I'm 13. Is it okay to start the Medifast Diet?

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First of all I'm 13. Is it okay to start the Medifast Diet? Hoping for any response. Second question of mine... I hope it's okay that I started our new thread and I hope I did it right!.

It is weird that I am eating the parmesan puffs for breakfast? with a cup of hot tea? I just didn't feel like the pancakes this morning (my usual go-to) and since I already have two shakes (one for mid-morning and one for lunch), I thought having only three shakes to eat until 2 or 3 PM might be a bad idea.....

I am happy to say that I have reached my first goal - 25 lbs. I feel like saying, "FINALLY!" but since it came in less than 5 Medifast weeks, I guess I should get over it..

Now I can get my first reward - my son is going to change my ringtone to "Empire State of Mind" by JayZ. (sp?) "New York...." (insert singing smilie here) Besides that I live in NY (though I am a Jersey girl at heart), it's Derek Jeter's at-bat song (they play it when he's up to bat at Yankees stadium). And since spring training has just started, it's very apropos!.

To all those who are weighing in today or tomorrow, good luck. Remember, any loss is a good loss..

A suggestion to those who still have Valentine's candy lying around that they want to get rid of - sometimes nursing homes will accept candy. A secretary at my old school would gather any extra or unwanted Halloween candy and bring it to a nearby nursing home and they would love to get it..

Have a good one!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Congrats TAG!! I am Super Excited for you!! What a great reward too! I love the idea to give it to a nursing home. I usually give it to DH to take to work with him. At Halloween, we have a group that sends Goody Bags to the Troops. They take all the leftover Halloween candy so I have NO problem getting rid of it. This year my son even donated all but 10 pieces to the Troops in exchange for some silly $5 toy he wanted. I was all for making that deal with him.

I am so excited that Spring Training has begun! TAG, where in NJ did you grow up? I am in the NE..

Have a great day to make my not so yummy vanilla shake.

(I just want to get rid of them at this point.)..

Comment #2

Congratulations on your first reward Tammy! I think it is perfect. My phone use to be ...The Yankeeessss win, you know the voice - (Sterling's). I loved it. 25 lbs in 5 weeks is fantastic!.

Tracey - you should be totally happy on 3 - It will be so exciting for you to hit Onederland. Thanks for the idea of Cappuccino with a splash of coffee. I did it yesterday to help me cut down on my splenda usage and really enjoyed it..

Melissa - try the shake with diet creme soda. I love them!.

My weigh in was -2.6 for a total of -7.8 for my first two weeks. I know I need to feel positive (and I do), but I was hoping to see one of those 'big' amountslike I see so many people having. I realize everyone is different and have to be happy with any loss!.

I read about the starvation mode and if you have really low calories your body may be in that and won't drop as much. My calories are really low so don't know if that is the reason. I average in the 800-950 calories and my carbs are usually 81-88 gm daily..

What does everyone average in the calorie/carb intake department?.

Don't get me wrong I am not discouraged, just had higher hopes I guess. I worked so hard on cutting out my condioments and stay 100% on program. In 2009 I had lost 47 lbs just to see 30 pounds come flooding back last year. So maybe my body is freaking out with what I do with it!..

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Congrats on all the weight losses! I lost 1.5 lbs this week. It's all good...

Comment #4

Hello Fellow Melters,.

Warning... I'm a bit grouchy so don't read this if you can't handle it!.

I've had an interesting morning... I'm in the Seattle area and we usually start to see the signs of Spring by now but this morning it started snowing! UGGH! I'm so tired of Winter, I know I shouldn't complain because most of you are still digging out from under the last snowstorm..

Then I decided to try something new to help me manage to eat some of the Orange shakes (my least fave item) so I tried the Strawberry Shake Cake recipe (which is really yummy) with the Orange and it turned out terrible, a complete gross yucky mess. So now I'm still stuck with five more Orange shakes... I guess I'll go back to freezing it like ice cream unless someone has another idea..

I hope you all are having a better happier OP day - with no nasty Orange-Shake-Cake-Flops!.



Comment #5

Dove, Mercy, Tammy, and Tracy- Congratulations on you weight loss. Any weight loss is a good thing. You should all be happy and proud..

It's been a long week for me. We had a rally at the school district office today. I am totally exhausted and tomorrow is my long day. I have tutoring and won't get home until late. I will be happy when the weekend arrives..

Have a good evening everyone!..

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Mercy-I think your calories and carbs are right on target. I think we are supposed to stay between 800-1000 calories, and 80-100 carbs, although a lot of people think that 80-85 carbs is ideal for max. fat burning. Someone else can correct me here if I am wrong. You are doing great! Remember, those pounds are gone forever now!! Almost 8 pounds in two weeks is great! Remember, it took a while for those pounds to get on, they are not going to go away quickly either!.

