If you follow The Medifast Diet, does weight increase afterwards?

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First of all If you follow The Medifast Diet, does weight increase afterwards? Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' TUESDAY- SUNDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results...

Comment #2

Morning capt!.

Dd is running a fever again so no school/ work here again. I'll be taking her to the doc today I guess just to make sure. Checked Medifast shipment which should be here tomorrow- yeah!!! Will check back after I get ydd to school...

Comment #3

Morning Peeps!.

I am feeling lazy this week...I need to get on the treadmill for week 3....but I don't want to....I am still sore from the weekend...ughhh......

Anyone got the Beiber fever? Justin that is....he will be in Toronto today. The MTV-like studio is right down the street from me and very accessible....let me know if you want me to stalk......

Comment #4

Good morning hookers,.

Lara - Get that family healthy, wouldya!!! (Get me healthy, too!) Hope e'one is feeling better soon. Have a happy day..

Toni - I swear I don't know if I'd be in to that little boy if I was 16. I just don't get it..

AFM - I slept for over 9 hours last night. I ned another bottle of that super duper cough medicine. Wonder if they'll refill....

Gotz to get ready for work. Ugh. It's SO hard to go there. I'm running late again - as usual..

Catch ya'll when I get there..

Mad love...

Comment #5

Toni my girls have the fever ( Justin I mean because they have avreal one too) I don't get it but they are 9 &6 so I guess it makes a liitle more sense. I tolerate because it's better than some things they could be listening too. So if you need an excuse to go stalk I just gave you one. We won't tell!.

Capt- I'm a trying I tell you but as usual kids don't listen to there mother that's why I'm hoping the doc can talk some sense into her. Hope you get better soon!.


Morning sandy- are you waiting for that beautiful Caribbean sunrise? Have you tried the zumba yet? Any other interesting classes? Have fun today!..

Comment #6

Ok to help keep myself op while at home sitting around ( which is hard for me) o have sat out my Medifast meals for the day. Since I'm running low I'll be having two puddings today. I went ahead and made them so them so they'll be ready when I am. I may start doing this more often...

Comment #7

Morning ang- when will you start you're new job?.

Erin- good to see you. White rabbits back at you...

Comment #8

[quote=kymom]Toni my girls have the fever ( Justin I mean because they have avreal one too) I don't get it but they are 9 &6 so I guess it makes a liitle more sense. I tolerate because it's better than some things they could be listening too. So if you need an excuse to go stalk I just gave you one. We won't tell!.


Yes he is much more the pre-teen crowd pleaser!! It is way too cold to stalk!!!! I'm not willing to turn into a posicle for that!!!!..

Comment #9

I made a shake cake last night (dark chocolate) and then poured some vanilla pudding over it (I neeed to double up), it was really good! The pudding melted a bit but next time I will let the cake cool longer, but maybe that is why it was good!..

Comment #10

Congrats on the job Ang!!.

Hi Erin, hope school is going well!!..

Comment #11

Toni-I won't stalk in this winter weather either. I don't even have shakes to make pancake shake with. Come in shipment..

Comment #12

White rabbits!!!! erin you are the best for remembering that.

Lara so sorry about your daughter still being sick, what a drag.

Toni and capi do not get beiber either...don't get it at all.

Hi sandy and ang!!.

Just worked out, gotta smoke (keep it all balanced) and get in the shower.



Comment #13

Morning lovelies!.

Another day of class... great class just long and hubbie was on call last night and up late... was so good to be as quiet as he could....

Off to drink my water. have a great day!.

Oh - and I'm with you on JB - just don't get the appeal....???..

Comment #14

Oh girls, I must be getting old cuz I can't remember why we were saying "white rabbits", I just remember hearing it alot. Right back atcha though. Lara, hope the family gets better. I don't care for Justin either and hoping he's just a flash in the pan. Of course, I didn't think Taylor Swift would stick around long either and I sure blew that onelol. Light snow here today but the southern portion of the state may get hit with that blizzard sweeping the midwest.

Especially with the ice they're predicting. That's always worse than anything. Coffee timeback later...

Comment #15

Hi from work..

I've been ready to go home since I got here..

Coughing my freakin' head off..

