iPage web hosting, combining different technologies?

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Got a quick question: iPage web hosting, combining different technologies? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... Here is my website.

The Choosen One, JOE2TIGER!.

I'm still having problems getting poll into my server, my server automatically blocks out certain file types, like .cgi. There is a problem I notice with my guestbook, when you click refering page, a frame opens up in a frame. Instead, what is the command to instruct browsers to go back to previous page?.

What do yall think? Do you like?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Yep, was real slow loading up, about the first thing I noticed was the mouse trail...those scripts kind of get annoying.....

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Hmm, must be the meta code I added in the intro page. I'll change them to make the page load faster. Sorry, I edited the entire page offline, and didn't take in account response times...

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You've got 94k WITHOUT images or applets..

I'm still betting on the applets for slow response...

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Yeah I would doubt it would be your Meta data, you will need that for most s-engines...

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Try to get rid of the scrollbar on the navigation side, and use META transitions (maybe pixel fade?)for the right. Actually alot of work and fus for something autobiographical, but to each his own. Looks like it was fun to do...

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I removed 95% of the java, and fixed broken links. Hehe, I did it all by hand via notepad. Took me a long to fix everything. I agree and notice that the mouse trails were annoying. I didn't realize they where when I did all my previous revisions offline, everything would load up in a split second..

I appreciate all the comments everyone given me, I appreciate it. Thank you all...

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Hmmmn, I never had anything load in the right hand frame..

And did anyone notice that you spelled it "ch.


Sen" one? Instead of ch.


Sen one...

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Hey Joe [I bet you get that a lot.


Checked out ya site... it seems there is a little too many nav options... kinda baffling for the visitor IMHO..

Maybe incorporate some of them into the same page?.

Plus I'd optimise your code too as said before here..

And as for you Doc Web, I am feeling all inadequate with my tiddly litte DSL conn..

Stop swinging ya T1 around ya name dropper!.


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Much better, but why do you still have the dormant scrollbar,on the nav frame?..

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I still have it because I forgot how to get rid of it...

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In the frameset document, just put "scrollbar=no" or "scrollbar=auto" if you think that you might be adding more links later, but maybe you should concentrate on reducing the number of links you have now! iPage site looks pretty good to me otherwise...

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What do I think:?....

Thats alot to take in just for a main page. That introduction sort of made me feel like not going any further because it just takes time, (perhaps you could make your 'skip intro' link aligned central just below it, since I missed it the first time)or even consider getting rid of it all togeather because anyone viewing it in 800x600 is not going to appreciate someone who isn't willing to make it compatible for the 'majority of users'..

It would be better if you catergorised some of your links into sub-headings e.g -.

'My Teenager Photos, My Childhood Photos, My Pets and.

Music Favorites' could become one link such as 'About me'/'Who I am?' e.t.c.

I agree that the scroll bar should be hidden from view unless you are adding any more links anytime soon....

Hope you found this usefull.....

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Please dont exclude me cause I'm on 800x600...:-\ Even though it's best viewed with 1024x768...i have no choice but to use 800x600...and I cant even read half the stuff on the main page because it gets cut off...and believe it or not...i still know of people on 640x480....

Of course I dont really want to go past the main page....

Try using iframes...or tables....and pick colors that go better together...i dont like the background...its pretty typical....

Overall...your page is not easy on the eyes......

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Hmmm...well now. The page resolution doesn't really bother me becasue you didn't set the frames, so I just resized it so I could view everything. It was inconvenient though. It's intersting that you have all that astrology stuff about yourself on there. The iPage site is basically an average beginners website. I was mesmorized by the spinning circle mouse effect on one of the pages, but I guess I am easily entertained.

Maybe use some tables?.


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Dear joe,.

I've choosen good, I like your graphics..

Please change this:.

<frame name=Left src="left_frame.htm">.


<frame name=Left src="left_frame.htm" noresize scrolling="no">.

...looks better!..

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I don't know if it's like this on everyone's computers, but on mine there is no scroll bar to go left and right! Major problem...

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IMHO I would start again from the begining, there is so much that needs changing. No frames, no intro page, no background, yellow text on a black background, to much info on all the pages. The screen doesnt fit on to a 800x600, Opera didnt like it all there were a few problems..

Using such a large amount of DHTML on your intro page just screams out I copied and pasted this from DHTMLdrive or another free javascript web site..

I would honestly sit down and start again from scratch..

Good luck..

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Not a bad site.

Dont like the intro other than that I dont think it's too bad.


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Goldieboy- yeah I noticed that too- BIG problem thats needs sorting out...

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