Im trying to get a domain name from 123

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My 1st question is: Im trying to get a domain name from 123 Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: Just an idea for the active bidders on Snap Names. Is anyone interested in forming a group with the intent to share biddding information and agendas, thus instead of driving prices upward, keeping prices down?.

IE - I usually see several domainers from NP in many of the auctions I go after at Snap. Instead of bidding against eachother, we could create a system that would allow open discussion of domains, and create a fair buying situation, so that a member can compete for a HostGator name, without directly bidding against any other of our members bids....

Considering Bonkers, Vaxis, and the like are bidding up many of the premium keywords, making it unaffordable for the rest of us, How about we team up to make the domains that are affordable even less expensive?.

Anyone interested?.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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Hmm. Seems like this would legal as it's not much different than a boycott. Of course, I don't know, but generally, I know collusion between sellers is illegal; I have never really thought about collusion among customers/buyers. Of course, as hark mentions, if you make intentions known you are opening yourself up to scrutiny (which at this stage may be good as you explore the possibility and hear others' opinions), and also your outside buying competitors will know your strategy and you lose any advantage...

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I think the term for this is.


It is a violation of anti-trust laws..


It is what the Dolphins and Chiefs are doing with Trent Green...

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Im not sure the legality of this move. The way I saw it, it would be on a points system....

Everyone starts with 1 point, You excerise or use 1 point by "Claiming" a particular auction - this would give that buyer the right to be the sole bidder in the group (on that HostGator name).

Now, that buyer has a -1.

That means that the next auction they "claim", can be overtaken by another person who has a +1..

Although this a basic concept, it would be expanded upon..

Also, if it's a group of Domainers, and not all domainers, Im not sure how illegal this would be. Particularly, Jamie (Yofie) and I, both like similar auctions I will lay up on the ones he really likes..


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I think the best way to do it is have all interested parties in the group that are interested in a HostGator share the maximum amount they are willing to bid. Then bid that highest amount for that party...

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I think -RJ- is forming an investment group..

I doubt this "keeping the price low" would work because domainers are greedy...

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I'm in 6 bids right now and Yofie is in 3 of them ! .....but so is Bonkers.

It may get pretty tricky buying as individuals, especially when different domains are likely to have a totally different end user resale value, I could see that causing problems eventually..

I much prefer the idea of the coop style group - buy together and share any profits together..


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How about creating page, with verification of users,.

And every user tell how much he is going to spend for that domain,.

So others dont need to bid if they know that they would be outbid ?

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