Denise-tutoring days exhaust me as well. I am not tutoring anyone right now and am kind of thankful for that. Do you at least have a little bit of a break coming up?.

Barb-Congrats on the -1.5.

Cara-sorry about the snow. I hear here in NJ we are supposed to get more next week. I have HAD IT!!! I know you hardly get snow but I can definitely feel your pain.

BTW, I am headed out to Seattle on Saturday. I will be visiting my sister and my now 1.5 week old nephew. I can't wait to meet him! I was really looking forward to getting out there to some weather that is at least warmer than NJ has been!! Maybe I shouldn't be so sure of that lol.

As for me, I threw my back out today and am totally useless right now. I can't even stand up straight! Actually, I can barely take a few steps without wanting to die. Guess being OP will be that much easier if I can't go anywhere to look at any food other than what is brought to me on the couch! lol Let's hope this only lasts a day or two! I don't need this right now! Between the migraines, BP issues, and now this, I am done!! Maybe I should've booked a ticket to the Bahamas instead of Seattle!!..

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Melissa, I hope you feel better soon. Back pain is the worst. I do have a break coming up...spring break in March!..

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Happy Hump Day Melters!.

I am going to post real quick before heading off to bed. I was oncall last night and was out the majority of the night. I got about 3 hrs of sleep last night and am Exhausted! Mondays weigh in for me was delightful.... I lost 5.6 lbs and 3 more inches. After finishing three weeks of MF, I am down 24.6 lbs and 19 inches!! WOOT.

I am loving MF. I even got my very first recognition today at work and believe it or not it was from a guy. Yes you heard me right. He came up to me this morning and shared that he was watching me in our meeting this morning and then asked if I was losing weight. I told him that yes infact I was and he said your looking great. Wow...

Nothing feels as good as thin looks! So here is to a great 4th week of MF. We can do this fellow Melters! I have all the confidence in the world for us..

I got my car back on Monday as well. It felt so good to get back in it and drive. A simple tune up and battery change made all the difference in the world. That pretty much catches you up in my lil world..


: HaPpY eArLy BiRtHdAy!! I hope you uhave a great day on Thursday.

Also good job on the weightloss. Don't be discouraged by the smaller numbers. You are dropping those pounds off forever. Slow and steady wins the race! As far as the calorie/carb question. My calories are usually between 800-900 and my carbs are around 80-85. However for me, I have a lot more weight to lose and I think that is why my numbers are higher in my weightloss.


: I am sure that was very hard and tempting to have all that chocolate in front of you. That would be my nightmare, but Great job on making a healthy choice. You are empowered and I am proud of you!.


: Way to go on the 7.5 lb weightloss. I totally agree with you about how fantastic you feel both mentally and physically on MF. I have so much more energy and never really knew how tired and run down I always was before starting MF. It amazes me!.


: Woo Hoo 8.8 lbs GONE FOREVER! Super Cited for you!! Great job.


: I have been thinking about your statement of one piece of bread or cake sending you out of the fat burning zone. Scarey thought! Everytime I am tempted, it gives me the will power to say "NO" I want the itsy bitsy bikini (never had one... scarier thought to think I could be in one one day).


: Congratulations girl on the 5.4 lb loss! That is totally Awesome Yes, YOU can do this and are DOING it! Great job staying OP while eating out..


: I love your statement "When I make peace and feel positive about the change that I am making for myself, my family, and my future, I feel full and content!" Congrats on the 4.5 lbs GONE FOREVER.

Umm the brownies with peanut butter on top are simply Divine. I am a huge chocolate peanut butter lover. Mmm girl there is nothing better!.


: Have you tried mixing the orange shake in a blender with crushed ice and diet orange crush soda (instead of water)? Oh my goodness it is a Wonderful dreamsicle come true! Just a suggestion.


: Doing the Happy Dance for you as you have reached that first goal of 25 pounds!! That is wonderful and should be so proud of yourself. Keep up the heard work..

Ok... I am having a blonde moment and need the help of my fellow melters. I can't figure out what NSV stands for. Anyone care to share?.

I hear my pillow calling my name. I can't remember the last time I went to bed at 715pm, but then again having very little sleep causes one to not care what time it is when the head lays down on the pillow. Sweet dreams..

Comment #9

Hi, all!.

Any other Survivor fans? We just watched the first episode of the new season..

Nicole, you must be beat. Those hours must be really hard to keep. Congrats on the loss! Terrific! NSV stands for non-scale victory..

Cara, I didn't even try the orange shakes (I wouldn't even open the strawberry) but they do seem like they could be awful. I guess a Dreamsicle would be an improvement. ( I never liked them, though, even as a kid).

I always try to eat the food I hate first, so I can get it over with, lol..

Melissa, have fun in Seattle. If you were flying out on Friday, I might have run into you at Newark airport! I will be back there next Tuesday night, picking my son up..

