I'm on Medifast Diet and need advice?

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First off, I'm on Medifast Diet and need advice? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another quick question... This group is for any Texans on the board. Native, or transplants.. or even those who have moved away from this great state! All are welcome! We aren't a Team. We are just a place to hang out and maybe plan a meet up or two..

So, come on in. Have a glass of tea or a cup of coffee and let's visit...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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!!! Great job staying OP!!! Hope you have a super day today!!!..

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Great job this weekend Lacy- I can only imagine the temptations you resisted!!! Cindy, thanks for the advice this weekend. My scale did move again. Let's hope it remains un-stuck. Have a great day,..

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Kim - YEAH!!! Glad to hear it~~~ Have a great one yourself!!!..

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Hope ya'll all had a great weekend are off to a great OP week!.

I'm amping up my workouts this week in preparation for the Nike + Women's Half Marathon! Wish me luck!..

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Good evening Everyone!!!.

I hope you have all had a great weekend and I wish you a very successful week ahead!.

I lost ZERO pounds this week.

It's also that TOM too, maybe that's it. GRRRRR..

Wishing you the best,.


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Wow Joanne, I just saw your pics on the old thread. WOW! Congratulations. Keep up the good work and good luck in your half marathon..

To everyone else Happy Monday!..

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WOOOO HOOOOO I just found out the full scoop on the new bars coming out next month.....

Three new - and crunchy - Medifast Bars are on their way!.


November 2008.

, everyone will be able to enjoy these three delicious new flavors:.

Caramel Crunch.

Peanut Butter Crunch.

Chocolate Mint Crunch.

Not only do they all taste fantastic, but they are also.

Lower in calories and carbohydrates.

Than our current bars, AND they're.

Completely interchangeable on the 5 & 1 Plan.


Eating healthy with Medifast has never been so crunchy!..

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WOOHOO! I'd much rather travel with bars, than shakes. YIPPEE!!!..

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Hi everyone. Sorry I have been MIA for a while. Lacy, love your new avatar, you look terrific!.

Don't know if this has been posted but the DFW meetup is this weekend at Lake Lewisville. Go look on the Announcements thread and look for the DFW meetup and it will give you details..

Christina, I had 0 loss for the week too, but I had good losses the 2 weeks before, so I knew this was coming. Our bodies are just readjusting...and will lose again soon. Don't be discouraged..

Hope everyone is doing well and having an easy week. Staying busy here, so will check back soon...

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I am moving us to page one to get the day started. WAKE UP TEXAS!!!..

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I'm awake!.

Already been to the track 9 miles today and am well on my way to an amazing on plan kinda day!..

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Hi allthe DFW Meet up has been cancelled.

Hopefully we can all get together again soon! Be on the look out for updates about an upcoming meet up for DFW MFers!!! Thanks for all your support, yall!!!..

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You guys are so inspiring! Anyone here from Houston? I just got my food yesterday, so the first day is over...Yeah!..

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Welcome, Leisa! It is great that you are getting started! The first three days may be rough, but you will get through it..

Let me know if you have any questions. You can PM me anytime...

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Kinda a slow day in Texas must be the weather!..

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Hi everyone, I've had a great week. Looks like everyone is doing great. Welcome Leisa, you will love MF. Heres to everyone having a great weekend..


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Hi everyone, have been MIA because I was in real estate classes. Glad that is over for another two years!.

Tomorrow is kids football games all day, so won't be on..

Hope everyone is doing well...

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Hey, y'all! How is everyone this chilly Texas night? Things here are fine... I have had a more than eventful week, so I am glad that is over!! One of those kinds that when it rains, it really pours! I am so glad a new week is on the horizon and we have a great weekend to relax!!! Hee Hee Hee..

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Happy Saturday, Texas! How is everyone this weekend? I have plans to do a whole lot of nothing after work ends at noon today..

Take care!..

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Lacey sounds like my plans went to the track this morning now I'm engaged in a whole lot of nothing!.

Just a lazy Texas Saturday with some tremendously beautiful weather here in East Texas...

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Hey everyone. I'm not originally from TX but I got here as fast as I could..

I'm in the N. TX area too. But my job requires I travel throughout the whole state. Love to come into different towns and try them on for size..

Wrapping up my first week. I'm doing pretty good but I've had my moments these past couple of days. I've stayed OP. My mantra chant when I see something that is wispering my name is "nothing tastes as good a thin feels." My husband looked at me kinda strange when I started the chant. I had to explain I was quelching the demons. :-) I downed some water and walked away..

I am amazed at the online community of Medifast and all those banners. Happy to meet you all. I'll pop in every once in a while to see what y'all are doing..


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Howdy, K!! Great seeing you here!.

Howdy, Lacy! How is your lazy day going?.

Joanne - Howdy! How is your East Texas weather holding out for you?.

Great here in the D/FW area and glad to be reporting a lazy day here as well!! Everyone have a great evening and a super Sunday tomorrow!!!..

