In the Medifast Diet, are we allowed halls?

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Got a question... In the Medifast Diet, are we allowed halls? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY - THURSDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (84)

Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

"I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it came from within. It was there all the time."..

Comment #2

I need to shower and leave soon to drive to the hospital..

My cousin was there alone last night and they would not let her make any major decisions until morning..

My father and his brother both live in FL and my other Aunt is in TN..

So it will be myself, and my Uncle from up in NW Jersey with my cousin this morning to help her decide and get through this..

Pam is an only child like me..

And her relationship with Nancy is very similar to the one I had with Lorraine as far as how close they are..

My heart is just broken for her for what she's about to go through..

Have a good Saturday to all..

I'll check back later...

Comment #3

Good Morning Peeps!!!.

I am so glad the weekend is here AND it is suppossed to warm up a bit!!!!!!!!!!.

I may head to spinning soon. Hope everyone has a good day!..

Comment #4

Morning shammies!.

We are experiencing a heat wave...supposed to hit 30's tomorrow! WOW!.

Have errands and laundry to do today...tomorrow I had to Wisconsin..

Hope everyone is planning so that you can have a OP weekend!.

No excuses...just do it!.

You can eat the junk or wear anything you can't do both!..

Comment #5

Lori - sorry to hear about more family trouble....

Toni - enjoy Spinning- Gotta get myself back into that....

Deb - safe travels....

AFM - Silk pup still wheezie but slightly better. now worried about diarrhea from all the antibx.

So me and teh pups are downstairs so hubbie can get some rest after being up all night. might see if pups will nap with me on the couch... hhhmmmmmm good start for the weekend.

Have a great OP day - off to drink some early morning water..

Comment #6

Morning everyone,.

Lori, so sorry to hear about your cousin. I have to go back to yesterdays posts to see what the problem is but prayers coming her way. I'll be leaving soon to go back to hospital too. DH said they took the nasal tube out last night so he's thrilled with that and was supposed to get something liquid to try this morning. It's warming up here too and hopefully our roof won't start leaking due to all the snow and ice built up on it. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Dawn, be careful driving tomorrow and Toni, spin away!..

Comment #7

Hi Andi, we were posting at the same time. Hope pup starts feeling better real soon...

Comment #8

Lori, I see that it was your Aunt who is passing away and you want to be with her dtr. Stay strong for her and take care of yourself too...

Comment #9

Morning Barb - excited for hubbie to have the tube out - that is one of my VERY least fave things to have to do for someone... even if they need it... hope he enjoys his hospital liquid diet.....

Comment #10

OK - not overly pleased with myself but I've been OP for a week and have two challenging weeks coming up with conference away from home but I am committing HERE AND NOW to be OP with my eating and water until these last 15 are off. Exercvise is still a work in progress and it will get better as the last few melt off..

Lori mentioned that she and several have been having focus issues - I say to you Sexy Shamrocks - WHAT SHALL WE DO???.

It is just over ONE MONTH until Shammies Anniversary. Where could you be? Where do you want to be? How can you best get there? How can I/we help you?.

I COULD be at goal..

Realistically - I WANT to be under 150..

I WILL come every day cuz I can best get there with the strength and motivation of this group. I will even try really hard to come twice per day - even when I am away, I will fight with my iPhone to make it happen..

Feel free to help by callin me out when I am an MIA azzhat..

NOW I'm off to drink some water and make some tea - I think Pineapple Kona Pop today....

Later lovelies!..

Comment #11

I've been on last week's thread all morning. Oops. Pretend I said that stuff here...

Comment #12

I COULD be down 20 total in a month..

I think that is realistic. That's about 8 pounds..

Especially if I got well and found some exercise rhythm..

What might help me? I come here to escape food cravings. I read and type and don't have a free hand to feed my face. It's disheartening when the Shammie thread hasn't moved much and I have to go read in the Medifast recipe thread or some other whiny thing. What else might help me? A hot, buff, personal trainer dude... but I digress..

Andi- You've got the right idea here...

Comment #13

Here's what I posted this morning when I fell into the time warp and was still on the 2/11 thread. Thought I might get an answer here better than in the time warp...

Comment #14

Love this andi. I'm one of those struggling. today my mood/ attitude is much improved. I'm will work to get here more. and am getting beck book out today! going to focus on water today!.

Lori, take care of urself. I cannot imagine going thru this so soon after your mothers death!.

Barb, glad dh is doing better!.

Muffy I dont know about the egg thing. sometimes it's better to just follow the guidelines and not think too much into it. maybe search the Medifast Medifast board?.

Im heading to mall today to see if I can find some deals..

Comment #15

Hey Peeps!.

I went out with my neighbors this morning to an estate sale. All sunny and bright and then wham! blizzard...seriously we were walking through it. Now it is sunny and bright again with no snow....weird.......