I think it's great that everyone is losing. Every little bit counts!.

Okay, I guess I should go to bed soon. TGIF. Sort of, at least, for me. We have a four-day weekend (we teachers don't usually get this one off, not sure how we got so lucky). But Friday will be an ultra-early day (early flight for DS) so I cannot gloat too much..

Have a good evening, girls!..

Comment #10


-Glad you are having an awesome week!.



Non-Scale Victory.

I don't think I could handle your job like that with total sleep disruptions. I have always been one of those people that needs her beauty rest. 9:20 here, me and my bad back are headed to bed. 5:30 will be here before I know it!..

Comment #11

My school is actually closed all week next week and I am soooo looking forward to it....enjoy your long weekendevery day off is a day to be treasured..

Comment #12

Gooooood Morning Meltastics,.

I hope we're all having a happy OP morning. I'm doing much better than I was yesterday. My cranky was at an all-time record high and even the weather guy on the news was not safe from my ire. It was just not pretty. I was hungry and irritated and PMSy. I didn't go carb crazy, BUT I really wanted to.

I won. All is good once again. A shake this morning and I feel triumphant. The path is clear once again!.

Have a fantastic OP day!..

Comment #13

Hello Melt Awayers,.

Looks like everyone is cranking along with some losses even it the busiest of lives..

Congrats on your loss Barb!.

Congrats Kellyann on your willpower to leave the loaf alone..

Congrats Nicole on your compliments at work. It's nice when people notice..

Enjoy your long weekend Melissa. Sounds like ya' need it sister!.





Denise, I may have green beans and fish again tonight. Alas, I need to hit the recipe books for some ideas that I can make OP. I think I'll start with my Atkin's cookbook. Just have to modify it to take all the creams and fats out which Mr. Atkins really doesn't care about. He was a religious carb-hater though..

TAG, I haven't watched the new one. But, from what I can tell they are bringing the villians, Rob and the other guy back. I remember I watched both of those seasons..

Take care everyone. I'm 16oz. in, one hot cocoa, and one chocolate chip pancake down. Chili's on the menu for lunch. Not the restaurant, just the soup!..

Comment #14

Happy Birthday Gloria!!! I hope you have an awesome OP day!!!..

Comment #15

Thanks for the birthday wishes..

Headed out to meet 5 of my girlfriends for lunch. Already checked the menu, already have the plan!!!! Tomorrow night my daughter is having a party for me, and she is cooking according to what I can eat (bless her heart). She's making a strawberry cake for everyone, and I am making a strawberry shake cake - no one will know!.

I LOVE MF!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #16

Way to go, Mercy! Let me know how that strawberry shake cake goes. I likes me some strawberry!!..

Comment #17

NOW someone listens to me! I work as a bookkeeper at a shop with lots of men. When they ask me for special favors (like help with payroll, child support, tax documents, etc.) I kid them and say I appreciate milk chocolate and/or flowers. They normally laugh, look at me like I am crazy, and we all continue on our separate ways. You know where this is going, don't a guy brings me a 5.5 oz Austrian chocolate bar. OH SURE NOW THAT I'M ON MF! "Get thee behind me, Satan." Rofl!..

Comment #18

Okay I know this may be TMI, but such a MAJOR thing for me and another point of success. That time of the month blessed me today without any type of medicine help.

She just came on her own. The last time I had one was oct or nov of 2010 and that was medicine induced. So YEAH... Im SO EXCITED and I just CAN'T HIDE IT!!..

Comment #19

Good morning my melty friends,.

My good friend is coming in town tonight to take me out for my birthday early. I have until Monday to really be a year older..

We may be meeting a few more friends while we are out. It's crazy to think that this is the first time I'll be out with the girls since I started MF. I'll have to avoid the drinks and whatever else comes my way. I'm the youngest of my group of gals, who are usually 10 or more years older than me. They tell me I'm an old soul! Also, my friend is bringing my favorite triple heat goat cheese from the farmer's market where she lives. The kids and the hubs love it too, so I'll let them nosh away.

Anyway, Nicole, I'm glad you had another NSV. Barb, lock the expensive chocolate away and forget where it is! TGIF!!!..

Comment #20

Tracy - going out is very easy if you just have the plan in place. I have been out 4 times now and have stuck to plan 100%. During the dinners everyone else had wine, etc. I had a big glass or water with lemon and I never felt deprived because all I thought about was if I do it, I will take steps backwards for ketosis and I don't want to go there. YOU WANT IT, you can do it!!!! and a Happy Birthday early! (your birthday is Monday?).

Nicole - That is a GOOD THING!!!!.

Cara - Nothing tastes better than success. It tastes so much better than even chocolate!.

Tammy - Thinking of you today as you take your son to the airport for his flight..

Hope everyone had a great week!.

