iPage dot come question I need answered?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... iPage dot come question I need answered? Many thanks for any response. Second question.. I have feeling that images are jammed into a fixed space. They look squeezed. Is there a way to keep to their original form factor?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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When I did this I got my images displayed full size, which are huge. What I want is scaling of images while keeping proportions right...

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I don't think OsCommerce has that feature built-in..

I don't know why. It's not hard to put in code that auto-generates thumbnails of a certain width and keeps the aspect ratio correct..

I think there's some contributions out there that will do it for you, but it really should be built in. There's no reason why all the thumbnails should be a 800x600 picture squeezed down into 80x100... not to mention that it also kills the download speed when each thumbnail is 30 kb or more in size...

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Would photoshop do this? Besides, resize to what?. My images all have different width and height. So if resized with original form factor, they will again end up with different sizes...

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Psp means some graphics manipluation program, right?.

That doesn't fix her problem though. She wants thumbnails to be resized correctly, and she wants the larger images still on the iPage site (that appear when you click on the thumbnails)...

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HI Dakota,.

You can reduce the size of your images and keep the aspect by doing what The_Bear suggested, it works..

You must leave the Height or Width of each image size though. I preferr the height, keeps it more uniform looking..

Go to Admin>Configuration>Images and this is mine:.

Small Image Width    .

Small Image Height                  80  .

Heading Image Width    .

Heading Image Height                40  .

Subcategory Image Width    .

Subcategory Image Height            57  .

Calculate Image Size                true  .

Image Required                      true.

Hope that helps...

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I just tried your calculation (removing the width and keeping height only)..

That works in the admin thumbnails, but on the storefront they are still huge (full size)..

What do you think the issue is?..

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P.S. I used the exact same code you did:.

Small Image Width.

Small Image Height 80.

Heading Image Width.

Heading Image Height 40.

Subcategory Image Width.

Subcategory Image Height 57.

Calculate Image Size true.

Image Required true..

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I resized on Photoshop and got rid of Width in Admin and it works fine. If it still shows you too big it means you have to resize again. Just keep trying. I did so, though it made me tired always uploading and checking but it was worth of doing this. Once you know then next it`s the same and not need coming back all the time..

Hope could help you.


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I could resize the images down, but then when the customer clicks the product, how do they see the larger image?.

I've tried several contributions, but it seems like there must be a better way..

Can I put html in the description?.

Thanks for answering....

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Well I think I just answered my own question..

I used a null.gif in the image field (or perhaps you can turn off the requirement for images, which would work also), and then inserted the image via html into then description. Works like a treat and makes the front page load very quickly!..

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This worked perfectly for me (what I needed it for) - in my case keeping the width.


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Keep in mind that image size setting in admin affect all the pictures displayed. Basically you want to keep all your pictures the same size and then you can adjust the resize throu admin. Lets say that you have 1 picture of a product at 200x100 pixels and you want to resize to half the size. So you would set width and height to 100x50. Now, if you have second picture at 200x180, then this picture will not show up proportionally...

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Hey ttt2,.

That would work for some, but sometimes we take a picture horizontally and sometimes vertically, so thats a problem..

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I just tried the admin tool again, it works on the admin side, in wodth or height, but definetly not on the storefront side, there they come up full size....

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Create a blank image the size required by admin i.e. 200 x 200 or whatever..

Reduce the size of your product/cat image to fit within these dimenstions - paste the product/cat image onto the blank image - save and upload as new product/cat image..

Needs to be done for each image - slow but works...

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This image resize with wrong aspect ratio even after Calculate Image Size is enabled must be the most annoying bug of osCommerce, and the thing is that it already was fixed in earlier versions with built in code (into the html_output.php), but now it is broken again....

Can somebody please fix it!?.

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: 23 March 2004, 14:31..

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I have feeling that images are jammed into a fixed space. They look squeezed. Is there a way to keep to their original form factor?..

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In admin side of store.


Remove all the heights ( not 0 but leave blank).


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