I'm on a low carb diet, need help, Medifast Diet?

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My question is I'm on a low carb diet, need help, Medifast Diet? Hoping for any comment. My other question... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Morning Fuzzy and thanks for getting things going! That's pretty interesting about the AM exercising..

Well, it is exactly 7 months OP for me as of yesterday and I made goal this morning! Happy happy happy me! 59 lbs lost in 7 months..

I seem to also have lost a full inch in height as an accurate measurement yesterday shows I am now only 5'3" and not 5'4". It's been forever since my height was measured so I'm sure it's natural aging, and not weight loss that has caused this. But the funny thing is my husband has been telling me for a couple of years that HE is about an inch shorter and I always thought "oh he is not, he looks the same to me" now I know why, I was an inch shorter, too!.

Everyone rock the plan today!..

Comment #2

NAN... WOO HOOO WTG on GOAL~!!!!!.

Morning Fuzzy..

My dh is in the Untied States.

His plane landed close to an hour early (which I'm sure he's happy about since it was only 13 hours long that way).

I leave to start picking up my kids around 115, need to get things in a suitcase, go to the cleaners to pick up my bed spread and do last minute pick up here downstairs. I'll be in and out until 1ish then I will be gone and see you all Friday..

Comment #3

Good morning Fuzzy, Nan, Anna and anyone who wanders in!.

Nan- CONGRATULATIONS! that is terrific!.

Anna- soooo glad to hear your hubby is back in the states & you get to see him & surprise him with your weight loss soon!.

Fuzzy- coffee is much needed this morning!.

I'll be around later, I think. Its at least a 12 hour shift today so I'm not sure. Have a great OP day!.


Comment #4

Ta dah!!! Congratulations on making goal. Do you have anything exciting planned for yourself? When I made my 100 lb. loss goal, I bought myself the Coach handbag of my dreams. Everytime I pick it up, it reminds me of my accomplishment. It is built to last forever, so maybe it will help keep me straight...

Comment #5

Anna I'm so happy for you and the kids! Daddy's home!.

Thank you Tara & Anna for the congrats. I really had no idea how symbolically important that last pound was until this morning...

Comment #6

Thank you, Della! I want to do SOMETHING special today! I love your coach bag reward. I love the FOREVER part!..

Comment #7

Good Morning Anna, Nan, Della, Tara, and of course BARB! Just dropping by to grab some coffee on my way to werk. Looks like there's still some left in the pot..




- Yippity Yip Yip Yip!!..

Comment #8

Good morning all!.

Anna, I can't wait to hear your husband's reaction!.

Nan- First, congrats! I also lost 1 inch, going from 5'4" to 5'3" too, because the disks in my back went kablooie. Can we use the old height to calculate BMI?.

Della - I love your 100-lb loss reward. I'm having a hard time coming up for rewards for myself. I'm not really interested in any of the girlie spa-type stuff. I plan on rewarding myself for 15 pounds, 30 pounds, and then every 3 months that I maintain. I think my first one is going to be going to see a musical or play, on Broadway if I can afford it, or here in my city if I can't..

Thanks for kicking my buns yesterday, I needed it. This is day 13 for me and I'm incredibly committed. It helps that I can cook, because my L&G meals are usually awesome..

Did I mention I'm eating all chili and stew this week for meals 2,3,&4? They're awful to me, so I am powering through them. It's gross, but we've made a joke of it at my house. By Friday, they will be gone!!!..

Comment #9

Good Morning TL'ers!!.

Anna- this is it! The day we've all been waiting for. You'll have to tell your DH there are a bunch of women just waiting for his return and reaction! LOL Enjoy every second of it..

Nancharity - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Goal Goal Goal Goal!!! Way to Go!! Whooopeee!!!! I agree about doing something wonderful for yourself. Love Della's coach bag idea. A full body massage might be another nice way to celebrate your new shape, and luxuriate in every inch of it. Whatever you do, PLEASE celebrate!.

Anonygirl - don't forget to soak the chili a couple of hours before you heat it up. Throw some chili powder, and some rotel tomatoes (if you like kick) in there, and it should be much more satisfying. Also, are you sure you really want to do that all week? It seems like punishment to me, and I'm not sure that's healthy for your motivation. When I'm trying to get rid of foods I don't care for, I just incorporate one per day into my routine. Then I am powering through it, but I am not abusing my psyche..

Barb - thanks for opening the drapes and putting on the coffee. Lovely to see you this morning..

Hi angel and YiaYia..

Freya - I posted something for you last night, but won't repost it here. Just letting you know..