Have another outing tonight, daughter is having a BD party for me. She's making a big salad and a deer roast, I will do find. I am taking my own cauliflower to make my mashed potatoes out of and a strawberry shake for my cake. I see wild game is even better than regular beef!.

Starting exercise this AM. Not usually a high priority for me, put pushing myself! Starting with Walking Off the Pounds with Leslie Sasome and we bought some hand weights so will alternate days. I belong to a gym (haven't gone since Nov) so that will be on the agenda for the next week!.

The scale is creeping down a little each day. (I average a .2 or .4 loss per day) By the end of the week they should add up to 2 or 3 pounds, so that is a good thing!.

Enjoy the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend...

Comment #21

Happy Birthday, friends! What would we do without girlfriends? I have times in my life that I am too busy with other stuff to spend much time with them, but then I start to feel empty and realize that I need them so much! And different women fill just the right empty spots...some for family-of-origin-problems, some for enjoying belly dance, some for men-discussions or kid-discussions, etc., and now for Medifast challenges and victories. Thanks for the support, I appreciate all of you! BTW, that chocolate is so high-quality that I am stashing it away for later...perhaps I'll have some on my birthday in April, perhaps not...Happy OP weekend!..

Comment #22

Happy Birthday, Mercy, and almost birthday, Dietwalker!.

Yay, Nicole. TOM seems like a weird thing to cheer for but if you want cheers, you've got it! Glad you were able to avoid medication!.

Just got home from the airport - made incredible time. My son Austin is currently flying over Tennessee (gotta love flight tracking) and he impressed me with his competent navigation of the whole security, check-in, finding his gate, boarding, etc., all by himself. (I didn't leave the airport until it said his flight departed, just in case he needed me).

So today I have to de-skunk my dog. My poor parents, who volunteered to stay here last night with him - 11 PM my mom calls me freaking out - he got sprayed! Twice!! UGH! I felt bad that she had to deal with it (my son and I were staying with my sister who lives close to the airport). She did a good job, though, but the house and the dog still stinks. Oy vey!.

Hope everyone is having a happy Friday...

Comment #23

Wow!! Lots of things going on. Looks like we are all on a roll here and things are falling into place. I have to say I am so proud of how far I have come in the last 3 weeks. I was so ready to do this this time and I LOVE mf. It is working to me. I am seeing why so many other diets have failed me in the past..

I was just at the Dr...this back of mine has been relentless. 3 Rx later and I am home...I am not one to run to the doctor for this sort of thing, and in the past I just wait it out, but I have that 6 hour flight tomorrow night and need to be able to get through it. Hopefully by the end of the weekend this will be better, because I've about had it..

TAG-how is that dog of yours? That really stinksno pun intended lol Glad your son got off ok, he will be home before you know it..

Have a great day everyone, I am watching movies all day and not workingfirst sick day all yearthe rest of you teacher friends can understand why it's so hard to take a day off.

Enjoy all the Birthday celebrations!..

Comment #24

Happy Friday Everyone! Glad everyone is doing well. I totally understand about having a hard time taking a day off, Melissa..

Happy Birthday, Tracy and Mercy..

Any time you don't need medication is a good thing, Nicole.

I know you will miss your son, Tag, but he will be home before you know it..

Enjoy the weekend everyone...

Comment #25

Melissa - I hope your back gets to feeling better soon. I always keep thermacare heat wraps on hand for any back problems I may have. I swear by them. It's like having a heating pad on your back for 8 hours and not having to deal with chord..

TAG - How did the deskunking go? What exactly do you have to do to deskunk a dog?.

Happy birthday Tracy and Mercy..

It's been a very busy week for me and will continue to be through March. I've got a major project going on with my day job - I'm a secretary in the City Manager's office, and another major project with my contract job - I oversee five websites, manange an online store and two forums for a friend of mine who is an entertainer. He's trying to get a new show off the ground to open in April, so there has been a lot of prep work for that. I basically switch gears on my way home from the day job and immediately start work on the contract job..

I've had a good OP week. There has been some challenges, but I'm proud to say I've overcome them. Starting out with cookies and cake at work on Valentines day, to planning and ordering a pizza party for one of our departments who one a contest, to picking up Subway sandwiches and chips and dip for another meeting, to someone bringing in left over pies, cakes, and beans from a luncheon she was involved in. Valentines day was not much of a challenge for me, but the pizza and Subway about did me in. I was so hungry on that day, but I did not succumb. I was glad that when the goodies were brought in today, I wasn't even tempted..

I think I'm drinking so much water - a gallon a day - that it keeps me feeling full, so I'm able to resist those temptations. All in all, I've lost 5.5 pounds this week, so I'm very happy! I'm just a half pound from reaching 20 pounds, but I know that should show up tomorrow..