Comment #16

Regarding eggs - I have never seen and/or abided by that guideline. I regularly have/had weeks worth of eating 1 cup of egg beaters with 2 eggs, especially when I want to same some money and the chicken is not on sale. As long as you don't add any fat I think it is fine.....

Comment #17

Lori - take care of you today..

Barb- glad hubby is doing better..

Andi - love your plan.

Dawn - have a safe trip..

Today is French club for me and practice piano - I am way behind in my practice. Maybe get ironing done????..

Comment #18

In a month I.


Be at 25lbs lost! I need to make more effort reading and participating in this thread. Exercise...maybe walking since I have a bum arm right now!.

I am going to try and back track really quick on my shout-outs since I have been MIA!.

Barb - I have been thinking about you and your DH alot! I am glad he is feeling better and I am glad you have this thread to come to and talk. What an ordeal to go through!.

Lara - Yoga sounds hard! Who would have thought by watching videos (which I do but have yet tried!.

) that you could not only hurt your back but stop your weight loss. Although I am sure it will be great once losing the weight is not an issue - it helps give a toned sexy flexible strong body! I may have to try it once the weight is off! I am really glad to hear your kids are feeling better - I will keep sending healthy vibes your way so you don't come down with what they had!.

Toni - How is spinning anyway? I always wanted to try it! How has the thigh comptraption been working? I think that your friend has the right attitude with her diagnosis! It makes me sad to know she is going through that, but a good attitude helps in all situations! Oh sorry you have to take that test! I hate tests!!!!.

Robyn - Hope you are enjoying your saturday! I havent been able to read back to far so I am sure I am missing some of your adventures!.

Jill - Hang in there! I think this is realistic to life. Not everyday or every week will be easy so you need to just take one day, one hour, one minute at a time. If you keep working towards your goal it will all eventually work out!.

Andrea - I know I would be just as emotional in the same situation regarding my kids accomplishments as well as my own! You should be proud of your DS and of you!.

Sandy - Good to have you back. Time to take a vacation from getting back from your vacation! I am so impressed that even during your time away you thought of everyone here and continued to post! I have trouble doing it when I don't go anywhere - not thinking of all of you because I do that all the time, just getting on this computer and posting..

Andi - Thanks for the thoughts today! I think it is good to take a look at ourselves and what we want to achieve. Thank you!.

Angela - I have also been thinking about you and your mom. I hope the surgery went well and I know the next 6 months are going to be difficult! Not just physically but mentally as well! We really don't know what we have until it is gone...being able to use and bear down on our legs a big one!!!.

Dawn - You know how I feel about you! I am so glad you are feeling better and once again I hope all goes well with your sister! I am still praying about it..

Muffy- I am glad you are feeling better. Plug your ears when it comes to ignorant people and their comments!! You getting sick has absolutely NOTHING to do with MF! If anything you are getting more nutrients than most of the people around you!!.

Lori - I know being supportive is going to be difficult for you. It will bring back alot of the ache as well as not so good memories. However, who better to support your cousin than someone who knows...really knows. You will be able to say the things she needs to hear and not say the things you know she doesnt want to hear (unnecessary things that people say thinking they are helping.) My heart is with you and I hate that you need to do this. Stay strong and supportive and if you need support in return, you know where we all are!.

Hi Kori and Renee! Both of you must be busy I havent read back far enough to read your adventures either! I am doing ok. My arm is still hurt...still waiting - although I did receive a call from the Dr. yesterday but the message was left at home and I was at work. By the time I got the message it was too late to call! What's another 2 days going to hurt if I have been walking around with a fractured elbow for 3 weeks!!!.

I am off to babysit my Grandson's! No GramCracker dog piles today!! I think I will wear my sling so they are not tempted!! ha ha!.

I will check back later - I hope I didn't miss anyone but I probably did because I really suck at shout-outs!!!..

Comment #19

Katie!! I missed Katie! Not intentionally!! I am glad your box came and I am glad you are here! What a great addition to the Sexy Shamrocks!!..

Comment #20

NSV... washed dieters crack from knife... did NOT lick it off!!!!..

Comment #21

Hello lovelies... I slept a good 10 hours and am still exhausted. What the he!! is wrong with me? So I tried the pancakes this morning and was really not so impressed. Too runny so the texture was more like crepes. The walden farms syrup was actually quite tasty. I need to get ready b/c one of my best friends is having a birthday lunch at noon and I need to leave in less than an hour..

Muffy ~ I think the egg deal is because of the cholesteral in the yolks but not sure. Glad you are feeling better!!.

Lori ~ {{hugs}}.

Andi ~ Love the inspiration today!! Thanks for getting us all motivated! I will be down 15 lbs by the shammy aniversary if it kills me!!!.

