iPage web hosting Disk Space Question: How much do I need?

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First of all iPage web hosting Disk Space Question: How much do I need? Looking forward for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. I've been fighting with this one for a little bit... I had been hoping to drop the idea but... the iPage website /img/avatar7.jpg 'really' would like a horizontal rule (border) between cells on a table (2 col x 6 rows). So that means bottom of Row1 to Row5 but not the bottom of Row6.

Page is located at:.


I've tried many different 'supposed' solutions, referenced what I can find on borders in tables but none seem to work completely properly..

Looking forward to the answers as I had great help on my last question..

P.s. please be easy on me about my coding... lol this is a cobbling together of FrontPage and my own code. I realize it isn't very concise.... yet!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Never heard of rules="rows" bit..

If you use <hr> then jsut take the margins out.

<hr style="margins: 0px">.


<hr style="display: inline">..

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Hmmm - poked around with 'margin' style and got exactly no where....

But I found a really neat way to put the lines in that ought to be cross browser compliant and it is soooo neat.. For example:.


<td><P class="ServicesC1">Lessons</p></td>.

<td><P class="ServicesC2">Let Shadow Productions provide a visual record of your lesson with your favourite coach.</p></td>.



<td style="font-size:1pt" bgcolor="#808080">&nbsp;</td>.

<td style="font-size:1pt" bgcolor="#808080">&nbsp;</td>.



<td><P class="ServicesC1">Shows</p></td>.

<td><P class="ServicesC2">Shadow Productions has a comprehensive list of competitions Diana will be attending..

<a href="Schedule.htm">2003 Schedule</a></p></td>.



<td style="font-size:1pt" bgcolor="#808080">&nbsp;</td>.

<td style="font-size:1pt" bgcolor="#808080">&nbsp;</td>.


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<td style="font-size:1pt" bgcolor="#808080">&amp;nbsp;</td>.

That is doing nothing. the font style is not needed if you don't use a font, and using a <p> tag is the sasme heigth as a <hr> tag, thy both are block level elements. again taking the margins out will make them smaller...

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Try this on for size....

<table border="1" width="600" frame="void" rules="rows">.


<td>cell 1-1</td>.

<td>cell 1-2</td>.



<td>cell 2-1</td>.

<td>cell 2-2</td>.



<td>cell 3-1</td>.

<td>cell 3-2</td>.



<td>cell 4-1</td>.

<td>cell 4-2</td>.



<td>cell 5-1</td>.

<td>cell 5-2</td>.



<td>cell 6-1</td>.

<td>cell 6-2</td>.



Here's a reference for you....


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The only browser tha tlooks good in <htmlite> is NS6+, not IE as it looks like crap...

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The reason the 'font-size:1pt' works is because it sets the cell up for a small line height which when the bg colour is turned on gives the illusion of a line that is thin..

I have had NO luck using margin attibutes nor using 'frames=' and 'rules='..

Scoutt - If you can give it a stab and provide code, I am certainly willing to try it...

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I already showed you. just put that in between the tables..

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I did try what you had posted but it got me no where..

Perhaps what I'll do is republish the page with all the variations of what I tried with "margin: 0px" and see if you can see what stops it from working..

I couldn't find any references to 'display: inline'.

When I tried it the first time, if I put <hr style="margins: 0px"> any where in the <td> it would sort of work but not consistently between col 1 and col 2. If I put the <hr style="margins: 0px"> with the <tr> tag then I only got one line at the very top of row 1 regardless of where I placed the hr tag (ie I tried it in row 6 and it still gave me a hr at the top of row 1.).

So go figure.. It sounds like a very elegant solution - to which I am partial - I don't like BF&I solutions but I am learning that sometimes the elegance ideas just don't work!.

Thanks for your quick response, Scoutt.

Here is a link to the page - lol - it looks worse than in my editor...

If you havd a chance can you take a look and see if I am severely missing something..


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The reason it is not working is you have this.

<hr style="margins: 0px">.

In a cell, it has to go after the closing table tag to work. I thought you wanted a rule after each table?..

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Symantics, eh...

I want a rule after each row. Not the table itself...

So that is probably why <hr> won't work... which means I am probably stuck with the BF&I that does work..

Thanks for clarifying.....

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Ahh I see, well then yeah your way is probably the best. good luck...

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