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Got a quick question: I'm looking for Medifast Coupons and Coupon Codes anybody? Looking forward for any response. 2nd question I got is.. The weather is getting colder and the leaves are beginning to change color and fall to the will our.


, as we continue to rock the Medifast program and lose more weight!! ^_^.

This month is all about shedding our outer leaves and revealing the person we are INSIDE!.

What does "falling back into love with Medifast" mean to you?.

What are you going to do to make sure that you stay O.P this month?.

(The following is from Sandi, the creator of the Shaker Sisters group!).

~About us!~.

We started out as a group of Medifasters that found that doing all shakes or drinks for our 5 Medifast meals helps break a stall or move the scale along just a smidge faster. Along the way, we became a tight-knit support group of girls that are there for each other, day in and day out!.

To quote Sue (aka nugirl):.

"For now I'll just say that we don't all do 100% shakes but rather have found that we have very good results either doing mostly shakes (me) or doing a couple of days of all shakes. But mostly we are about empowerment, self appreciation and learning new behaviors. We also tend to be very pro-exercise in whatever capacity fits your goals.".

Lastly...I (Kelsey) have one more question to ask of my sisters!.

If you could wear ANY sexy Halloween costume, what would it be?.

PICTURES are even better!!! ^_^.

Let's make this October.


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Yep, there are some Medifast online promos available. Spiffy opportunity to save dough on Medifast now. I urge you to you to register for their mailing list so you can get notified of their latest deals. They typically email once a month or 2..

Comment #1

Wow what a costume. I don't celebrate Halloween but if I just was going to pick a costume to look awesome in I think I would pick a french maid costume or maybe cat woman!!.

Thanks for making our new thread Kelsey..

OP for me still means making good choices on T&M and definitely getting in all my water. Exercising too, 5 days a week even if it's 25 minutes...

Comment #2


This is the link to the costume I would wear if I were feeling really, really brave!!! LOL..

Comment #3


Hopefully you all made the jump okay!.

Stepped on the scale today to see 144.2!.

I'm OUT OF fricken 145 finally!.

This just gives me the motivation I need for the entire month of october to.

GET OUT OF THE 140s!!.

I'm drinking my first-ever BANANA CREME shake and LOVING it. It tastes basically like the pudding, which means *HEAVEN* for me! I tried the Cherry-Pom for the first time last and it was just okay for me...but I think I need to add more ice and water, as it was pretty darn thick!.

We are babysitting one of Ryan's sister's dogs...she's fricken ADORABLE. BUT, she's been following me around ALL OVER THE HOUSE, haha! Even tried to sleep in our bed last night! This really makes me realize that I am going to wait until I have time and money to ever get a puppy...because man, lots of work!.

I just turned on the TV to DVR.

"Say Yes to the Dress" in.

Case I'm at the gym tonight...and to my shock, they have a NEW series called,.

"Say Yes to the Dress- BIG BLISS".

And oh's a snippet from an interview with one of the consultants, Randy Fanoli:.

"They've been to other salons where the treatment has been terrible and we wanted to shed some light onto those experiences. It's about bringing some of this terrible treatment out of the closet..

SL: What kind of treatment are we talking about?.

RF: Making these brides feel horrific. Telling them we don't have anything for you. Handing them a sample-size which in bridal is a 10 but fits like a 6 or 8 and telling them, "Hold it up in the mirror so you can get an idea of what it looks like." What do you think it is like when you can't even put a dress on and have that "moment" every bride dreams of when you see yourself in your dress?.

And here's a link to the website:.


A part of me can't wait to see it...but it also makes me sad, that they have an entirely different show for plus-sized brides. Why not just feature more on the ACTUAL show? Why make a separate spin-off?.

How do you ladies feel about this??.


WHOO! That's super SUPER sexy!.

I bet you could rock it now, you tiny 117 pound woman, you! ^_^.


SENDING YOU GOOD LUCK BEAR! Let us know!! ^_^ I'll be on AIM today, not sure if you'll be, but hoping so!!!.

I'm off to work!! GYM tonight. I didn't get in W2D3 last night because we went to go pick up Bailey (the dog). I'll go tonight by myself and just *relax* and enjoy it! ^_^.

Be back later! More roll call too!.

Can't wait to see some more sexy Halloween costumes!!..

Comment #4

Hi ladies, I'm still sick.

And now Alison is too. It just breaks my heart seeing her sick. I hope you're all doing well. I will try to pop in later from work. *Hugs to all* I miss you!..

Comment #5

Good Morning Shakesters and HAPPY OCTOBER!.

What does Falling Back In Love Means to me?.

It means embracing Simplicity!.

The Simplicity of MF! This month my goal is that Simple! This month I will allow the program to do what it does best and focus solely on 5 simple Medifast meals and 1L&G and getting all my water in and exercising. This month.

I will not obsess with the scale.


Tweak the program.

For faster results, look for strategies, do a lot of useless mathematical probabilities on how fast or how much I could lose..

This month I, Nelly solemnly swears not to Create Unnecessary complications out of something as Simple as MF! Thats all folks!.

This morning I am taking home a 2lb loss for the week! It could have been more but yesterday I drank only 50 fluid ounce of water and the day before I never ate all my mealsNot a problem! The 190s are around the corner and though I am sure to enter them any moment, I will not in the Spirit Of Simplicity which I have embraced fully I will not set a weight loss goal for October! I have determination , excitement and a new sense of renewal on my side so Im just going to Fall in love with Medifast and all it wants to do for me. Kinda like the saying: Let GO and Let GOD.

Well this month for Miss Nelly Its.




! I love.


Soft and stern determination. I love.


Spunk for life , zany spirit and true trooper attitude. I love.


S incredible sense of humor and humanity and the fact that I will have to whip her A^$$^ to get her on that treadmill. I love.


Quiet strength, leveled Spirit, wisdom and understanding. I love.


Refreshing attitude , sweetness and shes soo corky! I love.


Ability to try and tackle all and belief that She Can and wellI Love that shes a Leo like me and she rules her jungle! love.


MysteriousnessI think shes really a spy or a famous actress! I love.


Sensisitivity and kindness, theres a hidden artist in her!.

And Finally? I LOVE MYSELF! I think I m a Damn Kick A^$$^ Cool Chick!.



Comment #6

Good Morning Ladies,.

I have good news to report, my husband and I are going to have a.



I will be going to the OBGYN soon so then we can determine how far along I am and when I should be having the baby..

Oh, I have a NSV as well, I weighed in today with shoes and my clothes on and I was only 163 (only up 3 lbs). When I went to the doctor's in February I weighed in at 189lbs, so I lost a total of 26lbs which made me super happy..

I hope that everyone is having a great day and I will still be around to chat with everyone though this exciting time!.


Comment #7


I'm totally smiling from ear to ear like a total freak right now...but AHH! I'm so happy for you!! ^_^ Who cares that we've never met in person, I'm like insanely happy!! ^_^.

Hope I get to talk to you on aim soon!!!!!!!..

Comment #8

What does fall-ing back into love with Medifast mean to me?.

