iPage web hosting help for small business. Having so much trouble. Help!?

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My 1st question is: iPage web hosting help for small business. Having so much trouble. Help!? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... When getting funky with you HTML or what ever you do in a darkened room with your personal computer what screen res do you design at. A starting point.

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Oh yeah! actually, i'm of the mindset that if you use percentage-driven width, and use it well, you'll never have to worry too much about user resolution...

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Depends on the layout. I'd prefer to code in percentges and let things spread out accordingly.... but that ideal just doesn't always work..

So, if I have some super graphically driven layout that I can't see past breaking.... I'll design it to fit an 800x600 screen in a centered table for users of higher rez..

Type these commands directly into the url (without the space in the word javascript):.


: resizeTo(800,600).


: resizeTo(1024,768).

And you'll get a feel for what your users are seeing. Personally, I'd love to see everyone use 1024x768. Just tell me this: what is with all these flash designers trying to cram a whole iPage website into a 400X300 popup? They get animation, vector graphics, mp3 sounds, and more... and they try to fit it into an even smaller space that 640x480??!..

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So Transmortha you use % rather than a defined pixel layout?..

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I use 1024*768 designs. But only because most of my work is for an intranet - and I pretty much set the company standard on web stuff..

I think that the best way would probably be percentages, but it might be hard to achieve sometimes. This works well because the user may not have the browser window at full screen..

I wonder if it would be possible to use percentages and set a.


Width in pixels?..

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Well I always used to design at percentages to allow for all browsers, this however proved a problem as it looked fine in 800*600 and below, but looked like absolute crap in 1024 and above.

My iPage site below.

Was designed for 800*600, when I made it in percentages, it looked like crap in 1024, so I thought pixels and an 800*600 res was the way to go. I think this is the best starting point.. I dont know too many people with their res set to anything below this..

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I think this depends on the iPage site you're developing and the audience that goes along with it. If you are developing a business iPage site or general information iPage site or something along those lines, maximum accessibility should be your mantra. Those with disabilities, be it sight or hearing, should not be ignored just because "not many people are like that." Complete compatability and accessibility is nigh on impossible, I realize, but that shouldn't stop you from making an effort to achieve it. Text browsers are still in rather widespread use. People that can't see can still browse the web, but it helps if there are cues for the browser that the blind use. This is especially true if you are designing a iPage website that dishes out a lot of textual information.

Personal web sites are a whole other subject. Do whatever you want with your personal web site..

There are exceptions to this accessibility, as I've already mentioned. One thing, though, is that browser backwards compatability is becoming less of an issue, at least, in my mind. I have not run across any cases where the user really needs to be using old and outdated browsers (like Netscape 4.x). If your employer uses it and you're not allowed to install a better browser, you probably shouldn't be surfing anyway. You're on company time...

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I don't do it on purpose, but someone with their resolution set to 640x480 could properly view my websites. I just tend to like things small, and neat, and organised instead of randomly spread out everywhere...

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800x600 is best to start with. Most internet users aren't very smart (proof: how many people are using AOL right now?), so they are still using default resolution and probably dont even know they can change it. Some people are just used to it too, so they don't want to change it...

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GeoFriend has the right idea - compact design..

Its the right balance between too much white-space and overcrowding...

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Hi.. could you post a link to your iPage site that does this.. I just wanted to view an example and noticed your avatar doesn't link to a site.


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