Melissa ~ Yoga is actually very good for your back and most normal hour long classes will stall your weight loss a lot less than some of the more intense cardio classes. I think Lara's problem is that it is a 90 minute hot class that burns way more cals than most typical yoga classes. Give it a try, I think you will love it!!!.

Barb ~ Continued prayers for Doug's recovery..

Toni ~ I am going to try a spin class this week, will it completely kick my azz if I havent been working out regularly?.

Hi Robyn, Renee Sandy, Lara, Kori, Andi, and everyone else I am missing. I have got to get moving. Be back this evening. I have another bb game at 5. Thank god the season is about over!!..

Comment #22

Jill ~ I forgot you in my post. so sorry!! Great job with not licking the knife!! Hope you get your Medifast mojo back asap, lets do this girl!!!..

Comment #23

Well I just found out Doug gets to come home later today so I'm stopping by florist to pick up some flowers for the nurses (Doug's a stickler for doing this) and then on to the hospital. He may not get out till about 5 cuz they need to wean him off some of the meds but he's excited and so am I. Will probably not be back here till tomorrow so have a good weekend...

Comment #24

What great shout out you guys. I am impressed..

I hope to be close to the 130's by Shammie anniversary. I am going to stay on plan and walk the walk...

Comment #25

Mel Yes spinning will kill you if you havent done it before. I know super fit people (runners) who have died and not made it through spinning classes. I also do not recommend it if you are just starting back on 5-1. It can burn like 500 calories so I try not to go so much when I am on 5. I am a biker; I bike everywhere when it is warm so I think that makes it more for me. I didnt go today.went shopping instead..but I have my circle glide!.

Barb Glad things are going better and he is coming home. I bet the nruses flowers are more money due to V-Day on Monday!.

Muffy Hope you are feeling better! I think I should raise chickens, since I eat a ton of them!!.

Jill Congrats on conquering the knife! This whole thing must be a lot harder with kids!!!.

Melissa You are the shout out queen! I do still like the circle glide, but I need to do it every other day, because I was way sore. Fortunately I worked in some inner thigh massages to help balance it all out...

Andi- I need to get some fun flavored tea!!! It sounds awesome! And I do know that when you are doing this right those kind of things feel like dessert! I feel that way about diet cream is like a 6th. Medifast meal at times!!.

Andrea Congrats on your DS! I hope you enjoy every minute!.

Dawn Sending positive vibes to you and your sister!.

Angela Keep popping by when you can..

Lara My department has now been shifted under Rehabilitation and I am not so happy about it.dont get me wrong I love me some PT/OT/ST, but we have very different goals and theoretical approaches.I trying to figure out how to negotiate the changes and advocate for my profession. I have a new boss who I am meeting next week..

Robyn Im sure you have probably already earned that cruise and then some.dont spend the whole weekend on your knees, ok?!?!?.

Lori Keep us posted when you can..

Sorry if I missed anyone!.

AFM - Laundry, coffee, and staying in to watch movies tonight with Rob....hopefully those thigh massages will make an encore performance.....

Who knew the circle glide would have those kind of fringe benefits?!?!?..

Comment #26

We're home too. Took alot of pleading to get released an hour early but it worked. Now hopefully I can relax the rest of the night. He's doing great and feeling good. He's already fed the dogs and let them outside so I'm thrilled about thatlol...

Comment #27

Hey Guys.....I am finishing my 4th week on MF....but I am new to forums. I would love to join..

Comment #28

Hi Heather and welcome. We're not very active today but we're a fun group with alot of love and support. Stick with usyou'll be glad you did. I'm Barb, 61 yrs. young and am usually here every day. I'll chat with everyone tomorrowhave a good night...

Comment #29

Hi guys! Sorry I have been MIA lately. Just been super busy with work, family, and church obligations. I am in between meetings and activities from church all day and headed out to dinner and a hockey game with family..

I will try to get on here again later..

Love you hookahs!..

Comment #30

Big good evening shout out to all! I've had a totally on plan day. I have been drinking lots of hot tea and it seems to be soothing the cold symptoms. So good..

Mad love to you all tonight...

Comment #31

Hello all, I am a newbie...I am on day 3. I had a little health scare last month, but all is well. Heart ok, no diabetes, blood work ok, so I took my doctors suggestion and started as soon as my food arrived. Surprisingly I am doing wonderful. My husband is proud of me. He didn't think I would last a day.

He is cooking for me and everything. LOL Well, I look forward to sharing and getting insiration from you guys.



Comment #32

GREAT job! I know I am always tempted so good on you for holding strong!..

Comment #33

Terri - welcome and congrats on getting started and holding strong. Neat to have a supportive doc - not the norm from what I've read.....

