iPage error...when I open facebook it displays this site and that its parked free.?

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Quick question... iPage error...when I open facebook it displays this site and that it's parked free.? Thanks for any comment. Another question I got... Hey i'm pretty new to oscommerce, I installed STS and made a template seems to work fine (.


). I just want to know to add content pages, such as "about us" or "our location", I searched the forums but all the posts seemed to deal with adding pages to the "information" box, whereas I want the link to be in a navbar, not in the information box..

Can anyone help me out?.

Remember I am a newbie to this so please make any help as easy to understand as possible..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Thanks Jos but I want more than just a link to an external page, as you said I want the page to retain it's functionality, but not be in the "information" box cartegory. I have searched the forums and contribs by they all seems to deal with added mores things to "information"..


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So you're looking to essentially duplicate the Information box but then use it for your own purposes to link to other pages in the OsC format that you've populated the body contents of?.


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I dont want to duplicate the information box, I want to duplicate the main home page and populate that main page with different content, and then have the links at the top in the navigation bar. Not in one of the infoboxes down the side...

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This is an edited version of a post by Vger - so credit goes to him on this one....

1. Most pages with content have two sources..

One page is in the root directory e.g. /catalog/conditions.php, and the other is in catalog/includes/languages/english/conditions.php.

(conditions.php used as an example).

The page in the root directory inputs the header, footer, left column and right column, and echoes what you have put into the other file higher up the chain..

2. To make a new page, just open both of the files above, click 'save as' and save as the new (matching) page names..

In the file you've selected (I'm using conditions.php for this example), alter the line.


To read.


3. Add the new filename as a line to the file catalog/includes/filenames.php e.g..

 define('FILENAME_ABOUT_US', 'newfilename.php');.

4. Add the page link to your navbar eg.

Bingo, you're all done!.


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Incidentally, another great resource is to be found here.


- go to the OSCdox Guide link and there's loads of help and info there.


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It is very easy to add links to pages when using sts. Go to your sts_display_output file in your includes folder and around line 230 you will see this.


////// Create custom boxes.


Just above it you will see where the $variables are set for the template system. You can make new one for your privacy page by adding this.

$template['privacy'] = '<a href='tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRIVACY)' class="headerNavigation">'tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES'privacy.gif', 'Privacy Policies')'</a>';.

Now you can use $privacy to place a link anywhere you want to your privacy page using a button. I have done this for all the links in the information box and done away with it altogether and put them across the top..

Now if you want to create new pages just copy the info from an existing page and rename it like was mentioned in an earlier post and change the names in the line above to match...

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Thanks for the help guys I think i've got it figured, great!..

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