Info on Medifast thin, I just purchased a bottle, any feed back on this?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Info on Medifast thin, I just purchased a bottle, any feed back on this? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

Last Week's Thread:.

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Comments (78)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Good morning Hotties!.

This weekend was great. I didn't spend a night at home alone..

Friday was First Friday. I walked around downtown with 3 of my good friends and then we met up with BT4 and two of his friends for dinner. I wasn't impressed with his friends but they liked me. Afterwards BT4 came back to my place and spent the night..

Saturday was a lazy day. It was a friend's 63rd birthday so 22 of us went out to dinner. All the girls wore bunny ears and the Birthday boy had a red robe like Hugh Heffner (sp?).Then I went out to my bar with my bestie and danced the night away. I wore my jeggings and a tank top with a long shirt over top. I got hot to I tied the long shirt up under my boobs and didn't look half bad..

Sunday BT4 came over. I didn't let him spend the night so I could workout this morning but... well... we had fun. :-).

Oh and I have a BT6 now. He liked my bestie for a long time but she is dating someone. He saw a picture of me... from somewhere... and thought I was hot. He was begging for my number.

He is another shortie (like BT5) so I don't know if it will go far..

Morning Ashlee - WTG on 5 days OP. I am so proud of you!..

Comment #2

Ash- I was reading "Motherfin' Chocolate Chip Pancakes, YO!!!" lol, it made me smile.

All hail the almighty Ash on her 5th day!.

Hey Jessica! I cannot keep up now w/ these BTs!! Do I detect a story here on BT4??? Juiciness?? You better spill it, girl.

My weekend was okay. We went to Friendly's for our monthly family dinner (FNOfamily night out!). It was fun. Then I had a precal test that I actually got a B on! Whoop whoop!.

Then Mark and I had a horrible day yesterday, arguing and stuff. I had a panic attack at one point and just shut myself in the office room crying.

But we talked a LOT and got some stuff out and got ideas for stuff. He's so afraid I'm going to leave him b/c I'm unhappy right now, but I had to reassure him that I'm not going anywhere because I have faith that we will continue to work on things to make it better, it's just a down time right now, and if I didn't believe that we'd work HARD to make it great then I wouldn't be here.

I think I got through to him. Having that in the back of your mind is not a good place to be for working on a relationship......

Oh, and I've finished the idea for my new tattoo! I'm getting an atom with 3 electrons circling, and possibly a crown on the nucleus (kinda crooked like, not all straight). The electrons represent the boys, and Mark was kind of jealous and asked if he could be an electron, LOL!!! I'm like, "You wanna be an electron? Okay, you can be an electron..." It was a funny conversation. I'm toying with the colors, might ask the boys what their favorite colors are..

Okay, make it a great day ladies!!!..

Comment #3


- OOoo, the part of your story that struck me the most was you feeling kinda "meh" about BT4's friends...are they couch bags?? Sounds like you had a fun & exciting weekend! Congrats on BT6! LOL.


- I like your tat idea! I have one that I've been contemplating a long time....can I run it by your brain? This is what I wanna get.






Just not so sure on where and what fancy font I would like it.....

Comment #4

AshI like the word itself and the play on color, you just want the word, or some sort of symbols with it? I say go for it, but then again I am rather impulsive.

I was also thinking at some point, either incorporating it into the half-sleeve I'm designing or on it's own, the quote from Desiderata that I posted the other day on fb..."You are a child of the universe". There's more to the quote, but I think that part is the best..

I'm off, chicas, I-man has an eye doc appt. That I totally forgot about til I got back from putting him on the bus....*head desk*...yeah, I was going to keep him home today!!!!..

Comment #5

Gooood morning ladies.

Ash- my cousin has Believe on her upper back, it looks really nice and in a nice script.

Dawn- I saw your tattoo idea on facebook last night, looks cool.

Wow Jen- your a busy lady, I dont know how you do it.

