I'm not on Medifast Diet, but LOVE their frozen meals and desserts!!?

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First off, I'm not on Medifast Diet, but LOVE their frozen meals and desserts!!? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question on my mind: WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

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Looking forward to an OP week, since I blew it 2 days this week. I'm loving drinking the water and have gotten used to lugging around a 50-ounce bottle with me...

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Hi all, Looks like everyone is having a busy weekend.... pretty quiet in here. We have also been busy. I was off on Friday and Mom and I had a yard sale friday and saturday. On Friday afternoon, I took my dog to a different vet after not being happy with her previous vet for sometime. She sent me the same day to a specialist that removed a VERY LARGE tumor from her throat that was blocking her airway.

You know what I want to do to this idiot! Thankfully that is all taken care of, she stayed overnight at the emergency vet hospital and got to come home Saturday..

I forget the last time I posted my daily stats, but here is the week..

Weight: 143.6.

Op: 6/7.

Water: 7/7.

Exercise 5/7.

Hope you all are well...

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Good Morning, Crew & Happy Monday! Busy weekend for me as well - I didn't get a minute to post yesterday but was able to read in the morning and before retiring..

First, Weekly Stats:.

Weight: 155.2 (down 1.6!!).

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 6.

Blue Ribbon Week for me.

Next week won't be. though....

One of our Christmas customs which kicks off the season for us, especially DH as this was his custom before me, we attend a performance of The Messiah put on by the Univesity (of Michigan) Musical Society. They do a fabulous job wit the local Ann Arbor Symphony, a volunteer Chorale Union and 'imported' soloists. This year, the soprano and tenor were UoM grads and local Ann Arbor residents. Our seats were quite close and it was fun to watch facial expressions on the singers and musicians. A delightful performance all the way around. To top it off, it was snowing when we left....let the season begin!.

We went to brunch beforehand where I had planned I'm starting the week with no hope -make that chance- of a Blue Ribbon week for OP, but won't stop me from getting a red ribbon. Years gone by, that would not be the case. My BLTs would have been full portions. I would have widened my disaster zone, so to speak. I'm feeling successful because although I wasn't OP, I did minimal damage - there were MANY of my favorites that I passed right by. My tastes were all tiny portions.

So, I did more of a 4 & 2 with some off plan. I got ALL my water in and a little exercise when we got home (we left at 10:30 a.m. and returned at 7.


So, the tree is up, but not decorated and the other touches around the house are coming along...not done yet. No outdoor lights yet, either..

Kim -.

Like Christine said, one meal at a time. We don't get a week OP all at once and it starts with one packet at breakfast. Many of us here know how hard it is to get back on track after going off plan. For me, it's sugar. Once I stay OP for a while, the sugar cravings go away. When I have some like I did yesterday, they start back up again.

I'll be fighting the cravings this week again, but I'm determined to be in charge! You can be too!.

Barb -.

Your family is in my prayers..


- Haven't stopped into Pineapple House...probably a danger zone for me. I'm at a loss decorating because I don't know how to use only.


Of my decorations, so I'm having trouble choosing and placing, etc. It'd be easier to buy new, all coordinated - there would be no history.

The LAST thing I need is more, though..


- it's so funny to read about yard sales. So glad you got your dog to a vet that took her condition seriously!! Glad she's OK - it's so scary to have sick pets - they can't tell you what's wrong..


- you could do some toning exercises with that water bottle!.


- I'll be talkin' to you from the office - I'm at the backup center again - YAY!.

Speaking of which...gotta hit the road. I'll be collecting the weekly stats as we head into week 5!.

Have a FABULOUS OP Monday!!..

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Bad Week! I almost hate to post my stats..

Weight l57.8.

Op 4/7.

Water 6/7.

Exercise 3/7.

I have started taking a steroid type medicine and I think it might be part of my weight gain. I will do better this week. Last week was a very busy and hectic. I had a late Thanksgiving meal for my DH's family Sunday. I also babysat 4 days again...

Comment #6

Sherry, glad you found a vet to diagnose the tumor. Medicine is so variable, whether people or animals. Second opinions are often overlooked as a valuable resource..

DebbieI was invited to Martin Buser's place Saturday night along with some Iditarod rookies. Not quite the Hugh Jackman story but in the mushing world almost as big. He is so down to earth and I learned so much about dog care and racing in my short time with him. He has sold me dogs in the past and it's nice to be considered worthy to own and run his dogs..

Took Sunday off to go back into Anchorage for a film festival debut of a documentary called MUSH. It was filmed, produced and funded (or lack of)by a poor aspiring film maker named Alex Stein. My friend Sue was interviewed in the film..

Sunday Stats.




Weekly report.





Off work today. Going to take the dogs for a run on the ATV, then pack up and head to Anchorage. Picking up the sleds from storage on the way home and will start using them tonight with short runs and small teams. Will be much more work with small teams but while we got some more snow the base is not good enough yet to hold a hook with 14 screaming dogs. 6 might be manageable and not quite the power. The good thing is all the help crawls out of the wood work when we get sleds out.