It means I have to just put my head down and follow Medifast per the book! No modifications to the program, no substitutions, no BLT's of course, no gimmicks, just blindly following what it says for 31 days! I really really....want this to work as stated above this time! I'm sick of making promises to my self and breaking it over & over & over again! I'm doing no one harm but not doing as is I am just prolonging my stay on Medifast which I don't want to, I just want to get the job done & get the hell out of here, well, I mean not away from my dear lovely sisters but you get it.........

Comment #9




Woohooo you CANNOT believe how excited I am for you!!!!! Ohhhh no i'm crying.......seroiusly I feel soooo haaaapppyyyyyy for you AMY......

And please don't disappear like NIKKI did after she found out that she was pregnant! Please please I know you won't but still please hang around with us!..

Comment #10

Goodmorning ladies, Happy OCTOBER!!! Lets make this month the best of all so far shall we???.

So I weighed in this morning and i'm down a tiny winy 1.2 pounds for the week! Was a bit disappointed but hey I still had a loss! Like you Kelsey I think I too was not measuring my l&g's and going overboard on the condiments, so thats something that I should work on.....but atleast i've strictly fallen back on the wagon w/o any hurdles so thats something that I am happy about! Got to go more later....


Kelsey & Tami.

, loveeeeee your costumes, well, I was imagining myself in both those costumes, hmmm.....well bad picture bad imagination yuck yuck go away imagination I don't like you...............heheheee........

Comment #11

Ohhhh Mel, (((((HUGS)))) hope you & your lil cutie pie get well soon!.

I know that feeling though when our babies fall sick, well, it's unexpressable!!!! We miss you too come back soon.......

Comment #12


I hope you and your baby feel better real soon! Take good care this weekend!.


Ooh la la!!!! I knew there was some femme fatale in you! I'll check out the link when I get home!.


I love your october goal and I know you can do it! You can Rock this!.


THANK YOU for the new thread!! And I love the costume! It's very "Moulin Rouge" Lady Marmelaide! LOL!.

Everyone else.

, I 'll post back later!..

Comment #13


, congrats on your 2lb loss BTW! So I believe you r on the 200 mark? I wasn't surprised with my 1.2 lb loss either after a strict one week on the diet and staying away from the scale, but hey atleast a loss is a loss and i'll take it..

I'm having a delicious l&g lunch as I type, tuna salad, I used one 4 oz can of tuna, 1 hardboiled egg, 1 tbsp lf mayo, a squirt of spicy mustard, 1/2 dill pickle, 1/2 tbsp onions, serrano chillies & cucumbers, yumm yuum it's delishhhh!!!!!..

Comment #14


Congratulations!! I'm sure you and DH are so excited. Hope you still stick around during your pregnancy. There is enough of us mom's around for you to ask preg questions to..

Sony and Nelly.

Congrats on your losses this week, nicely done. Nelly I am excited for you to enter the next phase. I know you are waiting for the 180's but I will still be excited for you to have a 1 in front of your number..


I hope you and Allison feel better soon. When my kids are sick they like Progresso Chickarina soup. It has little meatballs etc. in it...

Comment #15


So excited for you being in the lower end of the 140's!!! Nice job also getting to the gym, I will be going down to do my treadmill soon too..


Hi and did I congratulate you on your weight loss in September? Well if I did not, congrats!! Keep going on thru to GOAL...

Comment #16

Thank you so much everyone, we are very excited!!!.

I am going to go pick up the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" tonight, go to the store to pick up a few things and then finish cleaning up our house to get ready for my father-in-law's visit. We'll have to be up bright and early tomorrow morning to get him from the airport..

I hope everyone has a great evening and I'll check in again soon!..

Comment #17


If you haven't bought it yet- I have a copy of it and would love to send it your way. I pretty much know all there ever is to know now after all I've been through. Also please keep in touch, once you find out the gender I have a ton of un-used baby things. (Boy and girl stuff) I <3 babies!!!..

Comment #18

Evening ladies!.

Quick check-in....

I had to use up some stuff in my fridge, so my L&G was weird! I had lettuce, green beans and ricotta cheese! :P.

I'm waiting for Ryan to get off work, but then we're going to the gym so I can finally do W2D3 of C25K!!.

Hope you guys are up to more exciting things tonight than I am! I work @ the hotel tomorrow so tonight is boring..


Comment #19

Baking baking baking....ugh. I need to figure out a way I can do this while sitting. I am sooooo pooped. I have a company bbq tomorrow and I offered to bring dessert before I realized I have a baby shower cake due tomorrow. So the baby shower cake is pretty much done, just have to put the finishing touches on in the morning and I just pulled the Bbq cake out of the oven. It's going to be my specialty- Strawberry shortcake/cheesecake.

I'm feeling a little better, I just have a sore throat, and my whole body aches. (I have been wearing gloves while doing the cakes) Alison has a fever and looks like crap..

My poor baby. But neither one of us has thrown up in 24 hrs. Hopefully we can get some rest this weekend. Monday is my official weigh in day, we'll see how this bug has set me back. Hope you're all doing well...

Comment #20

Good (very very early for a saturday) morning, shaker sisters!!!.

Stepped on the scale to see....


^_^ I've been 100% these past two days and ESPECIALLY with getting my water in...seriously, it's helping! My goal is to get out of the 140's by the end of October!.

I'm drinking my CP capp and getting ready for work here...ugh. At the hotel, of course. :sigh: I'm just going to push through it and come home and totally veg out, watching "Say Yes to the Dress" from last night, hopefully. Then later tonight, I MIGHT do W3D1, but we'll see how I'm feeling!.

I'll also check-in on here, but hope to see some posts when I get off work! ^_^.

<3 love!.


AWE! I wish I could come and help you out!! You're sick! You should be sleeping, not baking! :P Your cake sounds DELISH though! Pictures?! ^_^..

Comment #21

Falling back in love with Medifast means....

To me, it means being in love AT ALL TIMES. I am finally at a weight where I feel normal, I don't feel physically impaired, I can shop with regular people... but am I at GOAL? NO! The reasons that made me want to lose weight are fading but I still NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT! In October, I am not messing with the plan! Period!.

And I wanna be a sexy nurse! Actually, I went to target yesterday and I'm pretty confident that I can fit in a size Large Women's costume. Which is pretty insane!.

I weighed in this morning (I know, I know): 186 on the nose! -3.6 pounds this week!!!!! I guess that makes up for those two weeks of losing a pound each! I'm still going to try not to weigh in as much, or at least resist the urge of weighing in daily..

I'm so glad to see us all transitioned over to the new board... thank you Kelsey!.

And finally......

CONGRATS AMY!!!!!!!!..

Comment #22

Good Morning Beautiful Shakesters!.

It's a gorgeous Fall day around here! Crisp and Sunny! Marvelous! I love Fall...anyway...overslept after a long frustrating week at work and having a fit yesterday when I FOUND A HAIR IN MY PRETZEL BAG! Dark roots with Red Highlights! I was insanely P.O 'd ...seriously! I am never ordering those again! But right now I'm over last week and all It's mishaps! New day , new adventures...such is life!.

