iPage web hosting control panel feedback?

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My question is iPage web hosting control panel feedback? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... If you are having a hard time reading these words highlight them with your mouse it does wonders.

Hi all, you see I have a small problem I'm extremely new and I'm taking a class in college on web page building but I'm not understanding it to much I know the basic stuff like.

<head><b><h1><body bgcolor=red this is a cool site</b>.

Now you cant tell me you all started out being a pro at web designing. And what I'm really looking for is just for people to list random html codes for me so I can learn them and use them in the future. So if you have the time and patience please make a list of some of the html codes and what they do as in the purpose in the code that are usfull to me being a newbie and all and trust me man I'm a pretty cool guy once youget to know me we might hit it off right off the bat and the only reason I even like to write html is because I love to sit at a computer for hours on end tell I get so sick of it that I have to stay off the computer for a week or two but if you help me out it would be greatly appreciated thanx to all that help and even to the people that took the time to read my thread..

Oh ya ps. this is the only avatar I can use at the moment so if you wanna make me on or let me use one you have made in the past please feel free to let me look at it I would really appreciate it ii dont matter what the avatar is of just as long as it is decsent...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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There are some sites which a a list of html tags and what each tags does.





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Thanx for all the info guys it is helping alot but still need to no one thing how do you insert a picture into the html web page this baffles me man..

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<img src="yourphoto.jpg">.

If it's in a different directory.

<img src="images/thumbnails/yourphoto.jpg">.

It's good practice to specify how big the image is too as it means the browser knows how much space to allow for the img and the page will render quicker..

Something like this:.

<img src="images/thumbnails/yourphoto.jpg" height="90" width="100">.

Oh don't forget ya ALT tags too, that'll give a description on mouseover..


<img src="images/thumbnails/yourphoto.jpg" height="90" width="100" alt="my fantastic face!">.


Was that ok ? .


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Well htmlnewbie,.

One of the important things in the internet: The Link.

How to use an image tag:.


And do not use a green font anymore,.

My mouse dont like it..

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My mouse doesn't like Me! =[.

I ran outta cheese!.


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Sorry guys if I would have none that your mouses were going to be so stubburn I would have ask them what color you would like me to use. lol..

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The thing that you should learn the most would have to be tables and alignments. But I remember when I first started,I always liked the <marquee> TAG. That was always my favorate. In case you dont know,that is scrolling text. But I first learned at THEY ARE AWESOME. They have this thing,were you type in the HTML code and it displays it.

I think if you stil are having trouble,then go to (Were I am learning PERL), or (Were I learned HTML and Javascript.) They are the best. Well,that is all I can do for ya right now. I will see everyone laterz...

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Thanks alot man I already new about webmonkey but I didnt no they had a tag editor there so it helps me out a bit lol I havent tried your other iPage site yet but I'm gonna take a look...

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