My flight to LA leaves in a few hours so I have to pack up. Looking forward to the conference, and have prepared mentally about as much as I can. Packing the resources I need for success, and after reading yesterday's thread, I've decided not to pack the scale and just trust the program while I'm away. No high expectations because I know travel alone can slow things down. It will all work out in the end..

By the way, besides getting into the 230's yesterday, and having a BMI under 40, late yesterday afternoon I suddenly realized I now have LESS than 100 pounds to go!! VERY VERY happy about that..

Okay Girls - make it a GREAT one!..

Comment #10


.. if I write annoy when addressing you please forgive me b/c until right now I thought that was your name.


Good luck with your flight!! My dh managed to have a good one, got bumped to the exir row and had a couple of free drinks and was able to sleep (he rarely drinks so I'm sure that helped with the sleeping) Also yay for needing to lose less than 100 lbs..

Comment #11

Morning TL'ers.

Anna drive safe! Can't wait to hear the hubbies reaction! Give him big hugs and kisses for us..

Tkd safe flight..

Okay need more coffee and have to find my glasses. Off to the gym and then the movies..

Have a great day...

Comment #12

Have a good trip and conference, TKD. Love your OP attitude!..

Comment #13

Good Morning TL!!.

And it's looking to be a VERY good morning in the Clubhouse today..

WOOT WOOT Nan!!! Now the fun really begins!.

Anna - So, so happy for you! Enjoy your time with the hubs and drive safely..

Tracey - AWESOME news..

Anon - Also soak the stew. I like to let it sit over night and then add about 1/2 C of low sodium beef broth and worchestershire (sp??) sauce. I understand your desire to make it gone, but I also think it sounds like a punishment to have meals you hate 3 times a day for the rest of the week. I actually LIKE the stew, but can't imagine having it more than once a day..

Waving to everyone..

Invoices await and I woke up with a headache, so this should be a FUN day [/sarcasm]..

Comment #14

Morning TLers.

Anna - Have yourself a wonderful time!!!!!!!.

Nan - WTG on reaching goal! That is awesome!.

Tkd - Have a good flight..

Barb - thanks for the coffee. It is much needed and much appreciated..

My DH snored and snored last night. Then he would stop for a couple hours. Then he would start again. I finally just got up at 4:30. I will definitelly need the extra coffee today..

Have a great OP day everyone. Hey - I need to go weigh in. I forgot!..

Comment #15

Quick drive by - I'm home with a sick kid, on the way to the pediatrician in about 15 minutes. Just wanted to check in to say I think I've solved the photography issue. A Winter White Corelle plate. Doh..

Nan, HUGE congratulations! I'm so happy for you!.

Anna, what a great feeling, even for me, to know your hubby is safe on home turf. So happy for you, too..

Sorry, kids, I don't have any more chopped tofu. I've gotta wrap up my little sick pink bundle and get her some meds...

Comment #16

Thanks for your concern, but I don't care too much what I eat for meals 2,3,&4 that I have at work, as long as I have a yummy beginning and end to the day. I'll be ok. Plus, my partner and I have made a tremendous joke out of it, so it's actually kind of fun. We joked about DAY 2 OF OPERATION CHILI STEW ANNIHILATION! this morning. I brought a can of tomatoes today to add to the chili to help it out a bit. I just kept scowling at those packets in the Medifast cabinet at my house, so I decided to rip through them as quickly as possible.

And, miracle of miracles, my tastes finally changed on the oatmeal. I don't love it, but it'll do...

Comment #17

Penny - Glad you got it all figured out! Hope the little one gets better soon..


Comment #18

Hi all... trying to check in quickly before it's time to go to work... Finished my traveling this weekend in good shape. Being in maintenance does help tremendously. A quick shout out....

Thanks fuzzy!.

Nan Congrats! Happy Dance for you!!! I am an inch shorter too. I just thought the doctor measured wrong but perhaps not?.

Anna Yea! I know you have waited so long for this..

Tara This is my long day, too. Normal work day for me but then a class and a meeting tacked on to the end of the day Im usually dragging by 8:00 tonight!.

Della For me, it's going to be a new ring. As soon as I find the perfect one..

Anony LOL, Im the same way. I eat the things I dont really like first then when I open the pantry it's all good stuff..

TKD When I travel, I dont weigh while gone and I dont even weigh the next two days after I get home. Theres always water weight that seems to find me while Im gone. I give it a couple days of being back on my daily routine to flush out..

Penny The flu bug at our school this year is terrible. Take care of the little one..


Well, got to go. Talk to you all later...

