iPage web host Security: I heard iPage is a very secure iPage web host. Do you agree?

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Got a question... iPage web host Security: I heard iPage is a very secure iPage web host. Do you agree? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Ok guys I'm back lol and once again starting from scratch but this time I want a more professional look and I made images and I want the page to look like this....


Does that make sense?.

I want the page tp stay the same the whole time just what is said on the blue part to change when you click a link, so how do I start going about doing this?.

P.s. - what do you guys think about the layout?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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You can do that with an iFrame. My iPage site (link is in my sig) uses a similar layout; only the middle of the page changes when a link is clicked..

<iframe src="somepage.html" name="iframe">.

Would go in the blue area, and adding.


To your links would make them load in the iFrame...

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After seeing Leo's reply, I think I'm totally wrong...

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Yup, you're best bet wiht that layout is to use fixed widths, set it up for 800X600 and it'll be fine, viewed in any larger res you will get the normal gaps either side of the page (which alot of sites have)..

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No arctic you are right, he would want to put the links on the left targeted to the iframe!.

That's easily done once he's got the layout sorted..

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Ok thanx for your fast replies guys so when you r dealing with images and junk in table it is best to go with fixed widths but anything else it is better to used %'s when you r dealing with diff resolutions?.

Also I will probably psot backina bit cause the table thing still kinda confuses me lol..

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For that layout, you'd be better off using fixed widths. Just add.


To your table so it's centered, regardless of screen resolution...

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Ok guys lol what would my copde for all the tables look like? I am not good at tables at all..

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For a better explanation of what I want for the whole resolution thing is for example the banner at the top of this page that has the lightbilb and house and @, even on the smallest resolution you can see the whole thing, how do I do that?..

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Ok I got most of the table thing worked out just one problem.

When I try to put the three images (the left center and right) next to each other in tables for the iframe, normally the page looks like this.


But when I try to add another tables next to that skinny one, I get this.



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Nvm I figured it out lol but now how do I target the iframe? so when you click on a link the whole page doesnt change just the big blue box?..

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I posted how in my previous post, like Jokerman pointed out. Here's another example, taken from my site..

IFrame code.

<iframe src="news.html" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" name="subpages">Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.</iframe>.


<a href="portfolio.html" target="subpages">..

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K I didnt want you guys to think I forgot about you it just took me awhile to get the table just right lol ok thanx for all your replies this is my iPage site so far and I have to say I am kinda impressed with myself lol.


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You might wanna check your code on that site.. I get so many script errors that it's not possible to view the site.. You have some onMouseOver function in the BODY tag,.


, which doesn't work. Constant errors on line 18...

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I think you should make it smaller, remember 90% of the net is at 800x600, and one thing that pi*?s the hell out of me is horizontal scrolling! lol (i think that also goes for a large percentage of people).

But apart from that it's looking good, havent looked at your code so don't know what that's like!, don't forget everybody's friend the.


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Ya I was planning on makin git smaller anyways and I will check out all the errors.

Also how doi fix these css.


My code looks like this.

Body {background-color: "FFFFFF"; color: "FFFFFF"; font-size: "xx-small"; font-family: "Arial"; text-align: "center";.

Scrollbar-face-color: "003366";.

Scrollbar-shadow-color: "666666";.

Scrollbar-highlight-color: "FFFFFF";.

Scrollbar-3dlight-color: "FFFFFF";.

Scrollbar-darkshadow-color: "444444";.

Scrollbar-track-color: "FFFFFF";.

Scrollbar-arrow-color: "FFFFFF"}.

A:link {text-decoration: "underline"; color: "FFFFFF"}.

A:active {text-decoration: "underline"; color: "FFFFFF"}.

A:visited {text-decoration: "underline"; color: "006699"}.

A:hover {color: "999999"; text-decoration: "none"}.

H1.table {font-size: "xx-small"; color: "000000"; text-align: "center";}.

H1.main {font-size: "large"; color: "FFFFFF"; text-decoration: "underline"; text-align: "center"}.

H1.misc {font-size: "medium"; color: "000000"; text-align: "center"}.

P.default {font-size: "xx-small"; color: "FFFFFF"; text-align: "left"}.

P.sub {font-size: "x-small"; color: "FFFFFF"; text-decoration: "underline"; text-align: "left"}.

Thanx again for all your help guys..

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Get rid of the quotation marks, and don't forget the.


For your color values..

Unfortunately you can't make the style sheet validate if you use the coloured scrollbar code, since it's not a W3C standard..

I cleaned up your code...

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Ok guys I made it samller and cleaned up all my .css files.

A few questions on the validation of souls.html.

For mouse over image cahnging I was instructed by a iPage site to use hsrc for the hover image it says that is not valid, but will that cause any problems, or is it like the scrollbar where it works but it just isnt W3C standard? same as height? and when I have background="url here" for the background image of tables, it says that doesnt work is it just cause it isnt W3C standard either, but when I change it to background-image: url here and put it in style="" it validates it but not all the background images are shown go here for example.


When I have background="url here" it looks like this, which is what it is supposed to look like.


Those r the only errors for that page how can I get rid of them?.

Thanx again..

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The background-image thing....

I belive you can solve that by changing.




Background-image: url(.



And to make height validate, use CSS for it aswell, height: Npx; or whatever. I don't know what hsrc is, never seen it...

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Wow.... one comment from me:.


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I believe hsrc means hover source and it goes and captures the function from the javascript that is in the mouse over image change I'm not sure though.

And I took at a little bit of white space and the url(.


) for backgroudn image worked thanx and as for the px for height it didnt work but something I should have said before is it is only not validating 2 instances on line 52 and 71 when there is more than just those two..

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