had more mental toughness than me in the 2010 100% hardcore challenge". Of course that changes to women in the unlikely event that they win..

Let's start the challenge Monday January 11th and finish Monday February 15th..

What does everyone say?..

Comment #12

I'm in kim - and your avatar is downright lovely..

Comment #13

It did look delicious didn't it? the beer will make a strategic comeback just when you men are at your weakest. I feel bad posting around the other threads with it for a month though...

Comment #14

I hear ya...and I like your new avatar as well...hmm, beer, woman, beer, woman...tough call..

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