I am doing great, had a good weekend. Saturday night I had my best friends daughters stay the night, they are friends with my kids and we had lots of fun playing Just Dance, the girls got me to dance with them and I won a couple rounds.

Then yesterday I stayed home all day and cleaned my kitchen, family room and did laundry..

Comment #6


- I don't have any actual writing on my body so this would be my first "lettering" tattoo. I am trying to collect a lil piece of every type/style of tattooing on my body. This tattoo is to remind me to have faith & believe in my instincts but also to remind me of where I've been in terms of lying to myself & others. What I thought was lots of little white lies that seemed so harmless snowballed into me saying whatever I thought people wanted to hear even when it was harmful to me to do so. I hope that this tattoo will keep me on my the straight and narrow. It's been a lil over a year that I decided to stop all white lies or lying in general as it is very very freeing not having to remember who I told what to, etc.

Aaaand, now you are gone but hopefully you will read this later! Have a good day!..

Comment #7

Bye Dawn, Hope the eye doc goes well.

I should get in to see one soon, havent been in a few years.

Im here Ash..

Comment #8


- COOL! I like that, but for mine, I would need it to be all capitalized to hide "LIE" inside the word. That script is really classic & pretty! I am super envious of your tidy home! I needed to clean desperately this weekend but I ran around so much that I just didn't get to it...

Comment #9


- How was getting back on the wagon? Any trouble this weekend? Other than possibly under-doing my veggies by a bit, I think I rocked it. I was sluggish yesterday and headachey but I figure them's the brakes as ketosis does that..


- I must have missed earlier about you being proud of me! Thank you! Making my friends proud of me is a BIG motivator for me!..

Comment #10


Love the tat ideas going on. Sound very cool!!.

Jessica, we're waiting for details of the BT4 sleepover!!! Speak!!!!!!!!!!.

Ashlee, I hope you will like what I post on my blog this morning. I will be posting in a few..

Busy yet laid back weekend. Is that possible? Sure is!.

Hey Dawn and Amy!..

Comment #11

My biggest problem was going way to long between meals on Friday, other than that it went good. I didnt get enough veggies yesterday but oh well, my parents made a Prime Rib so I went over and ate that and some salad, I wasnt real hungry though. I drank like 70oz. of water if not more so thats good.

My house is a huge mess Ash so dont be envious at all, my living room is torn apart because we are putting in a woodstove, so I had to take everything off of my huge computer desk and well my Husband started before I got home on Friday and unloaded 90% of my stuff into tote (big rubbermaid things) so now I have 4 of them sitting in my front room and wires and trash, grrr it drives me nuts but I have to find homes for all this crap, my new computer desk is tiny and has no room for my bills, paperwork or my nik naks. So yesterday I just left the front room and cleaned the other places..

Comment #12


- I better check it before Tay Tay! LOL We are your houndstooth hounds!.


- I have a random day off this week on Thursday so I plan on using it to clean up my house. It needs a good vacuum & I gotta scrub my kitchen & bathroom floors. How's that for "vigorous"?? It's the closest I am gonna come to exercise until I work my way to a full 3 weeks OP...

Comment #13

My kitchen floor needs to be done also but I ran out of time yesterday, made I will get that done after work today.

Thats kinda nice that you have an extra day off to just chill and regroup for Friday.

My kids are off Thurs and Fri this week..

Comment #14

Amy - Your kitty loves you! She is spit-marking you..

Comment #15

Morning Mel.

She does love me Ash, she's so cute to. I give her a little dab of milk every morning and she will follow me and grab my leg until I give it to her. I like my newer cat to but he is mean to my baby and jumps on her all the time. she is about 6 yrs old and he is 10 months or so (still a kitten)..

Comment #16

Morning Christina.

My kids are watching Angry beavers, it's sooooo retarded.

Hey Ash, you need to make a new Pin-Up Banner for the Holiday season.

We havent had a new one in almost a year..