Not that anyone wants to smooch me but -.


Comment #16

Capt keep those germs to yo'self! I have enough flying around here. OK where's the Lysol and hand sanitizer- lol..

Andi- Glad the class is going well. Its always hard sitting in a class as an adult learner, we are used to doing something, not just sitting and listening. Can't blame the kiddos for not sitting still in class after I go back to one..

Barb- Sounds like it's a good thing you stayed at home and aren't traveling. If I remember correctly, "white rabbits" is said the first day of the month for good luck. It was something Kathy started (I think)..

Ok need to get dd ready for doc appt at 11, and she moves about as slow as a turtle. Also need to eat Medifast meal #2. BBL...

Comment #17

I'm never gonna make it through this freakin' day..


Sick and Depressed in Jersey..

Comment #18

Good morning all... white rabbits..

Hey lara... poor dd. hope that shipment comes. mine was delayed and I was eating soup for breakfast..

Lori... id kiss ya even with your cough... hey your irish and it's almost march 17!.

Sandy... enjoy a great day on vaca..

Erin... hi there..

Ang... are you getting bad snow today. are your kids home?.

Robyn... hope you have a great day..

Andi... good luck in class..

Wicked snow here today and we are all inside. makin muffins out of oatmeal. BRB..

Comment #19

Lara... good planning for the day..

My goals while at home all start with W: Work from home, drink Water, Workout on Wii fit...

Comment #20

Oh yeah... will need to shovel the White stuff, and spend time with my Wild, Wonderful, Wacky kids!..

Comment #21

Cute Andrea, or should I say: Wickedly, Wacky, Wonderful!! - white wabbits..

Comment #22

Hellooooo Hookers!!!! Did yall miss me? How is everyone? This is the first time I have been on here in months, can someone catch me up? I have missed you all terribly!!..

Comment #23

Good to see the same faces around here!!.

Lara ~ Thanks for checking in on me with the pm this month. Nice to know you guys didnt forget me since I completely abandoned you!.

Toni ~ I'm kinda digging Beiber... If I were 16 I would completely be one of those stalker girls..

Lori ~ Sounds like you have been sick, hope you start feeling better!!.

Hi Sandy, Hi Angela, Hi Erin!!!.

Okay, thats my thoughts on page 1... Be back in a minute..

Comment #24

So good to see Robyn and Toni back on here... Wasnt getting to see your smiling faces around the time I fell off the Medifast planet..

Hi Andi, how are you liking living up north during the winter? I bet it's a whole different experience than Florida!.

Barb, Hows the hubby? Hope everything is going really good for you two!!.

Ang, whats the new job?.

Done with page 2, moving on.....

Comment #25

I would like a welcome back smooch.

Germs and all..

Comment #26

Andrea, you have gotten soooo skinny! Love your pics!!..

Comment #27

Okay, caught up on today and loving seeing all you girlies!! I may go and back read at some point today. We are snowed in here so I have all day to play online..

Since I have been on here regularly I have moved to Texas, gotten married, and am now hoping to get preggers soon..

I need some advice... I have gotten a little chunky over the past couple of months (about 25 lbs more since goal) and am thinking about a little Medifast redo. The problem is, we are trying to get pregnant and Medifast messes with my period. I wouldnt want it to make it harder to get prego and I would obviously have to quit Medifast and just work some form of regular healthy eating once I get pregnant. If I knew I would get pregnant soon then I would probably just do weight watchers, but if it might take months then it would be nice to Medifast until then and get it off a little quicker. On another note, I hate to spend good money then have to stop b/c obviously 800 cals a day isnt good for pregnancy..

Sorry I am rambling, I just can't make up my mind. I have enough food to start tomorrow if I order today...

Comment #28

I am at work - partially frozen but here. We had a storm yesterday not much snow but freezing cold temperatures! I ride the bus to work and it was so cold my hands were numb!! I am still OP - had a few detours last week but not anything to throw me off course. Back on track again...still losing so that's good..

My mom had gone to Arizona to visit my Aunt who has cancer. She came home this weekend so I had to pick her up from the drop-off point. The trip went well and I stayed pretty much OP (thats when I detoured a little) mostly extra protein nothing too damaging..