ATV runs are hard and not nearly as fun. I'll try to post some pics of us on the sleds..

Hope everyone has a great week. I will be drawing lots of support here as the treats will begin flowing into the office this week. Ouch!!.


Comment #7


I feel your pain regarding vets. I went to 3 once to find out what was going wrong with my Scooter. Finally had to go to a Vet School to get the problem solved. Hope your doggie is resting comfortably! I'm guessing you can almost taste goal! So exciting!.


Keeping you and your MIL in my thoughts..


OP Yes.

Water- yes.

Exercise- 5 miles in 45min!..

Comment #8

Happy Monday one and all. Mighty quiet in here today. Good news today. I had my follow up visit with my knee surgeon today anddrum roll..I can start adding a little run to my walks. Im only allowed to walk, run, walk, run, etc and Im only allowed to run every other day at the most and Im only allowed to run on the slightly cushioned treadmill, but Im allowed to run a bit, which makes me very very happy! This is like an early Christmas present. He did say that I need to take it easy, but he anticipates that I shouldnt have any trouble.


.congrats on 7 days on plan! Make sure you have some SF gum for those days when the treats flow in. I keep out of the treat places at school and make sure that I have lots of gum ready. It is so hard this time of the year. Think thin!.


I hope you have a better week this week. As hard as it is, try to get on the website every day. I think it really helps to stay focused. Keep those portable meals ready for the busy days..


, Im glad you had a great week last week. I enjoy the Messiah. We are having a community sing this year. Im excited to sing it again..


, thanks for your thoughts..


, Im glad your dog is doing better..

Waving to the rest of the crew!.

On another note, I had 138 on the scale this morning. It isnt my usual weigh in day, but I got on the scale anyway and was pleasantly surprised. Now I am hoping that I will be back in my 136 to 138 range again. Once I start adding my running back in, it should be much easier to settle in there..

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #9

Sunday - OP yes.

Water yes.

Exerc. yes.

Total for the week (minus one day, I think, I can't find 12/1 or 12/2....?.

3 OP.

6 water.

1 exercise.

My goal is to make sure that next week, these numbers are consistently better!!.

Just a fly by until later..


Comment #10


, That is great news. I am glad you are healing quickly and already doing a little running..


, Great job being OP all week. I was right tere until Saturday night. I had planned to be off plan, but it wasn't really very bad. We went to my SIL's house and steamed 1 1/2 bussels of oysters, had a shrimp boil and a camp fire. I had a few adult beverages and ate crackers with my oysters. There was not a vegetable in site except for corn and ptatoes and I skipped that.

You run sounds exciting, but too stinking cold for a Florida girl!.


, Sorry to hear hat yo will be taking steroids, hope that doesn't last long. Have plenty of chicken already cooked and veggies presliced. This is what keeps me from snacking when I get home..


, My little Jazzy is a different dog, she is soooo happy again. Doesn't seem to have any pain either. And she is loving this cold weather..


Thanks for keeping us up to date on our challange. This was just what I neded. Now, my goal really is in site for me..

Waving to everyone. Hope you haing a great day...

Comment #11


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.

Saturday night I slept with my pedometer on...forgot to take it off! Today I was without it...forgot to put it on !..

Comment #12

Hi, Everyone..

BARB - I just can't get over how quickly you can be mobile after surgery. Modern medicine, so cool..

CHRISTINE - it's c=o-l-d here, mostly the wind, keeping us in the 'teens' with wind chill. Just too hard to make myself go back out after work...fireplace is a-blazin' and dogs are sleeping at my feet... STAY WARM, will look forward to some pics soon of your pups..

JAN - Handel's Messiah is fabulous in A2, just no time this year to fit it in. I have loved it, too, whenI go, it truly gives the Spirit. Sounds like your holidays are officially begun and I'm sure the softly falling snow is making your lights look fabulous..

Getting colder, brrr..

SHERRY - nice new pic! You are looking good, girl..

So glad puppy is better, geez, that's quite a scare..

By the way, I forgot to post my weight today. I'm happy, after the many chances I've had and sometimes taken, to screw up, I am today:.


Waving to everyone of you terrific Crewsers!!!.


Comment #13

Hi Crew,.

Nice to see your friendly postings today. I'm up early. I just couldn't sleep after 3:30 am. I'm off work today and I have a mammogram at 9:30. I hope to hit the gym before my appointment. They told me no deodorant so that should be interesting.

After a pretty crappy week last week, I did ok yesterday. I had a little dicussion with my WL counselor and I tried to figure out what could motivate me to stop cheating and get on with doing this. I got around to saying that I've always been fat and it's hard for me to identify with anything different. My average adult weight has been 250. I was 185 when I graduated, 230 when I got married, 327 a year after divorce. I had gastric bypass in 2002 and got to 207.