Comment #34

AFM - trying to give hubbie benefit of doubt and not be pizzzed. "Oh hunnie - you were up early with teh pups and let me sleep so why don't you take and nap and I will make dinner" well - no real nap happened but lots of relaxing in fromt of the TV and creeping up on 5:30p and no movement... started and finished dinner which baked for over an hour. called him down and 20 minutes later he comes down and says "I didn't know you were up - why didn't you let me know..." Proceeded to let him know that dinner was ready and he said he told our nephew they could play online games for a bit and THEN he would be down... HMMPF. and PFFFFT. MEN! Good thing I love him cuz I sleep with a 9...

Comment #35

And thank you for listening..

Otherwise today has been a pretty good day. did have a snack. didn't do much in teh way of mvmt. will float away from all teh water. Feelin' pretty good. work 9-5 tomorrow and planning on a great take-out OP Outback for dinner tomorrow. V-Day surprise..

Comment #36

Last but not least - Rest Well Sexy Shammies!..

Comment #37

I found out the reason for my funk.... JACK!!! Seriously I feel like a 14 year old with no control of my body! Between my IUD and my body adjusting after baby and nursing I had no idea what was up! So glad that he is here, I know why I have been so annoyed, will be much easier to stay on trackk again..

Comment #38


I'm never the first one here. I'm posting this right now and then adding a second post...

Comment #39

Andi, loved the posts last nightgo ahead, hit hubby, dinner should have been ready. Of course, we know how boys like to play their games and since it's Valentines Week, guess you can give him a break. Just be sure you get something out of itlol. Glad we have Terri and Heather joining us. Still not sure why it's so slow. Just to let the newbies know, Capt.

She's a great motivator, friend, and kick azz kind of gal. I think now that DH is home, we'll have a lazy day. He's doing so well, I wish I had only postponed my surgery for 2 weeks instead of 3. Oh well, maybe I can get back on the Medifast track and lose a few pounds before then. Hope everyone has a great day...

Comment #40

Morning shamma lamma ding dongs!.

Sipping coffee, and relaxing as the laundry finishes drying! Trying to get a few things done this morning and then heading off to Wisconsin..

Might take my niece out this afternoon for some shopping or to get her nails done or something fun like that! Then my sis and her hubby can have sometime alone, too..

The last few days I have been trying not to freak out about the surgery my sister is having. And all the "what ifs" since it is a complicated/delicate operation. The busier I stay the my house is extremely clean and I have organized all the closets in the bedrooms!.

Taking some Medifast bars/muffins with me for easy/convenient eating at the hospital rather than vending machine or other icky stuff!.

So glad to see some new people popping in last night! Welcome.




...this group is THE BEST! They helped get me to goal!.


~Soooo glad to hear hubby is doing so well after his week! GREAT!.


~Glad you figure out what was causing your funk!! Kinda makes sense considering how you were feeling. Hope you start feeling more "normal" soon!.


~OOOOhhhhh....Hubby and the diner thing. YIKES! I would have been upset, too! Hope all is well today and that you guys have a nice Valentine's dinner tonight!.


~Thinking of you hon! Sending hugs and mad love your way!.

Hi Mel, Kori, Toni, Ang, Lara, Muffy, Andrea, Robyn, Erin, and everyone else I may be missing (sorry-not brain doesn't function too well until the 2nd cup of coffee!).

The laundry (real laundry!) is calling my name...better go! have a great day guys!..

Comment #41

Welcome Heather! I'm a January 2011 starter too..

Hey Kori, nice to see you here. I know how that juggling the work/fam/church/sports/drivers ed/friends/etc stuff works. Wow, just made myself tired..

Welcome Terri. The first week is the most difficult, and you're half done with it!.

And welcome to Katie and Melanie too. The Shammies are just full of new green blood..

Great minds think alike, hookah!.

Listen, girl, I've got the same couch potato this weekend. Just remember, in the hen house when the rooster gets unruly and lazy, a hen takes over the crowing duties. When in doubt, we girls can do without. That's true about the chickens...).

Yes, I have also found that the "Witches of Mirena" do not allow for excellent timing or notification of the arrival of Jack. Evidently Mirena doesn't know Jack. (or at least when he's coming). However, I wouldn't go back to the pill. Jus' saying..

Good morning Barb!!!! Early bird gets the worm, another good thing if you're a chicken....

~~ oh, and this is really good news~~ vvvvv.

You'll be back on track in no time..

Captn Lori Hope your life slows back into groove soon. Miss ya here. Take care of yourself in this whole drama..

Well, fillies.... The weather is a-warming.

, the snow is a-melting, the roosters are a-crowing here, and the dammmn dog ran away chasing 6 deer in the back yard..

After a 60 acre run chasing pretty little bambi's, he will come back coated with the new found mud that 45 degrees is creating here on the farm So my exercise for the morning may perhaps be german shepherd wrangling in the bathtub. He's 110 pounds, strong as an ox, and hates the tub with unrational fear. Can you say....wet and smelly?.