I've made a couple of discoveries this week. Wal-Mart has a sparkling water, that has no carbs, no sodium, no sugar. It has a little bit of flavoring in it - my favorite is the peach, but they have like 10 different ones - and it has really helped with my water intake. It's called Clear American, and comes in 33 oz bottles..

Also, QVC has a 4 oz steak that is approved by the American Heart Association. It only has 140 calories and 3 grams of fat. According to the Medifast website, when you put in a 5 oz steak, it has 277 calories and 10 grams of fat, so you are really saving on the fat and calories on these steaks. I've been limiting my beef intake to once a week, so tomorrow night I'm going to try the first one. I'll let you know how it goes..

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and is able to avoid any tempations!..

Comment #26

Good Morning!!.

I am happy to say I have lost another 3.4lbs this week. I have lost a little over 16lbs in three weeks. This is the first diet that is working for me..

Ckinsella- Great job on resisting all the temptations this week and congratulations on your weight loss. I have to get better about drinking water. I am going to try your suggestion and buy the water from Walmart..

Have a great weekend...

Comment #27

Oh no! I hope I did not kick myself out of ketosis!.

I forgot to eat the 5th Medifast meal yesterday and I happened to have a low-cal dinner. My calories for the day were only around 700, carbs 73..

I woke up this morning really hungry and then I thought, I don't think I ever ate my final Medifast meal last night. I checked on my plan here and nope, I didn't. In my defense, I was extremely tired. My DS and I slept over my sister's Thursday night (to be close to airport), and the couch was only so comfy, plus I was very stressed about DS flying, plus I got the call from my mom about my dog being skunked, all of which kept me awake (and we got up at 4 AM). So last night, I could barely keep my eyes open. I did put a movie on, and intended to have the final meal while watching, but I kept nodding off so I shut the movie off and went to bed at like, 9:30.

I do like MF, but this is possibly the only diet that you can really screw up by forgetting a meal! Ugh!! I don't have that metallic taste in my mouth which is usually my constant companion, when I am OP..

Well, I guess all I can do is get back OP again. But not happy..

On a good note, I weighed in this morning (not home to do it yesterday morning) and I am officially down 26.8 lbs in 5 weeks..

Melissa, you must be loving having a week off! I wish they would give us a day or two in March, when the weeks seem to crawl along, since there is no break whatsoever. Safe trip today to the Pacific NW. Have fun in Seattle and meeting your nephew!! I would love to see Seattle!.

Kellyann, I hope you are feeling better! Hang in there! Good point about the artisan bread. I have to admit, when I read that, I thought, "Mmmm, artisan bread!!".

Barb, too funny about the guy at work showing up with the goodies! We all know guys can be a little thick-headed. It just took that long, I guess, for the idea to actually sink in..

Denise, that is great!! Woo hoo. Medifast is the first one that is really working for me. Or maybe it's the first diet that I am really working.....

Ckinsella - good to know about the Walmart sparkling water. I am lucky in that I don't mind drinking a lot of water. But maybe with my lunch, a bottle of flavored water would seem like a treat. You sound very busy with all your jobs! Does that help you stay OP (being so busy)?.

And re: de-skunking a dog - it's not fun. Apparently, hydrogen peroxide and dish detergent work well (we discovered this when my dog was skunked in December!) and also, there is this stuff from the vet's office that helps break it down. I bought different stuff yesterday at the pet store, but it doesn't seem to work as well. Guess I will have to ride over to vet's office to pick up the other stuff..

I think I missed birthdays this week - so happy birthday to Tracey and Gloria!.

How are you guys keeping track of everyone? I have more time this AM so I have two screens open, one to write and one to scroll back in. But I always feel like I am forgetting to mention someone or comment on something!.

Have a good Saturday, girls. It is chillier here in NY today (we had a nice day yesterday) and the wind is fierce...

Comment #28

Happy Saturday everyone! Congrats to all the weight loss lossers! I had a good time catching up with friends yesterday. Hubby and I were DDs for the evening. I had tuna with broccoli and cauliflower for dinner. The tuna was no way near 7 oz. and it was maybe a cup of veggies. So I didn't get the recommended amount for my lean and green.

TAG: I didn't get to eat my last meal until around midnight, way past the 3 hour mark. I've had a carb day that was that low too. It didn't seem to effect me..

I've been craving salmon, so we are going to grill some tonight! Have a super OP day!..

Comment #29

Hi all.


Lotsa good news being spread throughout this thread! You can count me in on that, too. Things are going well and I'm feeling wonderful! 29 lbs gone with today's weigh-in. Now heading out to buy the Wii Fit so I can begin to incorporate exercise. Wish me luck! I'll need it with this cumbersome body of mine!.


- good job on starting this weeks thread! parmesan puffs for breakfast arent weird at all. Especially if it contributed to meeting your FIRST REWARD!!!! Yippee!.