My arm is still hurting. I still have not heard back from the doctor yet on whether there is a fracture or not. I probably won't know until later this week. Funny how my arm hurts more after I went to the doctor than before. It's not horrible, just uncomfortable. I have been trying to rest it so have not been on typing..

My daughter just turned 13 and she cannot stand Justin Bieber. Of course she is more into the Red Hot Chile Peppers and more hard stuff so that might be the reason!.

I have not had a chance to read back and most likely will not get a chance to, so I am starting fresh! I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon and stays warm!..

Comment #29

Hi Mel, missed you tons but follow you on Facebook. If you remember, Jill had been on Medifast and wanted to get pregnant, quit till after the baby and is now back. She may be able to help a little in that dept. Have fun trying and hope it works out for you. DH and I are doing ok right now. It's a day by day disease and he's had his setbacks but today it's ok.

Since last April but have been working at getting it off. I'm still not 100% OP but trying harder to get there. I've lost about 6 lbs. since working at it again. Keep coming back cuz most of the AC gang is still here (maybe all of us if I do a countdown in my headlol).

You'll need to update your banner so I'll try to send you the code soon...

Comment #30

Thanks Barb!! Glad to hear things are going okay. I would love a new banner. I am thinking I am going to go ahead and place an order and start tomorrow. Alan is going to do a low carb diet and he promises me he will keep the big temptations out of the house while I get back on track...

Comment #31

Here you go Mel, take out the ***.


Comment #32

Good morning everyone, hope everyone has a super day!.



Comment #33


Hey all. Just a second to stop in before my next meeting. Looks like I'll be hotel camping for awhile here in Des Moines. Really getting crazy outside..

What's the deal with all the white rabbits?..

Comment #34

Said for good luck on the first of the month. Be safe Muffy and hi Renee..

Comment #35

LOVE seeing you here, although I have kept up on FB.

Here is my 2 cents.... I wanted to lose as well to get preggo (among other reasons), Medifast messed with my periods as well. I got preggo very easy with DD#1 (was doing LA weight loss at the time), got preggo very easy with DD#2 (had been doing Medifast for 6 months) My dr. is an advocate of lo carb diets so she looked and Medifast once I got preggo and suggested I do transition, as long as you are not in ketosis a lower carb eating plan is fine during pregnancy (thats what they use for gestational diabetes!).

SOOOO I say go for it~ get the Medifast because you are right it could take several months to get pregnant so you might as well get the weight off now!.

Whatever you decide to do GOOD LUCK how exciting!!!!! Sending baby dust your way..

Comment #36

Hi all! Working at home today due to the Blizzard.... I got some paperwork done during nap, took DD to Y while I worked out~ YAY ME!!!!! BUUUT she was screaming when I returned.

My child is the most laid back little girl but freaks out around some people ( she is too little for separation anxiety so I am not sure what the deal is??) Typically I dont like to pack everyone up to go to the gym so that is a step for me. It was not too bad, with still waking up during the night to feed/ put paci back in... getting up early is challenging right now... so this may be my new routine on mornings I am home. I walked my 20 minute mile but upped the speed so I went a little farther today!! I know walking will help with the weight loss but more than that it REAAAALy impacts appetite and mood for the day!.

DH went to work today which I am glad about, we had SOOOO much together time over the months he was unemployed I am loving my space from him right now!!.

I will be around, check back in later..

Comment #37

Hope she is ok and it is nothing too serious. YAY!!! Medifast Shipment tomorrow!..

Comment #38

My neices have the Beiber fever something fierce! I must admit his songs are catchy but every time I see his hair in his face it makes me crazy! Hope the crazy little girl fans aren't too crazy for you today..

Comment #39

Morning Ang!!! In case I missed it, cuz I probably did since I haven't back read, how did the interview go yesterday?..

Comment #40

Right back at ya, you almost a nurse slore!..

Comment #41

Sucks about the snow. I am a big wuss when it comes to cold weather. So I am freezing right now even though it is supposed to get to 60 today and the sun has finally come out here...

Comment #42

Keep that baby dust to yourself girlie!!! Don't want it falling on the wrong person!..