Comment #19

Morning all. Crazy with work, no time to read it all. It's 11am, I've been at work since 6am and I still haven't had a chance to grab my shower. Going to do that now and hope I get lunch too..

Hugs to all in need and I'll catch you guys later!..

Comment #20

Congratulations Nan on reaching goal!.

Anna, excited for you to see your DH and also for him to get to hold the tinier you..

Safe journey to those traveling today (whether it be to work, the doctor or some place work related)..

Penny, hope your little one feels better soon...

Comment #21

Penny - I hope your little one feels better..

Did my weigh in - down 2.4 lbs. Only 6.8 to go to goal..

At work now and there's tons to do. Have a great OP day everyone...

Comment #22

Good morning all!.

Everyone is doing so well pushing forward to their goals - what an inspiration to keep me going strong!! thanks!!.

Big kids to school and a spin class, now starting a marathon laundry day (that has to burn a few calories right) all before my honey & little monkey boy even wake up!..

Comment #23

Good morning TLers!.

Congrats, Nan on reaching goal! Can't wait until I'm doing my own happy dance, too..

Anna- I've only been reading this thread for a week, but I'm stil so stinkin' excited for you and your hubby!! He's going to be so surprised by his "new" wife. Good thing you don't have to meet him at the airport or he'd probably walk right by you without recognizing you!.

Day 4 is just beginning and I'm feeling great. Had my first food porn dream last night (already??) and woke up in a bit of a panic, but after a minute I realized I didn't actually go off plan and I calmed down..

I do have a question for you all, though- have any of you ever experienced a tingly mouth/ throat while OP? It happened to me all day yesterday and while it wasn't painful, it was annoying enough that I finally googled it to see if I could find any logical answer. Turns out this is common in diabetics or those who have hypoglycemia and happens when their blood sugar is too low. Makes sense, since my body is no longer being bombarded with carbs the way it used to be. I figure things will even themselves out as I continue OP and I'm not really worried about it, I just thought it was a kind of strange "side effect" of the change in diet!..

Comment #24

Good morning to all!.

Nan... CONGRATS!!! That is wonderful!!!.

Anna.... oh, have a great time sweetie! Can't wait to hear all about it (although I'm sure you'll be too busy once he's home to post immediately!!).

Penny... let us know what the doc says!.

Anony... I don't know what to put for goal rewards, either. I'm so unused to actually putting myself first, if that makes sense!.

Cheri... that's so close to goal! That's great!..

Comment #25

Jess, this IS a big deal. Anything to do with your health is. Are you doing the plan for diabetics? Does your endo KNOW you're doing this diet? If you answer no to either of these questions, I strongly urge you to contact your Dr. and discuss this..

Ella - I have never given myself rewards for reaching goals. Just losing the weight, feeling better and looking good is reward enough for me...

Comment #26

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! So happy for you..

For the poster who posted about oatmeal, not only did I learn to love it but yesterday as my blueberry oatmeal was cooking I actually enjoyed the smell. That Medifast protein smell.....

Comment #27

Whoops! Meant to clarify, but didn't include it in my post: I am neither diabetic nor hypoglycemic!..

Comment #28

Nan: Happy dancing in my mind! Congratulations on achieving your goal..

I'm with De regarding rewards: my DH's reaction to my skinny a** is all the reward I need..

Yes, we do shrink with age. Unfortunately , it's normal. My DH is now 2 inches shorter than I am. He weighs 135 every single day and I am heading toward 140..

I am still wearing tall pants, so my legs haven't shrunk. DH's inseam did, though..

Happy Dance and wishes for success to all tofu today..

Hope little pink bundle fels better soon, Penny..


Anna, only sending XXX vibes your way this week...

Comment #29

What a crazy adventure! I skimmed the posts and want to say thanks, on behalf of my little munchkin, for all the get better wishes. The doctor thinks it's a sinus infection gone wild. He prescribed some antibiotic and some robitussin with codeine so she can sleep tonight. It's a good thing that stuff has sugar in it or I'd be all over it tonight! Not that I'll need it..

Note to self: Never, EVER go to Walmart to fill a prescription on the first of the month. Enough said...

Comment #30

Penny sorry you had to be In Walmart at all.

Well kids, this is it, got my kids out of school, now I'm going to change and start my two hour drive.

See you all Friday!..

Comment #31

Penny, hope the munchkin is feeling better real soon...

Comment #32

Woohooo Nan!!.

Anna- I won't even bother to tell you have a good time.

We all KNOW you will be having a fantastic time!.

Glad to hear your little one is getting the good stuff Penny. Hope she recovers quickly..

Had a morning pop (soda) instead of coffee considering it'll be in the 70s again.

