In Medifast recipes calling for boneless chicken breasts, can I use other chicken parts instead?

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My first question is In Medifast recipes calling for boneless chicken breasts, can I use other chicken parts instead? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... I'm having short bursts of anxiety and I feel like a wimp!! Did anyone else feel like this right before their.


? I've thought about this life changed, read about it, studied it, turned it inside out.. before I took this step and felt completely STOKED and SURE... and NOW 4 days before I feel like hiding under my bed with a pillow over my head..

I think part of it is I have a hard time with anesthesia ... so that scares me.. plus the.


Is tricky. SO that is scary..

I feel confidant that I can do the rest. RIght?.

I think. Maybe. Am I going to mess this up? Nah. My partner did it.. so I'm going to have my own personal cheerleader. AHHHH..

Maybe some pats on the back would help (hint hint.)..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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I think you will do just fine, we all have been through this and understand your anxiety. Try to relax and think about all the good results from this instead of the "what ifs", I will be thinking about ya let us know how you are!..

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I feel the same way. My.


Is next monday and now after a year of preparing I am afraid. Maybe we can make it through this together..

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It is perfectly normal for you to be a little scared...I was terrified and like you I have problems with all medications. My.


Went pretty good and I had a great team that took into consideration my problems with medication. Sending you prayers your way for a successful.


And a speedy recovery..


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Best of luck...I go in Thursday for my.


I already had an anxiety dream that they cancelled my.


And the surgeon told me he hated me. It is totally normal to feel anxiety even after preparing for all we are going to undergo. Good luck you will do fine just remember to BREATHE through the anxiety...

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You will do great, stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize - a new healthy skinny you..

Its normal to be scared. Stay strong. You have done your.


And wanted this or you wouldn't be where you are now, 4 days from.



Good luck, sending speedy vibes and saying a.


For you for your.


Take care...

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You will get through this sweetie. Yes, most of us were scared too. Don't forget to breathe and know that you will be joining us on this weight loss journey very soon!!!.

Let your doctor and anesthesiologist know about your fears and concerns. Also take someone with you to be with you right before the.


Who can help keep you calm. If this is not your be it. If it is....then that is good too. Very important to get the calm support right before the.



If you can..take some time to do some relaxing activities a couple of days before. Visualize the.


Going really well. Visualize the surgeon and support staff as being very competent and taking very good care of you..

You may want to check out a CD that I used before.


It is by Bellruth Naparstack and is called Preparing for.


You may be able to download it from ITunes, Worth every penny. It's a.


Type of CD and will calm your nerves..

Sending you lots of good thoughts for a successful.


You will do great. You have a lot of support here...

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You will do wonderfullly, I am 5 days post up, and I was super scared and hiding, but it all turned out just fine....

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I'm 12 days post and fully understand your fear and anxiety..

You have made a life changing decision, and that in itself can stir up a lot of feelings: Am I making the right choice? Will I be successful? etc. etc. Then there's the very normal anxiety that any major.


Brings. You are not a wimp and you will not only get through this, you will soon be celebrating your decision..

I got really anxious 2 weeks before my.


Some one gave me a pre-op.


& visualization CD, which I put on my ipod and listened to every night before I went to.


It really helped to tame the dragons in my brain. In fact I listened to it in pre-op as I was prepped for.



I wish you the very best as you begin this new chapter in your life journey!..

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