Comment #43

WooHoo!!!! Glad you made it to the gym and got some walkin' in. Enjoy your space from DH..

Comment #44

2 Medifast meals in and 32 oz. of water almost finished.

Have to get back to work.

Comment #45

Thank you so much!! I was thinking that transition once I am pregnant would work. I think I will order food today. Glad you are back at it too, good to see your pretty face!!!..

Comment #46

Ah, we could have sweet little babies together.


Comment #47

White wabbits.

Grandkids do not have school too cold.

In Co..

Comment #48

I swear I posted earlier to say hi to Mel coming back- where did my post go?..

Comment #49

Mel- yeah! We have missed you terribly! Any pix of wedding? Get back on track and loose that weight while trying to get preggo that much less you'll have to loose later..

Kori- good to see you too, miss you when your not here..


Took dd to doc- probably viral but had to go get a chest X-ray, socwaiting to hear back. My guess is that it won't be until tomorrow...

Comment #50

Well there it is- I had typed it on my iphone and did not submit. Man I'm loosing my mind...

Comment #51

Hey Peeps....rough week at work, lots of transitions....ughhhhhhhh......

I just want to sleep to cope!! Which I guess is better than eating......

Comment #52

Hi everyone,.

Just got back from taking friend to his meeting. DH was supposed to take over driving him now but he still has his friggin cold (about 10 days now) so he went to the doctors this afternoon and is on antibiotics and sleeping right now. I knew he was worse today but everytime I take the guy, I shop and ended up spending almost $200. It pays to stay home but of course, there's always the internetlol. All of you in the blizzard zoneplz be careful and stay safe. Have a good night everyone...

Comment #53

NOOOOO!!!! No babies for me. You can have them for the both of us..

Comment #54

Gonna go home and probably go to bed early instead of hitting the gym. My face is still hurting from the dentist yesterday..

Will see you hookahs tomorrow...

Comment #55

Hi everyone!.

Hi ya Kori - got the job! and it's much closer to home and significantly more money.

We are gearing up for over an inch of ice tonight....yucko!.

Everybody else, stay safe in this crazy storm...

Comment #56


I'm so glad to see you...i was not on FB but I did hear about your engagement and I think I sent something to you on FB but that was a while ago and i'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! you're hub must be awesome cuz you are a crazy BOMB!!!! that's great you're trying to get preggers! I think jill had great advisedo it now and you'll be ahead of the game...yyyaaaayyy babies!!! made my whole day!.

I ditto as well to all you kids in the blizzardalthough I am secretly glad that it seems to be passing us by this time....oops, did I just say that out loud?.

Oh man, I had all these thoughts to write and respond to all the stuff I just read, but i'm brain dead...hope everyone is doing GREAT and it's great to see you all here today....

Good night!!!.


Comment #57

Can you hear the squeals of excitement from me?????..

Comment #58

Internet connection has been in and out all day...blizzard is hitting us!.

Supposed to get between 16-24 inches. Got out of school early today...and no school tomorrow..

It is scary out there! "Thundersnow" was happening just a few minutes ago! CRAZY!!.

Just popping in to say hi....hope to be around more tomorrow as long as the internet stays working!..

Comment #59

Hi slores.

Been really crazy busy here. why did I not finish college when I had the friggin chance?! time, youth, no bills, ugh!.

We are getting freezing rain here, supposed to be pretty bad tonight. hope they don't close school tomorrow (did today....) b/c I have clinical tomorrow and I don't want to have to make that friggin time up!.

It is technician week at work- cake, ice cream, pizza, candy. um, how about you just give us the money we deserve instead of shoving food down our gullets! (boy am I a ray of freakin sunshine tonight.


Just taking a break from studying, thought I would say hey to some of my favorite peeps.

Aw, there's the nice erin......she's in here somewhere.....

Need gift ideas for my 2 spoiled nieces...turning 9 and 6 (wow, they are getting old!).

Oh- 9 year old is playing basketball- scored her first basket and totally played it cool. just dropped back on defense like nothing happened. we were all SCREAMING and clapping. so proud. when I talk to my mom, she said she had gotten 2 text messages from my niece about how excited she was! little turd! my sister and I aren't allowed to sit next to each other anymore b/c we yell too much like it's a game! we both played and are pretty competitive. you should hear us screaming like idiots! maybe if their coach taught them a little bit of what we are yelling about, they would learn something...(she won't listen to us when we try to teach her anything)..

