I'm thinking about trying out Nutrisystem... PROs v. CONS?

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First of all I'm thinking about trying out Nutrisystem... PROs v. CONS? Looking forward for any response. My other question... Men: I'm administering the Sixth Biggest Loser Contest. Please consider joining.

I think the ladies enjoy having some men in the house. Men usually do well...but watch out for the ladies...they can be tough also!.

See here for details:.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

Tighten up baby. BD4cu and Bond are pulling away from you...

Comment #2

Ive been stuck here with 20 down and 20 to go for several months now. I call it "mid way maintenance". Its now time to do the work and finish the job. Ill join you and your band of losers Poly..


Comment #3

A, you are not kidding...i need to kick it up a level.

And i'll probably come back for a gain on monday.

But, you know what, i'm ok with it. i'll get back on track no problem.

Did well today, went to the tampa aquarium and ate salad. Nutrisystem breakfast, light dinner. should be good, we'll see.

My dad's doing better that's the good news - we golfed - I had to re-adjust for the weight loss, not at all easy, i'm too limber now...guess thats good!..

Comment #4

Weekly Monday weighins. Winner based on percent. More details at the thread. Bob and I are in the top 10 for BL5...

Comment #5

I join! I need something to help me keep accountable with my working out...

Comment #6

Hey man, I appreciate the invite but I don't play well with others. HaHa Just kidding, I'm losing so slow it wouldn't be an honest effort. I know if I would expend more calories I'd lose faster, but I'm just happy to slowly lose, yet remain lazy...

Comment #7

U are going to have your work cut out for you poly - looks like a big competition. good job on BL5 by the way - no way I could have caught up, plus I blew it the last two weeks.....

I think 8 weeks is pretty good - that january/feb time period is pretty much an easy time to be on track - no celebrations, holidays, etc. (except the super bowl and I don't see the jets making it) - I would like to be pushing 200 by the time the 8 weeks are over -.

Good luck guys!..

Comment #8

Looks like what I need, I'll play. I've been struggling the last few weeks with the pig flu and my lose rate has suffered, but I'm back in fighting shape for this...

Comment #9

Yea we went thru swine flu then a week worths of vacation right after...i've been level but that's not what I get this food for.....

Comment #10

No timeouts for the group. We are starting right on the 14thDEC. Those who want to party can just fall behind to those that run it through...

Comment #11

I hear ya - I am done with my partying - back into the goove!..

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