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Hey Gals! Hello from Waxahachie (south of DFW). Good to see some other Texans on here. I am also a transplant, originally from Washington state, but very happy to be here. There are no nicer people on earth than here in Texas. I just started a week ago and am down 9 pounds already and loving this program. Hope everyone has a blessed evening..

Hey Cindy!!!..

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Hey! How are you doing? Glad to have you in here! Congrats on the HUGE LOSS! Great job! You will do soooo well on this!..

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Good Morning Texans,.

I hope everyone has a great day today and our gorgeous weather holds out for the rest of the weekend!..

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Good morning, Texas friends!!! I am happily sitting in front of the puter again! I am taking totals from the peeps on my DFOTW Challenge and of course, had to get my totals. I am down another 3.6 pounds and just wanted to share!!! I am soooo excited! I am almost (1.2) pounds away from the 80's! Oh, I am ecstatic!!! Thanks for being here, everyone! As always, I couldn't do it without you! Have a beautiful Texas day!!!..

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I just finished the Nike + Women's Half Marathon..

It was beautiful weather and I feel great well, all except for my legs, they feel like noodles!.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!..

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Cindy is that 3.6 pounds last week???? Wow! Joanne what an inspirational accomplishment this weekend. How's everybody's Sunday afternoon going? I made roast beef for the kids this afternoon and am now doing the house cleaning that I should have done yesterday...

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Hello, everyone! (or should I say HOWDY!??).

Just a quick check in...I am glad to see that everyone is doing well!!.

Sarah in San Antonio..

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in at the end of this BEAUTIFUL weekend to say Hi, and hope y'all have a great OP week. Let's also hope the weather holds up!..

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- It is for this past week, yes!!! I love this program!!!.


- Congrats on your marathon! Such a wonderful accomplishment for you! I bet you feel fantastic (except the noodle legs, of course) to know you can do anything you want!!!.


- Nice to see you again! How are things in San Antonio? As nice as they are here in the D/FW area?.


- Howdy to you as well! I hope your weekend was fine, too. This has been beautiful, hasn't it?.

Well, the weekend is rolling to a close quickly and I had to get on and check on a few things, so I thought I would stop by here again. It has been busy for a Sunday in here! All my kiddos except the 16 year old is in bed, so it is almost veg time for me! Wooo Hooo Have a great Texas week, y'all!!!..

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Just a quick fly by to check in with my Texas friends. Had a great weekend, really enjoyed the weather and had a great walk this morning..

No weight loss this week. Will be out of town the next three days, so will check in when I can...

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Hello Texans! A former Mustang and Longhorn here. Too bad for the Longhorns last week. I am in South Texas. I am barely going to start the Medifast program. I am actually thinking if it is so wise to start before Thanksgiving or if I am only setting myself up if I do start before this holiday. Any suggestions.

JK. Anyway, Hello from Texas!..

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I started Nov. 7 of last year. All I can say is that it worked for me!..

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I was looking for a good support group and came across yours. Since I am a Texan (transplant) living in Flower Mound, yours looks perfect. May I join in?.



Comment #36

Hi everyone! I'm kind of new hereHad many false starts but did lose some pounds with medifast. Going to try another stab at it. I live in San Antonio!..

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Welcome Keith and "Iluvmy4blessings" just jump right on in and start a postin'..

Our little Texas thread is pretty new but awesome..

I guess with the size of our state it shouldn't be surprising that there are so many of us on MF...

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Hi Peter, go ahead and start now, you will just be that much further ahead of the game come January! Since I went to Tech, I loved the game last weekend, but Texas is my #2 team to cheer for!.

Welcome Keith and Iluvmy4blessings. We have a great group here and anytime you need info, just give us a shout and we will be glad to help..

I am off to LA today so will check in later...

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Well, I just finished reading all the posts in this thread, and it appears that I'm the only one bold enough to have transplanted the wrong direction but who is willing to speak up anyway..

I was born in Dallas, grew up in Garland, and went to school in Nacogdoches and Denton then grad school in Arlington. My family is mainly in the Dallas (mostly Garland) and Austin areas..

I've been doing a program smiliar to MediFast but am switching as soon as the other inventory runs out. I've already got the new stuff and am looking forward to getting started with it..

I'm going home for Thanksgiving and staying two weeks. It's always nice to go home for a while. Take care everybody...

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Welcome Bianca -.

You'll love Medifast it's a great program and the online encouragement and support is amazing!..

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Welcome Bianca! If it makes you feel any better, I am the reverse. I grew up in Illinois (outside of Peoria), went to school in Champaign (go Illini!), lived in CA for awhile, then moved to Flower Mound. It is alot warmer here today than where you are! Snow I hear is on the way for you, enjoy that! ;-).


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KeithI'm the reverse too!!.

I grew up in Illinois near the Wisconsin border (Antioch, IL); went to school at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, moved to St Maarten for a few years; back to Chicago (Michigan Avenue); then moved to Allen, TX about 13 years ago!!.