Ok- back to the grind....

Hope you all are having a great night, staying warm and safe..

Comment #60

Hey lovelies... Just checking in before I call it a night. We are out on a snow day today and tomorrow. It is crazy here, a little snow and ice and the entire state shuts down. It is kinda nice b/c hub's school also closed so we get to hull up inside together..

I am going to start Medifast the first day we go back to work. I imagine it will be on Thursday but some are saying it may be more like Friday. I don't have the willpower to make it through those first couple of days if I am stuck inside with nothing to do..

Thanks for the warm welcome backs from everyone! I missed you guys terribly!!! See you tomorrow..

Comment #61

Good morning lovely shammies..

I have to go chip the inch of ice off my driveway...

Comment #62

Morning Peeps!.

We finally got the snow now! my work commute is not far so I still need to go....

Need more coffee........

Comment #63

Good morning.

Ang- be careful out there on the ice. Don't fall and hurt yourself. My MIL is just out of her cast and starting therapy. You DO NOT want to be that one that falls and ends up in the ER..

Erin- Glad to see you last night. Hopefully you can get through clinicals today..

Mel- You can use these days off to practice baby making- just sayin'..

Dawn- Stay warm inside and safe. Don't go out unless you have too..

For any of you others getting hit by that blizzard, please be careful and stay safe. Robyn- hate to say it but I'm thinking the same thing you said out loud. We had lots of rain yesterday but luckily too warm for snow. Ok heading to work today as oDD is fever free this morning, still waiting to hear back from chest xray, so hopefully that won't show anything. yDD running low grade temp, but gonna give Tylenol and ship her off too, can't stay in this house another day. Plan to go to my yoga tonight and Medifast shipment should be here today too. YEAH- shold be a good one, I hope...

Comment #64

Morning Toni- are you well rested today? Be careful out there. I always have to go in too when we get snow and it's not close...

Comment #65

Be careful. We do not get much news here but the storm and Egypt.

I have had strange cramps like a visit from jack and he has not been around for 4 years. They are bad. I also lost my big toe nail. It was damaged from my hike down the mountain last august. The bad part is there a little piece that has not released so it is wrapped so I do not bump it and rip it off..

My next Medifast order is arriving early. It will be there before we are..

I react to the sun. When I was little my parents thought I had the measles every Sprong. Anyway my rash is almost under control so today is going to be a today is going to be a topless day. I am on a French beach. No photos. DH has been updated the webpage he setup most days.

We are almost ready for morning power walk and another fun day on the beach. Hope you all stay safe and OP..


Comment #66

Sorry for all the typos. I have not quite the hang if this iPad..

Comment #67

Morning sandy. Love the confidence to go topless, don't think I'll ever have the balls to do that. Enjoy your power walk and day at the beach. Hope the cramps go away..

Wel ydd does not feel well and she looks sick. She's fair skin and a blondie so her eyes say it all. Needless to say I'm home again. I'll be working some sat to make up a day. My pto bank is running low. Ok back to bed.


Comment #68

Morning. We are snowed in and Im already up at 700~ it's going to be a long day. Hoping the 4 year old stays asleep awhile : ).

I ordered my next shipment of Medifast I cant wait to get some of my favs again!! Ill BBL : )..

Comment #69

Good morning slores.

Just rain here...there should be a pond in the yard by the end of the day.

Gotta get to work.

Have a great day everyone!! be safe!!!!!..

Comment #70

Morning everyone,.

We're just having some slight snow right now but it looks like we got about 3" overnight. It was supposed to only hit the lower half of the state but mother nature changed her mind. I want to go to Petoskey (about an hour away) to pick up my new comforter set from Penney's and then hit the casino but I'm waiting to see what this snow does. Tomorrow I have pre-surgical appts. all day in another town (almost an hour away). Nothing's close to us but we also don't have the traffic, etc.