I finished ".

Water for elephants.

" on my new Nook e-reader. I really recommend it to you if you like to read. This morning I downloaded ".

A Discovery of Witches.

" which is currently on the NY Time bestseller listing. Don't have an opinion of it yet, but will let you know. Sandy, how's.


Coming along? I almost pressed "BUY" on that one, but am awaiting your book review..

I do belong to a ladies book club, however, we've never read a book yet. We simply get too caught up in the ladies night out to ever return to the book topic, but it's much easier to look at the family and say, "I've got book club tonight." rather than "I'm going out to act silly with my girlfriends." It hasn't been near as much fun since I have been on Medifast but they have been supportive switchiing drinks for dinner so I just ate my L&G w/ water and enjoyed their company..

Other tasks for the day.... well, I'm feeling good today, something that the cold, and subsequently the flu, has not allowed me to do in about a week. I believe I'll douche this household into the shape it is supposed to be in..

Hey Toni... You do need chickens, girlfriend. Backyard poultry is very "green". (But not the ones raised for meat... You've never smelled anything so bad in your life. Really, go to your kitchen, mix up a bowl of azz and catfood and you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about.

The chicken world is so much simpler than ours. In the chicken world, the fattest girl is the queen, she rules the roost and gets to tell all the skinny girls what to do, when to do it, and to get the hellll outta her way. The fat girl gets the rooster's attention all the time, he'll find food for her and guard her from the hawks, and the skinny girl just hides in case the fat girl comes along. Really, you need 6 egg laying girls. Actually, I'm about to order chicks on the Internet today (for 4-H), and am going to get some new funky ones..

Have a great OP day, and shout outs to whomever I missed!!..

Comment #42

You snuck in while I was typing, chica! Please come organize my closets. I will make you Medifast Cappuccino while you work!..

Comment #43

My Aunt passed away at about 5:30 this morning..

I'll be back when I can...

Comment #44

Morning Peeps!!.

I have bee up for a bit drinking co get some coffee and planning for the day. I have to get some work done as I have manager treining at work the next couple of days. This was planned well before all the current changes so I am not so into it right now. I also may need to go back to Qatar in March. I am not looking forward to it from an Medifast perspective. It is way hard not to order all the gourmet food on the plane and then all the socializing and meals while there.

I'm not stressing about it yet, but it is on the horizon..

Muffy - Love the chicken hierarchy and societal structure. Too bad I don't have a back yard....I am on the 14th. floor of an aprtment building smack in the middle of dowtown Toronto. I may be moving to a 2 bedroom with a balcony....can I keep them out there?!?! I am avoiding watching Food, Inc. cuz I know how most meat production happens and it ain't pretty. I don't think I could give up eating chicken ever...although I do like the vegetarian alternative Gardein, not so bad.....

Dawn - I feel you, my life is always more organized when I am experiencing things out of my control. It helps to get that control. I think that is why I like the structure of Medifast too, for the control factor. Keep us posted on how things go..

Barb - You are hradly ever first! Congrats! I love how you had to post to secure your spot and then came back for your real post!.

Welcome to the newbies!!!.

I have weigh-in tomorrow, I'm hoping to be down at least 2, those 1 pound or less weeks are frustrating.....

Comment #45

Happy Valentine's Day. Playing with the candy heart generator...

Comment #46

Muffy, you really are becoming the queen of shout outs. Good luck with the dog. It's warmer here today too, about 38 degrees. Oh well, back to my online shopping...

Comment #47

Lori, sorry to hear about your aunt. Toni, 2 bedrooms and a balcony sound terrific. Will that be in the same apt. bldg.? I know you'd hate to lose your "cool" neighbors...

Comment #48

Good morning to everyone hope everyone has a peaceful and warm Sunday..

Lori, sorry about your aunt..

Mock Cauliflower Potatoes: Any good recipes out there?.


Comment #49

Hi all... just a fly by before my kids dinner/ceremony thing.... love to all..

Lori... so sorry about your aunt..

I'll be back later and will be able to say hi to all......

Comment #50

Renee - I like ICBINB and just a slight bit of dry Ranch dressing mix...

Comment #51

Off to work - have a GREAT OP water-drinkin kind of day...

Comment #52


Lori - sorry about Aunt..

Barb - glad DH is home and doing OK..

Welcome newbies..

Jill - glad you now know why - JACK.

Andi - hope work goes quick.

Andrea - have fun at ceremony and can't wait for pictures..

Kori - nice to see you checking in.

Toni - when will you know about travel.

Muffy - love your chatter and glad you are feeling better.

French club was good. I was shocked watching how much people ate..... and for dessert they took enough to feed the whole table and finished it themselves!.