I have a repair guy here doing some soon as he departs I will head to the gym for a super nice long workout. I don't care about Medifast guideline but after a long week and no exercises in 2 days..I am in the mood for a 1 hour workout and I'll do just that. Then I got lots of cleaning and stuff to do before my darling DF returns from a very long trip Sunday..

Kelsey Blu:.

Have a decent day at work today! I know that place suck but one day you'll have a far better job. You're a smart girl!.


Get on that treadmill already!! And come over and posts....posting gets you motivated and going! I know it does for me! The more involved I get with this board the better I do!.


Dearest Miss Melissa, I'm glad you feel somehow better and that your baby is doing better too. Have fun with all your cake projects...they sound so delish!.


This weather makes me think of you and I know Fall is even more beautiful where you are! Have you baked anything lately?.


I hope you're catching some rest somewhere!.


I hope you're well diet and all!.

OK! I need to tend to Mr. repair man and go for my nice long workout.....

I'll be back!..

Comment #23

And Sarah-Ann and Kelsey :.

GREAT JOB on the weight loss!..

Comment #24

Evening ladies!! ^_^.

I'm just hanging out with Ryan's sister's dog...and watching tv! I swear, the strangest shows are on...I'm watching this show called "SEX ROBOTS" on TLC and oh my weird! These nerdy men prefer robots over women because they can CONTROL Them! Ughh. So gross but interesting at the same time! BLach!.

This morning was...ugh! I woke up super early and drove to work...just to find out that I WASN'T SCHEDULED! I only work there 2-3 days a week, so you'd think they'd CALL me if I wasn't working! I've worked every other Saturday up til now, so I had no reason to think otherwise! *rawr*.

I've had all my Medifast meals & L&G for today but I'm starving...rawr..

Ryan should be off soon and bringing home "Get Him To The Greek" so it's movie night for us! Hope you're all having a great weekend so far!!.

<3 Kelsey..

Comment #25

Where is everyone?.

Kelsey tell me if that movie is good.. I wanted to see that one!..

Comment #26

Good Morning!!! ^_^.

The scale read.


That means I finally met 55 lbs lost! 55.8, actually! I guess the scale is making up for my pathetic ZERO pound loss of last week...yay! I'm definitely going to meet getting into the 130's by the end of October...*fingers crossed!*.

We actually watched this Wes Craven movie called "The People Under The Stairs" and holy crap- it was SO FREAKING WEIRD. We're going to watch "Get Him To The Greek" tonight- so.


, I'll let you know!!.

Is it cold where everyone lives?.

I'm currently wearing a very goth-like all-black outfit...but it's all so WARM, I don't even care! :P I have fuzzy black and red socks on, black sweatpants and a black northface on and I'm IN the house...haha! I'm glad I'm not in MN- it's even colder there!! Illinois just sucks big butt in general though. Can't wait for FLORIDA!!!!!.


EWWWWWwwww....*gags* A HAIR?! I can't STAND hair in food, nonetheless a pre-packaged MEAL! Holy crapola. What did you do?! Is the repair guy cute? Hehe. I always think of Jim Carey in The Cable Guy hahah!.


CONGRATS on the awesome weight loss!! You know, maybe you don't have to stay off the scale for the rest of the month- just not get obsessive about it. That's what I'm trying to do...I do weigh daily, but I'm not going to freak if it's up in the middle of the week or something, you know?.


Hope you and your daughter are feeling better! *sending feel better wishes to you!*.


I'm excited to hear about your first ob-gyn appointment!! Monday, right?.

Text me!!.


Hope you're having a great OP weekend!!.


I miss seeing your face all over this board! Hopefully that just means you're having a blast w/your family!.

Hope you're.


Having wonderful lazy Sunday mornings!! I want to hear how your weekends went!.


Comment #27

I am HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:.

I walked 3.6 miles yesterday and I am already looking forward my next 3-4 miles today! Don't know what's wrong with me but I am falling in love with working out! I seriously am mad at myself for not starting Medifast last fall! I would be so done now! I have such an easy time sticking to a diet plan during Fall and Winter and the hardest time during summer because I want to be out and about eating what I want! I am definitely going to take advantage of the next 6 months to zip to goal! I do have to watch my new desire for exercise though....I tend to be extreme...I go from "I wanna exercise like I wanna hang myself" to " I'm ready to train like an Olympic Athlete". I have been addicted to exercise before...true story...I once used to workout 2-3 hours per day when I was thin...but I probably had a disorder and didn't realized it. I would get up at 5 and put in weight lifting and cardio and come back after work and do more cardio! oh boy! I just want to get it right this time. Learn to eat right and workout right. I AM NOT DOING ANOTHER DIET EVER AGAIN! And EVEN PREGNANT...I will rather have the most miserable 6-9 months living in a house devoid of sweets and any junks then give in to crap and wake up 100lbs fatter! I will do everything to walk 45 minutes daily and stick to a lean diet..


Enough gabbing......


Good Morning Kelsey! Oh my and your scary movies! I can't watch that stuff! I get easily disturbed!!!!!!!! Though...LOL....DF can't stand the fact that I am a HUGE FAN of "The 1st 48", "48 hours", "Forensic Files"....yeah...I love watching these Real Life crime things complete with real crime scene photos! LOL....I guess everyone got a darker side!.


I am here leonista! What's up? I'll be here checking the board often! I stick to plan better when I do daily checks..


Wake miss Melissa!.


You disappear Miss Sony! An I hope you didn't land in the bite/lick/taste land again! COME BACK!!!!.


I'm going to cry if I don't see a post from you real soon! look? I walked 3.6 miles yesterday and I will try for 3 to 4 today as well!.


Missing in Action!.


Where are you? I know your Vacation is coming up soon! I Miss you!.

Ok....heading for one more Medifast meal...and some relaxation before I head to the gym for my workout!..

Comment #28

Haha Nelly!!! You must have had some serious caffeine this morning!!!!..

Comment #29

Ok whats up Miss.


?????? 6 back to back posts of reposting????? LMAO, LOL______________LOL____________.


Is soo right might have landed in a tub of caffeine.

Sorry ladies for missing all day yesterday!.


Might have even sent a search police behind me I guess.

We were back to back going to& fro to & fro again & again from Bestbuy to Soundtrack, again back to Bestbuy then to Soundtrack, yes we were shopping for 3D TV's.....yup we r, me & DH, the ultimate technology & electronic geeks or you may even call fanatics, heheheeee.....and finally we ended up buying it from Bestbuy.....we got the 65" 3D plasma TV with a combo 3D blueray dvd player, 3 set of 3D glasses, 3d dvd's etc etc., iniatially we just and just decided to see a demo ONLY for the 3D but ended up buying it on the same day, LOL....but man it is GOOOOOOOD....i don't even want to mention how much we ended up paying.

Anyways will be back later with more, selling bunch of stuff on Craigslist and have few active clients coming over to pick em up.......