We have to drive almost 50 miles to our first red light too. However, I have 3 large cities by me with a fair amount of stores (Kohls, Meijers, TJ Maxx, etc.) so I'm happy about that. To all of you getting affected by this storm (ice, rain, snow), just stay safe and drive careful. Sandy, enjoy your sunny beach cuz we're all wishing right about now we were there with ya. Going topless is not a big deal since I've been to Jamaica where they have nude beaches..

Comment #71

Morning Jill, Robyn and Barb..

Jill- enjoy day at home. I'm going nutso staying at home 3 days in a row and not being able to get out..

Robyn- Glad to hear that you were missed (me too) We had rain which turned to snow shortly and then back to rain. This winter has just been crazy weather all around..

Barb- We'll need pix when you pick up your new comforter from Penny's. Sounds peaceful where you live. DH and I always think about where we want to live when the kids are out of the house (or at least in high school) We debate betwenn out in the country with a few acres or down in a really hip area of town called the Highlands. Its older houses (bungalows, victorian and arts & craft style house) they are all being updated and remodeled and the area is very busy with shops, restaurants, etc. Guess we have plenty of time to worry about that as the youngest is in 1st grade- lol...

Comment #72

By the way, where is Capt? Hope your feeling ok!..

Comment #73

Good late morning all...

Im feeling your pain lara... we are on day 2 of no school and stuck inside... I hear ya Jill!!.

I need to catch up from yesterday. sorry I was mia but completed my goals as planned. water... work... and workout!..

Comment #74

Hey again all....

Hi mel.. great to see ya. wow.. married, texas and plan for a baby. all sounds great. love to see ya here..

Hi melissa, renee and robyn.

Muffy... I wouldnt mind being in a hotel instead of trapped in my house. laundry is looking at me and kids are getting bored!.

Toni.. hope today is a better day..

Hi kori.. yes, jill and mel can keep that baby stuff to yourselves... LOL. I am so done with all that. I wouldnt trade my kids, but those baby times are hard. I like my sleep..

Hi lori and ang... hope you guys have a good day..

Hey barb.. shopping from home is fun. I try to stay away. thanks for the warm wishes. kids and I will be out shoveling soon. hope dh is feeling better soon...

Comment #75

Ok I need help- Someone needs to go vote Capt as inspirational. I just did and was #666, I hate to leave her on that number for too long. She had enough to deal with without me leaving her with that...

Comment #76

Hey lara.. thanks for the props on my page. I'm so bummed my wii isnt working today..

Did an old workout dvd, turbo jam.... super 90's but ok. things to keep me busy and productive at home: work, laundry (sheets and towels), book I have been wanting to read (the help), shovel the ice/snow, cross stich project I never finsihsed, chat with you guys. dont think I'm going to get to see BF tonight. we are both too chicken to drive in bad weather to each others houses 30 min away...

Comment #77

Already done lara.... I wasnt stalking you, but we both had a great idea. checking on our capt...

Comment #78

Good morning lovelies... We are all snowed in again and I am starting to get cabin fever. Alan wants to go to the gym but I am scared to drive anywhere..

Are we not starting new threads every day?.

Barb ~ What kind of surgery are you having? Hope it's not serious!.

Lara ~ Hoping your family gets to feeling better soon!! Being sick is no fun!!!.

Going to watch a movie, be back later...

Comment #79

Hey mel.. I'm with ya. stay inside. what movie are you watching? this week we saw, the kids are alright, salt, machete, and yesterday food, inc. all good but very diferent. I have a wide range of tastes.

Getting ready to shovel... just thinking about all the calories to burn...

Comment #80

Thanks Andi- Great minds think alike..

Mel- We've gone to a weekly thread because of the lack of post lately. Hopefully we can get it back to a daily thread..

OK need to get off the computer and do something productive...

Comment #81

Quick flyby from work. Crazy busy Wednesday as usual...

Comment #82

Well my productivity is about done- laundry and dishes done. Medifast order came- WHOOHOOO!..

Comment #83

Awesome lara... my kids laugh when my order comes. I cheer like a little girl. they think I'm lame... I dont care! wtg on productivity.. I shoveled frozen snow for an hour then a short walk to post office.

Hey kori... sorry work is so busy today...

Comment #84

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.