Today we have couples golf and dinner. We are playing with a couple we have not played with before. I ordered a special meal. They are serving ribs and corn and potatoes and brownie with ice cream. Nothing I want to eat so I am having a nice chicken salad and my diet soda..

Have a good day everyone. Time for some coffee for me and Sunday paper...

Comment #53

I'm here finally, sorry I've been MIA. Busy this weekend and have not been OP. However starting today I am in the maintenance phase so that I can continue my yoga this week. So lets hope that works out for me. Got just a few minutes so I'm going to try to catch up...

Comment #54

We are in a heat wave to- up close to 60 today and by friday almost 70!.

This is why I needed to be here yesterday...

Comment #55

Love this Andi!!!! I need to be there with you. So I am promising to eat healthy during this phase I am embarking on. Then I will get back 5/1. If I need to adjust I WILL!! I WILL get under 150 and WANT to get to 140...

Comment #56

Hi again all....

Great shout out, Sandy. ditto..

Hey andi... making that commitment. good for you!.

Hi lara... we miss you when you r MIA. you too andi..

Hey robyn, melissa, dawn, barb, muffy, toni and ang and Mel. oh you too Kori. bound to miss someone..

Cub scout event was nice. will load pics asap. relaxing and trying to enjoy the rest of the weekend. both kids have homework to do still.. I heart school... NOT...

Comment #57


Everyone at the dinner ate everything in sight. isnt it weird to notice that? I was OP and stayed far away from the desert table. Enjoy golf thing and your chicken salad...

Comment #58

Melissa- I was going to tell you the same thing about yoga as Mel did. I am doing Bikram Yoga which is done in a room in excess of 100 degress and it last 90 minutes. Looking online it can burn upto 1000 cals (don't think I'm there yet but burnign too many). I don't advise it during 5/1 but I'm going to move into a maintenance phase for the next 5 weeks while I complete my sessions. Give your videos a try..

Barb- Glad to hear DH got to come home- how are you all doing?.

Toni- Sorry to hear the move for your dept. You are a guru at what you do and I have no doubt that you will advocate for your profession. Hopefully the OT/PT/ST will give you all the professional courtesy due and be willing to listen to your views. Also be sure that your new boss really understands and values your profession (lots of teaching here) so that he/she backs you all up...

Comment #59

Welcome Heather and Terri- we love newbies and this is a great group for support and to learn. Plus we are a lot of fun!.

Barb- Glad to hear things are going well...

Comment #60

Lori- I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. Please know that you and your family is in my prayers..

Sorry for those I missed, DD is ready to read to me, so motherly duties are calling...

Comment #61

Thanks for the shout outs Lara. Hope everyone has a good night. See ya tomorrow...

Comment #62

Hi everyone.

Lori's aunt worked with me for the last year....her death is very sudden and shocking...she will be missed...may she rest in peace...

Comment #63

Man, Lori, I am so sorry! Take care of yourself. I am sure it is going to be incredibly hard the next few days..

Just popping in quick, will try to come back later after the girls are asleep. YDD has a nasty cough and hasn't been sleeping well so not sure when she will go down for the night.....

Comment #64

Jill- Hope DD goes to sleep soon and sleeps well tonight.

I'll catch you all in the morning...

Comment #65



Sexy Shamrocks.




Feb 14 - March 15th.

Hearts will be awarded for:.

Weight loss (or maintained).

Exercise - 5 weekly.

Water - 7 weekly.

Progress toward personal goal(s)..

And Standard Shammie Randomosity..

Hearts can then be "traded" (this will happen automatically) for Shamrocks..

Contestant with the most Shamrocks will be crowned Queen Shamrock for St Patricks day..

Those interested please PM me your start weight (today or your last weigh-in..) and your goal weight for March 15th. Entries will be allowed at any time during the challenge....

Tomorrow (Monday) night, I will post a thread to the challenge board with a few more guidelines so be thinking of 1-3 ways you can measure your progress and know you are "getting there" (ie: posting every day OR being 100% on YOUR plan...).

And - "Lucky Charms"??? - was thinking Pink Hearts, Green Clovers....

SO -.



Shimmy your SWAGGER on.


Let's KNOCK out this next month!..

Comment #66

Morning Peeps!.

Happy V-Day!! Or Single Awareness Day, whichever you prefer and/or are defaulted into!!.

Great idea Andi about the challenge...I'm in!.

I am down 2 pounds today and am good with that!!! I am fueling up to hit the treadmill, gotta get back to the TM and C25k!!!.

Have a great day all!..

Comment #67

Gooood Morning Sexy Shamrock Family (said like Ty Pennington).

And Happy Valentine's Day!.

Andi- Love the challenge, I'm in and will PM in a sec..

Toni- Any plans with Rob or Mountie- your non BF's for today?.