I"m currently at about 250 again. I really don't care about being fat in general. I think I'm afraid of attention by others (and probably men), I have a failure mentality (never got it right before, why would this be different?).

I guess, I'm not sure why I'm doing this. I think just because I hate being tired all the time and I hate being in pain. My hips, knees, feet and back hurt quite a bit after standing on my feet all day long at my job..

I do enjoy being able to find some clothes that fit, and I'm starting to feel some hip bones which is kind of cool. I like the "feeling" that at least I'm trying. It's certainly better than going up up and up in weight. Anyway, I got out the journal again and I'm trying to work through some of these things-It's totally a head thing for me..

This week though, my counselor suggested that maybe I shouldn't be concerned about the number on the scale right now and I should work on my head a little instead this week. She gave me some workbook assignments and challenges to try. She is tracking my weight, but not telling me for a couple of weeks. She did make the mistake of telling me I qualified to put my name in for a drawing though, which means I lost at least 2 pounds. LOL.

Oh, I did get through one roadblock yesterday. I forgot my gym clothes and I was wearing dress pants and a long sleeve silky blouse, I could have just given up and went home (it's too far to go back once I'm home). Instead, I ran to Target and bought a t-shirt and sweat pants ($16 total) and went to the gym anyway. I usually swim but I did the bike for 30 minutes, tried the stair stepper-whoo that's a workout!, and some arm machines. I'm glad I made this choice..

Have a good day everybody! Time to get those teenagers up for school!..

Comment #14

Morning, Crew...quick fly by before I'm off to the office..


- sounds like you're making some good choices. Focus on your water number, your OP number, your exercise can't go wrong on the scale if you keep those numbers HIGH..


- so glad you're healing quickly and allowed to run. I chuckled when the doc said you wouldn't have a hard time...I beg to differ - you'll have a hard time running as prescribed, although I know you'll follow it so as not to screw up your recovery..


- cute new avi! Goal is around the corner...keep up the good work!.


- I want to come help too! Congrats on your.

Blue Ribbon.

Week - I'll be posting the stats later..

It's been flurrying on & off since Sunday and there's a tiny accumulation...just enough so I better wear real shoes today...I've been wearing my Birkenstock sandals with socks. Not enough to cover the grass - you can still see it sticking up. This is the FIRST winter in my adult life that my car is parked in a garage...NO BRUSHING OR SCRAPING.

Waving to everyone else - I gotta get moving! Have a FABULOUS OP Tuesday!..

Comment #15

Morning, crew. Just flying by. Last night I made.


Trips to the bathroom. That did not leave much time for sleeping, LOL! I've already started on my water this morning. If I don't start early, it's really hard to get it all in, all 90 ounces of it. But it is a habit now, and I do reach for it even before I've finished my mug o' decaf. Everyone have a great day!..

Comment #16

Morning All, It is a cold day here for sunny central Florida, only 35 when I got up. I sllep so good when the weather is cold and I am snuggled up in many blankets. It was 63 in the house when I got up at 5:30. I turned the heat on just enough to knock the chill off the house. After geting dressed, I bundled up for my walk with the dog. She LOVES the cold weather.

She is a big ball of fluff..


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes back on the treadmil. I love being able to track my exercise and calories burned. When I do other exercise it doesn't feel the same..


You can do this. Focus on one litlle packet one meal at a time. Plan for an entire day. If you don't plan ahead you will get side-tracked. Keep crunch bars in you car, purse and desk for emergencies. When you accomplish one day, then focus on 2 days, then a week.

It has taken me a long time to figure out the only way the plan will work is.... if I work the plan, AS IS. Don't try to rewrite the book, and add stuff that was considered ok on another plan. It is not ok. You made a great choice the other day by stopping to buy sweats and a t-shirt..

Comment #17

Doesn't sound like a great nights sleep, but you are flushing aways those pounds.

Thankfully, when that happens to me, I go right back to sleep...

Comment #18


Glad your Jazzy is feeling better! Also loving your new avi!.


Early Christmas gift for sure with news like that from your dr! Feels like you just had surgery and now you are running!.


Great graphic as usual!.

Monday Stats.

OP Yes.

Water Yes.

Exercise- 50min treadmill & lots of jumping jacks to keep me warm!..

Comment #19

Kim, nice job on the workout efforts. I understand what you mean about the attention. That is the worst part right now for me. The comments are insane, from people asking how much I've lost to how much more am I planning to lose to people demanding that I've lost enough. I just smile and say thank you. Once they are used to me looking lean they'll move on to something or someone else.

Sheri-I love all your new pictures..

Barbbe careful but enjoy the fact that you can start running. You go girl.... like I need to tell you to be careful. You are my hero in all these things..

Kittyyou are funny. I think that's called holiday preoccupation. Way to go drinking the water..

Hi Jan and Debbie and everyone who is cold. You'll be warm soon enough. And don't feel bad for me, I choose to live up here and spend time outside. When I retire it will likely be to a warm climate..

Monday stats.