Comment #17


- I think we should find an exercising PinUp and use Melly's "Let's Get Vigorous!" slogan! What do you think??.

Morning Melly Flat Belly & Xtina!!..

Comment #18

Yes Ash, I love it.

Sorry if I'm super chatting this morning, I think the coffee is hitting me since I havent eaten yet ROFL..

Comment #19

Find one and do it ASH!!! LOL.

So alot of you are my fb friends but ill post a pic here just in case.

I went to the dark side!! BWAHAHAHAHA jk.

Here is a pic of me, me and my kitty, me and alex and then a cake I decorated for my bff.

Im a brat but she loved it LMAO!..

Comment #20


- No problemo on the chatty mcchatterson! I am chatty today too. I can look for a pic but I have no idea how to make banners...would you make it if I find a good PinUp picture?.

Do you gals enjoy the MFin Pancakes? I was thinking it would be an awesome fake McD style "mcgriddle" to mix 1 oz very cold water & 1 oz of SF maple syrup to the Original pancakes, make 2 in that "omelette sized" cooker thing I have & then heat up a maple flavored MSF sausage patty between!..

Comment #21

Thanks Taylor! Its hard getting used to but I'm loving it. Every time I look in the mirror I get shocked all over again!.

Hey laaadddiiieeess LMAO!..

Comment #22




, way to rock your MF'in weekend, MF'ers! MediFasters, of course... I don't ever feel like I eat enough veggies. three servings is a lot! I should break it up..


, your kitty sounds precious! I played with the most adorable cat this weekend... made me want one, but I don't think I can handle litter boxes. maybe I can train it to use the potty like on "meet the fockers" ....



! whoa, a BT-filled weekend! time to spill. sounds like you had fun!.



! hey,.


! off to read your blog to make sure ash doesn't beat me to the houndstooth fest!!!!!.



! way to rock the precal!!! love your electron tat. cute that marky mark wants in on the fun!..

Comment #23


, I LOVE the beLIEve tat. I only have one so far my bro and I have matching "ohana" tattoos means family in hawaiian. mine is a dainty wrist tattoo, and his covers his entire forearm. we're thinking of getting another tat together, but not necessarily matching. I wanna get three little birds, to remind me that every little thing... is gonna be alright.


) I don't want to feel like a copy-cat.....

Comment #24

DWJCP is making me crazy today. Had a good busy. Even with my extra hour I still feel like I could have used an extra day! Angie and I went to get pampered yesterday so we got pedis, our eyebrows waxed and a new nail thing called Shellac. It's like a gel they put over natural nails. They don't have to grind them or anything with the drill and there is NO DRY TIME. That's what I said! They develop the gel with UV light and you're good to go.

Super excited about it!.

Morning to Amy, Ash, She She, Jess, Dawn, and Melly!!..

Comment #25

Oh and ASh, I love LOVE your tat idea! unique.

Dawn, I saw your fb status yesterday on yours. it is SO you! I love it too!..

Comment #26

Hi Tay!.

I love your hair Melly! Beautiful!.

AshI like your idea for the Tat! Meaningful tattoos are the best. Way better than putting the chinese signs for "sexy biatch" on your body. I already told Dawn how much I loved hers.....

Comment #27

Why must my bugs toy with me! They arent growing today. Yesterday was an hour late because of the time change but the lab guy doesnt think that should cause it..

Boo BT1 is in town but he isnt stay here until Wednesday so I doubt I will get to see him until then..

Dawn The story isnt as exciting as the event. We snuggled on the couch for a while, then we snuggled in bed and one thing led to another until the end. Lets just say that the myth that all black guys have big fun parts. Well at least the two I have experience with have been big. You tattoo sounds super cute!.

Ashlee BT4s friends are typical 22 y/o boys. I also think they were high. I couldnt if BT4 was but his friends were. My friends and I are pretty laid back and these kids werent. I like your tattoo idea too..