And just a side note, I think I'm the most boring Medifast eater. I like the shakes. Straight out of the shaker jar (I have a stainless steel one I use). No ice. Just cold water. Maybe I should try the soups, i'll probably like those too...

Comment #33

Hi gang,.

Just popping in from the airport while waiting for my next flight. Good news! Remember the last time I flew and was celebrating that the seatbelt closed and I didnt have to wear the extension? Well today it closed and I swear I pulled 4 to 5 inches of strap to get it to fit!!.

And when I went through security and had to put my shoes back on, I bent over to tie the laces without any difficulty and without cutting off my breathing or blood flow (because of the pressure my big belly used to put on all that)..

And, when I got ready to put the other shoe on I lifted my foot up on my knee without having to pick it up with my hand and drag it to my knee..

And, while I was waiting to board the plane, I crossed my legs before I even realized what happened..

I need to keep a list of these NSVs to remind me of how far I've come. This will come in especially handy during those rare moments when I allow myself to reflect on how far I have to go - and discouragement tries to creep in..

You wonderful TLers have been a huge part of my success. Thank You!..

Comment #34

Yay Anna!!.

Steph- The shakes are my absolute favorite too. I've preferred soy milk to cow's milk for years, so no surprise I like the shakes..

Jsang715 - I'm only on day 13, so I can remember days 1-5 really well, and I had a weird tingly feeling in my mouth on day 3-4, along with lightheadedness, a headache, and overall weakness. I've felt good since day 5 though, and aside from an artificially sweet taste in my mouth, which I read was normal, the tingly feeling has not returned..

And my chili and stew have gone down much better today with the addition of part of my green (tomatoes) to mask the flavor. Only nine packets to go...

Comment #35

TKD... way to go!!! Those NSVs are the best!! And yes you SHOULD keep track of them... that's really great progress!!..

Comment #36

What she said Tracey!!!.

Penny - Hope E gets to feeling better. CC was home yesterday with a mild fever and some stomach issues. I noticed when we left the movie Sunday she seemed a little "off" but said she was just tired. She's back to school today though..

Anna - Safe journeys there and back...

Comment #37

Quick fly-by, this in the morning mail....

I figured out why I'm fat! The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my body says "for extra volume and body". Going to start using Dawn dish washing soap. It says "dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove.. ".

I guess I'll stop and get some Dawn on the way home and I can wash my way to goal..

No time to read right now....CU Later!..

Comment #38

[quote=Yiayia][color="Indigo"]Quick fly-by, this in the morning mail....

[color="Blue"][indent]I figured out why I'm fat! The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my body says "for extra volume and body". Going to start using Dawn dish washing soap. It says "dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove.. "[quote].


Comment #39

Jan, you almost made Medifast chicken noodle come out my nose with that one!!..

Comment #40

Holy cow! So much good news here in the clubhouse today!!!.

No chopped tofu, but soooo happy to read everything!!! Congratulations and happy dances all around!!!.

Except for De's headache of course.

I feel great today as I got a solid 9 hours of sleep last night. Been having sleep issues 3 nights in a row before that so I was an absolute zombie yesterday. Feel super duper today though!.

Plus it's 50 here today!! Woo! Hoo!! Can't believe I'm happy for 50, but hey, it's the Midwest...

Comment #41

Anna.... I will certainly understand if we don't see you for awhile!..

Comment #42

Nan!!!!! So happy for you, darling!!!!! Congrats and a Snoopy dance!..

Comment #43

Nan, congratulations!.

Still working... not sure when I'll get done. Boooooo......

Comment #44

Hello again darlings! I caught up this morning, but it was during that brief period of wakefulness that occurs in the morning after I've had the most scary hour at work in my life, gotten home and couldn't sleep, and took sleep aids to help, and then slept 8 hard hours and woke up, and before I decide I'm bored of being awake and go back to bed for a few hours..

The good news? The patient not only lived, but when I called today to check, his progress was just as it should be on the first day after open-heart surgery. WOOHOO! Note to self: bleeding is bad, don't do it..

I'm starting to get a hang of this eating out thing. When DH woke up around 1 p.m. (yes, he really does sleep that late on his day off), he was HONGRY and wanted to go out. Okay, I says. What do you want? I don't know, he says. Wait, no, I want IHOP..

IHOP, I says? Okay. That'll be okay, probably. I got online and checked the menuyup, that's fine. Let's go!.

I had for lunch at IHOP basically the exact same thing I had planned to cook for my L&G today: chicken and broccoli. It was a little bit better there, though, because they know how to use spices and seasonings that I don't understand. ;-) The only downside was that I had to peel the skin off the chicken breasts, but that's no big deal!.