Comment #30

HA HA!!! I had no caffeine!!!!!!!!!! The Medifast server shut down on me and kept giving me an Error message and I kept coming back to try again and kept getting the I gave up!! 2 hours later I just came on to see if the server would let me finally post and WHAT? It POSTED ME SEVERAL TIMES! ARGGGGGG!.

I am over it...weird stuff keeps happening!..

Comment #31

And It did it again! Just gave me an error message right after I clicked post on the previous message! Let me see what it does now! SO WEIRD!!!..

Comment #32

OK Girls! Sorry about the computer glitches!.


Did you workout today?.


LOL...2 of my 4 brothers are total IT and High Tech geeks! 1 of whom recently bought the 3D TV and all! LOL....Can't get my DF to go for that...the man loathes TV watching and thinks I do too much of it if I'm spending more than 1 hour starring at it! Whatever! Have fun in 3D land!.

I haven't worked out yet but will shortly...and now I brace my self as I click post in a moment, since I keep getting a server error! TOO MUCH!!..

Comment #33

Hi girls, sorry I was MIA all day yesterday. I was super busy cleaning and getting ready for FIL retirement dinner. It was fun and he was totally surprised!! I did not eat OP yesterday but I am back on track today. I have decided that I am so much more comfortable with myself as a person the way I am now than before. I don't know why I ever allowed myself to over eat and get so unhealthy. I work hard everyday to remember what I need to do to stay OP and healthy. I can never forget again...

Comment #34

LOL...I feel better..Looks like I am not the only one having issues posting on this board..


Post ended up here twice!.


Hey Tami! Glad to see a post and glad you are back on plan! I see that you are only 2.6 little pounds from your 115 lbs dream! Amazing!..

Comment #35

Yes I do find this website working wierdly since morning! I was attempting to post here few minutes ago but there was some server error, it was not letting me get into the website so chill girls!!!.

Okay so I sold my 50" Sony LCD TV for 500 bucks just few minutes ago, yay.....DH was not too happy about it since he wanted it in the loft upstairs but we already have 3 TV's and tihs new one coming next wek so total 4 I don't want a TV showroom here, and besides hellooooo who is the BOSS here anyways?????? heheeeee I am bad veryyyy bad.........

Comment #36


Awesome job 77.7 miles logged on your ticker!!! Way to go!!!..

Comment #37



, too funny about tv's and boss!!!..

Comment #38

Hi ladies!.

No exercise tonight....

Just a total lazy Sunday which I needed!.


Comment #39

Hi ladies, i'm up late it's midnight, ugh...dreaded TOM is gonna be here any minute now, feeling all crappy and bloated & pooped right now, I may even go crash on a tub of Haagen daas thats in the freezer!!! I have been having severe severe cramps since evening and seems like even motrin is not helping!..

Comment #40

Hey Everybody!!!.

Sorry i've been MIA!!.

I see some good losses..

I've been on and off plan the last several days since my power went off. Haven't gained. But also never ate lunch the last 2 days. Worked a ton of hours with no breaks. Power went off at work, in the ICU, it was nuts, very emotionally draining at work, we are getting summer weather and summer traumas in Sept and Oct. It is strange.

Congrats to Amy on the Baby, I miss being pregnant! It is a wonderful feeling!.

Enjoy it!!.

I need to restart tomorrow fresh and eat more than 300-500 calories in the day. I'm just exhausted!.

I really hope everyone is doing well!!..

Comment #41

Good Morning Shakesters!!!.

Wake up Girls!! I hope this site works today and this post doesn't end up here 12 times! What the heck is going on! Anyway, it's a grey covered sky with nonstop rain. And I woke up with malaise in the girlie plumbing area...I feel a BAD TOM coming by Saturday with cramps in it's entire splendor! Already? I HATE this Soy crap in MF! Seriously! I miss my 36-40 days cycle...I've had enough with this estrogenic mess!.

I will hop on the treadmill today and maybe it will help me have a less traumatic TOM. Bad enough that even though I worked out this weekend and drank water till I felt like I was drowningNOT an ounce has come off my body! I am not weighing in until Friday which might very well be a demoralizing event since TOM will be here shortly! Looks like any good number will show up at next week weigh in when TOM exits! Oh God as I typed this all of the sudden I felt a sharp pain in my girlie pipes.I DONT LIKE YOU.


!!!!!!!!!!! You always start this TOM business too early!!!!!! OMG.Im freaking out!! I dont want short cyclesare you for real? At this rate I will be on TOM 2weeks out of 5!.

OkI need to make a run for Tylenol the only thing I can have since Im on anticoagulants for my wonderful history of love affairs with deadly blood clots.

Quick Roll Call for now....


Where are you cupcakes? You always post first! You must be exhausted from working all these ungodly hours!.


I feel for you! I get my cramps 2-3 days BEFORE it even starts! Can you believe that? Thats how I always know any moment now it will be Dirty T Day aka TOM..


NO BECCA!! EAT! Pleasedont slow down your metabolism like that! It will be harder for you to maintain the weight loss! And I tell you, this year has been surreal in weather patterns. We had more 100 degrees temps than typically hotter area in the US and now were having a whole lot of rainI mean a whole lot of rain with mini tornados here and thereIm afraid to even think of what kind of winter lays aheadso afraid to think about it!.


Hey there! Though I feel odd with lower belly pain, I will try and workout today. Maybe it will help me! I hope!.


Where are you? I hope you had a good weekend and that it wasnt too taxing on you between a sick baby and all that cake baking!.


I hope you rested well and that you are ready to tackle this week!.

OkI really must go get some Tylenol and pray that the goddess of wombs leaves me alone!!!!..

Comment #42

Kelsey and Melissa:.


It's so unusual for you too not to have posted by now? Where are you guys?..

Comment #43

Good morning everyone! Hope you all are having a good Monday. I am happy to report that I am officially in the 180's! That makes me I just have to keep moving on down...I am facing a dilemma this week. I have to have a colonoscopy (BOO) on Friday. The day before, I can only have clear liquids like broth, soft drinks, fruit juice, ect. Also, I have to drink two 36oz. gatorades with a bottle of miralax.

I guess I'll read the label and see how bad the regular is. I just don't want to screw up my progress. Anyone else have to go through a similar situation?..

Comment #44

Hi Suzie!.

I would go with the diet gatorade! I know you'll be starved the next day but I wouldn't worry about those two days moving the scale up and down. This is an important procedure so make sure you do as they ask you to...

Comment #45

Are you guys kidding me?.

Is everyone sick? Fallen off the wagon? or Quit?.

What happened to "Falling in Love"? It's way too quiet in here for a Monday..


And miss Kelsey...I am worried about you of all people because you always post! I might bring out a sad panda around here!..

Comment #46

I'm here, sorry I was not in sooner. I too am awaiting TOM!!! I have not gotten on the treadmill yet but I will soon. I have to pick up my son at school first and fold a few loads of laundry..

Feel better.



Comment #47


I'm here!! Sorry, my boss was in all morning, so I couldn't come play..

I have been totally off plan, but I'm starting back on today. Being sick all I ate was toast and crackers. I am up to 204.8.

