iPage web hosting company with MySQLi and a tech support hotline?

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Question I have... iPage web hosting company with MySQLi and a tech support hotline? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... I am using Dreamweaver 4 to build my iPage site (.


When using images I use the lowsrc option for images. I expected the low source images to appear first on my iPage site on opening a page in IE. However empty area's appear and the low source images are not shown. Then slowly the (non low source) images appear. Using lowsrc seems useless like this..

Anybody have idea how this comes..



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Hmmm....its not working for me with IE5.5 either. Your source code looks good, maybe try adding a DTD tag and see if that helps, make this the very first line of code on that page:.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Final//EN">..

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Okay, here is the first problem. YOU create the.


Source image to be a LOT smaller in filesize. If they are the same filesize, there is no reason to use a lowsource image..

Second: the lowsource property is just dreamweaver code to plop something in there until the pic is all loaded. Really I think it's a waste of time to use it when you can simply optimize your graphics or interlace them..

Interlacing is when you save a 20k pic with the option of interlaced, resulting in a 22k (estimate) filesize. that extra 2k is used when the browser begins to load a pic, and it begins blurry, then sharpens as it loads fully. Much better option than using a lowsource image that could be 50% of the original image size...

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I agree with you that interlacing might be the better solution. However I don't know how to do this. I use Photoshop and a another (simple) program to edit the photo's. I can't find this option (the help of Photoshop breaks down which doesn't help me a lot)..

Can you tell me with which option in Photoshop or which other program I can use to enable interlacing..



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I don't understand. Lowsrc has been an attribute for the image tag since HTML 3.0. I completely agree with the optimising statement. That's really the best way forward...

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Hi, anybody knows in which program I can save my JPG's interlaced?.


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Torrent, you are correct. I was thinking of some other DW option..... it's been a while since I've needed to open it..

To answer the question of how to save an interlaced photo in photoshop 5.5, click file, save for web, and on the right of all your choices are some grey checkboxes. choose interlaced for a GIF, choose progressive for a JPG..

The both do the same thing, just to different files..

Remember, if your saving as a JPG, your going to see the option for 'progressive'..

Here is an example of an progressive jpg..


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I've seen the progressive option, so I will use that..

When I click on the test page I get a new empty window Dr. Web. A small flue in the JPG?.

Thanks guys,.


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Well, I saved the jpg as high as possible so you could see it as it builds... something like 280k. It loads too quick here at work (DSL) for me to see...

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From what I can find, lowsrc is a Netscape only thing...

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