- Congrats on the loss. You ARE soooo close to onederland!!! Within two weeks, I'd bet on it! and (early) Happy Birthday to you!.


- I've been wondering about starvation mode too. I'm a daily weigher and I've noticed that days after I thought I was too generous with my L&G portions, I lose much more. I can lose a pound after a generous day. I can GAIN if I was too skimpy. And (belated) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had fun de-skunking your dog???.


- ohhhh noooo. Who knew there'd be a fatal flaw in the tale of austrian chocolate bar?!.


- Try the orange shakes with some Crystal Light mixed in, and blended with .5 c shaved ice and .25 c water. Delicious!.


- sounds miserable!.

I used to get migraines quite often. They went away completely when I started Coreg for high BP..


- you won the battle against artisan bread? I am in awe! That stuff can NOT come into my house, for fear of the battle!.


- I can't beleive I'm gonna say this... but congratulations on your TOM..


For getting noticed!.






Comment #30

Found this in another thread. Though some of us might like to read it, since many are newbies..

Commonly Used Acronyms.

By Medifast Message Board.

Posters and Bloggers.



TOM Time of the Month (for a female).

NSV Non Scale Victory.

DH Dear/Darn Husband.

DW Dear/Darn Wife.

DS Dear/Darn Son.

DD Dear/Darn Daughter.

SIL Sister-in-Law.

BIL Brother-in-Law.

MIL Mother-in-Law.

FIL Father-in-Law.

SW Starting Weight.

CW Current Weight.

GW Goal Weight.

Threedomville Being in the 300s weight range.

Twoterville Being in the 200s weight range.

Onderland Being in the 100s weight range.

Medifast Nutrition Support.

SF Sugar Free.

FF Fat Free.

LF Low Fat.

LC Laughing Cow Cheese.

WF Walden Farms.


Powdered Peanut Butter.

ROFLOLPIMP Rolling on Floor, Laughing out Loud, Peeing in my Pants.

FWIW For What Its Worth.

JK Just Kidding.

WYSISWYG What You See Is What You Get.

BRB Be Right Back.

BTW By the Way.

TTFN Ta Ta for Now.

ETA Edited to Add.

TOS Terms of Service.

PPL People.

MFD Medifast Dash (to the bathroom).

ITA I totally Agree.

IMHO In My Honest/Humble Opinion.

RTD Ready to Drink.

MB Magic Bullet Blender.

BLT Bites, Licks, & Tastes.

OP On-Program, Off-Program (depends on context).

MT Mommy Tax - Similar to BLT's, however, it is only performed on unknowing children who have not yet started their meal, or are about to finish a meal and their is food on their plate's..

WTH What the h3ll.

WWIT What was I thinking?.

WI Weigh-In.

TMI Too Much Information.

IYKWIM If you know what I mean.

NTTAWWT Not that there's anything wrong with that.

COT MF Cream of Tomato Soup.

COC MF Cream of Chicken Soup.

COB MF Cream of Broccoli Soup.

TYVM Thank You Very Much.

TY Thank You.

YW Youre Welcome..

Comment #31

The Medifast Dash!!! OMG, I know all about that one! Thanks for the list; there are a few that are new to meRotfpimp..

Comment #32

Re: Skunks: I have 2 dogs and 20 acres of woods I like tomato juice spread liberally on the wet doggie, wait a few minutes for the acid to work it's magic and rinse. Sometimes you gotta do it more than once, depending on how much spray gets on the dog. I buy a large can of juice. It depends on the size of your canine. Generally speaking, the dog is not pleased with this treatment, as you can imagine. Yuck! Nasty!..

Comment #33

Hope everyone is having a wonderful OP weekend..

I wrote earlier today and must have forgot to submit it - it's no where to be found!.

I am working on adding exercise in with Walking Off the Pounds video and today spent an hour at the mall walking around with hubby. Getting up and moving is my motto, no matter what it is. Yesterday, with our beautiful weather in Iowa I was in the yard with the grandkids playing "let's pick up all the sticks from the winter". They thought it was a great game, then later we built a shelter that they thought even cooler..

Great news everyone for melting away. Everyone seems to be doing great!!! Don't you just love MF?.

How many of you use a health coach? I am going to start working with a gal who has been very successful with the program..

Jennifer - thanks for your great list. I have been wondering about a few of the abbreviations!!! This is so helpful.

Off to check my fish and asparagus cooking in the oven. Have never done it this way, so hope it turns out okay. Looking for a picture to post tonight too..


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Happy Monday everyone! Jennifer TY for the abbreviations! And, CONGRATS on your weight loss!.

Mercy: I have a health coach. She's sweet and sends a lot of great recipes I should share. I didn't really mention that I already had one b/c there are so many folks who try to talk you into their coaches b/c they get a discount if they refer and an order is made. I don't want anyone to think I'm soliciting them. But, I think health coaches are an additional motivational tool to aid in success, if you find the right fit..