Hi Amy Cool that you beat the kids. How is your OPness going?.

Sheshe I was in the lab. Read what I said to Dawn.

Melly I love the hair and the cake!.

X-tina oOo I like the idea of Shellac. I will have to look into that. Did you get them painted over top? Is it thick?.

Morning Taylor..

Comment #28


- You look AMAZING dark! You go girl!!! Just don't forget to shade a dark brown eyeshadow or eyebrow powder over your brows to help them POP your eyes! You always have the cutest makeup but I had to tell my sister that too when she went uberdark but has naturally very light colored brows..

MORNING Tay!!!..

Comment #29

Thanks X....

There goes my idea for my next tattoo.


Ash! I know, I need to go to the store and get a dark brown liner! I totally got ya girl! Thanks!.

Thanks Jess, WTG on the BT's!..

Comment #30

Jess- It's not thick at all! Super thin, like natural naiils. The layers they put on are base, color, color, and top coat. All like nail polish but they make your nails strong and the color stay. I got french manicure with clear sparkles instead of just clear. I'll post a pic!..

Comment #31


- Argh, good luck with your buggies! Grow lil' buggies, GROW! I got ya on the friends being kinda annoying, especially if they are all on something and you aren't...

Comment #32

Hey Taylor and Xtina!!.

Melly!!!! Girl, you are hot!!!!! Love that dark hair on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Taylor and Ashlee, I hope you two like my interpretation of the houndstooth. There are other things I have going on in my head with regards to working with it but this is the first attempt..

And I didn't get a chance to finish my capelet over the weekend like I had planned. I working on jewelry and just trying to get some much-needed rest...

Comment #33

Wow I leave to take the kids to the bus and you all come out of hiding.

Jess I am doing great.

I dated a 1/2 black man before I met my Husband and he still teases me about the private parts, it's getting old LOL.

Mel- Did you cut your hair or just dye it? in the pics I cant tell because I cant see the bottom of your hair. Oh and I love the cake haaahaa it's great.

I got my hair done on Friday also, but nothing major. Its a more natural brown and I got a trim with some layers, I'll try to get a pic this week, Ive been looking Horrible lately, with huge dark circles under my eyes..

Comment #34

Cute Christina!.

Thanks SheShe.

Ya Amy, I cut 8 Inches but it doesnt look like I did!.

Also I got lots of layers..

Comment #35

X-tina Sounds (and looks) cute. I never paint my nails because it always chips off. I had fake ones for a long time but I got into a fight once and ended up hurting myself pretty good because of it. That sounds strong enough to last but not strong enough to take my nail off before it breaks..

Ashlee- I just dont like pot. I dont like being around it or around people who are on it. After dinner we stopped by his friends place and I went to the bathroom. When I came out the roommate was smoking. Not cool...

Comment #36


That's a pic of a Pin Up working on a car - in need of her gas "attendant" LOL.

Let's Get Vigorous!!!!!.


Comment #37


- OMG! I effing LOVE those pieces!!!! You def did the houndstooth lovers justice!..

Comment #38

Medifast should put marshamallows in the hot cocoa. Just saying!..

Comment #39

That would be yummy Christina, you could always pick them off your smore crunch LOL.

I have no clue what Houndstooth is but your stuff looks great Sheila..

Comment #40

Haaahaaa Christina, I know we sure do get shorted in that dept..

We got a Target Holiday book in the mail on Friday and my kids have circled just about everything in the book..

Comment #41

LOL Amy. I'm waiting for the Toys R' Us book. Tony and I are going to head over to the store Thursday. They are having a sale on games. If you kids like board games, this is the time to buy. I have a little one so the ones I'm looking at are for much younger kids but still Candyland and Chutes and Ladders for 3 bucks a piece? Ants in the Pants and Don't break the ICe for 5 bucks? You can't beat that!..

Comment #42

I used to love board games when I was a kid. I had just about every board game there was...