Where in the Chicagoland area are you?..

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Wow, two Illinois to Texas transplants in one spot, with one the reverse direction. What are the odds..

Keith - I can't say I know anything about Peoria (I haven't deviated from I-55 during my travels toward the homeland). I don't know much about the schools yet either, but with two 11 year olds, I'm going to be learning sometime in the next several years. Oddly enough, in addition to ultimately moving the opposite direction, my migration took me to the opposite coast. I spent a couple of years in Maryland, living a whopping 3 miles from where the MediFast offices are located (not that I knew they were there until a couple of weeks ago). Thanks for the welcome..

Kelly - You and I both used to be quite close to where each other is now. I lived in Dallas and worked in Plano (of course while going to grad school in Arlington, ugh). Now I'm in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and work half-way between where I live and the Wisconsin border. Of course that stretch of the Tri-State is under construction at the moment, and Lake Cook road east-bound to the Tri-State went down to one lane on Thursday (double ugh, but the alternate route is quite nice, even relaxing). My sister-in-law used to live in Antioch, so I've actually been there a couple of times..

Joanne - You're not kidding about the middle of nowhere. You're among several small population centers, but not quite close to any of them. I see you're between Crockett and Palestine. I had a grandmother who lived on Cedar Creek Lake, and my other grandparents had land on the other side of the lake, so I spent plenty of time in the less developed parts of the Corsicana/Athens/Kaufman area. Then spending two years in "Naco-nowhere" helped me learn other parts of the East Texas region. Beautiful country out there.

Anyway, it appears that MediFast is much more popular in Texas than anywhere near here. My mom actually used it in the early 80s. I forgot that there are MediFast centers nearby and had a two week package shipped to her house (which she of course opened and checked out when it arrived; kind of funny). I imagine I could have just picked stuff up while I was there and gotten to browse for more variety. Oh, well...

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Bianca the dirt here is for the most part red; however, in Grapeland we have sand! The high school football team is the Grapeland Sandies. It apparently is perfect for gettin' your car stuck and/or growing peanuts...

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Welcome Bianca. I hope you're all enjoying the wonderul weather we have today. I did end up getting the massage yesterday at the spa. It was the best part of the day. Thanks for encouraging me to try it. They brought me the most beautiful chicken salad sandwich on a fresh-baked croissaint from a french bakery for lunch. When I told them why I couldn't eat it, they went to a nearby restaruant and got me a salad...

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Morning ya'll..

Hope ya'll have a great Sunday planned I have to work but I'm planning watch the Cowboys this afternoon. Romo's supposed to be back after his pinkie injury..

Kim sounds like the spa treatment was wonderful. You must have felt like a princess! What a great mini-retreat!..

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OH NO! The Cowboys are off today! Now I'm gonna have to do laundry instead of nappin' through the game!..

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I have a lot of laundry and housework to do as well. My grandmother should be arriving later this week to spend the rest of the year with us and I have to get ready for her. The hardest part will be feeding her. I'll have to keep stuff in the house for her that the kids and I ususally don't. I've warned her that I don't want to hear the phrase "a little bit won't hurt you." She loves make and buy lots of sweets, so this should get interesting......

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Good Morning Texans,.

How are you doing this Monday morning? It's raining here in Tyler and supposed to continue most of the day. One of my employees had the real-live flu last week. It was a really nasty strain. I just wanted to share that with you and remind any of you who intend to get a flu shot and haven't yet that the season seems to be here......

Comment #50

Hey Sarah check out our newer thread! I'm really impressed with your progress!..

Comment #51

Hey well I guess this doesnt work anymore lol......

Comment #52

Hi Fellow Texans!.

Was glad to see some familiar places. I'm from Marble Falls, which is between SA and Austin. Just started the plan on Oct 4th. Really have enjoyed it! Started at 148 and am down to 132 on my last weigh-in. Does anyone go to a Medifast center? I figured since I had over 100 pds to loose I needed help. I am surprised at how, not hungry, I am! That's amazing!! Getting tired of salads.

Do any of you have a favorite? And was wondering if you've tried the tomaote soup and pancakes? All of you are doing so Well!!! Nice to hear the success stories! Very encouraging! =)..

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My name is Candy and I want to join this Texas Group. I was born in Lubbock and moved to Corpus Christi in 1968 just before Hurricane Celia. I started Medifast on 9/1/10 and tomorrow is my official weigh in day. As of last week I am down 16.5 lbs in 5 weeks. Good to see a Texas group. Hopefully I can find it again! LOL..

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Lacyn, I live in Seguin and u? I would love to meet someday. Glo..

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Hey! I'm from Lake Jackson, south of houston. Tonight is my 2nd day on MF. Feeling bleh. Headache and crap...

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Hi y'all! I'm from Houston and started my recommitment to Medifast yesterday..

Let's get this group going again!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.