Danggit. I'm still sniffly, but Alison isn't doing so well. We were up all night last night and she was inconsolable. Now she is with my grandma, and I guess she has a feever. It started at 99 when I dropped her off and now it's 100.3. If it doesn't start looking better I'm going to have to take her to the doc.

My poor baby..

Comment #48

Good evening girls!.

Made it home but I will not exercise tonight. My energy level simply isn't there and even if it was DF wants to go out and eat when he gets here shortly so no Gym today. I will try to sneak a workout tomorrow..


Hey Tami! Wow you sure have a busy day today! But I'm glad you checked in..


That's okay Melissa! Just look ahead and let go of this weekend. It is what it is but today and tomorrow you can start over and move on. But please take your baby to the doc if she continues to have a fever. Poor thing!.


I know you're in TOM land...but I miss you lady!.


Now you, I am getting worried about! Please post something! Seriously!.

Sarah-Ann, Becca, Kristin, Amy, Suzie and company.

.....waving at you......

Comment #49

HELLO Ladies!!!!!!!!!.

I'm here, I'm here! ^_^ No need to break out Sad Panda! ^_^.

I'm making dinner right beans for both of us, whole wheat pasta w/sausage/marinara sauce for him and MSF sausage w/Laughing Cow cheese for me!!.



Psyched because we joined COSTCO! I bought 2 pairs of comfy yoga pants for $14 in a size MEDIUM! I also got a huge pack of MSF Sausage (32) for like $8.50 and a 4-pack of Laughing Cow Light Cheese for like $9 or something...WAY cheaper than buying them individually! ^_^.

I almost DIED...seriously, today at the hotel. My boss is a total d-bag...ugh. I want to shake his little fat head and go *WHY ARE YOU WORKING HERE?!* :P Seriously though, he just is totally oblivious to anything outside his little office and doesn't really give a crap. Oh well- his loss! I worked from 5:30am to 2:30pm though...blach..

Tonight is going to be LAZY night with the gym later on! I work at the OFFICE tomorrow, so it's a nice break!! <3 <3.

Be back after dinner for roll-call!.


Comment #50

Evening ladies! Sorry for late check-in, I know I know Nelly you must be mad and all that.

Actually remember my best friend that I was talking about few days ago? We went to her kiddos' b'day party and were gone for all day? Yeah she was here first this this morning it was a surprise for me, she was in bad mood & partial depression since she had an argument followed by a serious fight last night with her she wanted a shoulder to talk it out of her mind, you know sometimes that kindda anyway she was here all day long & just left a few mins ago! We went to PFChangs for lunch, I had their chick lettuce wraps which i'm sure is loaded with salt & some fat too, though they said it's not!!!.

Anyway so i'm still awaiting the dreaded TOM which will appear any moment now.

Still feeling crappy and offmood......


Isn't Costco awesome? I have been with them since like more that 11 years I guess, don't even remember! Ofcourse same with Samsclub I have their membership too.....i've never like MSF sausage links though....


, my scale shows up 2 pounds!!!!! Don't worry it'll be better tomorrow..


, same goes to you too!!! I know you poor thing how you r putting up with the heat wave! Goodluck with your restart I know you can totally do it!.


, glad to see you all over the board today!.

Sorry I wasn't around!!! Glad your DH is back after 2 long weeks! Have fun at dinner!.


Tami, Suzie, Amy, Sarah,.

Will be back later...

Comment #51

Heheheeee now.


, I get my TOM every 30 days with couple days give or take, I got it on 3rd last month so I can feel it coming soon, i'm like you I go nuts & crazy with cramps & moodswings!..

Comment #52

Hello, hello, hello.....

I swear these TOM vibes must be able to transmit through computers. Mine was LAST week, no cramps, nada... today I have been cramping like crazy and running to the bathroom like crazy too!!!!! WHAT THE HECK. When I read Sony and Nelly's posts, I just started laughing. I don't know what is the deal! Normally the running to the bathroom part would at least have me happy for the next day's weigh-in but since I'm no longer daily weighing... it's just annoying! Haha.

Ugh. I was glad to get home and in some sweatpants!.

BTW I tried to post last night and the website was being dumb..

Thanks SONY for making me want PF Chang wraps....

NELLY I hope you feel better. I don't blame you for taking the night off on the exercise..

KELSEY I am jealous of your costco membership! We are finally getting one here in a few months but it's about a 45 min drive from my house. I literally live next to a target and a walmart so probably not worth the money for a membership..



Okay I'm gonna be selfish a min. (Sorry).

I think I'm going to quit my job for real. I am so nervous/scared/excited... mostly excited! I have been a manager for 5 LONG YEARS and I am so ready to move on! Anyway, I will probably put my notice in this weekend. I should be much calmer after that going forward! Although I will be on a MAJORLY fixed income so that's going to be hard... but to be a full-time student, I think it will be worth it..

Alright, I'm giving myself an hour of free time and then back to the books. TTYL..

Comment #53

Omg...I'm supposed to get TOM tomorrow!!!! O_o this is very very Twilight-zone-ish!!!..

Comment #54


It's not Sad Panda OR Happy Panda right now....

It's TOM and SICK Panda!.

The scale was UP like 1.5lbs this morning!! RAWR!! >_< TOM hasn't officially shown up but it's supposed to this week...AND on top of that, I'm getting a totally stuffed up nose and my throat kills! Even drinking water hurts. BLAH!.

Whateverrrrr. I may not weigh-in tomorrow because I have a feeling it'll just be the same as today but we'll see!.

Should I go to the gym today?.

It's been a LONG time since we've gone and I need to get started on Week 3, Day 1 or else I never will!.


Comment #55

Good Morning Shakesters!.

I Hope everyone will have a great day today! I on the other hand wish I could go right back home and curl up in my sweats. I am all crampy and waiting for TOM to just get here already! OMG!! I can't believe we all get it within the same week and all! I just hate having cramps for several days before it's even here. It makes no sense...why not give me the darn cramps when it's here! Womanhood can feel so overrated on days like this!.

So last night I didnt work out at all! I really wanted but my energy level was absolutely not there. Plus I was moody. Do you girls get moody too?.

I swear those little pesky things that usually annoy me become amplified when I am PMSing. Like people who walk aimlessly and slowly on the sidewalk or in malls when I am trying to get somewhere! LIKE GET OUT OF MY WAY you Human Bovine! Seriously, if you dont know where ya goingstay the H&&*L home! Oh and dont let them suddenly stop and next thing you know I find myself bumping into them! I mean are you that lost? Why come out of your house and make me want to lift my foot and give you a nice hard kick right on the A%%%$$! But then againI wouldnt want to wipe the $h**T off my cute shoes! LOL!.

SorryIm in raw and rare form today...excuse my sassiness and cheekiness ! Maybe you girls can share what ticks you off when youre PMSing, Im curious..


Roll call.

.for now....


WAKE UP!!!! I want my Kelsey Morning post complete with a nice graphic image!.


Are you going to have another busy day today?.