Comment #43

Toyyyyys! I want to look at the target book and the toys-r-us book... never too old!.


, loooove the pin-up waiting on her "gas attendant!" hahaha..

Speaking of....


, I hope you got your engine serviced over the weekend! oh my, did I just say that? on a monday morning? *clutching my pearls* I think i'm blushing! HA!.


, I looooove the jewels! that's a funky take on the ribbon I hadn't thought of. I also like it when you weave it through, but we wouldn't want to lose the wow factor of the print. beautiful work!!!.


, marshmallows in the cocoa would be divine. I just had some cappuccino. it always has this lumpy layer on top that makes it all the way to the bottom. a co-worker came in as I was taking the last sip (with the lumpies), and she paused mid-sentence and said, "are you... chewing... your drink?" hahahaha.

Yes, I was...

Comment #44

Our family loves board games! We have a closet full of them that we play. Everything from Monopoly and Clue to Partini and Fact or Crap! LOL..

Comment #45



! me, too! what was your fave? my family loved to play outburst and balderdash. and any card game there is. I used to love scattergories and taboo, too!..

Comment #46

Tay! LOL at your chewy drink.. SO I have this issue with food textures. When I make an Medifast drink I stir it the entire time I'm drinking it. If I had to chew it or there were lumps I would FA-REAK out and probably gag. Sigh,.....why can't I be normal?..

Comment #47

You ARE normal,.


! I think i'm the weirdo. I just don't care. my mom, though... with the Medifast drinks, she mixes them up, heats for 20 seconds, stirs, 20 more seconds, stirs, then the final 20 seconds with a vigorous stir WITH A WHISK before she'll drink it. I have to say, though, when I go home and she prepares my Medifast drinks for me... they taste marvelous!.

I want to play Fact or Crap simply because of the name!..

Comment #48

Haahaaa Taylor, you crack me up. yes I sure did only once though could have gone for more.

Oh and Taylor do you have a blender bottle? the one with the metal spring ball? if you dont you need to get one to mix all your drinks in. I use that then pour into a mug and warm..

Comment #49

Taylor, thanks for your comment. I hope I made you proud.

And Trouble, Connect 4, and Monopoly were a few of my faves when I was growing up. Then I had a Merlin and Simon Says. To be a kid again!!!.

I am going to Whole Foods at lunch to see what they have on the soup and salad bar today. Have any of you ever tried the Primal Strips?.


I LOVE them!!! The bbq is my favorite!!! Gotta get stocked up on those while I'm there. They go so fast!.

I'm wearing the plaid tights today!..

Comment #50

I am done at the lab. I am going to stop to get my boots fixed and then go home for lunch before class. I need to think about what I want to eat..

I love board games too. I think I loved Clue the most!.

Sheshe - I really need to look at your jewels. I just can't on the work comp. I will when I get home...

Comment #51

Im so excited.

I just got a call from one of ladies from Nutrition services (my bosses) and she told me to submit my application in the system for the permanent position.

So I did just that. I really hope they let me have the position and it would go up in pay almost $1 an hour more.

Ok ladies I better get dressed for work, catch you in a few..

Comment #52

I want a taco salad for dinner.

Yummmm yummm..

Comment #53

Hey Vixens!.

I really need to go Shred but I wanted to stop in and back read and say 'hey'. Iz had another ortho appt to fix her brace that came off and it really hurt. She was in tears when she came out. I felt so bad. The area around her mouth was all red..

I gave her Tylenol and she calmed down on the way to school. I offered to take her to Starbucks for a bit or even home for a little while to compose herself but she wanted to go to school..

After that I went and got my mammogram. I go to a walk in place that is really wonderful! I only had to wait a half hour, sometimes I have to wait longer but this wasn't bad. I also stopped at Wegmans (you hearin' me.


?). I didn't need anything in particular but they have a lot of stuff I can't find at the regular store (food store)..


