iPage web hosting / ISP? plz help me out?

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My first question is iPage web hosting / ISP? plz help me out? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question.. I have designed an interactive chinese menu using javascript which works fine in Netscape 4.04 but 80% of the time goes wrong in internet explorer 5 and above..

The drop down quantity fields are displayed all over the place and and do not line up, when it goes wrong..

The fault can sometimes be reproduced by opening a second browser windows with the menu in it..

Also IE sticks a large gap at the top of the menu, but Netscape doesn't..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Yes I did start experiencing problems after opening a couple of windows (no drop down boxes in the right window). I checked my system memory and it was down to 7% (windows98 se, IE5, 128MB system memory). So I am suspecting a memory problem with your pages. The table is tremendously large and the java scripting might be eating up too much system memory but I can't say for sure. Maybe someone else will have a comment to make..



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Thanks for looking kev, it's not the javascript eating the memory up, because the server side perl version did exactly the same and that just contained the table and form. But I still cannot understand why netscape is ok..

Anyone else got any theories ? .

Or is it a bug in IE?..

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Wooooo, that thing EATS memory! I tried it in both Netscape 4.77 and IE 5.5 and after opening it I couldn't even open Notepad or Netscape's Page Source to view the source. And that was with just this forum open and your iPage site on a machine with 128mb of memory...

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I'll third the 'memory eating webpage'.....when it should just be eating chinese!!.

You say it's not the JS, but rather may be the server side code?.

Your going to have to cut this one down to individual pieces, looking at it one small part at a time. If it is a bug in IE (I'll get Bill G. right on that!!) then you may have to modify your IE has such a huge market...

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Its not using server side code now, it is all client side. I know it's the table because if I cut the menu down to say 20 Items, everything is fine all the time..

To: "Unregistered", even though it ate memory did it display ok in netscape 4.77?.

Keep the replies and suggestions coming in guys !.


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Can you just post the code for the extreme right frame. I can not even get a view source on it when I use IE OR Netscape. This tells me that there are problems in BOTH browsers. As Soon as I go for a view source in Netscape/ IE the page locks up. I am running a P750mhz, 128mb ram..

Just use the browse button on the bottom of the form when you post to locate the file..

Uhm, the posts below first......

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Ok, after I rebooted my brain-I remembered seeing this happen in other pages. I have seen it with form elements excusively, though it might happen with anything..

The pages I am referring to use quite a number of form elements inside the pages. For instance, below I have added a file attachment which has quite a few select boxes written inside tables. If you view it (open a new window) you'll see it will lock up in IE and netscape. (Try a window resize or view source)..

You might be thinking it has to do with the TABLE, but it doesn' refrenced by the attachment in the following post, which is the same code written WITHOUT tables.....and it does the same thing. Looks like too many form objects (esp select boxes) eat up your systems memory..

When you already have web pages going on, your system memory might be down anyway, so by adding so many form elements can finish the ram off for good. Try it out:.

The code written in tables.....

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I tried your code and it would not go wrong! and I opened 3 windows !.

This problem just gets stranger ......

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I get it everytime without fail on either code..

I am running a p750mhz, win98se, 128mb ram.

Try this: leave the table as is, and remove all but 20 select boxes. now try it. I am convinced that it is the large number of select boxes inside your page that causes the extreme memory loss...

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Ummm "Unregistered" would be moi with cookies turned off at the time..

And like the good Dr. Web, she canna take no more in either IE 5.5 and NN 4.77. In other words it's not an IE-specific problem at all..

Certainly, I would also think it's the number of form elements within the whole setup that might be the cause. Mind you I could be wrong, it's happened before - so I'm told...

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Geez, shows how good I am - that Unregistered post about me being "Unregistered" went through unregistered..

<Option1 wanders off into the sunset to find a good wall to bang his head against>..

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