Instead of Nutri-System or Nutrisystem, would this work instead?

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First question I got is Instead of Nutri-System or Nutrisystem, would this work instead? Many thanks for any response. My other question... Even though I have had a brain-fart and gone back to some of my old habits I'm smart enough to get back to something I know will work. From reading some posts from some new and some not-so-new posters, the word "diet" & "giving things up" have come up. Here is what I have given up..

Shopping at Big & Tall stores.

Paying Xtra for the Xtra Xs.

Seat belt extenders on airplanes.

Shortness of breath.

5 of 6 routine meds.


Sleep apnea/excessive snoring*.

Worrying about the weight limit on a ladder.

Extra long watch bands that still bite.

People who thought "big" was my first name. (Hey, BIG Don!).

All you can eat buffets. (OK, that one still needs work ;-) ).

Size 50 jeans & XXX shirts.

There are too many to list but I offer these as encouragement to those who are just starting/restarting the Nutrisystem journey..

As to the sleep apnea/snoring thing. My wife used to poke me in the night to try to get me to stop snoring so she could sleep. Now she pokes me because I'm so quiet she wants to make sure I'm OK. Can't win!.

Any of you other guys want to add yours to the list?..

Comments (22)

I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

You said a mouthfull there.


This was my.

Wakeup call.

Prior to finding out how much smaller the booths were ... I lied to myself with excuses like.

"I'm big boned, I can carry a few extra pounds".


I'm not as big as ).

(Insert name of other FAT B@stard Here.


What a joke! Not fitting the booth was what finally convinced me and I am.


Comment #2

The airplane one is the one I hated the most !..

Comment #3

Yup...I started having the booth issue. Not a problem any more as the pub I used to eat in daily, I haven't been to in 3 months. I'm just waiting to be at goal and walk in and see if they remember me...

Comment #4

I still have the seatbelt extension I regularily carried in my briefcase when I traveled extensively as an IT consultant. Its in the lockbox I keep under the bed (with bike/car title, DD-214, get-out-of-jail-free-card, that sort of stuff) as a reminder of wtf I pay Nutrisystem a substantial percentage of my income...

Comment #5

Er...done. Had sigs hidden. Must have had em hidden because of the sparkles...

Comment #6

LOL...mines on the wall directly in front of me when I work out on my Elliptical Device every night. Whevever I start getting tired, a quick glance at that thing picks me right up...

Comment #7


* Slip-on shoes..

* Belly rash..

* Bumping up against the steering wheel..

* Muscle shirts that aren't supposed to be muscle shirts..

*Worrying about whether or not that folding chair will survive...

Comment #8

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt with it hanging out because I feel like it covers up an inch of gut. Being too fat to even wear those!..

Comment #9

* When travelling with Sweet Nancy - Fear of double beds..


Comment #10

For sure...for sure. I have a '70 Cheyenne I plow my driveway with in the winter; just last winter my belly provided a lot of friction across the steering wheel - now there are many inches between...

Comment #11

Yeah, I forgot about that rash thing. Used to have terrible rash where my thighs meet my pelvic area because it never saw the light of day. Used diaper rash creme constantly. Ugh! Don't miss that one at all...

Comment #12

Not being able to wear your (wedding) ring or watches.....

Comment #13

Feeling less confident on sales calls because I am not trim...

Comment #14

Not being able to wipe my own A$$ effeciently...

Comment #15

Along that same line, one of my earlier NSVs was being able to use our smaller bathroom where the toilet is close to a tiled wall without freezing the side of my a$$ off...

Comment #16

That's awesome. You totally stepped up to the plate!..

Comment #17


I love being able to stand up without making all the old man noises. You know, groan, argh, unh....






Comment #18

Lately I feel like such a different person, it's kinda crazy...

Comment #19

I really hate the fact that I have to.

Give up laying on the bed.

To fasten my pants and/or sitting on the edge of the bed to put on my shoes..


In fact I have dropped.

2 sizes.

In my waist and my pants are still loose...

Comment #20

Go John! my wife has no choice but to date me.....

Comment #21

Being a junior member..i am now a "Member".

Do I need to pay dues or get paddled like my frat or something?..

Comment #22

Yes, pay dues. I'll send you the address later..

Paddled - only if you are into that kind of thing...

Comment #23

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