I'm looking for a market analysis of the iPage web hosting industry.?

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Quick question: I'm looking for a market analysis of the iPage web hosting industry.? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... I'm having problems. I want the link to be able to use the users default email. This is the code I'm using but it opens outlook express..


<A HREF=mailto:"">EMAIL EMILY <a/>.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Mbonfyre, as you've discovered mailto: doesn't work with AOL's crappy email setup (= get a real ISP) - it does work with most other email setups except for those visitors who use web-only email such as Yahoo or Hotmail. There are two ways to get around this:.

1. List the link as <a href=mailto:"<a/> so that at least those AOHELL users can see the actual email address and manually type it into their email..

2. Or create a form with a textbox on your page that uses a cgi script to send it to you. However, that's dependent on who ever is iPage hosting your iPage website allowing you to upload and use cgi scripts..


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Thanks for your input. I know that many people have a LARGE problem with AOL - but in five years I have never encountered one..

The email address is not linked to me, just thought that it would be good if all users would be able to use their default email programs. I will take your suggestion so at least they can cut & paste the address..

Thanks for your time..

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<A HREF=mailto:".


Notice that mailto is inside the quotes. This won't help aol users, but the rest of the internet population may be able to use it...

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Oops, I was so busy pointing out that it wouldn't work for AOL that I forgot that bit. So to at least make it easier for AOLusers try:.

<a href="mailto:</a>.


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Yeah but have you tried to uninstall it?? bet not as it will delete half of your OS when it goes..

Soo, the mailto: in the forms action will open the users default email on the OS, not on the internet. be it outlook or groupwise or Eudora, it will open them. if you primarily use internet email like yahoo or hotmail, then chances are you have outlook express installed by defualt, then that will be your default email...

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Maybe they have Outlook Express.....maybe..... just maybe..

Scoutt, sometimes I think you and Herr Doktor hang around like vultures waiting for me to stuff up..

And I wouldn't be paranoid if they weren't out to get me..


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So, nobody has told you that they are coming.....err I mean I don't wait for anybody to stuff up..

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Why would I want to uninstall something that works like a dream?..

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It does work because you haven't seen anything different. if you had a hometown ISP you would think different, trust me, plus it is cheaper to go local..

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In the UK we do not have 'hometown' isp's. I have been with 3 other ISPs in the past, and believe me for a dial up I get good speed and service..

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