iPage web hosting for Asp.Net MVC & MSSQL in Karachi, Pakistan?

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My 1st question is: iPage web hosting for Asp.Net MVC & MSSQL in Karachi, Pakistan? Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: I haven’t uploaded my iPage site yet (it’s anyway not finished) but I’m trying to get it validated. I’m only getting one error:.

"Line 42, column 3: document type does not allow element "UL" here; missing one of "APPLET", "OBJECT", "MAP", "IFRAME", "BUTTON" start-tag.


The UL is:.


<LI>A unique entry number..

<LI>The date it was added to the errata page..

<LI>Whether the entry is considered an important.

Error, a minor typographical error, a clarification,.

Or a known problem with the document itself..

<LI>The document version and section referred to..

<LI>A description of the problem and correction.

If applicable..


And within the head, just over the body I’ve included this part:.

<style type="text/css"> <! UL { list-style-image: url(images/bullet.gif);font-size:90%;font-family:verdana, sans-serif } P.head{font-size:110%;font-family:verdana, sans-serif;} SPAN{text-align:center} >.


<style type="text/css">.

Body {margin:0px;}.



The rest being just the meta tags..

Why isn’t the page validated, please?.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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We need to see the code for the whole page to figure out what the problem is..

Why do you have two different "style" sections? You can combine them..

If memory serves, you need to capitalize the font names, but not the font families. So specific fonts, like Verdana, are capitalized but generic font types, like sans-serif, are not..

You need to quote the url contents, like I've done above...

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DOOGXELA you are so right in wanting to combine the two style sections into one! But I tried your combined style and it doesn’t show my bullets, whether in quotes or not, while when it’s in two separate parts my bullets do show! Weird, huh??.

Do you know a code where I could use a second bullet style for a second unordered list on the same page? Not that this is absolutely necessary but I would like to have an “advantages” list with one type of bullet (say bullet1.gif) and the “disadvantages” list with another (bullet2.gif). I didn’t show the code for the whole page because it was too long but I would do that if needed..

AGENT002 I thought I should be looking for an applet, object, map, frame or button tag. I followed your advice (to just look for any unclosed tag) and found a missing font one. Weird again, usually the W3C validation tool advises me that a font tag is specifically missing. And great, my page is validated!.

ANDROID, I’m a beginner and don’t know anything more than working with the HTML 4.01 Transitional, although I guess there is a tool that converts pages to Xtml – I’m not sure, what do the search engines prefer nowadays?.

Guys you are all fantastic, I’m looking for the time when I will also be able to contrbute but that will still take loads of time!.


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Yes, that is weird. I can't say that I've ever heard of that type of problem. Have you tried to put the CSS into a separate file?.

Search engines don't really care what the doctype is. The doctype is used to specify exactly what type of document is being served up, so that the user agent (browser in this case) can properly render everything. If you are doing a pure HTML page, then HTML 4.01 is fine. If you are using deprecated tags, then use Transitional..

To accomplish this, you can create two different classes of lists, one called "advantages", the other called "disadvantages". The CSS:.

The HTML:.

For more on the subject of lists, you can read this.

This article on A List Apart about taming lists.


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Yeah, sometimes I also feel like the validator misses something.....

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