Sorry about your friend. Theres days like that in a womans lifeI went to dinner with DF yesterday and I was so moody I had to bite my tongue the whole evening to avoid saying anything crazy for absolutely no reasons other than when Im PMSing I just say crazy stuff. DF says when I PMS Im like an Angry Despotic Dictator of a small country ready to get all fisticuffs with anyone for no reasons! LOLwhatever...I always reply to him When you get cramps and blood coming out of your %$&*(@$$ then talk to me! LOL..


I hear you girl! It seems like you are tackling way too much. And I hear you about the scale too. The last 2 days I have a complete draw on the scale. I know better than to bother stepping on the scale around my period! Im just stupid. I NEVER lose weight the few days prior to TOM and then I get a big loss when it's over. Im doneI will record whatever is going on Friday which will probably be a drawnext week though I should be nicely into the 190s and ready to tackle my hardest next 20 lbs..


Miss Melissa I hope you are back on track. You can make itone day at a time. I also hope your baby feels better..

Becca: hey beck! Please eat and have a nice day!.


Where are you?.

Ok.I am tired and I hope this work day goes fastI mean really fastand I pray to God somebody dont bother me on my way to the subway to get home I soooo wouldnt look good in a jailbird jumpsuit! LOL...But then againId still look better than Lindsay Lohan! LOL..

Comment #56


If you feel way too tired don't exercise...but if you think it would help the do go and keep a medium intensity. I actually would like to workout tonight if my energy gets know get 1 last good workout before it starts..cause once it does I am out of commission for another 2-3 days..

And I hear you about the scale right before TOM...useless!..

Comment #57

Good morning ladies!.

I don't remember if I posted this or not- I took Alison to the dr yesterday and she has an ear infection. So we got antibiotics and I gave her some last night (along with baby ibuprofin) and she is already acting like herself again..

She doesn't even really have a runny nose this morning! And this is the best part- SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!! ahhhh! Mommy needed that. She is being such a good girl sitting in her highchair eating honey nut cheerios watching mommy post. She says- "owlieblechwawa" I think that means "Hi shakers!!" I'm still pretty congested and now Chris has it too. Were a sick house..


That panda is very appropriate. I'm starting TOM right now too. I think were just all in sync!.

Good morning.


! I love your cheekiness! I am the same way when I'm PMSing. Last night we were at the pharmacy picking up Alison's antibiotics and I am PMSing and hungry. Alison was sick and miserable and cranky. And they forgot about us. We sat there for 45 mins!! So I finally got back in line and asked about it and they had to re-mix it because it was the wrong quantity or something. Then we had to wait another 15 mins just to get the pharmacist to do a consultation.

I spoke too soon- Alison's nose just started a waterfall. Ugh..

I hope you all have a great day- I will do more roll call at work- if my boss isn't hanging around...

Comment #58


YES, we all need panda hugs to make the sickness & TOM's go away!! :P.


Awe...your daugher sounds so cute, even when she's sick! *waves back to her!* I'm not that cute when I'm sick unfortunately...I'm at work with this gross runny nose...yeah. :P..

Comment #59

Good Morning Ladies,.

I went to the OBGYN yesterday and my expected delivery date is May 30th 2011, and right now I am currently 6 weeks along in my pregnancy, however I think that I may deliver later than that..

I realized that being pregnant is also like dieting, because I have to make sure that I eat lots of fruits and veggies as well as calcium and whole grains. My doctor said to avoid fried foods and foods high in fat. I also have to cut down on my caffiene consumption. They said I could safely consume 200mg of caffiene per day, but I haven't drank anything since I found out that I was pregnant..

It still hasn't hit me that I'm pregnant yet, I guess it will the first time we hear the baby's heart beat or see the sonogram or I feel the baby moving inside of me. I am so excited and can't wait for all the changes to take place..

So let me as you ladies a question, how far along in your pregnancy did you realize that you were pregnant, and how long did it take you to feel the baby move inside of you?.

I hope that everyone is doing well! Love and miss you ladies!..

Comment #60

Hi girls yes another busy day. Was up early brought DD to school before 8 went to pick up a friend at 8:30 to bring her to a dr. appointment. We were there for 2 hours and then went to lunch and bank. I took her home by 12:30 and came home and took a nap. Then picked up DH at 3:45 went to Walmart and then to pick up DS at 3:30.

Love all the pics of panda's...

Comment #61


I am soooooooooooo happy for you!! Being pregnant is such an amazing feeling. I found out I was preg with my son (He was born too early and didn't make it) when I was 10 weeks, and I felt him move around 20 weeks I think...Alison I knew I was preg at 5 weeks and I felt her move around 16 weeks..

I wish you the best, easy-going pregnancy!..

Comment #62


Definitely go with the diet Gatorade! You can drink crystal light too!!.


It is so hard to eat when Im sick in bed all day. Im back on the wagon yesterday afternoon when I started eating normal again. Im completely back on all day today. I wasnt purposely eating like that just not feeling well and not getting a break at work today. Did you end up working out last night? I dont know how you do it when you work so hard. Im exhausted by the end of the day.


Your ticker sure is moving down quick!.

Yay for the 130's soon!.


Thanks for the encouragement! Now that Im feeling better and off today Im planning on getting all 5 in, and 1 L&G.


Rest and take it easy dont exercise too much and get better!!.


I found out I was pregnant when I was 4-5 weeks pregnant. I went to the Drs office and they told me my due date was June 15th I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant exactly Oct 6, 2008. I delivered 2 weeks late, had to be induced! I never felt the baby move until after 15 weeks but by 20 weeks. Hard to remember exactly! I never felt a flutter, I felt like I had bubbles or something. It is easier to recognize the babys movement earlier on when you have felt it before and know what to expect!..

Comment #63



I'm so sorry to hear about your son, but am so happy that you were able to have Alison! I cannot believe that I will be feeling a baby move around inside of me in just 10-14 short weeks! I counted the weeks and figured out that will be right around Christmas, Merry Christmas to Me!.


- That is so exciting, when you talk about fluttering it reminds me of having butterflies in your tummy!.

I can't wait to feel it for the very first time...

Comment #64

Hello Shakers, yet again another late check-in day for me! I was all moody & cranky all day long, TOM didn't hit yet but it's sure making me suffer in hell!!! I had 2 big big, I mean real BIG bites and pieces of offplan food in the process........i'm sure it'll kick me off ketosis, ugh......ohhh it's getting harder than ever to survive.........

Comment #65

Good Evening girls!.

Just driving by tonight! I had a miserable crampy day and TOM hit me hard in the middle of the afternoon. I'm home and about to pop some Tylenol and disappear on a corner of the sofa until bedtime!.

I hope everyone has a better evening than mine. The only good thing is that I actually stayed OP because I have no appetite when I am in pain! Actually....I've only had 3 Medifast and 1 L&G I barely could stomach. I don't think I'll be able to take in the last 2 MF! I just want these cramps to go away!.

Good night girls...roll call will have to be done in the morning......

Comment #66

Hi Ladies!!.

Just a quick check-in before I go watch "Sons of Anarchy" with Ryan!.