My scale finally moved downward this morning- TG! So I'm feeling a little better and ready to conquer this challenge..

Hope everyone has a great week!.

Capt- still thinking about you! Love and Hugs your way...

Comment #68

Morning shammies....Think this is the earliest I have ever been here! WOW!.

Sister just left for the hopsital. I am taking my neice to a neighbors in a little while and then will head up there..

Surgery is supposed to take about 6 hours!.

I took my neice to get her nails done yesterday...she got this hot pink color and then the girl put hearts on her thumbs and some polka dots on all the rest...they look really cute! She was very excited!.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Valentine's day! Will try to get on later...not sure when...

Comment #69

Woke to a lovely bouquet of roses and lilies with eucalyptus and wonderful greens accompanied by a lovely card. My hubbie is THE BEST!..

Comment #70

Happy Valentine's Day.

Today is a great day because:.

The necklace I lost was found on Friday!!!.

Vince got me another necklace for V-day to replace that, so we returned itbut he tried..

We booked 5 days in Cozumel on Saturday morningWyndham Aura resortcheck it out!.

I'm down 5, yes 5!! pounds this week.


Andichallenge is a GREAT idea! I'm in!!.

Congrats to Toni and Lara who are also happy with WI today!!.

Have a great day!!..

Comment #71

Good morning all.... happy v-day or whatever day.....

Loving all the pos energy already this morning... I'm feelin the love..

Lara.. that yoga is intense and I'm very impressed. congrats on the loss this week!.

Toni.. sorry that I missed some news about your job. congrats on the WI !!!!!.

Dawn.. hoping all goes ok with your sister today. keep us up to date..

Erin... what on tap for your v-day?.

Robyn.. WOW. awesome WI, found your necklace... thats so great. sorry to hear about Lori's aunt..

Andi... that is a sweet hubby. I am so in for the challange. I will PM you ASAP. thanks for putting it together..

Jill... hope dd is feeling better this morning. any plans for your day?.

Heather and terri.. think I missed you here. welcome...

Comment #72

I gots to go and make some coffee....

AFM: down one pound this week. feeling like jan and some of feb has been watching the same 3 pounds go back and forth. on good note, ds and I woke up at 5:30 am to work out! hopefully today will be a normal day at work and will be back to chat..

Much love to my fellow valentines (oh I mean shammies......

Comment #73

OMG... just remembered that I dreamed about Medifast crack last night... blasted crack. why wasnt george clooney or tom cruise there? (yes, I'm old) stinkin crack. I am I the only addict dreaming about that stuff eaten out of the jar????..

Comment #74

Quick fly by, so wish I had time for a proper shout out..

Roses this morning. <3 Love him..

Excited about the contest. Woot!.

Back later.... mad love at ya'll..

Comment #75


LOOOONG Night last night, baby coughed and moaned all night long.

We are heading to the dr. at 145..

Got house cleaned this morning, getting bills caught up, and doing laundry. I am slowly feeling better. I have crazy cramps going on... aleve is not really helping so much. I have never been so excited to get Jack as I was this time! This Mirena is going to take some getting used to as far as what to expect! Muffy~ are you still erratic? I thought the surprise Jack was supposed to even out after a few months??.

I am down for the challenge. I really want one of my progress indicators to be coming to the board and posting I NEED to be here... I just am not sure how to make it happen daily.... I dont sit at a computer for work. I am in and out of my car driving to clients homes and when I am home I have to tend to my girlies... I am able to read from my phone and can write short things but it's hard...

Am I just making excuses?.

My NY resolution was to find better balance in my life, work when it's time to work and be with my famiy when I am home. I have such a hard time with this because I dont have an office job where I can leave and leave my work there. I do my paperwork at home, clients call my cell phone etc..

Have you ever felt great, and like a hot mess all at the same time???? I neurotic these days!!.

Baby is coughing and gagging BBL..

Comment #76

I just went to Mirena in July. It was doctor's recommendation to leave the pill because of my high BP. I am still experiencing the irregular surprises, and was told it would take up to a year to regulate and possibly even send Jack packing forever. Hasn't happened yet but I am glad to be off another Rx...

Comment #77

Have you ever read anything from Dr. Alan Zimmerman? He's a big proponent of work~life balance, and he sends out Tuesday tips. I get them, I copy and keep and re-read some. I have a very busy corporate life, am the breadwinner for our family, yet I didn't grow up saying "I want to wear hose and a business suit when I grow up." instead I said, "I want to be a mommy." So I fight the tough struggle to balance business with my family and make sure the right one always wins..

A recent Tuesday Tip:.


He wrote this in one of his Tuesday tips (just a portion) a long time ago and I kept it :.


Have you ever watched kids on a merry-go-round.

Or listened to the rain slapping on the ground?.

Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight.

Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?.

You'd better slow down.