I adore your hair. Thank you for the cake. lol!! That's so "me"..


..up to BT6? Wowzers!.


...I love all those same board games! People see our game closet and they are always impressed (and we got rid of a lot when we moved a few years ago and then again when we redid the basement....the kiddy games we don't play anymore).

Baahahahahah on chewing your drink! How's Ry's job now that he's got a full week under his belt?.


..can't wait to check out your jewelry! How was the movie?.



! I want to see your hair too!.


Doing any crafty Thanksgiving things?.



! I like your tattoo idea and how meaningful it is!.


..I like yours too. Where would you put it?.

AFM: Weekend was pretty good. Fri night just hung in. Sat took Iz to piano and the girls to the craft store. Also took Iz and a friend to Megamind. It was good but I thought Despicable Me was better..

Yesterday went to my niece's play (Rumors by Neil Simon) was hilarious and very mature!! I loved it!..

Comment #54


Just dropping by to say hello. Work is crazy this week, the CEO, VP of Finance (my boss's boss) and my German predecessor are all in town and creating lots of work for me. That and I'm still covering for the employee who was in the hospital and won't be back to work until Monday. I feel terrible that I haven't been around much, but know that I miss you! Sorry, no QODs from me today, I hope that someone subs for me!.

Had a good weekend, still haven't heard about the job. Hope you all have a great day!..

Comment #55



! That is great news!!.



! Miss you...thanks for checking in...

Comment #56

Congrats Amy!.

Heather I'm working on transitioning some of my Halloween decos into Thanksgiving ones. LOL..

Comment #57

Well ladies I am heading off to work, catch you all later this afternoon. Hope you all have a great day..

Comment #58


- Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! WEGMANS! I love that place SO much..


- Wowzers, sounds super busy at work right now for you. Miss you but we'll do our best to hold down the MFin fort! LOL I've still got my fingers & all my toesies crossed for your new job to go through!!..

Comment #59

Congrats about the potential full-time position.


That's awesome!..

Comment #60

I saw a unicorn Pillow Pet at Walgreens yesterday and it reminded me of Merzzie!..

Comment #61

Dang, I'm gone for a few hours and look what happens!!! I miss everything!.

I backread and I don't have personals, just a few comments:.

I want the board game Bezzerwizzer for xmas. Ivan loves to play The LadyBug Game, it's super easy and helps with his counting and taking turns. We have Pictureka and that's almost a guaranteed Jackson freak-out every. single. time. And Uno is hot around here these days.

I saw those Primal Strips the other day and I wanted to try them, but I'm kinda hatin' on soy these days. But I've heard they taste great. I was in the natural food store today and picked up more kombucha!!! Ahmagah. I'm in LOVE. I'm researching how to make my own now, cuz it's pretty pricey, like 3.99-4.50 a bottle..

Ivan's eye doc appt was "meh". They said he has astigmatism, and could be possibly near-sighted, but the doc doesn't want to give him glasses yet, he wants to see him in 6 months to see if it's improved. I'm kind of annoyed by that, but I'll roll with it. He could be right, but I doubt it. I mean both of his parents have glasses, and I've had mine since 2nd grade. I just have the feeling that he needs glasses. So we'll go back in May and pick out some cool specs!!!..

Comment #62

Hey Mer and Heather!!.

Just got back from my trip to Whole Foods. I got some tomato zucchini soup, some penne pasta with smoked mozarella cheese and some Primal Strips (bbq). Oh and I'm trying some Yogavive apple chips (caramel apple flavor). They are made from Fuji apples with natural caramel flavoring. Can't wait to try those..

The movie was great! VERY deep and intense. WOW!!! I will be adding it to my DVD collection when it comes out. There is a lot of poetry in it as lines just like the stage play so if you can appreciate poetry you will love it!!!..

Comment #63

Me want primal strips! nomnomnom.


, you definitely made me proud! you always do. I can't wait to see the fab-o capelet!.


