I'm thinking about trying Nutrisystem... PROs v. CONs?

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My question is I'm thinking about trying Nutrisystem... PROs v. CONs? Many thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Man, where is everybody this week? It's been very slow here, actually last week too. Let's be sure we keep each other very focused through the holidays, so let's hear some chatter out there...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

I'm here, and focused on losing weight through the holidays. A few weeks ago I was thinking I'd focus on maintaining my weight through the holiday period, but I've been so successful the past 2 weeks that I've just got to keep it up! So I'm planning on losing another 4-5lbs by the 1st!!! Wish me luck.....

Comment #2

I am new to the Nutrisystem program (3 days) and looking to stay focused through the Holidays to start the new year on the right track. One thing I have noticed is that with the program I can stay with the right sized portions more easily. Try as hard as I did before I would take more food than I could to loose weight and while my wife tried to cook properly for me I could only maintain my weight...

Comment #3

Its been a busy couple of weeks for me with finals week and my senior show art exhibition. The show went fantastically well and I received a lot of compliments on my weight loss and on my work in the show. It was a great experience..

Heres a goofy photo from the show.

On the downside I went wildly off plan for a week and put on three pounds. I've been back on track for a week and am happy to report I lost the added weight and three more of the original pounds for a new low of 277...

Comment #4

Nice pic mike - good job!.

Yea, it has been quiet..not sure why..

I've been doing well - exercised again today - I think I am losing weight - but we'll see on monday. christmas parties this weekend. I plan on staying on plan, but I may have a christmas beer..

Comment #5

Since rejoing Nutrisystem 2 weeks ago, I noticed that the Men's room is nothing like it used to be (about 2 years ago). There use to always be a steady stream of posts, now it is like only a couple per day..

What happened? Appears people have moved on, which may be a good thing if they have reached their goals...

Comment #6

Sometimes, doing this actually helps kickstart your mentabolism back into a fat burning machine! I wouldn't make a habit out of it, but in my long journey, I have found a couple little strays not to be problem. Not to mention, the guilt from such strayings can really help get the motivation factor back..

Great job Mike, you look great..

Keep up the great work...

Comment #7

Hey guys, I got some instructions to add a weight ticker to my posts & my profile in Nutrisystem (from but I am confused about how and where to apply the HTML. Can anybody point me to comprehensive instructions to do this? (I've never had to deal with HTML...been very spoiled at work!)..

Comment #8

Perry - in the upper left corner of this screen click user preferences. then on the left you will see edit signature. click on that. you will be pasting html code in there you get from w8book.

I use tickerfactory because i'm a cheap sob..

Comment #9

Thanks Bob!.

Boy do I have a long way to go...Had a tough day at work and really wanted to relax with a glass of wine but I reminded myself that one leads to several more..

Tried the Buffalo Chicken Wrap for the first time and decided next time to add a little skinless chicken breast & hot sauce...

Comment #10

You are exactly right on the portion sizes. When I started Nutrisystem I was shocked at how small the portions were, because I'd eat 3-4x as much of a particular entree prior to dieting. But I stuck with it and have had great results. Now the portion sizes don't seem small any longer, I'm counting on that retraining once I hit maintenance time. It won't be long..

Anyhow, Good Luck Perry! Stick with it and you'll see some real results quickly, especially if you add some serious exercise to the NS..

Comment #11

Perry there are a lot of threads with suggestions for the food - for example, I had the mushroom risotto tonight which is actually pretty good. I added about 12 crimini mushrooms to it then warmed it all up - made a real meal out of it! and you can eat as many mushrooms as you like on NS....

Anyhow good luck! as poly apolytongp would say "eat huge salads"..

Comment #12

Is that one of the olson twins?.

Mmm twins..

Comment #13

Great pic, Met!! Where'd you put it all? Hard to see where you're hiding 277 lbs there!.

Looking really trim. Must be a big guy!.


Comment #14

Thanks Guys for your encouragement! I get the need for exercise, and am starting back into a routine this weekend. (Duck Hunt & Train my Lab on the weekends, walk the dog or do light weights & aerobics at the gym on weekdays) I'm also going to have to find time to go shopping in for my wife or it will cost me next week!..

Comment #15

About every 5 months this comes up. 2 years ago this place was special. We had a bunch of guys that enjoyed witty banter, tough love, and telling it like it is, and with an edge. After a while the population of this room changed and didn't like that anymore, and most of those guys went away. I'm one of them. It was really fun, and more importantly, truly motivating back then.

So I guess that works for the "guys" that hang around now, but it doesn't work for me, and it looks like it doesn't work for that gang from 2 years ago..

We set up our own discussions boards over at another site when it got real soft in here. That was fun too, but eventually things returned to almost normal, so we came back here. When things softened up YET AGAIN, most of those guys just left. Some of us got so sick of it we left NutriSystem completely. The boards 2-3 years ago were a big part of why I chose NutriSystem and without that atmosphere, it just doesn't work for me..

Now I just lurk once a week or so to see if any of the other old timers come back. When they don't I just go back away again..

**slinks back into the shadows**..

Comment #16

Aww jedi you hurt my ity bity feelings!.

I think we can handle it....

There are a few scumbags that come around now and then that some people don't know are simply fakes and should be ignored - littlerichie, probably rickindaddio and a few when you see someone truly be an a$$ it should be ignored. the rest of us move on....

There are actually only about 10 regulars here now - i've found support that's for sure! see our hasselhoff challenge and the new years challenge and the restart thread. I think we're doing ok..

Comment #17

I do too. And see, that's what I mean: too many people in this room began taking things the wrong way and in the wrong spirit. It wasn't safe to just let 'er rip and have fun. Too many whiners getting their feelings hurt. So rather than be an a$$, I (and others) just moved on so that the room could be what it is..