I did C25K today at the gym- W3D1! It went by super quick! I was kind of uncomfortable though, since my throat/nose is still hurting/stuffed up so it was weird to breathe! Oh well...I GOT THROUGH IT!.

I also got some AWESOME purchases....

~90 pack of Pearl Probiotics from Vitamin Shoppe for $26.00!.

~2-pack of Grapefruit Nutrogena (sp?) face wash for like $9.00.

And last but not least...haha...a 82 (or 84?) pack of tampax pearls for $11.88! Haha....


I love Costco, to say the least!.


Comment #67

Congratulations Amy! My middle daughter's birthday is May 30th...a very good day!..

Comment #68


Hope you feel better when you wake up in the morning!!!.


You are so making me miss my Costco membership!!..

Comment #69

Morning ladies!!.

I feel like CRAP! >_< Ryan was a good boyfriend and set up the humidifier in our room last night and went out and bought this Vicks thing to put in it...I don't think it did much though. I still feel like my entire head is filled with snot. UGH..

Weigh-in was today as well and I'm STILL up a lot...I went from being 142.2 a few days ago to 143.4!! GRRR. Whatever. More for next week, I guess..

On the plus side, I'm wearing a shirt that...SANDI gave me! It's super cute, dark grey with little fabric around the neck! I tried it on when she first sent it and it BARELY even got on my body and now? Baggy! ^_^.

I'll be back later...I'm at the office today (thank god) and so I'll be updating a lot, I'm sure!.


- hope to see you too!.


Comment #70

...I meant "little fabric FLOWERS" not just fabric...ahha..


BTW: when you're sick, how do you stay motivated?.

Everything tastes...well it pretty much has no taste since I can't smell! Damnit! :P My shake literally tastes like thick water right now. BOO......

Comment #71


, sorry to hear you are having a bad cold, (((HUGS))) well, when I get cold and feel all crappy I like sipping on hot broth, hot soup or hotcocoa, basically anything thats hot, cold drinks or beverages make me feel worse! I know what you mean by gaining, plus it's TOM too so don't worry about it too much! If it makes you feel any better even my scale is jumping between 160'ish to 163, that dreaded TOM is not even here yet.

I feel that you just need to relax and rest all day, I would not even bother about the workouts!..

Comment #72


Thanks lady! I had a hot chocolate (MF of course) and it was YUMMY. I'm making chicken noodle soup tonight too...and making it through this day of work w/the help of Amy and you ladies! <3.

I'm definitely NOT working out today...yesterday was hard enough! Today consists of me working, going home, laying on the couch and watching movies/Hells Kitchen all night...

Comment #73


I am still miserable with cramps, puffy fingers, heavy legs (I swear my legs get bigger and stiffer when I have TOM...they feel like huge tree trunks during that time of the month). Major fluid retention!! I am tempted to take an old prescription water pill. I am 2lbs and some digits above my last Friday number. I know it's TOM fluid and my face is puffy and let's not talk about the evil look on my face. I know...I know...all this winning...but seriously...those roughly 4-5 days each month are my worst time as a woman. I never understood those tampons/pads commercial with these women smiling at parties and playing sport, or sipping cocktail...smirking at mother nature...PELEAZE AMERICA TV Advertizers! CUT it out!!!!!!!.

Give me a tampon commercial where a chick is curled up on a sofa, or having a hissy fit at a coffee shop because she got the wrong order, or sobbing because she can't fit in her clothes., or having a meltdown because her man asked her if she was going to eat that last cookie and now she thinks he thinks she's fat, or an argument started because he got dead silent when she asked " Do I look fat in this?" ..You know...all the irrational stuff women do when they PMS or even on a regular basis ...cause I must say us women can be some really irrational beings who can actually rationalize their irrational thoughts...LOL.

I didn't work out last night but my desire to workout is very strong. Seriously I really wanted to. And before you wonder well if she wanted to that bad why didn't she?". It's a medical reason otherwise I would have worked out. (I didnt want to increase my blood circulation) As all you all know I almost died 2x when deadly blood clots traveled to my lungs and earned me 21 days in the hospital plus 1 year of anticoagulant therapy and blood work every 2-4weeks. And the 2nd episode last year in 2009 actually almost killed me as I felt the clot trying to pass through my heart arteries and it felt like a heart attack...I passed out at work but the clot was able to pass through the heart arteries and break in multiple pieces which all landed in both lungs collapsing one of my lungs.

Now you know why I will battle this weight off of my body until I reach 130. But anyway, I bleed profusely during TOM and thats why I didnt exercise but I really wanted to..

BTWDid you guys saw Adele in TX goal pix? She is 55 (as I am) and her goal was 130 but she passed it making her I believe 126?? And she looks MARVELOUSa lot of the 55 woman on Medifast dont look too skinny! I definitely want to push myself to the healthiest lowest weight I can get to. I can rock 125 easily and make 130 my ultimate top. But the most important thing in my life is that my Hematologist/Oncologist doctor is willing to let me off the anticoagulant if I get that small. Plus DF and I will want a couple of kids and you CANNOT take COUMADIN (rat poison) while pregnant. I will have to go back to my needle injection of lovanox (blood thinner). And that was no whole belly was filled with needle marks and bruises! I MUST LOSE ALL MY WEIGHT! It has caused me too much health issues! This journey is Do or Die for me!.


I hope you feel better soon! I am happy that you posted this morning! You know I miss your posts when I dont see them! I too will check often.I am more compliant when I check this website several times a day. Thats why Ive been successful in staying in line the last 3 weeks!.


Who cares if you ate off plan? I almost bought gummy bears this morning but change my mind the last minute (At the register with the bag on the counter). There will be days like this. What matters is that eventually you make it to the end of your journey! Some people take the straight highway from point A to B. Not me, Ive always been the wonderer on a scenic route that sometimes gets lost in shortcutsbut I always find my way and make it to the end of the journey. Always! Come on Sony! I can accept defeat from anyone but YOU. Cause you have what it takes to make it and youre very intelligent! Youre just Spoiled like me and not always willing to give up things you want.


Sorry youve been sick! I swear theres a lot of that going around everywhere!.


Miss Melissa how are you? I dont see too much posting from you. I hope all is well and that you get back on track!.


Hey Tami! Your breakdown of picking up kids and hubby was dizzying! OMG.Youre one heck of a very energetic mom!.


How are you today? Are you ok now? Ive been having gastro issues tooI dont know whyI hope there isnt another bad breakout of bad spinach or tomatoes going aroundremember that year when spinach was banned, then tomatoes etccause I never get such a long stretch of gastro issues!.


Hi Suzie! Glad you came back and posted some more!.


Hi Amy! Wishing you a happy healthy Prego time!.

Ok guysgotta get some work done but I will check a few times today..

Comment #74

Kelsey and Sony:.

Don't even worry about the scale!.


I am going to write (TOM) next to this Friday weigh in. I know it will be either a draw (no change ) or a gain of 1 or 2. So don't get discouraged! It's just what it is. Hey? I used to bloat upward of 8-10 lbs around TOM prior to Medifast and had to get an RX water pill to help drain the fluid in my lower body. Now I gain only a pound of two since MF!.