, that's awesome sauce about the permanent job possibility!!!..

Comment #64

Oh, and.


, very glad to hear your needs were taken care of! ha!..

Comment #65



! poor iz..

What a trooper to go back to school, especially when you gave her an out! hope the tylenol's helping. you're sweet to ask about ry! he was stressed out again last night, but he's feeling better about it. his boss gave him something to work on friday that she asked for by mid-week. he wanted to finish it last night! he's such a perfectionist, which isn't inherently bad, but I told him that if she needs it by mid-week, then he should work on it DURING WORK, and not when he's hanging out with me..

He's just antsy about making a great impression in the hopes that this turns into something permanent..


, I loved clue! at trivia a few weeks ago, one of the questions was to name all six characters. I forgot mr. green! DUH..



! you sound super busy as usual! glad you had a good weekend!..

Comment #66

Amy, congrats on the gig!!!!.

I will be having a primal strip for my afternoon snack!! So good!.

And I feel for Iz, Heather.

I've got a trip to the ortho next Tuesday..

Comment #67

Why does.




HeatherMa? I think it's cute. I just don't get it..

And what is wegman's? some yankee thang?..

Comment #68

Also, are me and.


The only gals from the dirty south (TX and AR, respectively)?.


, if you wanna make FL part of the dirty south, bring it!..

Comment #69

Mmmm Yogurt Nom, nom, nom. How I missed it..

Heather They seem to come in 3s. I got 1-3 in about a week and dropped 2-3 in another week and just kept 1. I havent seen 1 in over a month so, although we talk, Im not sure he counts either. Then I have gotten 4-6 in the past week. I have already dropped 5. He was just too young.

But I am keeping 4 around..

Congrats Amy!.

Hi Mer! The day isnt over yet. You could still hear from them...

Comment #70

I'm definitely a member of the dirty South, yo!..

Comment #71

Dirty Jerzey ova' hear!!!.

I call Heather HeatherMa because we occasionally get a 2nd Heather in the pin-ups & she is our resident PinUp veteran and very motherly to all of us so I started calling her that & it stuck (at least for me)...

Comment #72

Heather, thanks for posting your comment on my blog..

Comment #73

I do that too! turn the jack-o-lanterns around (the fake ones) to the plain pumpkin side, etc... I turn one real pumpkin into a turkey too. I'll post a pic...

Comment #74

That's right! Taylor, X-tina and yours truly representin' dat Dirty Dirty ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

EDIT: Taylor, I was a Yankee for about 11 years. Midwestern Yankee..

Comment #75


..and Wegmans is a totally awesome grocery store/restaurant/homegood store all in one. I guess it is a yanky thang!.

Hopefully Ry will calm down and he feels more confident at work. I hate that stressy Sunday night feeling though!.

I know..poor Iz...I hope she's ok. She should be home soon. I know she's tired from having her friend sleep over too..


..I want to check out those games. I don't know them. I keep meaning to tell you that we have the LCR game. Isabel was talking about a game called Izi that she wants, it's "hard puzzles" that they play in gifted class. I haven't seen it in a store so I'm going to order it online. She wants a microscope for Christmas too!.


Your lunch does sound yummy!! I checked out those primal strips, I'm not really a jerky fan so I guess I wouldn't like them.?..

Comment #76

I actually live in Minnesota for 9 years too...LOL...

Comment #77

Heather-Do you like the LCR game? It's a stocking stuffer for J. I/We all want a microscope, but all the ones I've seen for kids are kinda cheap, and if I'm going to be a bio teacher, we may as well have a decent one. So we're gonna wait on that, scope it out and stuff. Hehe. "Scope". Get it? *snort*.

Bezzerwizzer is a trivia game with 22 categories! I've never played it I just know I would like to own Mark at any sort of trivia game!! lol My standard smack talk? "Suck it, Jablonski!!!" lol..

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Everyones from the dirty south. I aint got nothing LMAO..

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