Water80 ounces.

Exercise, well, 25 miles with the dogs and 1 1/2 hours shoveling snow when I got back to Anchorage..

Had a most excellent weigh in today. Almost to onederland. Can't wait..


Comment #20

Thank you for the nice compliments of the new AVI. That was new dress I bought for a wedding. I will post a picture of me and DH on my page soon...

Comment #21

Ok, new picture with DH is on my page, but was too big to attach here..

It is probably not as HOT as Debbie's picture.......

Comment #22

SHERRY - you look so good in your new avi, in the pic of you and DH - and in that color. Great look! Hope Jazzy is back to her old self..

JAN - SO cold here with that darn wind. Blew m car door back this morning, with my leg jammed in it. This little bit of snow is just enough -.

I'll love it until Christmas, then I want it all to go awaaaaay. It sure looks nice with the Christmas lights, though. LOVE the Mickey graphic..

You are so good at those..

KIM - good job on getting the workout clothes. It's so worth it when you are on your way home after a good workout or a good walk. Keep workin' the plan and.

"don't think, just do .".

CHRISTINE - you are really knocking on the door of 'one-derland' and what an accomplishment that is. We will all be dancing for joy for you - of course, we'll also call that exercise! Good job, keep goin' !!.

Off to drink my water, more later..


Comment #23

Happy Tuesday everyone. I am operating on about 1 hours of sleep. I had just gone to bed, when I got the call from the hospital that MIL passed away. I had to call DH and let him know. For some reason they had the home phone, not DHs cell phone. He has been staying at his moms home, close to the hospital.

Please keep us in your prayers over the next few days. DH has to deal with some delicate family issues..


, great new avi! I love the visual of flushing away pounds!.


, I agree. Nothing like arthroscopic surgery. I got to see all of the pictures and they are making a copy of the pictures so I can show my students. I think thats pretty cool! It is cold here too. I have been keeping a fire in the fireplace. Brrrr.

Thats ok with me..


, it sounds like you are moving in the right direction. Know that we are here to support you. Your story isnt that different than any of ours. Learning to think like a thin person is one of the strangest things I have ever done. I still hold on to one Medifast meal a day (sometimes more). I still dont know if I can control my weight without that crutch.

Maybe someday Ill be able to stand alone, but until then, Ill lean on everything I need to lean on to succeed..


, I told the doctor that I was running on January 3rd. He asked me if I was running a 5 K. I just looked at him and said no, I am just going to run again. Thats when he told me I could start now, as long as I behaved. He actually thought I was going to run a 5K six weeks after my surgery, in this arctic weather! So the good news is that I know that I can only run on the treadmill, since it is so cold outside..


, I was up all night as well. We should have had a crew party on line! I must say that was one of the hardest things to get use to. Eventually, I got to the point where I only got up once at night, although, that required drinking most of my water in the morning and running to the bathroom then..


, Ill soon know if I think Ill be able to do the half in the fall. I already know that if I can, I may have to do two. I am looking at the Hershey in October. That is close to home, so I would like to do that one, but I may also try to do one that is more convenient for you. I think that if they are about a month or so apart, I can handle two. If I can get my mileage up to 5 by the end of February, I think Ill be fine.


, I am so about taking it easy this time. After all of this time without running, I dont want to lose the chance again. Great weigh in this week! Nothing like 7 days on plan to get you moving right along. On track for onderland. Mush those pounds away..

I am going in to school tomorrow, so I am hoping to do my run/walk after school. Then I have the rest of the week off to help DH prepare for the funeral and start on her house..

Fighting the good fight....every day!.


Comment #24


, So sorry for your and DH's loss. Your family is in my prayers..

Thanks for the sweet compliment on my avi...

Comment #25

Weekly summary - a little late!.

OP - 5.

Workout - 5.

Water - 5.

Weight 286..

Comment #26


OP: No.

Workout: Yes.

Water: 100 oz.


OP: Yes.

Workout: Yes.

Water: 80 oz..

Comment #27

Just stopping by again to say:.


OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise no.

BARB - my thoughts are with you and I'm saying prayers tonight for your MIL, and your whole family. So sorry. Take care of yourself, too, as you take care of DH this week..

G'night everyone - warm covers are calling me (one benefit of DH falling asleep so much earlier than I do, I stick my cold feet right over on his side and he doesn't wake up.).

OP Wednesday, everyone!!! Let's just do it!!!!..

Comment #28

Morning, Crew! It's HUMP DAY - YAYYYYYY. One of those weeks,.



- so sorry for your family's loss - you are all in my prayers. Take good care..


- I don't do these graphics, I cut & paste from I can't even do Photoshop! But since I'm so slow in getting the house decorated, I'm decorating my posts..

Running late as usual....

Waving & cheering us all on for an OP Wednesday and an.

OP Week!!..

Comment #29

Brrr. 38 degrees and frost on the grass in SW Florida..