I just got back from a 90 minute deep tissue massage that I booked two weeks ago, but the timing couldn't have been better. See above re: the scariest hour of my life while at work. My therapist said she could feel tons of pent up energy in my neck and scalp. I feel SO much better now!.


AnnaOh, whatever, you're not reading this anymore..

Dehope you feel better..

Everyone else*waves* No chopped tofu!..

Comment #45

Awful quiet in here today..

Jan...thanks for making me laugh. I knew there was a reason I buy Dawn...

Comment #46

Oh... Kerrigan... I've had shifts like that!!! (Worked CVICU for a while about 10 years ago, have specialized in Pediatric ER and Trauma, along with general Peds and NICU since then, just this year started working in a rural hospital doing everything from L&D to end of life!) Good to know IHOP has decent options! (Not that there's an IHOP within about 100 miles of here. Not that there's much of ANYTHING within about 100 miles of here!)..

Comment #47

Hello everyone! I think I need your group! Sometimes I need a kick in the a** to fight off the temptations out there. I'm 2 weeks in and have lost 13 lbs. I did great the 1st week and good the 2nd week. I need to do great every week and be 100% OP. I do have to say that as upset with myself for not being 100% OP, I'm sort of proud of myself at the same time. This week was Girl Scout cookie delivery week.

Having a hundred boxes of GC cookies in your house is quite the temptation. Plus, I'm a teacher and this is report card week. I've been known to plow through a box of thin mints while plugging away at report cards. I'm happy to say that my report cards are finished and I only ate 4 thin mints. So, not great and 100%, but I think I'll count it as a major improvement..

Thanks for letting me join!.


Comment #48

Dierdre - The whole point of this team is to do the program as written. If you can do that, we'd love to have you. But, unfortunately, that means no thin mints or other sludge...

Comment #49

Today was national pancake day at IHOP! Yummy! I didn't go but I did pass one...

Comment #50


Like De said, we are a Tough Love team. We believe in Medifast and following the Plan. Sadly only eating 4 of anything off plan is not ok..

One thing we realized early on was that talking about cheating on this thread is not a good idea for any of us..

So if you think you are ever in trouble again and faced with cheating, we ask that you come here FIRST. Allow the team to help you Stay OnPlan and avoid the cheat..

Like you said, you did better than you would have in the past, and that IS progress, but members of the TL team will always point out cheats for what they are..

We will not coddle you, or condone your off plan choices, and we will not enable you to CHEAT. What we will do is Empower you to Stay OnPlan and get to Goal. Probably in record time, too..

Hugs and welcome to our little Clubhouse...

Comment #51

I just wanted to chime in that I've been reading your team's threads since before my food was delivered and just started posting in the last few days, but I find the accountability of a group that expects me to be on plan to be very motivating. I did Medifast totally alone maybe 5 years ago, and groups like this weren't around, or I just didn't know how to find them..

I'm spending a lot of money and making a significant effort to lose this weight. Eating off plan won't get me to my goal. I was really, really angry at myself for my embarrassment and weakness when my restaurant ordering went awry, and I came here yesterday and you guys told me A. That's being off plan and B. How to never do it again. And you made me laugh too..

I hope that my conversation here yesterday about my restaurant issue wasn't taken as wanting reassurance that it was ok. I do not like screwing up. At all. But I'm pathologically honest so I admit everything. You won't see me here again talking about any similar screwup because I'm not making any more..

So this is my thank you. Thanks for being a team that's not here to coddle and reassure. I hope that this time next year, I'll be at goal, well into maintenance, and talking to newbies like myself...

Comment #52

Pizza bread (COT soup) fantastic. I made it a few times when I did Medifast before and finally made it again, and cravings for sludge are gone..

Long day at work. Sometimes it's a pain in the culo (let's see you censor that MF) being good at your job and seemingly the only one who can troubleshoot. Sometimes my coworkers drive me crazier than the public we serve..

Anywho hope everyone had a wonderful OP day. I'll be going to sleep 21lbs lighter than I did 6 weeks ago...

Comment #53

Wow what I day! And I get to do it all over again in a few short hours! Have a great night all, I'll see you tomorrow for another OP day!.


Comment #54

ROFLOL... as an Arizona native (recent transplant to ID), it's fun to hear you get around the censor that way! I will say, however, that I'm happy to not have to resist Mexican food! (There are restaurants here that claim to be Mexican food... if you ever come up here, don't bother eating at them. That is NOT Mexican food!)..

Comment #55

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.