Next week weigh in will be a better one......

Comment #75


I was able to contact Sandi via Facebook and messaged her!! She wanted me to let you ladies know that "I say hi and that I miss them!' ^_^.

Aweee...lets all send out *good thoughts* to Sandi in San Diego!!.

<3 <3..

Comment #76


I am no help on staying OP while sick...I have been totally off plan. And I'm still sick. ugh!! Alison and Chris are better, but not me- this is how it always is!.

I have been totally on again off again lately. I started back op yesterday and by luch time I gave up. I wanted to EAT something. And I have is shakes and bars. I didn't want sweet, I wanted salty. So I quit (for the day).

I'm back OP today. I can't keep doing this. Am I trying to sabotage myself or am I just too lazy to stay OP? Tonight I am getting on the treamil. I WILL exercise, I WILL force down a ton of water and I WILL stay OP. I can't keep living like this.


My Mom was telling me about a lady on the biggest loser who has a daughter who was starving herself because she didn't want to look like her mom. How heart breaking is that?! I know this is far-fetched, but I don't want that to be me and Alison. I want her to be proud, I want her to have the "cool mom". I want to play soccer with her and jump on the trampoline and run around on the playground and not have to stop because I'm too fat and can't do it. I want to be happy to take her to a waterslide park or the beach and run around and not think twice about how I look in my bathing suit. I will do roll call later- I just had to vent about how bad I am..


Are you going to ground me? I totally deserve it. Please come move in with me and be my personal cheerleader/ drill instructor!!..

Comment #77


LOL...drill instructor! I have to pull myself by the boot straps EVERY day since I've been on MF. When you have no have to force it regardless of how you feel about it. I got Blood Clots/poor circulation/and Insulin resistance...It's a deadly combo in the waiting room. Do I want to do Medifast OP each day? NO! Actually I think I average 80-95% OP overall! I have an average of 7-10 excellent OP days for 1-2 bad days (and I am including those days when you only eat 3 MF, drink only 30 ounce of water etc...).

I have no choice! This journey won't be a straight drive down the highway for me but more like a longer scenic ride with many shortcuts to nowhere!.

But you Melissa have some health issues you mention and most of all a little girl who needs you! So think about it often and you will see that sometimes "WE JUST HAVE TO DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO AND NOT WHAT WE WANT TO DO". Do it for your daughter! Be the Hero who breaks the pattern! I want ANYTHING but my mom health issues. To be 60 and unable to walk around for 5 minutes IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Yeah...I am that kid who does not want to end up with her mom issues! I'm breaking that bridge so that when I have a child, the bad health spell would be broken. I hope this pep talk will help you!..

Comment #78


PLEASE TELL SANDI I MISS HER! I'm glad she's doing well! I just wish she'd come back to play!..

Comment #79

Kelsey Again:.

Do work out! It's not worth it when you are that sick and need the rest instead! Just rest!!!!!!!!..

Comment #80

Thanks Nelly- I needed that. I wish I had your determination. I thought I had it for a little bit. I need to start seeing this as a necessity. Right now I just keep thinking "Oh it would be nice to be healthy and thin". I need to get in the mindset that I NEED to get healthy. Staying fat is not an option...

Comment #81

Wow ladies so many wonderful thoughts especially by.


!!!!! Thanks sooo much Nelly for that kick up in the butt boost.......YES i'm not leaving Medifast behind until I see my goal....i won't be ashamed of what people thing after looking at my ticker/joining date & wonder " whooaaa.....this lady sure is taking a hell of a time to lose a mere damn 30 pounds " I know what I have been going thru....i actually started Medifast last week of Feb, then did it religiously for 2 solid months, then in April had to quit temporarily cause of an emergency surgery (Cysts....etc.,), then started back on Medifast from end of May, and ever since then it's like yo-yo'ing...on & off, on & off.....its just driving me nuts.

Life is not easy, and so isn't MF......but i'm just determined to see my goal, no matter how long it takes, I cannot call it off to quits & gain back all that I have lost so far.....i'm at a halt right now but am glad that i'm atleast maintaining if not gaining anything......


, I think both of us are sailing in the same boat right now....i'm soo strong and empowered thru the daytime but when the evening approaches following stress & frustration i'm giving in!!!! But no worries we'll make it thru this day for sure!.


, TYSM about Sandi's welfare! Did she tell you anything else, like whats going on in her life right now, if she got pregnant, when is she coming back, etc.?..

Comment #82


, OMG I soo love your new address!!! LOL......LMAO......OMG how did I even miss it? LOL..........

Comment #83


We can do it! Let's stay 100% today.

My yo-yo buddie, we will yo-yo no more!!..

Comment #84

It is NOT an option! It's an obstacle to a better longer life. One that will see you chasing your grand kids one day. Or you can choose to stay overweight and hope that it works out and that you won't be the grand mom in a chair who can't walk around too much and with medicine cabinet filled with Rx..

In these days and age there's no longer many excuses for living a an unhealthy life!.

Do what you want or do what you have to.

We know what we get from doing what we want! And we're sick of it otherwise we wouldn't be here! To get sick of doing what we have to do to become healthy is NOT an option. But either way....we get rewarded..

My reward for eating what I want whenever I want was rewarded in a BIG way. I earned a weight increase of 80 plus pounds, several hospital stays, health issues and that wonderful privilege of looking in the mirrors or looking at pictures of myself and feeling sad and angry. Wow? What a great reward we get when we take the easy road because we dont want the discomfort and annoyance of feeling deprived..

On the other hand the reward of doing what I have to even when I dont want to and sticking it out would be? A healthy body! Looking in the mirror and finally liking what I see once more. Moving about lightly and freely. Reducing and eliminating most of my health issues. And the best reward? Knowing when I reach goal that I will be able to live out the rest of my life in the very best state of Body-Mind-Soul. And that I achieved that by accepting the discomfort of doing WHAT I HAD TO DO for a few months. Because it's really just that...discomfort for a few months out of a lifetime! This is not Martyrdom!.

So which rewards should I go for? What I get from doing what I want or the rewards I get from doing what I have to do?.

You tell me!..

Comment #85

This is YOUR JOURNEY Sony!.

Yours! It matters not how long it takes you to get there! Its your journey! Comparing weight loss rate and speed with others is a trap that can quickly lead to Self Defeatism. You know! Oh I cant do this! I cant believe she already loss XX in the same amount of time and I only loss YY. Next thing you know you lose motivation and quit! Each person in on their very own journey!.

And NO TWO persons journey is the same!.

I f all you do while walking on this journey is look at the others passing you by, you better not get surprise when you fall flat A**S&S in a ditch! How couldnt you trip and fall? Instead of focusing on where you were going and paying more attention, you were focused on the others..

Live your journey! Be happy for others but focus on yours and dont overlook nor minimize any small achievement you accomplish on this long tough journey!..

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LOL ...glad you love my forwarding address!.


Let's go for it!..

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Hi ladies!.

Oh my god I made OP Chicken Noodle soup tonight and it is Amazing! ^_^ pics later! nomnomnom!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.