Tuesday I was so rattled from lack of sleep Monday night that when I left for work I forgot my 50-ounce water bottle and forgot my Medifast packets. I did have my L&G with me, and I do keep several 'emergency' packets @ work, so I had what I needed. Here's what I keep at work so I always have what I need: tiny Hamilton Beach blender for shakes; a large insulated cup for my shakes; 2-cup measuring cup to nuke soups in (that way they don't boil over); a real plate for my L&G (no paper plate, thank you very much); extra packets; a bottle of seltzer, and at least a few small bottles of water. My own private little pantry! I also bring in dish detergent and a scrub brush as it seems no one else remembers to do so..

BARB: I am sorry for your loss. I really appreciate your posts and if you have to be away from us for a few days we will miss you..

Tuesday: OP, yes; water, yes; exercise, no...

Comment #30






I can't tell you how many time I pass the candy dish on the counter (for DH) and I would have stuck my hand in there if it wasn't for our challange. It has really made me stop and think before acting!!! Thanks Crew for you support. Hope you are have a fabulous Wednesday...

Comment #31

JAN - I knew you used the graphics, but you must have the patience of a saint to scroll through them to find the EXACT EVERY TIME graphic! Always perfect and always soooooo cute..

BARB - thinking of you and yours today. Prayers all around..

SHERRY - It is too quiet, wow....

More later, kids, I'm off to take DS to dinner - I realized when the boys were young that time with them is precious and food bribing works the best!.


Comment #32


Very sorry to hear about your loss. How is your DH holding up? 2 half marathons, whoa! I know that Disney does a half that I have always wanted to do because you get a really nice medal at the end. I'm up for anywhere though- within reason of course. Australia half marathon might be a little hard! ha!.

Tuesday Stats.

Op Yes.

Water Yes.

Exercise short 2 mile run..

Comment #33


Water: yes.

OP: no.

Exercise: no.

My first holiday season on Medifast is turning out to be harder than I'd expected!..

Comment #34

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We are hanging in there. Lots to do to keep us busy..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.



On Plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


Comment #35

Nutso, Nutso at it a full moon?.

Yesterday (Tues): OP - Yes, Water -Yes Exercise - Yes.

Today (Wed): OP - Yes, Water -Yes Exercise - Yes.

Exhausted....going to bed...

Comment #36

Kitty - very hard for me, too, but today did good, though no exercise per se..


OP yes.

Water yes 100+.

Exercise no..

Comment #37

Hi Crew,.

'Tis the season for hustle and bustle. Can't believe this week is half over..

Jan, if you haven't tallied yet - here are my weekly stats:.

Weight: 134.5.

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 5.

I was down 2.5 pounds and now within 4.5 to goal. I'm getting excited!! Besides the seasonal busyness, I've been busy getting a new business up and going. I know just 6 weeks into my journey I asked The Crew about the legitimacy of the Health Coaches with Take Shape for Life. I quickly found out they are quite legit!! Anyway, I signed up in early November to be a Health Coach with Take Shape for Life and I'm loving every minute of it. Besides helping keep me accountable, I'm getting to share my story and how the Medifast products have changed my life and therefore the lives of my family members. It's awesome! I'd like to encourage those of you who have had success as well as those that need accountability to consider the opportunity.

Very rewarding so far..

Barb - I'm so sorry for your family's loss. I'll be praying for you all during this most difficult time especially given the Christmas season..

It's 3:00 a.m. and I think it's time I went to bed!!.


OP: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: No.


OP: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


OP: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: No.

Later, Crew!!..

Comment #38


Op: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes.

There was almost an inncident yesterday that would have kept me from being OP. For the last 2 days at work there have been desserts in the breakroom. Yesterday it was a chocolate brownie with chocolate icing. There was a little crumb size piece on the plate that I thought I should taste. Well, it went in my mouth then I spit it out. Thankfully no one was around to see this.

Once I go off plan for any reason, I try to eat anything else that I have been wanting a bite of since I am off plan. So, one bite leads to another. Once again I have to says THANKS FOR THE CHALLANGE!!! I am learning to be accountable no matter what the circumstances are. I know that I will have a few off plan days during the holidays, but it WILL NOT be everyday...

Comment #39

Quick fly-by while compiling the weekly numbers. You'd think I'd get them out sooner knowing I have my first blue ribbon....see previous posts about NUTS week at work!.

I have dailies from some of you, but I'm still missing weekly numbers from:.








Comment #40

Good morning Crew, from cold cold cold Alaska. At least we're still colder than Florida..


Way to go not taking the bite. I did and now I've been off plan for 2 days. And today is my birthday so the staff has made lots of good stuff for the pot luck. I am trying to stay in control and have just a few bites of things. Don't go overboard, don't go overboard.....

Can't wait for work to be over at 4 pm. Then I can go home and regain control. Sometimes it's so hard to make the conscious choice to say NO. I know I can, I just did for 7 straight days. Now I'm dealing with a few days of weakness. My saving grace is the exercise every night.