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last..

Do you run through each day on the fly.

When you ask "How are you?" do you hear the reply?.

When the day is done, do you lie in your bed.

With the next hundred chores running through your head?.

You'd better slow down.

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last..

Ever told your child, "We'll do it tomorrow".

And in your haste, not seen his sorrow?.

Ever lost touch, let a good friendship die.

Cause you never had time to call and say "Hi?".

You'd better slow down.

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last..

When you run so fast to get somewhere.

You miss half the fun of getting there..

When you worry and hurry through your day,.

It is like an unopened gift....Thrown away.....

Life is not a race.

Do take it slower.

Hear the music.

Before the song is over..

Don't miss your life. And don't lose your peace of mind. Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher.

Said, "The work of a superior man is a calm and philosophical mind." What about you? Do you have.

A peaceful mind? Or is it raging about?.

If you don't have peace of mind, then you need to SEEK SILENCE. Power comes from quietness. Classic.

Author Thomas Carlyle wrote that silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves..

Psychologist William James said it's as important to cultivate your silence power as it is your word.

Power. And physicist Albert Einstein once commented that he got his best ideas in the morning while.

Quietly shaving..

One of my favorite definitions of silence, of quietness comes from Barbara Johnson. She's.

Written several wonderful books, but in her book,"Where Does A Mother Go To Resign?" she writes,.

"Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.".

If silence and quietness are not a part of your daily regimen, start by making time for quiet. It's the.

Ultimate luxury and necessity in our busy, time-crunched lives...

Comment #78

Hey muffy, jill and sandy... taking a break for lunch..

Hang in there jill.... certain times of the month are moody for me too. isnt strange for me to be lauging and crying all at the same time. hope baby is feeling better...

Comment #79

Watched myself doing both while Valentine's shopping with my son, watching him pull his hard earned Christmas cash out to spend on a girl. Yup. Lost it... with a smile...

Comment #80

Oh muffy. id be crying too. that is very sweet. I gave my boys small heart boxes this morning and they said "whats this for?"... oh boys. gotta love them...

Comment #81

Good afternoon shams,.

We had some running around this morning and then went out for a VD lunch. Hubby got pretty tired running around (probably too much too soon). Have volunteered to go to my dtrs. Wed. and Thurs. and stay with the kids so they can go away for an overnight casino trip for their upcoming anniversary.

To just go now while weather was still ok. Her DH plows snow in the winter so this is a good time since it's fairly warm still. Wish me luck with the little terrors for that long. Better carry alot of pain pills for my kneelol. Her MIL will probably take Ryan (the 2 1/2 yr.

To help me out. She only lives about 5 min. away while I'm one hour away but doesn't want to watch them overnight. Hope everyone has an OP day and congrats on all of you with losses this week. I'll chat with ya later...

Comment #82

Bumpsome people are posting on the wrong thought I would bump this up as it doesn't show up first!..

Comment #83

Hey Peeps!.

I think I just win the award for inhaling my L&G the fastest on record!!!! I had buffalo tuna on spring mix. I was starving. I am out of bars and portable food and was at trining all day. I snuck in a shake at lunch. It is amazing how hungry you get at times (or maybe how hungry I get)....I think it is that shift of the food as fuel and when you have much less stored when on 5-1!!!!!.

Anyways, it is freezing here and I want to hibernate all night!!!..

Comment #84

Toni- thats not good. they need to be on this one..

Jill- I also have two younger girls (older than yours though) I have always focused on them, however when I started this journey I knew I would have to find time for me. In the past I had always found excuses for not exercising, eating right, etc. So now, when I'm home from work: I also have learned that it's not all about the girls. I have learned that I must take time for myself (both for the boards and for exercise) I am sitting here typing on the couch next to my DD reading to my DH. I will say that my DH is also a HUGE help with the kids, which definately allows me this time. Having the balance at home also has made me a better mom IMO.

Andi- How sweet of DH..

Andrea- I could see two tween/ teen boys saying that. My ODD and I where arguing this morning and I got "I guess your card wasn't true." Luckily she was over it after school and in a much better mood..

Barb- Have fun with the boys this week..

Lori- How are you holding up?.

Muffy- What do you do for a living? I may have missed that somewhere..

Robyn- YEAH for found necklace, WI.... heLL I forgot the third but know there was something else. That was very thoughful of Vince to replace it though. Oh I remember, YEAH for Cancun!.

AFM- Vball game tonight, DH is playing tonight and he has neer played, and we are playing a good team (firefighters, which the captain drives me nuts so I really want to beat them!) DH and I celebrated Vday on Sat. He made me dinner (OP), then ran a whirlpool bath with candlelight for me, made me a cup of my favorite tea and cuddle time. Then he left me a card this morning. Will try to get back this evening after vball...

Comment #85

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.