In cookie Medifast recipes. What is the differecen between using cold butter and warm butter?

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My 1st question is: In cookie Medifast recipes. What is the differecen between using cold butter and warm butter? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... Well,.


Went terrific. Got home last night. Today was my first full day on full liquids. I have found that whay they are suggesting I eat is way too much for me. I am trying to get in all the protein I need, but drinking that much in the morning and I was sooo uncomfortable! I didn't have the dumping but I knew it was way too much. How did everyone find a balance in their protein drinks and making sure you got all of it in? I am finding it very difficult today to feel like I am doing what I am supposed to do if I can't get everything in.


Laps around but am just finding it very difficult to get in all the protein. They suggested 4 protein shakes a day! Help!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Glad to hear that you are home and doing well. Alysha gave some good advice. Sip, walk, rest. Repeat.:)..

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Welcome home and remeber, Progress, not perfection. Walk and liquids are essentials, and eating will get better as time goes on!..

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Hi Kelly..I had the same issue (and still am 2wks out). 2 protein shakes a day and a total of 64 oz was just too much and I cant do it..but I took all the advice here and just keep sipping and sipping..and doing the best I can. Good luck and dont forget to sip :)..

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Welcome home! The best advice I could give to you and I experienced the same exact thing...listen to your body! Your baby pouch will definitely tell you when it's had enough. You will feel a pressure in the middle of your abdomen in between your ribs..

Dont' worry about getting it all in...just do what you can. You may have to remember to force yourself to eat sometimes...and I definitely had to force myself to sip water all day long. Warm tea helps. I really focused on getting my protein in the smallest amount of liquid I could, so my pouch wouldn't hurt so much..

Good luck!..

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I hate theprotein stuff, all of it! I can't wait until we can eat actual smoothies w/ strawberries lol! However, if you're goal is to get it in easier, my husband just found this 42gram protein tube at GNC and it's only 4.3 oz. One can usually do for the day if you eat some refried beans or something and at least 16 oz. glass of milk (16 grams protein!) They taste like a cross between soy sauce and oranges which yes, is not the greatest flavor. However, yo can get your protein done in about an hour or less and then enjoy the better part of the liquids and purees (which still gets old fast lol). It's easier than anything I've found thus far. Good luck!..

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I am pre-op and working on getting things together before.


One of the things I got was unflavored whey isolate protein powder(20 grams of protein per scoop). It is tasteless and can be added to anything, including the liquids required. I also took the advise of the bariatric center and picked up some non-fat dry milk. Mix 1 cup of skim or 1% milk, 1/3 cup non-fat dry milk and you get 16 grams of protein. They call it power milk. They also list low fat cream soups(no chunks) which you can mix the power milk or unflavored protein powder with.

This is my plan..


It helps...

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I was also told to.

Stay away.

From the tube protein as it is mostly sugar and doesn't contain the right ingredients...

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I am not post op yet but same advice given to me... get unflavored WHEY protein. *the stuff in the tubes or shot glasses are not the right protein*.

I LOVE herbal tea- especially.


And sugar plum and adding the unflavored protein powder is easy...

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I would be interested to know why the protein shots are "not the right kind of protein" The ones I got at GNC are whey protein... Although they taste like $#*&, I am gagging them down rather than not getting all my protein in. Thought it would be easy to get in the protein and fluids.... not so joe! I'm keeping after it though and am not going to give up.. Today was easier than yesterday so I have.


! LOL!..

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