But this is when I worry that I do not have a handle on this food addiction thing and I am praying I can get a handle on it for when I transition and hit maintenance. Just have to remember.

Barb's wise words about having the calories in the bank..

Tuesday stats.


Water-50 , no.


Wednesday stats.


Water64, yes.

Exercise23 miles with the dogs, still on atv. dang it we need more snow..

Stay warm, all you guys in the Lower 48..


Comment #41

Jan, here are my stats from last week..

OP: 5 Water: 6 Exercise: 0 Weight: 176.

What is the 'official' reporting day? I don't want to be late! Thanks for doing this!.


Comment #42

Hi everyone. Long day..

On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


Comment #43

Finally back on a kind of schedule. Would have been on yesterday but I had trouble with my internet..


OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercisse no.


Op yes.

Water yes.

Exercise yes.

Barb: Sorry to hear about your family's loss. Thinking of you and your DH...

Comment #44



Op: yes, I made it through another day!!! I have never been for faithful.... THANK YOU CREW.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes..

Comment #45

Hello, Crew! It's been another crazy, zoo-ey week, but TGIF!! I wonder if there's a Christmas TGIF graphic?.


- Official reporting day is Sunday/Monday, although it's taking me all week to compile and get the list out..


I'm right there with you struggling to stay OP....I had planned BLTs on Sunday and was determined to stay OP the rest of the week for at least a.

6 day Red Ribbon,.

But I succumbed at the store yesterday - there's just too many samples out this time of year! Once that sugar monster is awakened, it's so darn hard to shut it up again! Easier to never wake it up..


- WTG!! Keep it up! Goal for Christmas!!.

I'm home today, so I'll get last week's stats out just in time to start collecting again..

Here's to an OP Friday!!..

Comment #46

Hey Crew-.

It's been a good week...glad it's Friday though. We have hubby's Christmas party tonight but more interested in visiting than what's on the plate!!.


OP: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Well, I've got to hurry and get ready for the sitter tonight and get dressed up...that's a nice change for this Mommy!!.

Stay on course!!..

Comment #47


Op: no darn it. I was so close too. (see below).

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes.

We went to dinner at a Disney restaurant with family visiting out of town. I didn't touch the bread, or the onion rings, I ordered a dark greens salad with steak, no toppings. Then, the family ordered dessert which was part of their meal plan, and it was one of their b-days so they got an extra free dessert. So, although I wouldn't let it sit in front of me, I had a few BLT's. I took it out on the treadmill when I got home. I burned an extra 100 calories more than my normal workout...

Comment #48

Finally home for a day. Today was a good day..

OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise yes..

Comment #49

Good Friday everyone!!! I've missed you all. DS is home for break from grad school in Denver and we are sharing a car, which mostly means we are hauling each other all over tarnation (yes, all of you young'uns, there is such an old fashioned phrase....).

Good news, bad news, that means I am eating lunch out more than usual. I have been great at lunch, especially since DS is so careful about what he eats...but still, more than usual and then I find I want 'snacks' in the afternoon. Haven't gone overboard, but not quite OP according to maintenance AND my plan......

But, being with my kid is priceless. The only downside is that he is hepped up on global economics right now and I have the attention span of a gnat....!!!! Motherhood is not for wimps, I stick by that motto even now..

I am still hovering at 122.6 ish and am still hoping to see 118, but without exercise I know that will not happen. DH and I are starting tomorrow off with a big walk and that will help some. I am including Medifast meals in more of my day (up to 3) so that should show some results. The worst thing we have been doing is having more wine than usual, that's not a good thing for my scale.....darn grapes......

SHERRY - you are fighting the good fight, spitting out brownies - you are my new idol.....

BARB - good on ya' sticking to plan amidst this very stressful week and giving good reporting You are in my thoughts and I entered your family in our red book of extra prayers before Mass this week..

JAN - grrrreat graphics!!!!! Thanks for all of your hard work on compiling stats (gives me hives just to say that)....Keep fighting, it's about all we can do at this point, fight, fight, fight, spit things out, drink lots of water, fight, fight, fight....... you're doin' it..

COURTNEY - nice to hear from you and good work along the way!! Hope you enjoyed your night out..

CHRISTINE - glad it's so cold for you and hope it is helping your dogs work well. You are such a trooper and my other new idol... It's 41 here today and we all feel like it's a heat wave.....

Waving to everyone else - MELISSA, KIM, KITTY, EVERYONE OF YOU CREWSERS - who inspires me and helps me do what I do on these boards. I hope to post better and better results as the days go by and know I will with your support and good vibes!!.

Sorry for the ramble darn grapes.


OP - yes.

Water - yes.

Exercise - no.

Friday - OP no.

Water = oh yeah.

Exercise - no..

Comment #50

10-14 inches of snow coming tonight and tomorrow! Then an artic blast with high temps in the single digits all next week. EVERYONE was at my grocery store today! I suppose they think they might starve to death if they don't shop today! I'm tired and hitting the sack early tonight..