Barb: I hate that you have had such a crazy skunk fiasco. We live on the water so we have to watch the new puppy. She likes to run down in the marshy areas and get her feet all mucky at least once a week. And it's that black silt type soil that looks great on my beige carpet..

This weekend was super hard. My girlfriend stayed over last night and bottles of wine were opened. But, I didn't have a drop! I also had my L and G as a late lunch which was a first. I had salmon and salad. Everyone else had my hub's speciality: flank steak with Cuban black beans and rice and grilled bread. It was followed up by ice cream.

I ended up have Medifast chili for dinner and I didn't feel deprived. My youngest teen, hubs, and I went for a short trail walk on Saturday but that's all the exercise I got in for the weekend. The family got me a IPad for my birthday. Do any of you have one and if so what do you think?.

Well, off to make some coffee! And, drink some water!..

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I have more lists for you! I'm a list lover..

Here are several recipe sites from MFers..





And a thread of recipe collections:.

I like to collect information, huh?..

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Jennifer, those lists are great! Thank you for taking the time to share them with us..

I haven't tried the Diet Orange Soda yet... I can't make myself do it. It's a good idea for when I have to though!.

Dietwalker, you are amazing!!! Way to go making great OP decisions..

Mercy, I haven't really added exercise yet, just a few walks with the kids when the weather is nice, I definitely need to soon!.

I've had an OP weekend and I reaped the benefits this morning... down 1.8lbs!!! WOO HOO! I also got to sleep in which may have helped, has anyone else noticed when you sleep you lose more?.

Sorry I've been MIA, I will try to be on more..



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Good morning and happy Tuesday fellow Melt Aways!.

My week is back to normalcy which I was actually looking forward too. What can I say? I like routines. The weather is getting warmer and that means that Spring is right around the corner..

Maybe, there will be something in those boxes I can wear. Do you ever wake up and actually feel thinner than you did yesterday? I had that experience today. I threw on my work-out clothes before dropping the kids off at school. I notice my shirt is less tight and it's longer. What a great feeling! Yesterday, I went to ULTA. If you don't have one near you, it's like Sephora, a large cosmetic and hair product store.

Well, I'm enjoying a dark chocolate shake. Have a super day and melt away!..

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Congrats. Cara on your loss. I would have to agree your sleeping is important in weight loss. Good for you to get the extra time in bed. That is always so nice..

Tracey - your melting!! Those tubs of clothes may just hold some surprises for you!.

Had another challenge of eating out yet again! ugh! I think I did okay, but weighing was an issue. It was a Mongolian Grill place and I picked just vegetables and meats, but I am pretty sure I was over in. Plus I still have this "movement" problem! I am getting Benefiber today. LOL.

Tomorrow is my weigh in so I hope it doesn't affect me, but today I was up .6 because of that..

Jennifer thanks for the sites, I knew of all of them but one, and hadn't booked marked all of them so glad to have them. I have a sandwich maker and like the page that had a whole sheet of recipes on it..

My new order will be shipped tomorrow. I am getting as excited as I was with the first months, since I put the snacks on and some different flavors of the bars - plus need my brownies restocked. LOL.

Have a great day everyone!..

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Hey Everyone -.

Been busy this past week and haven't had much time to post, but I have been lurking and keeping up on all the great progress you all are making! Congrats you losers! LOL.

Yesterday was my 3 week weigh in and I dropped another 4.5 pounds for a total of 22!!! This is the first diet that has ever worked for me and I don't feel deprived or hungry all the time. TOM was rough last week! Seems all I want to do is eat and eat and eat during that time. I had a rum and coke to sooth the beast (but I counted it!)..

Gloria and Tracy - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!.

A smaller you - what a great gift! Tracy I have been pining for an iPad - let me know if you like it..

Nicole - I am a HUGE survivor fan and that first show was so entertaining! Former secret agent? That dude is NUTS and I hope he sticks around for entertainment purposes. LOL.

To those of you who have expressed your love of Medifast - count me in!!! This is the best! My friend who joined with me quit last week and guess what - gained every singel pound back and more. He'll be sorry when I'm looking good this summer!.

Jennifer thanks so much for the abbreviations and links! Very helpful!.

I hope everyone has a great day/week!..

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Kellie - CONGRATLATIONS on your 22 lbs.!!!! That is so awesome! Yeah your friend will be looking at you so enviously this summer. Keep it UP!!!!!!!..

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Hey Meltastics! I haven't melted Promise you! This was a crazy long weekend for me with church activities up the wazoo, the end of the homeschool year in sight and trying to remember all the things we put on the curriculum we optimistically said we wanted to do. *things always sound better over the summer when we aren't presently working. Cam, daughter and I will be travelling through March and so I've also been working on that figuring out the Medifast because I refuse to go without and am much to stubborn to be ignored..

