iPage web hosting costs and best companies?

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First question I have is iPage web hosting costs and best companies? Thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... Hiya al.

I need some information regarding intergration of 2Checkout with osCommerce..

Does anyone run oscommerce with 2Checkout. I need to know as what does 2Checkout require to integrate in Oscommerce..

Please if anyone can help...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Just a dumb question but ....

Don't we also have to set up a Return URL for the passback routine ? .

The thingy that is supposed to write the order in DB ? .

What is this url ? is it just.



Any help appreciated..

As many I have the 2checkout thing only half working : it takes order, I receive the mail from 2checkout but nothing in my admin panels..

So I have to ask the customer what he ordered, which is VERY unpleasant and unprofessional...

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I unfortunately didn't really investigate well enough before getting my account. I'm now realizing that the checkout process is a lot clunkier than I had hoped. Worst parts - while you can get your pages to look pretty much uniform with headers and footers, their text and text layout can't be modified. Also, if the user dies not click FINISH ORDER, they get charged and I don't get the order!.


Any solutions? suggestions?..

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Splurge...get a merchant acct..

I agree that 2checkout kinda sucks we have an acct. with them too. However for $49 it's a really cheap and effective way to accept payment via CC...

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Let's not turn this into a pro / con 2checkout..

I am located in Japan and I am quite satisfied with the service they provide for the fee..

Now about this "Finish Order" link / button ... isn't that supposed to be the return URL I was asking about ? .

If someone has it working, can s/he be kind enough to tell me what I am supposed to enter on the 2checkout admin panel ?

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As for the FINISH ORDER, please keep this thread updated with your progress. If I can bypass that page, my few 2Checkout complaints are behind me..



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If the user gets charged without even clicking the Finish Order, this would result in a chargeback which is serious..

Does anyon else use 2Checkout for their shop and have they run into this sort of problem...

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Go into the admin tool of, and in thier shopping cart area there is a place to put the base directory of your site..

But I don't think this is even needed...I could be wrong, but I think OSC passes it all the values it needs because it returns to the confirmation page (w/ the comments box), and not the base directory that I originally set it up with..

I've not run into the problem with customers getting billed, and not getting their payment..

The checkout process is very straight forward, and there is nowhere else for them to go except back to the iPage site by hitting "continue" or whatever the button says..

+ Plus on top of that...they will NOT come up as customers if they do not reach the "confirmation, your order has been completed page" of OSC. They will be in the DB as members, but NOT orders..

Please correct me if I'm wrong, or missing something...

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I'm gonna have to say this does not happen. 2checkout would get so many chargebacks their heads would spin. It is totally illegal (for them to take a payment, and not pass it onto the store...), and the credit card companies would shut them down real quick if that was the case...

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When I don't specify anything, it brings me back to OSC login page with all my images broken ....

What am I missing here ?

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TTT ;-).

Meanwhile I searched and read almost all post related to this issue and it appears that I am not the only one with this problem. And So far no "clear and clean" answer has been provided ....

Maybe it is time ? ;-).


:oops: 8)..

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But does setting the Merchant Account Number which 2Checkout gives, is enough to set the cart up for 2Checkout Orders...

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Click the green button in admin > modules > payments > 2checkout and fill out the necessary information. That should be enough...

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HIy burt.

I had already done that , but I read that some people had problems with 2Checkout when customers placed their orders..

I am just hesistant a bit...

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Why don't you put some test orders through then ? :roll:..

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I dont yet have a Merchant acocunt, I have not as yet applied for it..

Will apply it as soon as my cart is ready. So I just needed some info before I go for 2checkout...

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You don't need a merchant acocunt if you are going to use 2checkout..

If you use the 2checkout checkout page, then users can not get charged if they do not hit continue..

If you pass 2checkout the cc info, then users cannot be charged without placing the order..

There is no problems with the 2checkout module whatsoever...

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Here's the dope on 2CO. I've been using them for 6 months..

The catalog/includes/modules/payment/pm2checkout.php file has this line of code in it as part of the $process_button_string variable:.


This is the return URL passed to 2CO. You can also set this within 2CO (i.e..


, but from my experience the URL you pass takes precedence over the URL you enter into the 2CO admin screen. So, just pass it in the 2CO payment module..

If you prefer to have the customer enter their CC info at 2CO vs. your iPage site (because you aren't on SSL, for example), then check out this thread for the changes to pm2checkout that you need to make:.


If the customer does not click the "Finish Order" button at 2CO and return to your site, then the order will not be entered into your database. This is because the order completion process happens on checkout_process.php after the customer returns from 2CO. This is transparent to the customer in that upon return, they hit checkout_process.php where the order is loaded into db and then they get auto-redirected to checkout_success.php..

In the situation where they don't hit the Finish Order button, the order is logged at 2CO with the customer name, order total, etc however, the order is not in your osC database. I've had this problem and had to ask the customer what they purcahsed. Embarrassing. To get around this, I hacked together a contribution which you can get here:.


HTH everyone,.


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Mark, Thanks for your help..

However I read all those thread before and your contribution was the first thing I added when I noticed the problem..

My current situation :.

I am using Tep Stable 2.1, I changed the pm2checkout so they enter the CC number on 2checkout page..

Store_session is "mysql". PHP 4.2.2, Apache, PHP module..

In test AND production mode, I can place an order, continue to 2checkout page, enter info, click on "complete order now" THEN it brings me back to.


With my login page with broken graphics in it..

I don't see any "Finish Order" buttonon the 2checkout Page..

If I re-log in, then the cart still has my order and the Order DB has not been updated..

I may be missing the obvious but this is really bothering me as I am using 2checkout as my primary CC processor and I switched from another cart 2 OSC because of the 2checkout integration...

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Hiya al.

I need some information regarding intergration of 2Checkout with osCommerce..

Does anyone run oscommerce with 2Checkout. I need to know as what does 2Checkout require to integrate in Oscommerce..

Please if anyone can help...

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Open a 2checkout a/c, they give you a 5 digit ID number. Go to admin > modules > payment > 2checkout. Click the graphic from red to green..

Click edit, and change those parameters. Done..

It's the easiest payment solution of all to set up (except maybe Nochex)..


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