I did get up at 4 am and was at the gym by 5...another win! (4 days this week) I'm having a good week and trying not to concentrate on the scale but rather following the plan the best I can. I've had a few slips, but I'm hanging on..

Barb, I'm sorry to hear about your mother in law. Lot's to deal with I'm certain. Hang in there..

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I probably won't be on. I have to work and I'm sure my commute will be doubled..

With love from Minnesota!!..

Comment #51

Dang dang, I am just having a hard time getting back to my perfect week like last week. Not terribly off but not perfectly on..

Thursday stats.



Exercise8 miles on the sled!!! Yea!! Legs felt it this morn, though. Time to get those muscles back in shape..

Friday statswill report tomorrow, The night is young. Snowing lightly all day and will go out with sleds later tonight or early, early Saturday morning. Will have to drink a lot of water to make it. We'll see if I get it in..

Thanks for the inspiration..


You are holding it together. I'm inspired to make tomorrow an OP day..


Enjoy the snow. I know I will..

Waving hi to everyone else. Thanks fo rall the birthday wishes. Off I go to play outside with chores and the dogs..


Comment #52

Mornin,' crew. Finishing my mug of decaf. You know what that means? Next stop: 50.7 ounce water bottle. Yesterday I didn't get all of my water; gotta try harder today. Although I decided not to count 10,000 steps on the ol' pedometer as exercise, I am happy when I reach that mark, and yesterday I did do over 10,000. Will try again today...

Comment #53

Just a quick fly by! In DC for a day then off to Boston. Just visiting friends but burr is it cold! Staying within my calorie limits but only walked a lot yesterday no real exercise. Having fun though!..

Comment #54

Well, I see Melissa checked in - she asked me to report to the crew for her. She's visiting friends in the northern climes for a few days and will be busy trying to keep her thin Florida blood warm. She returns on Tuesday. Have fun, Melissa!!.

Without any further ado, and with great apologies for being so late, here are last weeks Ribbon Winners:.

Blue Ribbon - 7 days.











Red Ribbon - 6 days.







CONGRATS to ALL of us!!.

Whether we have a ribbon, or not, we're all winners because we're here and we're fighting the good fight!!.

My stats for.


OP - no, Water - YES, Exercise - No.


OP - YES, Water - YES, Exercise - No.

Like Debbie, I'm having trouble getting my exercise in - the scale will tell..

Finishing up the Xmas decorations and off to see Meet Me in St. Louis tonight..

Have a FABULOUS OP Saturday, Crewsers!!..

Comment #55

Congrats to the.




Ribbon winners, and to.


Of us for being here. Just being here means that we have made a decision to do better..

Thanks Jan for keeping track of all the stats..

NSV~~~~ I made it all the way through Sam's Club without a single BLT, and they were out in full force.... more than I have ever seen, pushing holiday goodies. So proud of myself and no one else would understand that except my Medifast Crewsers. Now off to a b-day party. Wish me luck!..

Comment #56

I somehow missed our Star!!.

7 days OP - 7 days Water!.


Comment #57

JAN - where is Meet Me in SL playing tonight? Locally? Just love those Christmas classics!.

My sister and I started out for the Penn in Plymouth, MI last Thursday, to see Christmas in Connecticut with our Mom, but at the last minute she decided she'd stay home and bake the 8 dozen or so cookies she needed for the next morning. Dang. I was talking with my Mom today and she was saying that it is too bad that most of our generation has only seen those classics on the TV screen..

My evening will be quiet. DH and DS are at "The Big Chill" - the history making college hockey game going on at U of M. They were excited and are being rewarded with a shutout score. As a Mom, I am feeling sad for Michigan State; my other son went there, so I always have to feel sorry for the underdog - it's my job... I'm sure there will be all kinds of revelry tonight in Ann Arbor. I will be on my couch with my doggies, water with orange slices in it (my favorite way) and watching whatever Hallmark or On Demand Christmas movies are on.

I'm glad everyone is here and posting and having relatively good news as a group. Jan's ribbon ornaments are so pretty and it's a treat to see them and have our names attached..

I caved in to some carmel corn today while shopping and it unleashed the sugar hunger, but I got 'out of town' and my water was waiting for me in the car, so I was relieved. So,.

OP not quite...

Water - yes.

Exercise - no. (DH took his walk at 6:00 a.m., forgetaboutit...).

Have a good evening dear Crew and I'll check in tomorrow, hopefully with 'yes' across the board..


Comment #58

Hi all. Just checking in..

Friday: On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Saturday: On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

MIL's funeral was today. I am exhausted both emotionally and physically. I'll have more time to write soon..


Comment #59

Things have been very stressful,.

DD18 and DS9 both have had bronchitis the past two weeks, I'm having crazy hot flashes that are making me crazy.

~ my hormones aren't working, I think I need a stronger prescription!!!..