On the positive side, my second weigh in was yesterday and I have deleted another 5 lbs..

A conversation between my doctor and my health coach has prompted me to change my goal weight. As Medifast told me what to keep as goal weight.. I simply complied. Both health coach and pain management specialist shook heads vigorously and disagreed. Hence, the change. I can't say I complain too hard, it makes my goal weight a deal closer..

The final number was never a big deal for me, folks. If I can walk and breathe and fit into my clothes, seriously? That's my goal. I'm never going to wear a football jersey with my weight on it and get points for it. If someone were to come up to me and say Hey, are you Kelly? "Um.. yea?" and.. are you 140? "Nah, 160.." Oh..

This is one of the most ridiculous conversations I can fathom. I've been lying on my driver's license as long as I have HAD a driver's license and the weight cops have never been to my house. Ps. Another of my favorite lines from folks has been "You don't look like you could possibly weigh THAT much." Should my response be "Really? How much DOES 270 look like? A porta-pottie with a rhino stuck in it?" Cue the high-hat! I can have humor because those are ignorant questions..

I bring to the table a question: What will make us the happiest, recognition from our peers/families/physicians or ourselves?.

I'll be honest. I have inner-demons that I'm not sure I'll ever fully silence. Those guys scare me and I get worried that I am sometimes still, even though the work I do day in and out has been self-focused, not always doing things for the right reasons. I want to be doing this for my health, for my well-being and there's always a double-dose of pride in there in not-always positive ways..

I hope I'm not being Debbie Downer! I've been into my thoughts a lot and probably why I haven't been a posting machine as of late. I've been reading, however and I do celebrate with my Melty friends! I'm so proud of our accomplishments! I want to make sure I'm always working toward a healthy goal inside and out. Losing weight is the easy part, keeping it off and keeping that healthy lifestyle is the part that is the major change in my opinion..

Keep up the good fight, Melters!.

Always behind and cheering!.


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Kellyanne and Kellie- Congratulations on your weight loss. You are doing great..

I had a bad day today. Today was tutoring day, so I get home late. I was starved when I left work and knew I did not want to cook. I went to Boston Market and picked up dinner. I was not satisfied with the chicken and steamed vegetables. I had to eat the cornbread and potatoes too.

My son left the Valentine candy on the table and I had three pieces. I feel awful..

Well, tomorrow is another day. I will do better tomorrow...

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Another 4 lbs. gone! On Sunday, I was a reader at my church. Afterwards, one of the members commented to me that I must be losing weight. I haven't told anyone about my diet there, and it was terrific that someone noticed. The only people who know about Medifast are folks at work and home who see me with my Medifast food. I've been curious to see how long it takes for casual acquaintances and friends I don't see real often to realize I am getting smaller...

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- pull yourself up by your boot straps! You wanted this bad enough to invest in MF, remember those reasons and put one foot in front of the other and move forward. You can do it. It's the bad days that always beat us, those are the ones we have to learn to conquer to achieve our success. We are here to cheer you!!!.


- How awesome. You are doing great. To have someone notice is special! Good for you..


- good to see you and congratulations on your 5 lb loss..

I bring to the table a question: What will make us the happiest, recognition from our peers/families/physicians or ourselves?.

Your question is a good one..

My reason is only for.


And it's not even a recognition that I have lost weight by others as much as it's all about being 'healthy' for me. Wearing smaller sizes and looking so much better is just going to be a bonus. What I want to achieve is the ability to do things I can't right now without struggle, walking long walks in nature, even walking in the mall without pain, gardening (oh I love gardening), running with the grandkids. As I 'age', oh I hate to even say that, but it's a fact; I don't want my weight to make me even older, keeping me from doing the things I enjoy..

I came back to post today to tell you all what I witnessed today, but had to congratulate the "losers" first..

I saw my first ever migration of Robins. There were over 50+ Robins in our yard and the neighbors. I have obviously seen Robins before but not the migrating flock. It was an awesome sight and a big announcement to me that SPRING is soon to come..


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Barb, Kellyann, and Kellie: YOU'RE MELTING, GO! GO! GO! CONGRATS!.

To answer Kellyann's question: I just want to be comfortable in my clothes. I want to be able to shop where I want and wear what I want. When I am thinner, I have more energy and more zest to do things..

Gloria, that is great to see so many Robins. I swear we have an aviary of birds living in a large holly tree by the house..

Denise, I remember what someone posted that stuck with me. When your not on plan it takes longer to lose the weight. That means more weeks on MF. Medifast is expensive! So, it will cost you more in the end. Like you said, tomorrow is another day. You CAN do this! When you feel like eating something else, get on here and look at the success pictures and the success stories.

We are here to support you all the way to the last pound melts off!.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the day! We're all in it for the long haul..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.