There is good support in here, and you guys are doing great. But someone asked why the posts have died down, and I think the reason why is that back in the day it was really a safe haven for guys to cut loose, have fun, and really help each other by being a little rough..

That's just not the atmosphere anymore. You can go to any number of discussion groups on the Internet and get calm, easy going support and advice. But it was different, edgy, fun, sarcastic. Now this place is still a good place for support and encouragement, but it's lost it's uniqueness, and thus, the traffic has slowed down..

There's NOTHING wrong with this place, it's just homogenized now, and that's okay. It is what it is. You guys are getting great support, and you are doing fantastic. Keep it up and have fun..

But it's my opinion (which counts for NOTHING) that the above reasons are why the traffic has slowed so much...

Comment #18

Things will pick up after New Years day. When the guilt and exercise equipment sales are in abundance..

Lord knows thats when I joined NS...

Comment #19

Be damn glad you did Mike, you were a true fat-ass..

How's that jedi?..

Comment #20


There was a balance to this room at one point. You could be sarcastic, edgy, and funny, and it would make sense in context. Now it's either be an a$$ or be a candy-a$$. It's all about context..

Like I said before, this is working for you guys, so good for you. I'm not going to mess with it. Just wanted to answer that one guy's question about why I thought things had slowed up...

Comment #21

I know and at the expense of poor Mike....

It must change from time to time, maybe we're a kinder gentler NS.

Maybe the attitude follows the presidents genre..

Comment #22

I agree w/ Haggis. The 1st day I logged on here, (Feb 08) I was called several names. Took a back step and learned to read what was being said and not how it was presented..

GOOD STUFF and got me on the right track...

Comment #23

Thats actually perfect! And true.

Edit: Just realized Im not the only Mike here...

Comment #24

Damn, it really has gone quiet. Hopefully everyone's not out ruining their Nutrisystem progress.....

Comment #25

I was ok - wasn't easy yesterday, but I shoveld snow fo 2 hours so that let me have a few drinks...i made good food choices even with company over and all. anyhow I was 225 back up to 226 - I want to be below 225 now so I am dedicated thru friday! then friday is christmas and has it's own challenges.....

Comment #26

Well, I'm glad that this thread at least got folks talking a little bit..

Haggis makes some good points about the way the site is now vs. how it used to be. I suppose it takes on the personality of the "regulars". Having read back in Nutrisystem history it does look like it was a lot of fun in here then, but I'll take what we have going on now too, as was pointed out there are lots of guys having good success right now..

It's interesting to me that there aren't more people here. I have to imagine that there are far more men on Nutrisystem than just the 30 or so that post here semi-regularly. Wonder why they don't avail themselves of this resource?..

Comment #27

Name calling? Again, with the name calling? You sure are miserable ugly fat guy aren't you? You need to drink more water and lay off the Hater-ade..

Talk or type all the trash you want, you sure are a angry little man. I take joy in knowing someone with your issues will always be fat because you will always need food to fill the emptiness you feel in your miserable existence. No doubt you'll lose weight for a little while because Nutrisystem does work, but you'll go back to your old ways and be twice as fat soon enough. Which is just going to tickle me to no end..

So you want to call me names huh? You want to play that game? This coming from a guy who's avatar shows him beating his meat? (or is that someone else's meat your beating?) I don't know what you are, what your about, or what you are really into, but I do know I would not stand next to you at the urinal. You are no doubt a pecker peeking meat gazer that I would not want to be near..

So go grab a snack chubs, you'll feel better with some sweet deliciousness in your swell belly. Oh, and if I hurt your witto' fweeings...Jimmy Crack Corn (and I think you know the rest)...

Comment #28

My wife and I are literally laughing out loud ritchie! good one! merry christmas!..

Comment #29

You guys are too funny! I was out of town for a day, but am back, obviously....

I'm on track with all my exercise and Nutrisystem foods, but I'm really struggling with old holiday food eating traditions, I want to go off badly... I haven't blown it yet but damn I want to. But I won't, won't, won't!!!!!!!!..

Comment #30

Good job Bill! almost done with this holiday business - and I have all these birthdays - including mine - in december too. really slowed me down...i wasn't as good as far so good the last several days tho - exercise and all...

Comment #31

No, I'm really struggling to hang, I'm so used to going out to eat almost daily, having plenty of cocktails, and munchies around the house during the holidays. I've been cheating a bite here and a bite there, no alcohol yet, and have actually gained about a pound back over the past 3 days. I just did 40 minutes on the elliptical and am going to do 30 more before showering and calling it a night. I've got to stay strong.....

Comment #32

Tis the Season! I have been checking in, but I have not had time to chat!..

Comment #33

My weight is down today, so all my elliptical time yesterday paid off. I need to stay away from any cheats today and maybe I can see a new all-time Nutrisystem low weight tomorrow. That'd sure be nice.....

Comment #34

Daily weighing - oy vey!.

It drove me nuts for too long so I don't do it now. i'll weigh in friday and/or monday for the challenge i'm in...i hate seeing me go up 3 lbs in one day when I am 100% and worked out - makes no sense!..

Comment #35

There are a lot of statistically sound studies, showing that daily weighing leads to better diet adherance during both loss times as well as maintenance. My sister the physician just showed me another. Maybe if coach makes Rocky weighin daily, then Rock stays on plan better...bob!..

Comment #36

Maybe it's too quiet because I was not respectful enough of the veteran posters from 2 years ago. Punish me and start flame wars against me. Beat the troll!!!..

Comment #37

Yea, but I get pissed if I am 100% and gain 3 lbs - then I feel like I shouldn't eat anything that day and that doesn't help at all...even if it's not the right thing to do, so it's a head game i'de rather avoid....

You're busy now, traveling and all, eh pol?..

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