Comment #60

I made it through the b-day party. There were no greens or veggies I could have so I ate a plate of smoked turkey and when I got home ate a can of green beans...

Comment #61

Quick fly-by...Debbie, MMinSL was a play at the Croswell (Adrian). They're showing the classic movies every Sunday, though. Tonight is White Christmas and next week is A Christmas Story. I've only ever seen these movies on TV, too, but anymore, that is a big screen. I, too, LOVE those Christmas movies. I watched a bunch the day I stayed home sick.

Speaking of which, DH is 'demanding' his breakfast.

Sunday's I usually cook twice - "brunch" and dinner. Time for my mid-morning..

P.S. It's been snowing all night - we're supposed to get 3-6 inches (down from 7-9 prediction yesterday) with drifts really bad out here. Looks like Minnesota.


Got dumped on! Melissa, looks like you're safe in Boston - still too warm, so you get rain....yeah, I know, mid 40's & 50's is not woarm..

Comment #62


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this graphic... it is my favotire so far...

Comment #63

JAN - I ended up watching MMiSL last night on TV. 8-10. Perfect! Like you said, though, we have never seen them in the movie theatre. I then watched 1/2 of White Christmas (it's on a lot this week, so I am DVR-ing) and then I stayed up and watched Holiday Inn. I fell asleep halfway through, so it's another DVR. Today is the perfect snowy day to stay in, do some Christmasing and enjoy the music or movies..

BARB, you are amazing, staying SO to plan with such a crazy week. Just the planning coud go to the wayside, but this is our fearless leader we're talking about here..

Stopped at the drugstore on the way home from Mass and I was actually thinking, "If I go inside and don't do the drive-up, I could find something sweet..." Luckily, DH was never going to go inside when he could drive up and also, I remembered the chocolate mint GUM - WOW, it was the perfect remedy. I was carrying it around, but today was the day that I really needed it. It is totally satisfying and I moved on with my thoughts! It is great, thanks for telling us about it, Crew..

Looking forward to an OP dayI will officially weigh in tomorrow, but am at 123 today. Not happy, but know what I have to do..

By the way, I was reminded by another blogger that ON Demand has terrific fitness sessions of all kinds, a lot of dance.

And other things. Perfect for a snowy day.....

Stay warm and cozy, Crew!..

Comment #64

The graphics...yes, I love the glitter & glitz. I go browsing through them & collect them in a spreadsheet - I'm trying to do a different Christmas one every day, but I haven't collected that many, so I've got them labeled Monday, Tuesday, wonder I don't get anythoing done around here!.

Yesterday: OP - not technically since I remembered, when I got up to pee at midnight, that I hadn't had my last meal! Usually I take a bar to eat on the way home, but left my little bag of goodies (bar, sf creamer for coffee, gum) on the kitchen table.

I was so pooped when we got home, I just got my water & went to bed..

BTW...if I take water to bed with me and drink it after midnight, which day does it count for? Just kidding.

Since I don't tally up actual ounces, it doesn't really matter. I always make sure I get my 3 25 oz & 2 17'ers in before going to bed..

I just added that up - 109 oz!! YAY ME!.

Gotta run out before the roads get too bad...

Comment #65

Weekly report:.

On plan: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 5 (I think)....with some running!.

Weight: 138 (I am back solidly in my comfort zone)..

Key this week: I had lots of Medifast meals. When you just keep going and going, they keep you going. I know that I don't normally have as many as I had this week, but it was quick, easy, and kept me away from all the other food. I did enjoy a nice meal on Friday night with my SIL and family (wife to DH's brother who passed away 2 years ago). Then on Saturday, after the funeral, we had another nice meal. Both were on my eating plan as well..

Please keep DH in your prayers, this has been a very stressful time for him and won't get any better for a little while..

Enjoy the day! Fight the good fight..


Comment #66

Jan, I loved the candy cool..

Melissa, I hope you aren't freezing up here. Cold, damp weather this weekend..

Jan, Debbie and I think Kim, those of you in the central northern states, stay warm. I hope you didn't get too much snow..

Sherry, I think the crew is all going to head south to visit you this winter!.

Courtney, almost there. Congrats on becoming a health coach. It will be great to share your successes with others. I think that to help anyone lose weight, you had to struggle with it yourself. Skinny people that were never overweight are suspect to me in terms of helping others lose weight. Just my own opinion..

Brenda, thinking about you!.


Comment #67

Diana, I found all the soy in Medifast to really help my hot flashes. Went I made goal and started to use less Medifast and take in less soy, they returned. Now I incorporate a good bit of soy in my diet to help. And boy does it help!..

Comment #68

Here is the link to the new weekly thread:.

I guess I need to start waking up earlier in the morning to get it started!!..

Comment #69

Sunday: Water, yes; OP, no; Exercise no..

For the week:.

OP: 4.

Water: 6.

Exercise: 0.

Weight: 176 (same)..

Comment #70

Here's a link to MF's holiday survival guide:.


Comment #71

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.